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Dolphins fire John Bonamego, promote Rizzi

The Dolphins have fired special teams coach John Bonamego and replaced him with assistant special teams coach Darren Rizzi, according to coach Tony Sparano.

The decision was made by Sparano overnight.

Bonamego was Miami's special teams coordinator since 2008. He was the coach most responsible for the poor play of the teams the past two weeks when the Dolphins had two punts blocked, had a field goal blocked and returned for a TD, and gave up a 103-yard kickoff return TD.

Rizzi joined the Dolphins in 2009 and had no previous experience in the NFL prior to that. Rizzi has been coaching in college since 1993 through  2008 with Colgate, New Haven, Northeastern, New Haven again as the head coach, Rutgers and Rhode Island as the head coach.

In announcing Bonamego's departure, Sparano called it a "tough decision," cautioned that "it ain't all broke," and "players also have to take responsibility."

There will be some changes with players also in the coming weeks although there are no specifics at this time. The Dolphins have used starters on special teams, including Tim Dobbins, Jason Allen and Cameron Wake.

"I want my core players to play better on special teams right now," Sparano said. "To be honest, if we need to put more starters in there, we'll look at that."

I recognize that some of you will view this move as a day late and three touchdowns allowed short. The special teams, after all, have struggled for years in Miami with last week's Jets game being among the worst of that.

In that regard, Sparano might have moved one week sooner.

But doing it today, after Monday night's meltdown which I described in my Miami Herald column as an epic failure, is better than nothing. It is a risk. Rizzi might not be the permanent fix. And as the assistant, he was part of the staff that authored the problem as well.

But perhaps he will oversee changes. Perhaps he will correct the issues with blocking schemes against line stunts that Bonamego clearly did not. I would start with Pat McQuistan, who simply didn't block anyone on one of the blocked kicks last night.

We'll see how it turns out. 


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oOk guys gotta go, I only hope that I pullover a guy wearing a Jets Jersey...........

as bad as the loss was last night it was only one loss and we're only one game behind the rest of the leagues best teams. hopefully we can turn it around so we are at least in it come december. I think going to the playoffs dream is gone but i hope we have shot at it come december. OH and BTW we need to fire henning NOW!

Parcells can leave at ANYTIME and take ALL the dough with him

Now is a good time

Make an appearance or two
Swinging a golf club in front of the Dolphins practice facility

and then back to the bean bag chair for more beer & cheetos

Boulder, Are you serious??????

if henne gets the 1st down. no need to punt , if henne gets the 1st. no need to try a 200 yard fg.. all on henne... henne, the drive slayer.


Is Parcells leaving a bad thing at this point?

Starting to wonder about many of the decisions that have been made here. The poor draft picks and free agents are starting add up aren't they?

Could this be the end of the Trifecta? Hard to imagine Ireland and Sparano surviving the offseason is they have another sub .500 year.

ross is a jets fan, he tried buying them in the 90's, he is happy that the phins will never challenge the jets as long as he's the owner.


2 Watt has joined Aloco in Inhalant usage....lmao...

Home is right
U R Wrong

Larry Izzo was "Barney Rebel"


Zach Thomas was "Fred Flinstone"

They came in the league together on the Dolphins

Zach said to resemble Fred esp his size and dark hair, same bad haircut

Izzo said to look like "Barney" esp his size and blond hair

This comparison was even done on MNF with comparison of animated cartoon characters lol

Bottom line is the team is behind the 8 ball. If you asked me where the team would be at the end of week 4 and you told me 2-2, i'd take it. I don't expect them to win in GB though.

The team has the talent to still win 10 games. Whether they have the coaches in place to do it, I don't know.

AShley is a bi t ich like the menace.

Sparano is pointing the stech of ineptitude to Boneramigo.

Who is Rizzi? Why arent we getting a college coach with some ST experience?

