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Dolphins beat Bengals, 22-14, to continue road success

   CINCINNATI -- It wasn't pretty. It never is with the Miami Dolphins.

It wasn't pretty. Unless you a field goal kicking guru.

It wasn't pretty. But the Dolphins today escape the Queen City with a 22-14 victory over the hapless Bengals. Miami improves to 4-3. The Bengals are 2-5.

Dan Carpenter kicked field goals and the Miami offense bagged its apparent limit with one TD -- a 1-yard run by Ricky Williams.

The Dolphins seemed to be on their heels defensive in the first quarter. The Bengals came out with a no-huddle approach and scored on their first possession. Jason Allen gave up a TD pass from Carson Palmer to Terrell Owens on that first score.

Then Allen was benched the entire rest of the game. Replacement Sean Smith did a good job and came away with an interception with 2:14 left that put this game to bed.

Your thoughts? 


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How does it take a coaching staff getting paid alot more than us fans that long to bench Allen when we can see it should have been done weeks ago! Also Henning did a great job 2 years ago with Pennington and helped to win a division but he has to go sooner rather than later. He is killing this offense which has playmakers that he is not utilizing

Paul, who would you place henning with in mid season ?

After watching every game so far this season,i really think Sparano needs to give alot more carries to Ricky and far less carries to Ronnie. Brown just does'nt seem to get anything going whereas Ricky is far more productive.

Anyway,a good win and nice to see us win....and the Jets lose. Awesome!!


You bring up some good points and I can't explain his thinking behind all of them....especially that run on 3rd & 6....but I will say he passed a lot on 1st down....he came out with two big pass plays out of our own endzone on the 95 yard TD drive....I felt like he was really making an effort to be less predictable and for that I commend him.

Having said all of that...for him to bring out the wildcat when we were trying to ice the game was BS. Nobody will talk about this one either because IT WORKED....but Sporano was going crazy when he heard that reverse call....but Hartline busted it for 24 yards....So yes he still tries to outsmart us all....all i'm asking is that he keeps being less predictable

LOL At Din...

lol kind of hard to be rejoicing in the parking lot when all of us are either on the computer in other states or on the phone elsewhere as well.. i mean everyone happy for the win i think.. but Henning is past his prime... he will be gone at the end of the season now BP is gone..

Aloco...I guess the fact that you can't spell my sign-in name correctly even when your looking right at it has been the last straw for your routine.....very frustrating....

kris or Kris
chris or CHRIS
you can read and write....so do it

i think henning did a great job today ,didn't we win the game ?

David Lee

Brett Favre playing with practically a broken legs. Now that's a guy carry a pair of boulders in the family jewels sack!!!

Scary game. Sick of seeing sparano applaud his team after settling for 3 points. But a win is a win. Sean smith turned me into a believer today. Fire henning.

Brett Favre playing with practically a broken legs. Now that's a guy carrying a pair of boulders in the family jewels sack!!!

Farve at Pat 13yd line

he must be a man if hes playing with A Broken LegS

Fave wants this game to silence the coach and critics,...New England Cheatriots are going dow n.

After 7PM we will be 1.5 games out!


3rd and 1 from the 5

Kris..... ohhhhhhhhhhhh b/c i didn't write your name the correct way.
i am very sorry ,i didn't do it to make you mad ,believe me .

speaking of routine,i don't have one ,i am very poor in writing and i am trying .don't address me until i improve .

Field goal good! 10-7 Vikes!

Yea kris, im glad he opened up to, just gotta question some calls in critical times, but definite opened up more

Pats have a total of 9yds rushing beginning thier first possession of the 2nd half.

fasano should retire
carpenter should get a raise of 200,000
henne should get raise of 500,000
marshall should cover their raises .

Cuban, Jerry Jones, just like Manatee Rex, need to learn to talk less, Jones really messed up with his "we in our home for SuperBowl boast"

We can agree on that Bobby

# 20 on Minnisotta looks like he has lead feet....horrible

Bobby, True, I love the fact that there record is 1 and 6, go's to show what bad coaching(Or lack of coaching) Do's to a team)...

pats are very good team dying ,

This seems to be breaking down to one of those nfl seasons where the teams that are hotest come playoff time will advance and win the SB. Regardless of record.

We maybe in the running due to a softer schedule after the Ravens game. 2nd half of schedule toughest teams maybe the Jets and Pats.

We could possibly finish the 2nd half with a 6-2 record and sure wildcard birth at 10-6. Beating the Jets and Pats late would definitely represent being "HOT" going into the playoffs.

We lost two games due to poor play calling and easily could have lost this game.

