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Dansby: Knee great because God took care of it

GREEN BAY -- If you saw today's game, particularly the ending, you didn't see a whole lot of Karlos Dansby on the field.

The Dolphins defensive captain was on the sideline nursing what he thought could be a blown knee. Except the hyper-extended knee has apparently suffered no major damage, according to Dansby.

And the reason Dansby believes the knee is good enough to play another day is because God took care of it. Pure. Simple.

“Man, it scared me, man," Dansby said after the game. "God was with me in that moment. He took care of me. He took care of me in that situation and I thank Him. Anybody else, it would have been a torn ACL or anything like that. Something in the knee would have been torn – bottom line.”

Dansby said he was pushed from behind and as he was falling he got a foot stuck in the ground while the other knee was caught in a pile he could not escape. "It was the scariest thing I've ever been in," he said. "Any kind of situation on the field, that was the scariest one I've ever been in."

But there's no need to fear when God is on your team, Dansby believes.

"My knee is great. I’m blessed," Dansby said. "He took care of me in that moment. He took care of me. And I give him all the praise and the glory.”



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Aloco,I concur with you my LIL friend.....Give me a Stock to keep a eye on......

Did anyone by chance see the Colts Redskins game last night? You know the one where the Colts got the ball back with 24 seconds left in the first half.....up 17-7....they sure as shiit didnt take a knee. Peyton and his squad from their side of the field tried, almost successfully, to drive down the field and deliver a knock out blow to their opponent.

We take a knee.

Although we did win...Im still not happy about the "pusy" attitude/game plan of our offense.

I was wondering about that too, did'nt understand why take a knee when you could try a long ball and maybe catch it or get a penalty thus setting up a patented FG...

So God is willing that certain player rip their ACL, and others don't. I see. Makes complete sense to me. Unbelievably naive.

thank God. This was a major scare.

And thank God for Cam Wake - Canada , we create pass rushing terrors!

Ok, he's American - if nothing else, an excellent example of how NAFTA benefits the 'phins

Are you seriously comparing the Colts' offense to ours? That's like comparing a Renault to a Porsche. Have a grasp of reality before you speak on it please. Remember that Cowboys game earlier in the season, end of half, they run an option, end up fumbling and having the defense run it back for a TD. That's what can happen if you're a shaky unit (like ours).

Go 'head Karlos..Preach! God is good! And so are our Phins!

In no way would I compare the colts offense to the phins...

Here are some realistic points that can be made after this win:

- Brandon Marshall IS our offense! He can hide some of Henne's weaknesses. That gives Henne time to fix them THIS year. He better look sharp next year in the following areas: looking off a receiver, it's getting way obvious and he's like a statue back there; short out pattern, Henne still cannot put the touch on the ball to complete these. He threw 'em way over Marshall's head, Bess' head, he has no finesse on this throw, not sure why Henning calls them all the time, or if that's the only throw to make, he should just tuck it and run.

- Otherwise, Henne wasn't horrible. Still not a complete QB, but not a disaster. Doubt he can win games this year, but don't think he'll single-handedly lose them either.

- Wasn't Nolan supposed to be a PRESSURE DC? What happened to that strategy? I mean, minus Wake (who's a beast), I don't see exotic blitz packages or anything. Giving a team like Green Bay all day to eat up our secondary is not a recipe for success. If we don't get more pressure on Big Ben/Flacco, we can hang it up now.

- Y. Bell is having a horrible year. He does 2 things well, tackle and run defense. He's HORRIBLE on pass defense (should have been helping Vontae on that long TD). And that last play in the game, where Rodgers just ran it in, did you see Bell run OUT OF the play, talking to someone about something? That's just high-school right there.

- For all the 5-2 haters, the D is MUCH better with Crowder in there than out, plain and simple.

- Oh, you Hartline haters, guess that wakeboarding didn't hurt him any, he looked pretty good.

- Not sure what Henning's doing with the TE, I guess keeping him in to block, but Fasano can catch. He can make plays if he has chances.

- With that said, and I criticize the guy all the time, so time to give praise when it's due, that Fasano play call was a MASTERPIECE by Henning. THAT'S how you call a play!