I'm the eternal optimist when it comes to this team but I don't see how we're going to make the playoffs after the last two weeks. Let's recap.....we're sitting at 2-0, coming off of a great road victory against the Vikings and with a beat up Jets team coming to town. One of their few weapons gets a DWI and is punished to the sidelines for the first quarter. So instead of making the Jets pay, we fail to get a decent pass rush against SAnchez and company and thanks to Jason Allen and some sloppy STs play we hand them a victory. Brilliant! So in something of a comeback game, we have our other division rivals come to town, and we play a really solid game, shutting down the TEs and Welker and not giving up the big plays to Moss. On top of that we pressure Brady all game and make life difficult for him. We play a very good first half (minus to silly Henne INTs) and then hand them the game with sloppy ST play and some more mistakes by Henne. Very discouraging! The schedule doesn't get any easier guys. WE put ourselves in position to be 4-0 but coughed it up at home and now we've dug ourselves a deep hole. If this team doesn't make the playoffs I think you will see Sparano and probably Ireland both gone and likely Carl Peterson (yuck!) and someone else take over. John Fox anyone?

the new st's coach is going to use glorias' fat axx,serenas fat axx and j los' fat axx on the kick offs and punts to form a massive wedge..

The following scrubs need to be canned:

McFriend from Dallas
Barbie Carpenter
Lyndon Murtha

These guys are garbage starting and garbage in ST

Make room for

Micah Johnson
Put one of those revolving door TE on ST

Tier 1 players that need to play ST
Vontae Davis
Sean Smith

Cobbs is Garbage this year. Alligator arms and slow to the punch. Please insert Lex Hillard who catches great out of the backfield.

Cuban, that was funny. If you do pullover a Jets fan, search their car and mess everything up (I hate when cops do that)!

I don't think Wake should be used on ST. Why? He's the ONLY pass-rusher we have! Use someone else (what about Benny Sapp?). And on that TD run back at the beginning of the 2nd half, what was Jason Allen doing? He was like pinned against the sideline, and when he saw the player coming at him, he couldn't get in his way? Disaster. Glad the coach was fired. I don't care if the other guy is a newbie. Maybe we need fresh blood in our coaching ranks (Henning's 31 years sure aren't helping the team).

I feel that Barney Ruble is coaching this team(At least the offense)(RE:Henning)... Home what are your thoughts..........


Look we have a team of very talented players. Not the most talented team out there but we have plenty of talent.

Our PROBLEM is decision making. We are a team of BAD to TERRIBLE decision makers.

Start with the head coach. His decisions on his Special Teams coach, to hire, and then not fire (until now) was BAD and progressed to TERRIBLE. His (Tony's) decision to keep his OC and let him continue to call the offense when it's VERY clear that he (Henning) makes BAD to TERRIBLE decisions on his play selection. The play selection, the use of the Wildcat, shows over and over that Hennings decisons are too OFTEN BAD and too often TERRIBLE. Too MANY drives killed by going away from what's working, or from WHO is working, to some boneheadned play or personnel call. I mean come on, we're running, and doing more than one draw play when we are down by 20 points to a team like NE in the 4th quarter?!?!?!?!?!

His (Tony) decision to TRY and kick that LONG, therefore VERY low odds, field goal. Not only were the odds low. The payoff IF it was made was low too, we still would be behind by 2 scores to a team like NE in the the 4th quarter. And the downside of a failure were in the more likely case giving a team like NE the ball in GREAT field position. And the more unlikely (except on this team) case a kick block made that downside HUGE.

Now Henne. I know that some of you are very high on him, and I too have "hope" but in spite of the physical ability, I would like to point out that he too VERY often, WAY TOO OFTEN, makes BAD decisons. And now has progressed to TERRIBLE decisons (the interceptions). By BAD I mean that he would not only WAY too OFTEN throw the ball into the ground, for some unknown reason (is his hands too small, too sweaty, eye sight problems?), also he was constantly deciding on the wrong man to throw too. Throwing too short for 1st downs too often, even when there were others that he should have seen and/or attempted. Deciding to hold the ball too long (I think that he still hasn't gotten to the point that he can in that first couple of seconds see the play developing and in that next (3rd) second, make the proper decision and make the throw. Now after last night when he progressed, or regressed from BAD decisons to TERRIBLE, with the interceptions, I think that he will regress more because he'll be too afraid of making the decision to take this chance or that chance and will therefore make MORE BAD decisons. He might not throw 3 interceptions, but enough BAD decisons add up to TERRIBLE outcomes.

