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Dolphins beat Bengals, 22-14, to continue road success

   CINCINNATI -- It wasn't pretty. It never is with the Miami Dolphins.

It wasn't pretty. Unless you a field goal kicking guru.

It wasn't pretty. But the Dolphins today escape the Queen City with a 22-14 victory over the hapless Bengals. Miami improves to 4-3. The Bengals are 2-5.

Dan Carpenter kicked field goals and the Miami offense bagged its apparent limit with one TD -- a 1-yard run by Ricky Williams.

The Dolphins seemed to be on their heels defensive in the first quarter. The Bengals came out with a no-huddle approach and scored on their first possession. Jason Allen gave up a TD pass from Carson Palmer to Terrell Owens on that first score.

Then Allen was benched the entire rest of the game. Replacement Sean Smith did a good job and came away with an interception with 2:14 left that put this game to bed.

Your thoughts? 


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If Colts are eliminated from yhe playoff race I definitely think the afc SB representative could come from the afc east.

Of the 3 afc east teams still in the running, I believe whose ever hottest at the time will be in the SB this year. That team will be possible champions because the nfc looks so watered down this year.

So guys if we can begin to get red hot starting with the Ravens game. We can still become 2010 SB champs inspite of our 1st half season bungles. But it must begin against the Ravens.

The Ravens game will define if we're ready or have the balls to dare step amongst the nfl elites.

you are right Daying Breed ,the ravens game ,good thing sean smith confidence is back .

Dying, always thinking of the coming games not like us mired in the past

Why the Fins play calling goes stupid every time they get to the 20 yard line? Why don’t they stick with what got them there?


For us to truly make a run and get hot coming into to playoffs time. It will definitely have to happen on the backs of our defense.

Our offense just doesnt have the true big play ability to win against upper echelon teams if we allow 17pts or more in the 2nd half of the season. I think our chances are excellent if the defense allows 13ppg or less and the special teams doesnt continue its gift giving ways going into the holiday season.

sparano should run for congress with his conservative beliefs, LMAO great win for the PHINS!!!

Actually,Buffalo is known as the "Queen City".Has been as far back as I can remember and that's the 50's.

Painful game to watch. Amazing the Dolphins overcame so many mistakes. Aside from a couple errant throws and one awful interception Henne was solid. So many drops by the WR/TE today. Clemons blew two interceptions he has to have.
The Dolphins got lucky today. They were again terrible in the red zone. Henning runs a prevent offense. Henning runs it when he should throw and throws when he should run. On third and 2 inside the opponents 30 yard line I’d like to see two running plays in a row if necessary.
Henne is captain check down because that is what he is taught. I want to see the ball thrown downfield and it hardly ever happens. BM with 1 TD for the year? Henning is wasting him and Henne. You can say the Dolphins passed a lot today but most of the passes are for 3 yards or less. They had a pass for minus 1 yard today.
Henning is a liability. As soon as Henning got up by 8 he shut it down and slipped into an even more conservative mode. The one TD drive featured longer pass plays and then right back to running it up the middle for one yard on 1st down.
The Dolphins D played very well but Henning puts way to much pressure on the D by hardly ever getting TD’s.
Next week against Baltimore will be very interesting.

If by miracle we could become SB champs this year it definitely will have to come on the backs of our defense. If our defense begins to play lights out, 5 field goals per game could win a SB title.

But then of course, we would have to listen to Henning boast that he was right all along with the over conservative fashion of playcalling. LOL!

first 2 touchS for jakson is 2TD...7 AND 2

6 AND 2

Farve might have boulders in his jewel sack, but he ain't got many teeth left in his mouth.


@ dying breed AT 6;38 is very true and painful as well to remind us of the fact that we still don't have the offense that can carry us.

Our defensive player now highest on my radar watch is Sean Smith. Maybe this is what he needed for the picks to begin coming in groves and I dont mean Jake Groves.

Now if we cant get Clemons engine cranked with a pick. If we can get these two guys at stellar play. It would be the fuel needed to get the defense on the "lights out" paly schedule I posted about earlier.

We're already a top 5 nfl run defense and get really good pocket pressure. Wake in particular. Wake's officially becoming Godzilla and pass protecting offense lines are fast becoming Tokyo.

For the person who posted that "ugh" is not a word, Webster would disagree:
Ugh, interj. 1. (used as an exclamation of didgust, aversion, horror, or the like.) -n. 2. the sound of a cough, grunt, or the like.

If we continue this trend of winning on the road and losing at home, we'll be 8-8 at the end of the season. I had hoped for more!
Teams are starting to realize what we're doing in the red zone, playing conservatively. Someone needs to explain to Henning that, while field goals are an acceptable outcome of a drive, touchdowns are much, much, much better!


