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Dolphins getting healthier while Packers are limping

While the Green Bay Packers are hurting at quarterback, tight end and other positions this week, the Dolphins are getting healthier.

Today, when the Dolphins take the practice field for the first full workout of the week in preparation for the Acme Packers, several players that have been nursing injuries, resting injuries, or recovering from injuries are scheduled to work.

Jake Long, who hasn't practiced the last four workouts the Dolphins have held, is expected back at practice today. He is nursing the same knee injury suffered in the preseason finale against Dallas and was merely resting during the bye week in an effort to get healthier.

Jared Odrick, who has missed three games following the regular-season opener, is scheduled to practice today at least on a limited basis. The Dolphins will monitor him this week in hopes he can contribute a number of snaps against the Packers. He may not start, but the Dolphins are hoping he can play. That will be determined later in the week.

Channing Crowder, who hasn't played all season nursing a groin-abdominal injury, is expected to take a routine number of first-team snaps at practice today. The Dolphins are expecting Crowder to be able to begin his 2010 season this weekend at Lambeau Field.

The Crowder return to first-team repetitions is indirectly a help to Miami's embatled special teams. With Crowder taking those reps, Tim Dobbins, who along with Bobby Carpenter, did the work Crowder typically does on defense. He should now be more able to add repetitions on special teams.

In case you are not aware, Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers is nursing a concussion. He will miss practice time this week. Tight end Jermichael Finley is not playing following surgery and backup Donald Lee's status is also uncertain, which is good news for a Miami team that often struggles against tight ends.

Linebacker Clay Matthews, who leads the NFL in sacks with 8.5, is nursing a hamstring injury and also, at minimum, will be limited this week in practice.

[Update: Internet service at the Dolphins practice facility has been down until now (1:03 p.m.) so I haven't been able to offer an update. But now I can so here it is: Everyone on the roster practiced for the Dolphins today. Everyone! Jake Long, Odrick, Crowder. Everyone. It marks the first time since the start of the regular season that has happened.]


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Congrats to JT! Great start to the season with 3 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. Its ok though, the Dolphins didn't need him because they have one player on their entire defense that can actually get after the qb. He is so good that they needed no one else. Oh yeah, and Parcells doesn't like his agent. Where is Parcells now?


I'd be more concerned if I were OC even if I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night. But you're right, one of those Chilean miners could probably come over and do a better job than Dan Henning, he's some trash!

Yeah DC was correct and odinseye was sharp to spot it! Henne is too robotic you can just tell hes nervous all the time and you cant play effectively that way!! Second I think if things continue like this midway through marshall will become disgruntled because if you put marshall with any other descent QB that can read coverages and make basic throws hes unstoppable!! But because of hennes FUNDAMENTAL flaws marshall's production is lowered!!
Lastly henning is also crippling our offense with the out of touch playcalling I just cant believe that sparano allows him to make such calls at such times i also hold sparano responsible because its just BLATANT stupidity!!

A lot of people like to put their opinions and predictions on here and come back later with an "I told you so" or looking for some kind of validation.

If it turns out their wrong, some have tantrums, some lay off the "blame", and some just try to forget and hope nobody mentions it.

NOT ME, I'm an IDIOT. Do any of you guys remember the dumba s s on here harping about Tim Dobbins ALL off season? ALL pre season?

Well, just for the record, I hope Channing Crowder comes back from his injury and stuffs that guys foot ever farther down his throat than it already is!

We're in 4 down territory, we got NOTHING to lose. It's time to play like it!!!!




Quite possibly the game that Bites Bellicheat in the @SS for his decision making ridding his team of Randy Moss

New England vs Baltimore

Can New England Run against the Pats?

Who will stretch the field for the Pats?

With Boldin on fire & that Baltimore D

Home will take the Baltimore Ravens to Win

Looking for Miami 3-2
and New England 3-2

Do not question Tortured 2watts evaluation of a fist pumping!

Tortured 2watts knows a good fister when he feels one!

