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Dolphins beat Bengals, 22-14, to continue road success

   CINCINNATI -- It wasn't pretty. It never is with the Miami Dolphins.

It wasn't pretty. Unless you a field goal kicking guru.

It wasn't pretty. But the Dolphins today escape the Queen City with a 22-14 victory over the hapless Bengals. Miami improves to 4-3. The Bengals are 2-5.

Dan Carpenter kicked field goals and the Miami offense bagged its apparent limit with one TD -- a 1-yard run by Ricky Williams.

The Dolphins seemed to be on their heels defensive in the first quarter. The Bengals came out with a no-huddle approach and scored on their first possession. Jason Allen gave up a TD pass from Carson Palmer to Terrell Owens on that first score.

Then Allen was benched the entire rest of the game. Replacement Sean Smith did a good job and came away with an interception with 2:14 left that put this game to bed.

Your thoughts? 


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Aside from the fact that they cant score in the red zone what kills me about this team is as soon as we had a one touchdown lead we stopped playing to win and tried to hold the lead with 8 minutes to go. Put the freaking dagger in them and finish the team off. I've never seen a coach so excited about settling for fg's


with all the bitching i do about this team...im a jets fan?


good one aloco

Fact is you are taught as a receiver that if it hits you in the hands you need to catch it. Fasano and Hartline both were hit right in tge hands and dropped balls. A QB cant be perfect on every throw. Catch the dam ball

viqueens first and goal from the 1...TD coming soon

bobbyd12 One to Fasano was tipped and the other was behind him and low. His momentum was taking him in another direction. Come on...get off Henne's d*ck...he had an average (I'm being polite) game today but they won, so....Cheers!

Man I am not certain how you can give Hartline a tough time...sounds like some sort of hate none of us should care for... that Kid was a MAJOR part of the TD drive and looked GREAT today...
Dolphins D did an awesome job... Smith had a nice return... They did what they had to do...
After the great TD drive.. The 3 and out with 2 Wildcat plays had me going nuts... I was going to be at the airport waiting for Henning with a Sniper Rifle if Miami lost on Cincy's last drive... I would have claimed insanity from 37 years of Superbowl abstinence...

We'll take the win... Jests lost..AWESOME!!!

Next week is important, its away so we should win!

I am officially on the "dump Dan Henning" bandwagon. Horrible playcalling.

Dolphins need to get Red Zone offense goong. Run game needs improvement, defense is startimg to gel. 4-3 I will take it. Let's get better and move on

Henning continues to get cute on his calls. After the TD he brings in the WildCat for 2 plays of zero yards, even the announcer said, "Sparano must be wondering what his OC is thinking" That says it all


Minn 7 Pats 0 -1st play of 2nd qtr 1yd Adrian Peterson run.

Dolphins win, Jets lose, so far Pats losing 7-0. God day to be a Phin fan at present!

Seriously, Whats up with the BS "Blow to the Head" call against Palmer. Didnt happen!! Why does the league seem to make such bad calls where we are concerned?!! Love my Fins and P.S. Would love, love, love to see Pennington go to work with the offense again!!

OhioFinfa13...your wrong... and your rude... and your thinking comes straight from those two morons who called the game for CBS... stay in Ohio and become a Browneye or Suckeye fan... it would do well for Miami to NOT have fans like you... BobbyD12 is right Henne may have some growing pains... but he has won more then he has lost and he DID NOT place this game in jeopardy in the end as Carson Palmer did...Your a joke dude.. and wrong!

4-0 on road 0-3 at home, i wonder if that has ever happened. still breathing, barely but we will take it

if we had good coaching we could really have something here

if our media had the jets as a team i could only hear what they would say about their pathetic game today and their pathetic offense. They barely squeaked by last game and should have lost making it two in a row. Our media needs to give our fins a break. We are as good as anyone this year. No team is head and heels above this year

Can we get dan henning a subscription of the Nfl Redzone channel?
Isnt the NFL a copy cat league?

bill should kill his mom .

Henne would look like a stud if not for the terrible drops.
The fins almost found a way to lose with bonehead playcalling and drops in offense and defense.

Fist pump man was genius when he called timeout to force the punt.

How many times are the Dolphins gonna throw it on 3rd and 2, and not make it?
3rd and 2 has to be a run play 8 out of 10 times.
Today Polite ran once on a 3rd and 1. and made it.

here is the problem as i see it:
how can we be moving the ball so well in the 4th Q and call two back to back wild cat plays that produce zip, questionable calling dont u think.

How can New England Make Danny Woodhead look so good?!?!??!?!

Look for 5 more FGs next week(Maybe) Baltimore after a embarrassing showing against the Bills last week will be coming out with a major attitude.....

IF Just 2 of the five FG's were TD's, they blow them out. Today is an example of a game that should have been a 31-14 game. ill take the win, but today is an example of why they wont beat any good teams. Its because they let teams hang around. Its all on the coaching.

the dallas coach will be fired shortly,
the cin coach will be fired shortly

No ALoco, Marc is never happy. He would be happy if the Dolphins were a dominant team. He's going to piss and moan his way through the entire season much like my friend who is a Giants fan did the year they won the superbowl. No I don't think Miamis going to the superbowl but no one thought the Giants were going that year either until the end of the season when they started playing better. They played a bunch of games like this in the beginning of the season and my buddy used to whine even when they won. And I would warn him to enjoy the wins because you never know. He didn't listen and he spent most of the season pissed off and didn't get to enjoy a wild run to a superbowl win. Oh well, his loss.

@Derek4Dolphins It's 'You're' not 'your'. Grammar lessons, anyone? Education, anyone?

