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Dolphins getting healthier while Packers are limping

While the Green Bay Packers are hurting at quarterback, tight end and other positions this week, the Dolphins are getting healthier.

Today, when the Dolphins take the practice field for the first full workout of the week in preparation for the Acme Packers, several players that have been nursing injuries, resting injuries, or recovering from injuries are scheduled to work.

Jake Long, who hasn't practiced the last four workouts the Dolphins have held, is expected back at practice today. He is nursing the same knee injury suffered in the preseason finale against Dallas and was merely resting during the bye week in an effort to get healthier.

Jared Odrick, who has missed three games following the regular-season opener, is scheduled to practice today at least on a limited basis. The Dolphins will monitor him this week in hopes he can contribute a number of snaps against the Packers. He may not start, but the Dolphins are hoping he can play. That will be determined later in the week.

Channing Crowder, who hasn't played all season nursing a groin-abdominal injury, is expected to take a routine number of first-team snaps at practice today. The Dolphins are expecting Crowder to be able to begin his 2010 season this weekend at Lambeau Field.

The Crowder return to first-team repetitions is indirectly a help to Miami's embatled special teams. With Crowder taking those reps, Tim Dobbins, who along with Bobby Carpenter, did the work Crowder typically does on defense. He should now be more able to add repetitions on special teams.

In case you are not aware, Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers is nursing a concussion. He will miss practice time this week. Tight end Jermichael Finley is not playing following surgery and backup Donald Lee's status is also uncertain, which is good news for a Miami team that often struggles against tight ends.

Linebacker Clay Matthews, who leads the NFL in sacks with 8.5, is nursing a hamstring injury and also, at minimum, will be limited this week in practice.

[Update: Internet service at the Dolphins practice facility has been down until now (1:03 p.m.) so I haven't been able to offer an update. But now I can so here it is: Everyone on the roster practiced for the Dolphins today. Everyone! Jake Long, Odrick, Crowder. Everyone. It marks the first time since the start of the regular season that has happened.]


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I live in Wisconsin and packer fans are alrrady addmitting defeat!! i had a bet early this year miami would win this week. and dude backed out yesterday!! were a better team than washington. and they won!
if Rodgers is out Miami wins 21-7


Acme packers??? I don't get it.

i get it mark

The Pack has their full complement of good receivers and their third string tight end is rookie Andrew Qualess, who is good enough to start for the Fins. Therefore, the Fins do not need to over look these players.

nice tip ace, with your warning, Miami can truly prepare for this game

mark, acme was their sponsor back in the day

So, Some of the Packers r Injured, huh?

Some observations:

1) I'll be coming up to Toronto this Saturday and will stay the week with my family. Hey, Mark in Toronto, will the Buffalo CBS affiliate be showing the Dolphins - Packers or New England - Baltimore? I would think New England - Baltimore, since it's more of a marquee game.

2) Speaking of Brett Favre, who among us hasn't taken a picture of his Jones and sent it to a person of the opposite gender? Parenthetically, I tried it once, but I couldn't fit it all on one photo.

3) For those of us barely old enough to remember the 1972-1973 champion Dolphins, was there ever a more exciting time than when the 1984 Dolphins jumped out to an 11-0 start? You really thought they had a chance to go undefeated. Marino's offense was SCARY! It looked absolutely unstoppable. It's been 26 years since I've seen that magic. That's a long wait. (The closest thing since then to absolute Dolphins dominance was the 4-0 start they got off to in 1995. That was Shula's last year, and Huizenga broke open the bank and spent lavishly on free agents. In those first 4 games, the Dolphins had a strong running game, a strong passing game, and a strong defense. They had it all. And then, like a house of cards, they collapsed, and limped to 9-7 and a first round defeat to the hated Bills, whose coach, Marv Levy, always had Shula's number.)

4) Jennifer Lopez has to be the hottest owner in the NFL. (No. 2 would be Ralph Wilson.)

Miami offense is 30th in the NFL in points scored. I know Miami had a bye this week but so have sevral other teams too. Miami should not overlook this team even though they are down.... Unless we find a way to score touchdowns its gonna be a long day in Green Bay..

Miami Dolphins have not played in Wisconsin since 2002

Will the Dolphins drink the Kool Aid on all the Packers Injuries, and "slack off a bit"?