We did NOT look well coached, at all. We did NOT look ready to play. Then during the game we made BAD to TERRIBLE decisions all through the game. The biggest worry is that this is NOT the first time I've seen it.

I love my Dolphins, but if I can see this as PLAIN as day, why can't the professionals see it and correct it. I know they are human, but they can IF they admit it to at least themselves, correct their BAD and TERRIBLE decisions.

Tony, I REALLY want to believe in you and want you to succeed but YOU have to be the ONE to LEAD this team. YOU have to step it up. YOU have to make better decisions MORE often and insist that others do the same, through YOUR coaching.

new st's coach, don't do anything that the old one did.

Not sure what you're asking me about being serious but yes.

Geetah, Dont put to much mony on the (Field Go)) Fist pumper.........

Does Pat Turner play ST? I hear he is available...

Can we bring back Donald Thomas and Eric Green?


Boulder, About a push for the play-offs in dec... , Wont happen, they'll be luckey to win 6 this year, I guess the Vegas odds makers were right........

Playoffs??????????? Playoffs????????

More like

Layoffs.... Layoffs......

As Home was mentioning earlier one of the biggest momentum changing plays seems to have ...
"CONSPIRACY THEORY" written all over it

Home saw it at the game and U, Armando
Had to also see it and hear it at the game

*Here is an excerpt form SS senior reporter, Dave Hyde`s column today*

Cameron Wake was a force on Monday. He had a sack and three quarterback hits. He caused a holding penalty on Patriot tackle Matt Light and had a second holding penalty that the referee strangely picked up

Why was this refs holding penalty on Cam Wake "called off" and flags picked up even though this was as Blatant of a Hold as it gets?

and was it called off by someone upstairs"

Please Respond & Help Your Miami Herald Dolphin blog fans

Will be patiently waiting on your response

I hope this new guy, Rizzo, can get something going on Special Teams. But, I'd feel a lot better having someone with NFL experience. This isn't Po-Dunk College that we're playing! Someone needs to go over reading the Defense with Henne and looking off the WR because he's still staring down his primary. Would love it if they'd teach him how to operate from the shotgun instead of just over center, or how to fake a pass on a handoff, or run the play action. He's degressing instead of progressing, in my opinion, as a QB. That's on Henning. Poor game planning by the coaches. Poor execution by the players. Everyone seems to be operating on a wing and a prayer! Makes me wonder how long it'll be before the coaches are gone and Nolan becomes HC. Still rebuilding. Still sucking in games that we shoulda won. Still faithfull that before I die, I'll be proud to say that I've been a Dol-fan since the day they began!

Ravens worked out free agent OL Quinn Ojinnaka and Donald Thomas on Monday.

Home, Give it up, They came to the game with Knifes, and it was only a "GUNS ONLY" game, They got out played, Out coached and out hustled.... They'll be lucky to Finnish 6 and 10 this year, Sorry but true.........

Most will say that four games into a season is not a good time to panic. However, let’s not look at it as “panic”, but an opportunity to embrace reality and use the next two weeks as a 2nd “training camp”:

1) Reset the QB position. Chad Henne is a system QB. Plain and simple. He is fine if the system is working, but vulnerable when asked to step outside the plan. That is not a starting QB, that is the definition of a solid back-up. Please, start Chad Pennington for the remainder of the season. He may not be able to “make all the throws”, but he can get the ball, in stride, to any receiver on the field. In short, he can get the ball to Brandon Marshall exactly where he needs it to be so he can do what he was brought here to do: run after the catch. I know what this means, we will be drafting another QB of the future, but I am sorry to say that Henne does not have “it”. When Steve Young refers to you as “mechanical”, you are not on the right track.

2) Someone needs to get in the face of Ronnie Brown and tell him to stop thinking and just run hard. All he does is tip-toe to the line, waiting for the holes to open up. By that point, it is too late for a big run, and we get 3-yards at a time. He is a good back, but tentative, and his experience in the Wildcat has made him more so. I would not try and re-sign him after the season because he is not worth (right now) what it would take to keep him. Yep, that means drafting another RB too.