@Derek4Dolphins And again, I say, "Scoreboard". We have scored 10 offensive touchdowns in 7 games...or 42 quarters! That's not all Henning. Even Sparano agrees. 10 TD's is pathetic! Two games in a row with five FG's and 1 TD. Ugh.

yes give me a grammer lesson please

Good Point "84", Last time the Mighty air-breathers were 4 and 3 they won the east conference, another must win next week in Baltimore, Actually, there all must wins IMHO..

Our offense will be garbage for the rest of this year. Retarded play calling meets bad 2nd wr(Hartline and terrible running game(rick & Ronnie). Our offensive personnel is someof the worst in the league. Outside of Marshall and the occassional Bess no team's defense should be losing sleep at night wondering how they are going to stop these weapons. lol!!

Actually "OhFinFan13", it would be 'you're' and not "You're" because the word was the second word in his opening statement. Meaning the y should not be capitalized, which is a grammatical error on your part.

phins84, agre ,good post ,no one ever thought the giants would go to the SB, let alone win it .

Maybe we can Nick Satan to take Jason Allen in a trade for Mark Ingram.

after a nice long drive and TD the dolphins run the wildsh-it again!!! just imagine if we had a good not great offense coordinator! great win MIKE NOLEN only good coach we have.

@ALoco How about a spelling lesson. It's 'grammar' not 'grammer'. Ugh. Adults who can't spell. So sad.

ohfinfan, i made a mistake.that's why i nees a grammar lesson .

Anyone under the age of 30 is f***ing retarded. You're generations are lazy and clueless. You complain even after your teams loses? Maybe it's not a generational thing but more or less is proof that Dolphins fans really DO suck. The Chiefs just barely beat the hapless Bills, at home, with 5 seconds left in overtime. Yet their fans aren't complaining, they are rejoicing and partying in the parking lot as we speak. The Dolphins win a game to a very desperate team on the road and our fans are complaining that they didn't win by wide enough of a margin. Seriously, you people are tards.

OhFin, I keep telling Lil Aloco to use his spell check, but he doesn't listen...

marc, no one is getting fired. No team is gonna give a coach a contract and pay him for a lockout next year. No coach is gonna sign a contract that wont pay him. Jerry Jones is sticking with Phillips according to the Dallas News. Reality of this years NFL

Please do not engage the "challenged"....They will babble back and forth all night.

ohfinfan, as long as my heart is at the right place ,i can make mistakes all day long . say so please .

chris is a dumb as s .he likes to talk to himself .

OHFINLOSER, there is no such word as "ugh". Also you capitalized the first letter of the second word in your sentence and you ended a sentence improperly.

Henning did not call a bad game....he just tried to get to cute in the end.

A 95 yard drive that culminates in a TD could be the break this "O" needs to get into a rythm as the season continues....I think that if we get on a rol offensively that we will be able to look back at that drive as the start of something special

Stra8Ball, 4-3, Dallas 1-6. sooner or later all theses red zone visits will stop being FGs and start being TDs. Thks for visiting, heres your No Football IQ shirt, now be on your way little Jets fan.

Mando, Any word yet on a possible injury to coach Sparano, I think he pulled a muscle during a "Fist Pump" on Carpenters 5th FG.... Please check into this..

Thanks for proving my point harshley=Aloco.....

Just wanted to test my theory....and the slow idiot responded right on time with a new name.....

Go back to talking like the slow retard...who loves everyone.....and then create some new names to attack others and say how you really feel.

sounds kinda like a sociopath

I'm well over fifty, and still bitching like Hell about Henning. So I guess I'm young at heart!!

Menace, no one cares about your stupid fist pump jokes, please get a life?

Bobby12, I'll take being a fin fan today as opposed to be a Cowboy fan, Those posters must be going nuts.....

kris, IDK, lots of questions on Henning calls throughout. Running on 3rd and 6 just before 3rd FG. Running with 31 seconds left on first down before half. Running a deep out on 3rd and 2? Pass on 3rd and 1 when Polite is 16/17? and of course that WildCat at end? Henning is very questionable in my opinion

"Jackwagon" misspelled, could only be our Lil Friend Aloco, using a new name... LOL

CHRIS ,what's wrong w/your brain ? ALL of the sudden you r attacking me all the time for no reason at all .

Cuban, Cowboy fans deserve all the misery they can get. No sympathy here

cuban is dreaming things up .your enemies are many.don't blame it on me .

yes, the dolphins are the 4th team in history to start 0-3 at home and 4-0 on the road. again they just get by. 5 field goals and 1 td will not get it done against baltimore. yes, someone needs to rip danny d#Ckheads' head off. if any one needs to head hunted it's him!

Can't the Dolphins just fast forward to 8-8 and secure that 17th pick in the first round already? Running back with game changing speed please.

The Patriots corner the market on overachieving little white dudes: Larry Izzo, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Danny Woodhead, Tom Brady etc...Can't have enough of them.

The Chiefs are not as good as their record, but are undefeated at home and have the loudest and drunkest fans in the league. Take a cue Miami.

The Bills have done a good job losing in every conceivable way this season.

The Jets offense is regressing by the week. Should be downright horrible when the Dolphins visit.

The Cowboys are a national joke, but are the number one story on ESPN on an hourly basis.

Would Norv Turner be welcomed back in Miami if Henning hangs it up? He'll need a job soon.

Bobby, Love that the reptilian leader jerry(Liver Spots)Jones built this huge stadium and has been showing it off like a "Caesar Showing off the Colosseum in Rome"Only to realize that his team is actually the christens... Didn'T he say he was looking forward to being the owner of the first team to be the host of a superbowl team??.

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