- I don't care if we "barely" won. I don't care if we beat a team full of injuries, I don't care if we needed OT to win. WE WON! Chalk it up, it's just as impressive as us winning big, it puts us over .500, and for this team that's a great feat.

- After last week, the ST is still shaky, but did some good things in this game. Dan Carpenter hurts us with kickoffs, but I see why it would be hard to get rid of him, since he's a great field goal/extra point kicker. Nolan Carroll stepped up too and that was good to see. Two people I don't wish to see on the team next year are Brandon Fields and Carpenter LB, that guy has no business being on ST.

- Our o–line WILL be tested against the Steelers. They were probably the best part of the team yesterday, and they'll need to play just like that and even better to save Henne from that ferocious defense.

DC, That's true, with Miami's luck Henne would have dropped back, got hit by a blindside hit, fumbled and GB would have run back the ball for a TD, I guess it was the right call..(Imagine that).....

I am right on pace with my 5-3 prediction for the first 8 games. The defensive improvement was evident with Crowder back and it will only get better with Odrick back next week. What the return of Crowder also does is help our ST by allowing Tim Dobbins to focus on being a core ST guy.

Are you seriously comparing the Colts' offense to ours? That's like comparing a Renault to a Porsche. Have a grasp of reality before you speak on it please. Remember that Cowboys game earlier in the season, end of half, they run an option, end up fumbling and having the defense run it back for a TD. That's what can happen if you're a shaky unit (like ours).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 18, 2010 at 08:24 AM

not comparing them to the colts. Just saying...taking a knee? are you F'n kidding? Quit pussyfooting and play some damn fb. thats what im saying.

The blogger i cannot remember which one, that told us not to be concerned losing Ginn because Nolan Carroll was starting at kick return knows his football. I know my hockey and how to lace up a pair and put the biscuit in the net. I had no idea Nolan Carrol would be so good starting out at kick returner like the blogger was explaining to us. I am not concerned about the kick returner position any more.

Gotta admit that Crowder looked good, Ive been on his case for a while, injuries and all, he stepped it up, maybe it was playing with dansby, maybe he sucked last year cause Joey(IQ of 39)Porter was his mentor, not sure, Didnt he play his rookie year with Zack???? cant remember..

Barry the blogger was no other than HOME. He was on with his picks yesterday getting the exact rushing number of 150 yards correct and the Miami win over Greenbay. Please don`t swell his head as he has been ranting Channing Crowder would be so much better with Carlos Dansby.

I don't want to get in a pissing match here,I'm not trying to argue here but Armando used the same logic during the game yesterday. I just don't get how anyone can say taking a knee is good strategy when the game has yet to be determined. I think I have a "respectable grasp of reality". I remember being up on both the colts and saints last year. We shut it down and look what happened. We lost.

I just see every other team taking shots and we don't. Though I'll admit we have gotten much better at throwing down field lately. For instance....the NYJ/Denver game...Kyle Orton (whom I think is over hyped) was slinging the damn ball around like Marino and his WRs were making tons of plays. They damn near came back at the end of the game. With Marshall/Bess/Hartline...I don't see why we cant do the same and that would enable tippy toes R Brown and also Ricky to run the ball like we need to to win.

I don't know....maybe my grasp isn't what I think it is.

I like Dansby, and yes God can heal.

Henne still locks on his receiver EVERY time.

Henning had one really good call. The rest were ok and some were F rated. A toss to the short side of the field on 3rd and 2 when you've been getting 4 plus up the middle out of your spread offense... F

acwalsh, I understand what you're saying. I thought it was pretty tepid on first look too. Then I remembered Henne in the last two games, and I started to shiver. And I realized this team works best by not shooting itself in the foot. You make it to OT, and give yourself a CHANCE to win. Winning outright is above the level of team we are is my point. Wish it wasn't. Wish we could go out there and make things happen for ourselves. But again, with our young and so-so team, I think making things as plain and simple as possible is the only way we can get by.

So, you're right (in that we should be able to take shots, even long shots EVENTUALLY), but I'm just saying you might be asking too much for this particular team this year (or at least at this point in the year).