At the present rate Favre's taking hits he's lucky to be getting around in a walker by the time of his 50th birthday!

A bit of clarity...the fins offense struggled to beat a cincy's second string defense. Henne seems tentative and stiff, also now he is floating touch passes when he should be sticking the ball in there, I think the coaching staff is too much in his head. Don't do this an don't do that and be careful of this and be careful of that and don't let loose and play your game.

That Woodhead for the Pats is a quick little sapsucker. He reminds me of Welker playing from rb spot. He's not very fast but is very quick.

I would certainly settle for a rb of that skill set in our offense. We dont have that. Ronnie Brown is slowly becoming Mr. Irrevalent.

Dan Carpenter, you need a raise.

jenn sterger and brett favre re-did the axe commercial. he asked her if she would clean his old balls!

If they put that hit on Brady it would have been two 15 yarders.....

Personally I'm beginning to bore of berating our offense. Like an itchy butt-pimple, the more you scratch the more irritating it seems to get.

look at the pats. well coached team a yoing as-s defense no conservative in their play calling thats why they have won superbowls and we won toilet bowl!!

Is grammar not a requisite for writing blogs?

Vikes have spreaded long enough and wide enough. Looks like another Brady-baby, Pats win 28-18.

"They have to fire Henning!!!! His play calling is absurd! "


The game had too many dropped balls. The play calling was spotty again. If we could put together a few touchdowns instead of field goals we'd be a good football team.


Conservative calling are you kidding us? Last we checked Bellichek has a 3 time SB winning qb.

He's called T-O-M ....... B-R-A-D-Y!!!!

How many field goals are needed to win a SB?

Once somebody (the quarterback coach or OC) teaches Henne to NOT STARE AT THE PRIMARY RECEIVER THE ENTIRE PATTERN he'll become a nice, nice QB. I coach 13 year-olds and I teach them to look the opposite way while dropping back then turning to your intended receiver and firing the ball. That way the safety and the ENTIRE STADIUM AND THE WHOLE UNIVERSE WATCHING ON TV doesn't know exactly where he's throwing the ball.

Gee Luteke, real sage advice there...like Henne doesn't know that? It takes all QB's time to learn that, the speed of the nfl game is a tad different than the peanut league.

Love how posters here blog about Henne being a robot when they are just as robotic or even more so when blogging about the exact same thing every post. It's either Henne or Henning shortcomings.

Who the hell is writing the script for you guys. Mybe you should fire that guy because he's just as bad or worse than Henning's play calling. I fail to see any difference.

K. Dansby might be right in stating he is the best linebacker in football.(after RL, of course).

Sorry woa, AKA Mrs. Henne, he stares down his intended target like a high school QB. The speed of the game has less than ZERO to do with looking off the defense and then passing the other way - it's all the more reason to do so. Having a cannon and firing it in there was fine in Lancaster High School leagues like he did but he's got to look off the safetys.

tom brady looks like Sunshine from remember the titians!!

DyingB - obviously you mistakingly believe your posts are remotely interesting to anyone. They are nonsense, locker room rap, trivial and boring, and you are clearly the only one entertained by them.


truth hurts doesnt it little fellow!

Ok Luteke, so you think that your advice is actually something Henne is unware of after starting 4 years in college and 2 as a pro. Sure...besides that same piece of sage advice has been blogged here by virgin wanking teenagers for two years now.

they showed multiple times Henne going through his progression and he looked fine! this staring down the WR crap is old!

Was Not Pretty Unless You Started Carptner On Your Fanastay Team!!!!!!!!!!

dying, notice how all the bloggers who want to be coaches no where to be seen .

woa, sanchez is done and your fat coach is gaining weight .


Henne does tend to stare down his receivers. The point is, he's steadily improving in all facets of the game. Some of you guys talk like QB's come out of their momma's reading defenses and looking off safeties. Get some meds and relax.

I'm usually a lot happier in a week in which the Jets lose and the Fins win........BUT............

Bess made an awsomely boneheaded mistake muffing the punt.

Allen gave up his usual Chunk TD.

Clemons finally shows up in coverage gives TO an assist and puts a hell of a block on Yeremiah Bell. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry after that one.

Henning was vintage Henning and by vintage, I mean vintage.

Other than that, I think it was a solid outing. No special teams gaffes and Carpenter is starting to look like the best Kicker to ever wear a Dolphin uniform. Even his kickoffs are improving.

Henne and the receivers were balling. These guys are starting to gel and get some confidence. I'm loving it.

Most of all, the defense made me proud today. It was pretty much a team effort as well. Alot of different people contributing.