Will the Dolphins take the Cheese, only to see
Aaron Rodgers show up & start?

Today Is
U Guessed It, #13

Hmmm .....

Was up Fagami,are you ready for Carl Peterson and Herman Edwards? One more game like Bloody Monday against the Brady bunch and you got them!


phinsman, let me tell you man, we are NOT a better team than the Redskins right now. And I say that with sadness since I'm here in DC in their territory. Trust and believe I watch this team (I have no choice), and they are MUCH better than us on defense (any way you look at it). They have a better secondary, and probably a better front 7 (at least they have more experience). On offense, we're probably better as far as personnel, but as far as the offensive coordinator, I'd MUCH rather have Kyle Shanahan. He gives his team a chance to win every game, while our Henning gives the other team a chance to beat us every game. So all things being considered, Washington is a better team. They've beaten their division rivals (Cowboys, Eagles), we haven't.

Again, hate to say that. I wish I could say we're better, but if anything we're even, but I'd give them a slight edge. Also, since they're in the NFC, they can go to the Playoffs with 8 or 9 wins. In the AFC, and specifically the AFC East, your not going anywhere unless you win 10,11 games (just how it is).

So let's not start blowing ourselves just yet! There's no sure thing in the NFL, and especially with a team as shaky as ours, we'll still need to be virtually error-free football in order to win (that's the slim margin of error our Offensive Coordinator's strategy gives us each and every game).

Try to win another ball game, we don't want you fighting us for the first draft pick!

Personally Home wants to see Aaron Rodgers & Clay Mathews start against our Dolphins
Want the Dolphins to play against the real team
Not a bunch of scrubs
We are getting enuff of a break w/ TE Donald Lee, OUT
Also must have Channing Crowder Back and Big John

Home Is Expecting
The Miami Dolphins to Win this Contest

Nathaniel, the 1 pm broadcasted game will be NE v Baltimore.

4 pm NY Jets v Denver.

You will have to find someone that has the sports package or visit a sports bar. Luckily for you, we like to drink like fish and there should be no shortage of sports bars available.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Its good to see Mr. Nathaniel Dodsworth hasn't been taken down by the Hit squad (Mark from Toronto and that Guy from Montral) sent to eliminate him by the Canadian Government for his views and opinions about Celine Dion and Rush.

Nothing worse then a spurnrd Canadian.

From what I understand the US military and CIA have sailed Mr. Dodsworth to middle America through rivers and back roads so not to be spoted via Satalite photo's....just like in the hunt for Red October.

On a personal note can you ask Mr. Dodworth whats its like to work with Alec Baldwin.

Soiled :)

Dc, blowing ourselves???? You can do that????

Mark from Toronto
Hope this correspondence finds u & your portfolio doing well & the blog is most enjoyable 4u throughout the 2010 season & Super Bowl

Keeping The Faith

Mark, not that flexible anymore. Then again, don't have far to go to reach the anaconda!

very disappointing start; 2 ugly wins on road,2 ugly losses on primetime. 4 blocked punts so far;this doesnt even happen in high school. hopefully someone(sparano) can figure it out before long. his reassurances are getting old. might have to prove it on field and i dont mean practice field. no one is owning "the mistakes that cost us games". rex took responsibility for poor clock management in the vikes game; wish our coaches would do the same. coaching gets a D+

Packers TE Donald Lee was a fifth-round draft choice by the Dolphins in 2003 and played for the Dolphins in 03 & 04

Lots of other connections behind the scenes for Sundays matchup:

Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers had defensive-coordinator responsibilities for two seasons with the Dolphins, holding the titles of special asst. to the head coach (2006) and defensive coordinator (2007) in Miami...Packers asst. head coach/inside LBs Winston Moss is a Miami native and was a four-year letterman at the University of Miami…Miami defensive coordinator Mike Nolan was the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers when Mike McCarthy was their offensive coordinator in 2005...McCarthy and Dolphins head strength and conditioning coach Evan Marcus coached on the staff together in New Orleans from 2000-02…Packers TE coach Ben McAdoo also served on Nolan’s staff in San Francisco in 2005...Packers defensive line coach Mike Trgovac and Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano served on the Redskins staff together in 2001, and Trgovac also coached with Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning in Carolina...Trgovac and Dolphins LB coach Bill Sheridan were both graduate assistants at the University of Michigan in 1985...Packers president/CEO Mark Murphy played for the Redskins when Henning was on Washington’s staff...Packers director of public relations Jeff Blumb worked for the Dolphins in PR from 1986-89 before coming to Green Bay...Dolphins WR coach Karl Dorrell was the head coach at UCLA for Packers LB Brandon Chillar’s final collegiate

Home, don't ever refer or send me any direct messages again. You are an arse and I have no use for you.