But look on the bright side, we're right in the mix in this league. We can beat anyone, and can get beat by anyone. It's not a horrible place to be right now. But, I agree that is was a cowardly play (I just think it was smart cowardly).

taking a knee before halftime at midfield shows me 1. sparano doesnt have any faith in henne or 2. he shouldn't be a head coach. alot of good things can happen in that situation;a long pass completion or a pass interference penalty which will give u the ball at the spot of the foul. its a win,win situation with little downside. why cant we go "all out" like other NFL teams?????? it would also show the offense that we dont ever give-up in any advantageous situation. media needs to ask "why".

Kinda feel like the Seattle Seahawks of the east,Good team, though you never know which team will show up............

Or should I Quote Forrest Gump "The Dolphins are like a box of Chocolates,You never Know what you'll get".......

I know that people pray on either side for a win, so God may not "care who wins" but Dansby is just saying that God took care of his physical health. Happens all the time, that's why we pray for protection. Thanks for giving Him credit Karlos!

Hate to bring this up but, New England trailed the Ravins 20 to 7 in the third qtr, did they think they would lose??, Doubtful, I think they knew they'd win, that's what makes a great team great, Miami is not there..... Yet...But they will be....soon.....

stanley23 i went backed and checked and your right. btw how did he know it was going to be 150 yards rushing for Miami? what is he psychic or something?

wow and look at the dallas vs was game about the same spot turnover for a touchdown the knee was jus fine with me we were in our side of the field for god sakes theres like 5 or 6 bad things that can happen or we can knee instead of heavin the ball 60 yards

How did he know that?????????



If someone wants to give god glory, whats wrong with that, the only people that have a problem with it are nonbelievers, but one day you will believe.

Id rather quote Ari Gold...

I think this is fitting for Hennings play calling...

"Rusty Cu nt Bucket!!! Fu ck!!!"

I may or may not say that a few times each game.

James, See my 8:45 post.....

why do i feel like somebody is talking to himself?

I'm sorry... But Henning did NOT call a good game. He did have some great calls, but also some very poor calls as well. Henne played well, but not great. I am a believer in Henne. This is not going to be a big year for him, but next year should if all goes well. Henning on the other hand, just does not fit with this personnel. He is a good coordinator, and a great designer of plays, but he should not be in charge of calling plays during a game. I am very glad for the big win, and hope it carries over against Pittsburgh, but I will not say that Henning was impressive when he was not. Henning is the weakest link on this team.

can you remember when certain know it alls would come on here and post,"No way the Dolphins get Brandon Marshall!" "Stop talking about the Dolphins getting Brandon Marshall!" "It aint never gonna happen!"
Then Brandon Marshall signed with the Dolphins and the certain know it alls never came back to show face,only to come back as trolls spreading hatred to the insightful Miami Dolphin bloggers.

May be, I will be crucified by this.
In certain point, at the begining of the 4th quarter, Green Bay was just punt, miami with the ball at our 35 yard or something, 1 and 10, the run attack was not working properly, I though that nobody than me, was thinking about the wild cat. Actualy that was a run play in the gap between the guard and the right tacle for 2 yard gain. If we ran the WC, we didn't get the 1 and 10, but we'll gat more than the 2 yard gain, but the most important: we'll give another thing to think about, and we'll not cut any moment.


quit posting under my name....

i thought that pathetic was as low as one could gi...but Home you have proven that there are levels of pathetic.

how sad is that

Kris, are you referring to a certain plumber from the great state of New Jersey??????

fake kris @10:08

Sorry Kris.......

Psalm 103:2-5
Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits:
Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases,
Who redeems your life from destruction,
Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies,
Who satisfies your mouth with good things,
So that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

Jeremiah 30:17
For I will restore health to you And heal you of your wounds,' says the LORD, ' Because they called you an outcast saying: " This is Zion; No one seeks her."'

Jeremiah 33:6
Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth.

Hosea 6:1
Come, and let us return to the LORD; For He has torn, but He will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up.

