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Dolphins beat Bengals, 22-14, to continue road success

   CINCINNATI -- It wasn't pretty. It never is with the Miami Dolphins.

It wasn't pretty. Unless you a field goal kicking guru.

It wasn't pretty. But the Dolphins today escape the Queen City with a 22-14 victory over the hapless Bengals. Miami improves to 4-3. The Bengals are 2-5.

Dan Carpenter kicked field goals and the Miami offense bagged its apparent limit with one TD -- a 1-yard run by Ricky Williams.

The Dolphins seemed to be on their heels defensive in the first quarter. The Bengals came out with a no-huddle approach and scored on their first possession. Jason Allen gave up a TD pass from Carson Palmer to Terrell Owens on that first score.

Then Allen was benched the entire rest of the game. Replacement Sean Smith did a good job and came away with an interception with 2:14 left that put this game to bed.

Your thoughts? 


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Yess the offense needs help. But That was one of the most impressive second half defensive performances i have ever seen

LOVE to see that sneer on Ryan's face! LOL

Game ball to Dan Carpenter.

So in review, Sparano winced at the last Wildcat call, which proves that Henning is a rogue offensive coordinator. You can run with that one in an article if you like, Armando. Check the tape.

one of the ugliest games you will ever see.

Come on Mando ... use your "spell check." Second paragraph "you" should be "you're."

The Wildcat stopped our momentum and the Bengals got the momentum.
Don't you get it yet Dan Henning?

About time SEAN SMITH did something besides talk. Hopefully he actually starts playing. Not to take anything away from him, but, it was an obvious passing down. He did make a play on the ball in an earlier series as well.

That's the story of the game. The rest was more of the same. BAD OFFENSE

Oh well, I'd rather have an ugly win than an ugly loss, but, I'm still not thrilled about our chances...


So we're one game out of second place ... unless the Pats decide to lose today ... then we're only a half game out of first!


Dan Henning will dress as a Feral Cat for Halloween.


... "half game" ... what the hell am I talking about ... I mean one and a half! Damn ... and I'm not even drinking today!

Nice defensive effort 2nd half.

Offense is really not good. One nice TD drive, though.

Somehow, they need to talk Ricky out of retiring. Dude has it all over Ronnie.

Fasano has to go. Henne is just good enough to kill us for years. Hartline is no 2nd receiver.

Sean Smith managed to open some eyes today. Including mine. We'll see where he goes with it from here - does he get complacent again?

It wasn't pretty, but he did relay the information in his game summary.

Okay, Mando ... you're not fixing your grammatical error because you're trying to torture my obsessive compulsive personality, right?

what an incredible day phins win, jets lose, there is only one thing that could make this day perfect (besides an all chocolate haul for the kids tonight) minn beating the pats!!

Wow. Stafford has 4 td's passing today. Henne can only dream.....

Favre can show me his thingie anytime if he helps beat the patsies today.

The Fins play calling almost makes the Canes look good...

Another game that the coaching staff is happy to keep close.

Our head coach shouldn't be happy with field goals, but pissed we aren't scoring TDs in the red zone...

Game ball to Dan Carpenter.

Oh boy, we're going to get the "resilliency speech" from Sparano again to explain why we play to "not lose" ball games.

They showed more faith in Henne today....actually calling passes from deep in their own territory!!!

But they have to take more chances down the field. I don't get it. If Henne has such a strong arm...take advantage of it.

Welker makes another big catch for the Patriots. If only we had a receiver like him ... oh, wait ... WE DID!!!!!!!!!!

i just want...and i know im dreaming but i cant help it. i want to0 see us score 3 td's in one game!!


Dan Henning is dressing as a Feral Cat for Halloween.


Hate to jinx our own kicker, but, Carpenter needs to break a leg. Then our OC would be forced into a little less conservative playcalling.


I can hear Dan Henning now. "How about that reverse Hartline"?


I'm gonna throw this out there. We are having trouble at home this year because we don't have dedicated fans. Too many fairweather fans that doesn't create an advantage for us at home. Of course New England has worst fans but win at home except they also have the refs in their pocket we obviously do not. Too many weeks of reading I'm done with the team and this guy and that guy need to go. Being pissed off is fine but give it a rest once in a while and have some faith the season is still young. If you don't want to be a fan then please go away. Congrats to Miami on a hard fought win and it is great to see Sean Smith out there finally.