"My Anaconda don't want none if you don't got buns, hun!"
- Sir Mix A Lot

Here's what I want to see from Henne:

- Good decision-making, that means NO INTs, or if so, not completely his fault like the 2 to the NE LB.

- crisp, accurate passing, touch passes, long bombs, quick outs, all of them should be on the mark.

- elusiveness, no don't expect him to be Mike Vick, but can he please sidestep an oncoming defender please? Help Jake Long out buddy. Move up in the pocket, stop looking so robotic, loosen up dude!

- sense of urgency, I don't want 4 4-and-outs before the offense gets going. Can we please start strong and make them chase us all game? I HATE coming from behind all the time. That's what made the Buffalo/Minn games fun, we were leading all game. How about some quick scores and get THEM on their heels and feeling the heat.

- Henne/Marshall connections. Brandon Marshall should be your first look and last look options at all times. Anytime you're throwing it downfield, Marshall should be the guy. If not him, Bess. But MARSHALL FIRST!

If I see all this, and we still lose, then oh well, I won't blame Henne. He can take a big step back to respectability (which he needs) by playing good football this weekend.

Not feeling the love
Perhaps God will send u an epiphany
Enjoy the coffee &
God Bless





San Diego lost a game this week pretty much on special teams too. 2 blcoked punts and a long run back. Didn't Seattle also get a long run back on them? Misery loves company, glad we aren't the only ones.

Good to read that the punch bowl is not empty in Miami. Packers depth goes far beyond their QB - this game is over by halftime. Come on now.


Good question. That's because I have faith Henne can play better. ST is a different animal. I'll be holding my breath anytime they take the field. Right now, after all these years, I have ZERO faith that they can even block, let alone tackle, kick, punt and/or make any sort of positive difference to the game. I think they're a liability, so we have to take them out of the equation (by going up by enough points to minimize any damage they may do to the team). I have more faith in North Korea's soccer team than I do our ST. So that's why, frankly, it scares me even to think about our special teams. I'm like a traumatized kid who's seen something horrific and now has blocked out any thoughts of the event. Every time I see our ST on the field I'm gonna close my eyes and put my head in the coach. Seriously. It's that bad ALoco. I don't need to see any scary movies this fall, all I gotta do is watch tape of our ST, that's worse than the Ring or the Exorcist. I'd rather fall down those steps in Georgetown than have to watch our ST play.

Dont take the Cheese
"on mop up duty only" backup QB starting for GB


Brett Favre became Green Bays starting quarterback in 1992
Packers have started only two players at the position:
Favre and Rodgers
Favre never missed a start until he was traded away to the Jets prior to the 2008 season
Then Rodgers took over and has started every game since

This is NOT a sissy franchise
This is Home of Lombardi
GB would not do this to their fans

EXPECT QB Aaron Rodgers To Start

The Packers are banged up. There's blood in the water! Take advantage of it and win this game! Score a TD on the first drive. Don't settle for FG's. Get out strong and early. Take the lead and keep it! Impose our will! Time to put on your Big Boy panties!

DC fan
We would feel more comfortable if u put your head in the couch

NOT the "coach"
as U posted lol

Mr. DC Dolfan

"Every time I see our ST on the field I'm gonna close my eyes and put my head in the coach."

Betcha Coach Sporano punches you right in the nose before you even get close.....unless Coach is to that sorta thing.

Soiled :)

hahahaha, DC, these guys are showing you no mercy!

Yeah, it would be hard for me to get my head in the coach since they seem to have their heads up their own arses (at least special teams wise). Good catch fellas (there's a starting WR position on the team you should look into).

the phins suck at home. they'll win on the road.but only if henne hands the ball off 60 x's and does not attempt a " cough cough " pass, because we all know what happens then.lol

coffee talk with Home,would you get mad if I put a shot or two of whiskey in my coffee,or would that be rude?