As long as our offense is predicated on "taking what the defense gives us" we will not go to the super bowl, because good defensive don't "give" you touchdowns...... We will beat the bad teams and lose to the good teams..... And sometimes we will lose to the bad teams as well. Dan Henning is senile in his erratic play calling, and coach lee hasn't taught henne the basics of looking off, pump faking, and giving down field routes time to develop.... Until the 2 coaches are removed or corrected we will continue to be a middle of the road team... And that sucks cuz I hate the Jets and Patriots.... And continue to have a strong dislike for the bills.

Somebody say HAARPing?

Tornado in Brooklyn !?

Did u notice the severe weather Hail storm in NJ delaying the start to MNF ?

Strong Nor East Storm developing on the 13th, today !

even if only backups play the phins will find a way to lose this game.

*correction* (above post)

Can New England run against Baltimore?

significant to the NFL

Only 2 teams retired the #13 in the history of the NFL

The Miami Dolphins, for Hall of Famer # 13 Dan Marino

The New York Jets, for Hall of Famer #13 Don Maynard

Each of the 13 ruling Illuminati families is given an area of the Earth and/or a particular function to fulfill on the Earth
These particular functions include global finances, military technology/development, mind-control, religion, and media

Each of the 13 ruling Illuminati families has a Council of 13 as well
The number, 13, has great significance to them

if the phins lose 3 in a row because of henne's pixx poor performance,ross better call the pilot of the team plane and tell his axx to take off before the team bus' show up.lol

HeHatesJets, amen says the chorus!!! If Henne stares down ONE more receiver, I'm gonna re-circumsize myself. He's like a damn statue. See how long he was looking at Brandon that 1st INT last game? I think that all stems from lack of repetitions with Marshall, cause he doesn't do that with Bess. He trusts Bess will be where he should. Force yourself Henne, look in the stands, look at your center's arse, just STOP STARING DOWN THE RECEIVER!!

Oh, and if Ronnie doesn't stop taking EVERY Wildcat play himself and not handing off to Ricky at least once, I'm gonna re-circumsize myself again. You can't go against 11 guys that are stacked inside the box Ronnie, you ain't that good brother.

The Packers have lost games, but not been blown out. It is time to blow them out.

Agree bout Ronnie trying to go against all .........11

Believe only one player had the smarts to do that .. 13

Tortured 2watt,

Tell the pilot to take off, ah ha ha!

Good one, you're so funny-ROTFLMAO!

Where do you come up with them?

How do you do it?

You should have your own HBO special! You could call it: Tortured ManGina does the Frisco Bay!!!!

i have figured it out. we have been DRINKING BITTER BEER. WE HAVE BITTER BEER FACE. all we have to do is SWITCH BEERS and we will start dominating again. we go to green bay and there will be alot of beer. now is our chance to give the PACKERS BITTER BEER FACE!


DC, what's with the self mutilation???

Dolphins will roll in cheeseland. Henne will be fine. It's all going to be ok.

Weren't the Green Bay Packers once known as the Green Bay Meat Packers? I'm just saying...

ALoco, come on. Short oil??? Maybe only in an intra day trade. It's only going back up to 100 per bl. Probably by Christmas.

Personally, on the oil front, I hold SU. Up over 6% in 13 days.

I heard they got a 2nd miner out. how do they decide who's going out first down there?

You still bullish on Henne? I am.

Investing in GOLD was & is not moronic

GOLD New record High, again

GOLD today the 13th

and the paper dollar currency is .. yes ...becoming worth less & less

Hope Brandon Marshall took his money in GOLD instead of soon to be worthless printed paper

Tracy, I hope your comment is going to provoke a fudge packer comment from someone. The only question is, who will spring it???

I don't normally say this about an inter-conference matchup, but this is a must win for the dolphins. Looking at the next 4 games, this game and Cinci are the most winable. I think to have any real legitimate shot at the playoffs, let along the division, Miami will need those two games and will need to come up with a win against either Pitt or Balt (preferably both, but I'm trying to be realistic). They really need to be at least 3-1 over the next 4 games to put them at 5-3 at the halfway point. The 2nd half of the season doesn't look quite as brutal, but I would still expect 2 to 3 losses...Jets and Pats in Dec and Jan could be nasty, but they need to take at least one of those. If they can do this....they'll be sitting at 11-5 or 10-6 and playoff bound.