3) Wildcat. Go away. OR Henning go away, if he cannot design plays that utilize our players better than that.

The bottom line is that this team is forcing the issue from top to bottom, from owner’s predicting Super Bowls to fans thinking that Brandon Marshall was the last piece of the puzzle, to coaches refusing to deviate from the plan when it is painfully obvious that it is not working. I was one of the fans who mistakenly thought that we had turned a corner. We have not, and if this season is to be salvaged to any level, this team is going to have to use this 2nd “training camp” to figure out what direction it needs to take to be in the best position to be competitive.

2 things that NEVER happen in South Florida:

1)Chemtrails being sprayed by planes or drone aircraft to resemble contrails so the sheep do not think too much

2)Cam Wake getting held by opposing defenses so he can not be one of the best pass rushes in the NFL

These are considered conspiracy theories for nut jobs
and never happened

nothing to see here

aloco, ross drove gruden to the davie hq's after the game and asked him what color he wants his new office to be in.

6-10 sounds bout right Menace

but lets expose the conspiracy
as Home and senior sports reporter for the Sun Sentinel Dave Hyde are doing

Why would the head linesman say," Do you Really Want to make that call?" " Are You Sure, You Really Want To Make That Call?"

U can see it in the replay!

Home does not car if the score was 100 to nothing New England

Let us expose the truth!

What the HELL is going on !?

please review and give us your thoughts


This needed to happen!! coach Bologny. sorry but, you let this happen! Henning is next! His play calling is predictiable an useless!! How much of Bess on each third down is Henne/ coachs call!
All of you calling for Sporano's job, WTF!?!
he isn't Wanstead!!! all the players say they love his fire! "HE" is a good coach! payers play harder for him!!! Henning needs to go though! Pennington isnt our QB any more. open it up!! the person to blam for this loss has been dealt with. lets move on and pray the Jets an Pats plane blow up or something!!!!
oh an Vontea Davis for president!!!

In Reality
We all came to the game with knives but

The Dolphins kept falling on their knives and spilling their guts all over the field

Frank Rizzo can't be any worse that Bonappetito. He probably is a stopgap but it would not be a good idea to try to hire someone off the street in the middle of the season. It would take that coach a long time to play catch up and familiarize with the personnel. I agree that this is the right call.

BY in large the ST break downs were the players fault. You can coach just so much. As for Henne he's the best qb on the roster. When was the last time Pennington threw for 300 yard, or even threw a pass 10 yards passed the line of scrimmage.

mike, i'm glad someone else sees that Pennington is a pop gun qb in a cannon league. Seems I'm the only one that remembers the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. There aren't many rams and 49ers and seahawks on our schedule this year as penny beat up on in 2008.

Mark in Toronto, I'll take 2-2 also. But unlike you, I highly doubt this team can win 10 games. And you're right, we have the talent. But it's the coaching man. This team is being coached NOT to lose. Unlike 2008, when they had nothing to lose and just played to win. Something got lost in the last 2 years, the desperation is gone or something. But basically we're playing 60 minutes of prevent football. Prevent something bad happening. Prevent the other team from big plays (but give up everything else). Prevent doesn't work in this league (and that's why I'm sticking with my initial prediction of 8-8).

Wow, You guys on this blog or whatever it is suck. You guys will not be happy no matter who is coaching the dolphins, I'm sick of reading the bullcrap you'll write. Hell if it was that easy ya'll would be doing the job. I trust Sparano and I know he is the right man for the job and the dolphins will win. So shut your pie hole and just watch the games. You will not
get a better coach than tony. Don Shula is not walking through that door, Vince Lombardi is not walking through that door, not even Bill Cowher is going to walk through that door. Suck it up. The dolphins will be alright.


This had to happen. Teams go years without having punts or field goals blocked, this team has had four punts blocked and a field goal blocked in the past 8 games (including preseason) this had to happen.