11 13

Nice to See

Simply The Bess averaging over 11 yards per catch
Brandon Marshall averaging almost 13 yards per catch

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

there will be lots of trickery now on st's with rizzi in there . fake fg's fake punts and o/s kix. watch.

Reckon A Lil Whiskey might be a good call

"Big Boy Panties" are what toddlers put on once they've decided that they no longer want to wear pissy diapers and are big enough to go potty on their own! (No offence to Soiled Bottoms).

beerndrums, try rye whiskey, it's the bomb!


Disappointing is THE word.

It's kind of strange. Before the season started I considered our pre season performances and looked at the schedule and thought another bad start was/is a real possibility.

Then we win the first two road games and I look at the schedule and think a 4-0 start is a real possibility.

After two home losses and the complete meltdown on special teams I was seriously contemplating getting on some Prozac(thank God I just opted for a barroom brawl and a Blonde Hottie with a Purple Guitar, it worked out much better than the drugs would have).

Anyway, at 2-2 with some injured players returning I'm actually starting to feel a little optimism for the first time since the wets loss.

We got a bunch of young hungry players that hopefully learned some hard lessons and went through some wicked growing pains.

The seasons not over by any means but we definitely got our backs against the wall thanks to losing home games against division rivals.

It's gut check time. In the upcoming weeks we'll see what these kids are really made of.

Once again I find myself feeling cautiously optimistic!

Dear Mr. Salguero

What really has me concerned with the Packers game is Coach Sporano's fist pump.

I've noticed in the last 2 games that coach was pulling his fist pumps to the left or pushing the pumps to the right, his follow through is off just a bit.

Has this caused us to lose the last 2 games ?
Can this be corrected ?

Should we as a Team just scrap the Fist pump or just use it in certain situations like we do with the Wildcat.


Soiled :)

Blonde Hottie peach over purple guitar shows a beautiful contrast
... Must take a minute to digest


When I'm at the Dolphins game this Sunday,I'm gonna wear a Favre jersey and some wranglers and then I'm gonna jump on the field after the opening kick off and start taking some pictures.

It's sad when you hope you can win a game because of your opponent's injuries.

Two excerpts from favorite post of the day:

The first in regards to Henne:

-loosen up dude!

The second one is self explanatory:

- Henne/Marshall connections. Brandon Marshall should be your first look and last look options at all times. Anytime you're throwing it downfield, Marshall should be the guy. If not him, Bess. But MARSHALL FIRST!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 13, 2010 at 09:08 AM

I don't know about anyone else but these two excerpts alone puts DC ahead of Dan Henning in my book.
If I were Stevie Ross I would replace Henning with DC Dolfan effective immediately!!!!

After 3 years many bloggers still spell our HC name wrong

believe "Sporano" is some type of mold culture

Soprano`s is the HBO series on the Mob

Sparano is the name of the Miami Dolphins HC for the last 3 years

the turf @ the joe aint gonna get better until the b um's find a new place and that crappy sport called baseball splits.but why doesn't the away team have problems playing on it.?.. hmmmm

Tortured 2watts arent witty, they're stanky!


PS: Don't forget the Vagisil Tortured 2watt.

PSS: It wont tighten up those blown out lips or stop the burning and itching, but it'll give you a legitimate reason for having your hands all over it all the time.

Do not question Sparano's fist pump. Is there a better ... ahem ... fister roaming an NFL sideline? Is there anyone you would rather have firing up the troops with a classic hip to shoulder fist pump after a 37 yard field goal? It doesn't matter what the situation is - Sparano has a fist pump for it. First down, field goal, sack, touchdown, you name it.


You put a lot of stuff out there.

A lot of it I don't agree with, but I do admit, alot of it is thought provoking to say the least.

Then every once in awhile you show some sheer genius and put something out there that is deeply profound:

Blonde Hottie peach over purple guitar shows a beautiful contrast
... Must take a minute to digest


Posted by: coffee talk with Home | October 13, 2010 at 10:02 AM

;) Back at'cha

Odin, are you referring to the wizard's sleeve when you talk to 2watt? Like throwing a penny down a well.

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