My prediction if they go 2-2 over the next 4...9-7, and that's not gonna cut it.

Headline on CNBC today the # 13

"Gold Hits Record as Fed Signal Sinks Dollar"

Imagine our own government devaluing our own paper currency

Hmmm ....
Who would have ever thought something like this would happen and
On the # 13th

Hmmm .... Interesting

Out of all the areas that Henne needs to show improvement, looking off the safeties is the one that drives me nuts.

At first I thought he was simply locking on the receiver, but now I know this isn't the case. I record all the games and I've seen video from the front on passing plays. Henne looks at his first read and locks his HEAD on the receiver. From the front you can see his eyes going through the reads as his HEAD stays locked on the big play receiver. This to me is whats so frustrating.
The safeties aren't always literally reading his eyes, they're reading the direction his helmet is facing.
To let the deep route develop and freeze or move the safety all he has to do is swivel his head a bit. It's getting painful to watch.
He's going through his reads and getting none of the benefits because he's playing so stiff.
Some of the contributing factors could be a lack of time with Marshall. A lack of confidence in his O-line because of the constant shuffling and injuries and/or the coaches getting in his head with the game manging crap.
All of these things notwithstanding, his biggest issue, in my opinion, SHOULD be easily correctable.
I'm hoping it is, because if I have to watch much more of it, I'm going to hit myself in the head with an empty Rum Bottle.

PS: DC if I were you I would try the Rum bottle to the head first. Re-circumcising yourself is just...........Oooooooouch!!!!

PSS: Thanks DC, when I read your post at 11:13 I literally spit coffee on my computer screen-TOO FUNNY!

PSSS: Homes, DC posted about re-circumcision @11-13(Que the twilight zone music)!!!!

Hey its me Brett...I'm just chillin after practice...usually punchin my clown, beatin my dummy, waxin my knot...in my hotel room...can't play video games, don't know how to turn it on...I know the play book so don't need to study...I can't read so I get bored...I think my phone can take a picture of middle thumb...I'll send you a pic...I gotta bunch of Viccodin if ya wanna come over...

Go Phins!



Know u thought that rapper what`s his handle, "Bird"
fictitious story bout waiting for Miami Dolphin ownership story was important

but it was not

and for 2 blogs

What is important to all citizens of the world and esp now in our country (between Dolphin news)
Is the devaluing of our money in paper currency which is becoming more & more worthless right before our eyes

Some can read between the lines and have offered your readers an alternative (for months now b4 it`s too late)

So No
Giggling like silly inebriated caballeros on a radio show might be deemed "moronic"

but info like this b4 it happens is PRICELESS:

CNBC today the #13 th of October

"Because we are in a world of quantitative easing in the developed economies, and as QE is almost synonymous with competitive devaluation...gold and the precious metals (are) taking on the function of an alternative currency," said Ashok Shah, chief investment officer at London and Capital.

"As we go into the next 1-4 quarters, the role of precious metals as alternative currency will become much more paramount," he said.

Now back to football

Thank Me Later

Our defense couldn't cover a Pee Wee League Tight End. Any TE they have will carve our defense up

Hahaha, ALoco, you crack me up man. All I can say is at least they were better with getting these miners out than BP was in stopping the devastation in the Gulf.

People I know who've been to Cuba recently tell me that the beach is still good to swin in though, who knows.

You seriously caught those 2 shorts? That is some astute trading. I bought some MSFT myself this morning. Got off to a slow start but has joined the party now.

Other que$tionable moves getting rid of, Justin Smiley(good pulling guard), Jake Grove(nasty, tough), and how about Renaldo Hill(no all-Pro but good communicator in the defensive backfield)? Hhmmmm




Fellas, the self-mutilation stuff comes from a) watching our team play football, especially the special teams, which is a form of self-mutilation in itself, and b) me having too much time on my hands.