Running on 3rd and 6 around their 10 yard line is a sure way to get Carpenter to the Pro Bowl. No wonder we can't score in the red zone.

The Wildcat at mid-field on 3rd and 4 was even dumber.

I fail to see Henning's "supposed" genius.

wer are 0-3 at home because we lost close games to the jets and steelers that happen to be the top teams in the afc. and we lost a close game to new england as far as offense and defense goes.

Henning has to go. There are too many times when we can really build on momentum we've acquired and he calls a play that makes you scratch you scream at the TV with a WTF moment. Granted, execution is not always flawless, but he had one good series of playcalling (the TD drive). The other times the O is in scoring position, you get the sense that he's happy with the FG. Explains our loss last week and will undoubtedly cause at least another loss sometime this season.

We still are having a few issues on defense but overall this defense is quietly getting a little better each weak.

Defense held Cincy offense to under 100yds rushing and Palmer to less than 179yds passing.
That's top defensive calibre play folks!

i would replace henning in mid season, why not. wont happen though

Jets blog is filled with calls saying Schottenheimer is the worst OC in the league and needs to be fired. Sooo, even a team with a good record is having its fans not happy

Had Clemons made the interception on the gift to TO, we win 22-7. Overall fine defensive game by our fish.


SeanSmith was our best player today. Look at Palmer numbers before Smith replaced the benched Allen and after. Sean was our best corner last year too.

TO said after the game that Allen should never be on the field he is a liability to his team.
that comes from an opposing reciever.

great seeing smith get back in there, clearly allen isnt the answer, lets hope smith can be

favre is a warrior, lets go vikes

Pats in red throwback uniforms. I keep waiting for Steve Grogan and Russ Francis to run out onto the field.

great win and the jets lost now all we need is the pats to lose still a great football day

somehow upset the ravens next week and we get into our much easier second half schedule

in foodball you got to be patient ,henning is doing more than a good job w/henne . sanchez today had 3 interceptions and GB won the game on field goals 9-0

no way aloco, henning could of cost us the game with that garbage wildcat in the 4th just trying to waste time. we had been throwing all over them

Bill....When did you become a Dolphins Fan....4-3 looks preety good to you doesn't it? Especially with the Shift in strenghth to what WE believe should be a tad easier in a few weeks.

You said we would be 2-5 or 1-6.

Welcome aboard BILL

wrong kris, ive predicted every fin game right except the vikes game. u can go back in check if u like. so i thought we would be 3-4 here.

our second half schedule we need 6-2 out of, 11-5 will make playoffs. so we have to beat baltimore

bill, henng tried the wildcrap after he knew the game have been won.just to prove a poind but failed .never again we will see that again .bu all and all he did a great job today,i loved marshall's catch at 25 from henn .

but aloco game wasnt won, we gave it right back to them and they drove to the 20

damnit favre!!!!!!!!!


I like the job our defense did against Palmer. So I also like thier chances against Flacco. Maybe we upset Ravens 9-6 next week.

This is the game that truly defines our season. Its positioned to be the game that gets us in or keeps us out of the wild card playoff berth. Unless Pats and Jets go into unexpect skid sufficient enough to allow us to claim the AFC east crown.

agree dying, but dont say that to loud or u will be accused of not being a fins fan. yes the ravens game is hugeeeeee. right now the 2 wc's would be jets and ravens. cant lose to both

pats are very strong team ,just scored another TD .


pats just basically won, favre int lead to td

screw brady

BILL, the pats will be in the super bowl vs pitt

Vikes beginning to spread thier legs for Brady. TD Pats! Lead now 21-10.

hilarious, ill take that bet since they cant play each other in the super bowl

sorry bill, pats i pick and you pick the other team

hey guys

a few points from todays game which i attended live.

1. Can the coaches open up the damn play book and feed Marshall the ball?. He was open deep on three plays in particular and plays were called to the outside under ten yards.

2. I hope this is the last we have seen of Jason Allen. this guy is so horrible and i personally cant wait till hes run out of town. Great job by Vontae and Sean in the second half.

3. Ive never seen a team that goes so conservative in the red zone. Henning is the king of the check down and until they rid themselves of his conservative approach and let Henne show his talent, this team will see more and more of carpenter.

I've been patient...I've deferred to someone with far more experience than me BUT the head-scratching play calling continues to neg. impact this team. Only good call that jumped out was the Hartline end around - great call given over-pursuing D. Shouldn't there be more than 1 play call that "jumps out" vs the many NEG ones that "jump out" every week? This team is being held back on Offense....

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