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Dolphins getting healthier while Packers are limping

While the Green Bay Packers are hurting at quarterback, tight end and other positions this week, the Dolphins are getting healthier.

Today, when the Dolphins take the practice field for the first full workout of the week in preparation for the Acme Packers, several players that have been nursing injuries, resting injuries, or recovering from injuries are scheduled to work.

Jake Long, who hasn't practiced the last four workouts the Dolphins have held, is expected back at practice today. He is nursing the same knee injury suffered in the preseason finale against Dallas and was merely resting during the bye week in an effort to get healthier.

Jared Odrick, who has missed three games following the regular-season opener, is scheduled to practice today at least on a limited basis. The Dolphins will monitor him this week in hopes he can contribute a number of snaps against the Packers. He may not start, but the Dolphins are hoping he can play. That will be determined later in the week.

Channing Crowder, who hasn't played all season nursing a groin-abdominal injury, is expected to take a routine number of first-team snaps at practice today. The Dolphins are expecting Crowder to be able to begin his 2010 season this weekend at Lambeau Field.

The Crowder return to first-team repetitions is indirectly a help to Miami's embatled special teams. With Crowder taking those reps, Tim Dobbins, who along with Bobby Carpenter, did the work Crowder typically does on defense. He should now be more able to add repetitions on special teams.

In case you are not aware, Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers is nursing a concussion. He will miss practice time this week. Tight end Jermichael Finley is not playing following surgery and backup Donald Lee's status is also uncertain, which is good news for a Miami team that often struggles against tight ends.

Linebacker Clay Matthews, who leads the NFL in sacks with 8.5, is nursing a hamstring injury and also, at minimum, will be limited this week in practice.

[Update: Internet service at the Dolphins practice facility has been down until now (1:03 p.m.) so I haven't been able to offer an update. But now I can so here it is: Everyone on the roster practiced for the Dolphins today. Everyone! Jake Long, Odrick, Crowder. Everyone. It marks the first time since the start of the regular season that has happened.]


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cowkilla, it's not the sore calf - it's the total knee reconstruciton that knocked him out for a year. The reason SD drafted Larry English III 2 years ago.

And Merriman is an WOLB. If he would come to Miami, he would be taking Cam Wake's snaps and I wouldn't want that.

Hey Mark, i kmow that, i wasnt saying to take wakes spot at all, no way my man! I was thinking more like working him into a new LB position

All they said was wrong now is his sore calf...i dont know for sure becUse im not there but they are reporting he is 100% healthy within two weeks..

But who knows man...Im just trying to think of every possibility to make our team that much stronger...were gonna need it for the rest of this year....and next yeat when NE has 400 picks in the draft

cowkilla, Merriman's knee injury wasn't his first. He's had multiple knee injuries. He's pretty much been injured since '07-'08. Don't get me wrong, he was good in his time, but he's nearing the end man. And if we put him in we'd sit Misi, who's supposed to be our OLB of the future. So that halts Misi's progression. I don't think we can afford 2 injury-prone LBs, one is more than enough.

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Best possible use of a gun? Defending yourself from people like Home and his radical thoughts.


Every single law abiding citizen in this country should own a gun. Citizens of Iran and North Korea don't, and look where they are.

Ok, here's my two cents (even though you didn't ask for it). Lol!

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C'mon Man...

i would never condone the dolphins defense to rush 7 guys and put rogers into the turf on the first play if he plays. that would not be right in a game where men try to hit you in the mouth on every play. i would like to ask dan henning why the dolphins dont run the no-huddle with 4 or 5 wide receiver sets. they move the ball when they do that. they should stay in that the whole game and stop taking momentum away from ourselves with that slow boat anchor of a run up the middle losing stratagy. throw more long passes! it loosens the defense up and sometimes you get a flag on the play weather it works or not!

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