I'm doing a Randy Moss. I was real busy at work yesterday, on my game all day. But today I'm slumping. Not trying to overdo it. Taking some plays off. Not injured mind you, then I'd be trying to be Channing Crowder. Just resting myself, so doing the Moss.

odinseye, a coffee guy huh? I'm more of a hot chocolate and irish cream guy myself. With a dollop of whipped cream on top, YUM!

But their bench is as thin as onion skin! No doubt about it, TS must be a good Coach TS must be a good Coach..

All this Stock Market and devaluing the Dollar talk is making me nervous.

Thank God somebody mentioned precious metals and reminded me, I've got to weld a snowplow mount back together and mount it on my truck.

Them kind of precious metals makes me a lot of money up here in the Winter Wonderland.

Aloco! You know I can read minds, quit thinking I sound like a Redneck!

WHAT kind of coffee you drink at home DC ?

Oscar, couldn't agree more on Grove and Smiley. I hated those decisions then and abhore them now.

In an uncapped year, why couldn't they just keep them on? Injury prone, so what? The backups are average players.

ALoco, I have only 2 shorts in my portfolio. MFC and MDT. They act as a hedge, 2 of the few stocks out there with absolutely horrible looking 52 week charts

ODIN, what kind of coffee you drink at home ?

Odin, my niece's husband has bought himself quite a big place up here on the back of a snow plow. Crazy money if you can get a few contracts from some malls/buildings.

I'm doing a Sparano fist pump right now. Guess what arm it is......

Only wish Home had more GOLD
As soon All Inhabitants of Earth will

GOLD will NOT stop rising
only pullbacks for further buying ops

Despite all the crying
JP Morgan Chase reports earning ... wait for it
.. over 4.4 Billion in earnings for the quarter (3 months, nice take for a crying corrupt USA financial institution as they toss homeowner after homeowner out to the curb and receive money from your weekly paycheck for bail out)

Home just hoping there was enuff money for a football field, not a baseball field disguised as a football field, for our Miami Dolphins to play on


Playing in a band and being on the road throughout the Eighties helped me develop some extremely "bad habits". So when I kicked.......ah........I mean broke those "bad habits", everybody at the reha........ah.......I mean Community Center sat around these big tables and drank coffee. Needless to say, I drank alot of coffee.

Trading down for the coffee addiction was still the lesser of two evils, I mean a man has to have some vices.

It basically came down to a choice, Coffee addict or Serial Killer.

I like Maxwell House!!!!

Odin, the more I read your posts, the more I respect your character. Good for you man, march on!

the 17th miner is out now on msnbc.


The closest thing I have to a mall around here is over an hour away.

I live in the sticks BIG TIME! I got a lot of residentials and I get alot of calls from people ditching their vehicles.

My Snowplow has been very, very good to me-LOL!

According to the farmers almanac this is going to be the best year ever, for accumulations and snowplow drivers that is!

Once the jungle monkey and his chimps are out of the

WHITE House, all will be fine


ALoco, how many people were down there in the mine?

33 people mark .what kind of coffee do you drink at home ?

Racist comment above not me, Home

This is the IP u have been looking for Armando

and yes

Just noticed the 11 13 post u mentioned:

"I'm gonna re-circumsize myself again. You can't go against 11 guys that are stacked inside the box Ronnie, you ain't that good brother."

Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 13, 2010 at 11:13 AM

Illuminati, Satan appears to even have the power to make u re-circumsize yourself

This is why Home walks with The Lord and a pocket full of GOLD

I don't drink coffee at home but drink plenty at work and when i'm socializing. I drink some italian brand when i'm at my friend's bar and at work, I usually stop by The Second Cup - a local franchise similar to Starbucks. I don't drink Tim Horton's though. That's garbage.

so far...

mark drink an italian brand
odin drinks maxwell house

more to come

home, what kind of coffee do you drink ?

For the record Home does not discuss politics

Does not matter who is in the White house

They are all just New World Order controlled puppets or Reptilians

Like all the fire power in the Dolphins offense is Powerless and Weak if controlled by the wrong higher power/OC

Harry Potter movies couldn't have more fantasy

In it then my warped brain. Illuminati, HAARP, conspiracy

I'm fuc@in insane


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