Isaiah 58:8
Then your light shall break forth like the morning, Your healing shall spring forth speedily,And your righteousness shall go before you;The glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.










solid win. jets and pats both cameback and won tough games. we will have to beat out either pats or ravens for wildcard. thats not gonna be easy with a loss already to pats and a road game at balt



kinda wondering why we waste all our timeouts in the games because we do need them at the end of each half. very thankful for another ugly win. kinda wonder why we take our foot off the opponents throat at critical times. we really need to stop "playing not to lose". it just keeps the opponent in the game with a chance to bite us. sparano's decision to take a knee at midfield is mind boggling.

I really liked the 2nd half they played, especially offensively. Would've got more points if Ed Hochuli understood how to rule a runner down by contact. And most importantly, they had a balanced attack with the run and pass and Ronnie Brown finally played close attention to the way Ricky has been running and stopped p***y footing around in the backfield. One cut - GO!

Cam Wake needs more help on the pass rush - I remember one play when no joke - 3 of the 5 packer linemen were blcoking Wake and still nobody got to Rodgers and he got a first down. WHat were the other 3 rushers doing???

And another thought. Why did we release Donald Thomas for pat McQuistan? That guy is garbage. Releasing Charlie Anderson for Booby Carpenter was another bone head move.

yes the guru Nj phin fan was the main guy fighting with everyone on three different blogs and insulting them.
"Clueless buffoon Dansby and Marshall will NEVER be on Miami" Nj phin fan would say many times everyday while insulting bloggers

So is the "Clueless buffoon" and who says that!

greg z, you r trying hard to discredit our COACH .WHEN you become a coach let me know so i come and see how's your team is doing .

kinda like letting jt and roth go also toronto

HOW MANY ugly losses we suffered . we won on the road and rogers came down to earth .

rodgers been a bust all year. have to win 2 of 3 vs pitt,cincy,balt next 3 games to have any shot.

taking a knee at midfield isn't a mind boggling.

did you ever hear of a fumble or interception in the wrong time of the game ?

((( it has no thing to do with BUSINESS )) ...HAYMN ROTH' QOUTE

I don't mean to get all religious here because I do not follow any organized religion but I do believe in a supreme being, call it God or what ever you want - a comment above stated God caused Dansby to get hurt, then blamed God for hurricanes and earthquakes - get real - just because they call them "acts of God" doesn't mean a guy up in the sky is screwing with us by controlling the weather. If Dansby is a religious man and asked for an injury free game - who's to say his prayer wasn't answered. GO FINS, GREAT WIN.

Could not watch game cause i worked but HUGE win for us.I am hoping we are on track for 5-3 at break. Second half shows much easie schedule with a 6-2 very realistic. im glad Wildcat wasnt used yesterday, now let Henne take the reins and become the leade of this team

hennes the man

Bill, personally I wasn't opposed to letting JT or Roth go. Roth quit on the team and it's fans with that "injury". I have no time for him. JT wasn't happy playing SOLB and when Mando and the media asked why he wasn't playing in pass rushing situations more often, instead of towing the company line and saying things like "I will do anything to help the team win", he said things like "I should be and it's the coached decision" JT was a great player but is no longer. He didn't want to play SOLB anymore and he isn't better than Wake at the WOLB so to heck with him. He could have stayed if he believed in the team concept but he is more concerned with some "show business" career that will never come. That is why he signed with the Jets when he said he never would. He wanted the NY exposure.

or he wanted 5-1?

Jets will not run away with the division. somewhere along the way they will drop 2 or 3 in a row, whether it gets too cold for Sanchez or they finally get exposed. Its the Jests, they always figure a way to blow it. NE really stayed tough yesterday. I was hoping for a loss by them but not to be

jets win div. pats will be close to them but jets will take it. fins will have to find a way to pass either pats or ravens.

Aloco, im not trying to discredit the coach. i'm questioning the coaches decision to take a knee at midfield. that is every fans right. i know brady,manning,brees etc would go for the pass in that situation hoping for a lucky catch in the end zone or maybe an interference call and a field goal. its percentages! this isnt a cheerleaders blog as mando has explained. fans have legit questions and differences of opinion.

no reason for the hail mary, the qb usually opens himself to a big hit on those plays. cant afford to lose henne

This proves that Dansby's an idiot, becoming the type of fool that Bob Dylan blasted in "With God on Our Side."

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