Scanning the blogs seems other bloggers have also noticed corrupt flag picking up and "someone" waiving off MOST BLATANT HOLDING CALL OF THE GAME


What the "HELL" is going on?

Can u have a conversation with Dave Hyde and other reporters on, what is going on behind closed doors in the NFL?

How can a penalty like this be called off?

What`s the real story?


Wake me up when we are 3-6 so I can start projecting our Draft Needs.

It all started with the whiffs in previous drafts and FA Blunders by Ireland.

ST have been awful for too long. Ireland moves from 64 to 53 trying to be cute, dumping VET ST players like Walden, Anderson.

Why didnt we resign Nate Jones who was a glove in the slot and ST ace?

We trade for Benny Sapp??? Really Really????

Dont Worry, Ross will clean house at the end of the season.

FYI, Will Allen is ready to play.... Another Player - Organization Debacle

Shula, I was saying before the season even started that this year would be the year to evaluate all of Parcells and his puppets'work so far in Miami, and people here bashed the living crap out of me. I said the jury was still out on Chad Henne, and that's a big one cause if Henne doesn't pan out, well guess what, it's back to square one for Miami in finding a decent starting QB. The jury is still out on Sparano as well. If the Dolphins don't start playing better soon, look for Ross to clean house at season's end. Bet the farm on that. Parcells, Ireland and Sparano have had 3 drafts and 3 off seasons to improve this team. They have the highest payroll in the NFL. Enough excuses. And don't give me this garbage about the team being in better shape than when they took over. They were 1-15 for chr...sakes! Pretty hard NOT to improve it. Unless you go 0-16. So fans should start getting with the program!


Sunglass Man is sleeping at the helm, he is probably working on his blah blah blah routine, instead of sending the video of said flag removal to the league and asking

The league has been "slightly" rigged for years.

Can Someone Ask Sunglass Man:

What is the name for the Offense played in the last 9 mins? Is that Hurry up? When down by 3 TDs?

Are you kidding me?

Another Coaching Gaffe, like the 2 min offense against INDY last year.

willie THE dolfan, normally (in weeks past) I'd have agreed with you. The team has taken strides in the right direction since 1-15. But c'mon dude. After the showing last night. That's INEXCUSABLE. It's not one game. It's not a glitch. It's a PATTERN! The team gave up in the 2nd half, just gave up. Nothing was going right, but you know what, at one point we were 2 TDs behind (definitely possible comeback). But they gave up, and that unacceptable. I can accept losing while giving it your all (Jets game). I can accept being outmatched or classed (Indy/Saints last year). I can even accept players having a bad game (Henne, Ronnie, etc.). But I CAN'T accept a total meltdown of the entire team (coaches included). And that's what we witnessed last night. And so I'm like, "enough is enough." You're right, it's not easy. But this staff and team have had enough time to at least play hard every game, at the VERY least. They didn't do that, and that's where the anger is coming from, and it's TOTALLY appropriate to vent after an embarrassing showing (worst part, it was at home).




I smelled a RAT!

Parcells the RAT stayed true to his MO...This Rat walked right accross the kitchen table, right passed his GROCERIES and out the door!

Hey Fat Ass! Your groceries are over priced and the cooks you hired suck!

Where is G. Wilson, Jake Grove and on and on? You despise the QB position and always go for journeymen "game managers"

You brought in a O' line coach as your head coach? He keeps tinkering, overpaying and shuffling so much its rediculous!

Oh and you went heavy on defense again in the draft? We end up with this?

See when Parcells pulled this crap right before the season we knew something was wrong. If he thought this team had a chance he would be here to soak up the Glory. Instead he bailed!

Good Post Waterboy!

The worst Home saw was bout 6 years ago or so

Dolphins vs Jets

NJ (mafia gambling controlled) Jets clearly was tackled dead flat down 2 YDs (clearly 6 feet) from the goal line

Ref was right over him
2 YDs from goal line and put his arms up signaling TD

Jets won the game on that call

Please review and comment (like Dave Hyde and other reporters)

Dolphins are working out former Browns second-round LB David Veikune today, per a league source.




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