....................................................... TIME FOR MY MEATBALL SUB.

with a real head coach and play caller...this team could be good.

Come on Vikings. We'll be 1 (well, 1 and 1/2 game out)! AFC East is the best division in football!!!!



Yeh, Henning strikes me as a cat person.

Not sure what the problem is in the redzone. Maybe those 1 and 2 WR sets. We need a better OC, really. 2 Wildcat plays back-to-back. Sparano, don't go down with that loser, CUT HIM LOOSE. Marshall won't be happy about this (but I will for starting Carpenter on my fantasy team, YES)!

I hate Julian Edelman and I hate Danny Woodhead. They are cocky!

All right Phins... Please stop calling the Wild Cat. It isn't going to work anymore.

henne played well. one bad throw. but he threw some pretty passes too bad the recivers dropped them.

We need a bona fide Number 2 receiver. Bess is SUPERB but a great slot. Hartline is NOT the answer.

Calling the Wildcat killed our momentum and gave it to the Bengals.

A win is great. But there are some serious, serious concerns with this team. 10 FGs in 2 games does not cut it. If you want to play with the big boys you need to at least cut that number in half. 7 games in I have finally jumped on the Henning needs to go bandwagon. I personally believe that he is the sole reason that is preventing Henne from breaking out. His offensive philosophy is so grounded in the age of the leather heads, it is not only a shame in the sense that it is killing this teams ability to score TDs, but if it is not stopped soon it will cause permanent damage to Henne's ability to reach his full potential. This team has ALL the tools to be a top 5 offense(including Henne), but not with a past his time OC. Sure Sparano is the HC, but the ties with Henning go way beyond those of just being his boss. Even if it cost Sparano his friendship and working relationship with Henning he doesn't have a choice if he ever wants to take this team somewhere.

On a side note, glad I picked Greenbay to win!

I beg of you, Armando, please stop with the repetition of phrases. It adds nothing. Just poor writing.

Well, Dave...we have 11 touchdowns this year (10 offensively, one by the D). ONLY Carolina has fewer. Henne again didn't get it done when it mattered.

Mike Nolan is really beating down on other team's offenses.

dan henning almost cost us the damn game again with his wildcat calls enough is enough. Team of grinders though way to go fins!!!

QB's can be busts...I give you Matt Lienhart. Mabye Chad Henne? Lol. He's better than Lienhart but not a great QB by any stretch. So tired of hearing about potential, too. F*ck potential. Give me wins, points, and TD's!

miami starts throwing the ball in the 4th quarter and starts tearing it up racing right down the field and scoring a touchdown. what happens on the next set of downs? dan henning decides to get away from what is working so miami can try to give the game away like last week against the steelers. we won but why get away from moving the ball in chunk yards and scoring touchdowns?

dave, while I'm not one who usually blames Henne for much, I'd have to disagree with you. Henne played inconsistent, not well. He had a bunch of bad throws (only one resulted in an INT). But even on some completions (and incompletions), he's not putting the ball in the right place for the receiver to make a play (that one pass to Fasano, not the one he just missed, the one that was low to his feet and he couldn't come up with it). Henne throws that ball better, and that was at least a 1st down. So, I wouldn't say Henne played well. I'd say average, adequate bordering on not adequate. He's giving the team a chance to win, but barely. The reason I'm not so hard on Henne is because I think a lot of it (offense sputtering in red zone and being as effective as possible) is on Dan Henning.

Peterson might break the NFL record for carries in a game today. LOL.

Refs tried to give Cincy a extra chance with the "blow to the head" call. Way to hang in there Phins. Dan is he MAN for sure. Keepin' us in the games.

Oh, stop this nonsense Henne didnt get it done. What a crock. Henne won this game. Kid doesnt make 3rd and 6 run calls inside the twenty. Henne looked good today and came back slinging after his interception. Henne IS the future.

I am beguining to believe that offensive line is one of the best in the League at least in pass protecting.

Time to go to some Jets boards and post some smack.

They have to fire Henning!!!! His play calling is absurd!

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