Sean Smith and the secondary looked much improved to me. Despite the fact that Palmer had a lot of time back there to look downfield.

I think I'm in some sort of Dan Henning induced psychosis, but, all in all, a good win. I'll take it.

Now lets Kill Flacco and the ravens!!!!

People still complaining about Henne and his reads should watch the game, learn football or just kill themselves because he is obviously improving and going through his progressions. 80% of fans are clueless!!!

Sean Smith shuts down cincy. Palmer was 6-7 when Allen was in the game, After Smith replaced him he was 9-30. Smith is the key to the D and the season. Great game Sean

Sean Smith! huge win and great effort by the defense.

Ugly? Shutting the Bengals down in the second half with ZERO POINTS...that was beautiful. The 96 year drive that put points on the board..that wasn't ugly...and the touchdown drive...with 4 big plays..that was BEAUTIFUL.


Do we need work? Sure we do. Are we a playoff team...absolutely.


keep jason allen on special teams! leave sean smith as starter

Two drive killing easy drops, among four big drops that just should not be tolerated. Like the Steelers game, we could have been up much bigger and end up having another nail-biter. Just shows this team is not yet there--on the way, but not this season. I will hope they do well, but will not be suckered to think deep playoffs...ALSO, if I continue to see them kill other drives momentum by bringing in the Wildcat I will have to buy another TV since my foot will have shatterd the screen of my current one. I HATE the "It's working!, so change it" play calling decision making. Either Henning has to go, or Sporano has to take more control with the offensive offensive play calling. His facial expression looked like I felt when I saw them bring the WC in again in the 4th quarter--JUST STUPID. OK-last thing--Marshall is an unused weapon-too few passes his way. He's big, agile, our biggest threat--THROW IT HIS WAY LOTS AND LET HIM GO AFTER IT! Then, the runing game will open up and our other offense tools will be even better

THE PREVENT OFFENSE... a team's biggest enemy

Why are we on the road against a team rested by a bye?

Just gonna throw this out there, we made a mistake cutting Ginn loose. He would have settled into a #2 role.

Marshall #1
Ginn #2
Bess in the slot
Hartline in 4 wide sets.

Would have been tough to stop. We still dont have a "deep" threat to open things up.....and it shows more and more every week.

Henne played well today. He threw balls away instead of forcing them or taking unnecessary sacks. Both balls that Fasono dropped were tipped including the one inside the 5 that got to him low. Hartline dropped an easy catch on a fleaflicker that would have been a big play. Henning needs to open up the offence more in the red zone and trust his young QB

ok armando a few points, our offense isnt the best because of our play calling, 3 and 1 and we throw the ball. im a chad fan but come on man'''' who ever is training him should be fired. he seems like he is being pressured so bad no too mess up. he plays scared. yes no turnovers which is what i rather have than a long throw followed by a pick but he throws the ball and checks down like if the pocket is falling. he clearly has more that enough time to relax and throw the ball. i think in practice they give him a fix time to throw or they call a sack. our defense is ok but if you see the passes caught, most of them where smack in the middle with three defenders around. i prefer a man with a zone offense mix. but hey our D wins our games. When henning gets fired and someone with nuts calls the plays we will really see chad henne and our very good receivers.

Was is pretty, Armando?

who thinks we will have one game that ends another way than nailbiter under sparano? ur crazy if you do.
just like your crazy if you think ten field goals in two weeks is nfl football, or running on 3rd and nine in the red zone should ever be tolerated. and we do it every stinking game.
lastly, henning is killing the wildcat. it has been called every time in horrible positions. third and long? no. second and short, first and ten, and it will get the numbers it alwaus did. and ronnie never gives it to ricky anymore, huge mistake.

why am i not seeing any jump balls to Marshall??? thats crap!! why are they throwing it on 3rd an 1?? isnt that what Louaska is for???? man. im with all of you now. get ride of Henning!! hes dated!!!
oh fyi they did win!! 4 road games !! thats a big deal!!!

It was good to see Roberto Wallace get a chance in the red zone but he can't be shoved out of bounds so easily. I think if Miami utilizes him more the td's will come.

I was shocked to see Allen on the field to start the game and then not so shocked to see him burned badly for a score early in the game. What the hell was he even doing on the field?

Jets Suck! Thanks for putting up the goose egg rexy!

thank god JASON ALLEN has finally been benched. he cost us two games this season already by getting murdered against the jets and pats for multiple big plays and then the opening td drive against the bengals.about time sean smith got the start. hes a good second year player. JASON ALLEN is in his 6th year and has failed at every position. RELEASE HIM NOW!!!!!

Excellent work on this article. It make for an interesting and easy read on one of my favorite topics.

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