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Dolphins go into the bye weekend a day early

The Dolphins have finished their work for the bye weekend. Coach Tony Sparano told the players today that they are off Friday (unexpectedly) as well as Saturday and Sunday.

The team is scheduled to gather again Monday to begin preparations for the Oct. 17 game at Green Bay.

Sparano was in a good mood today, saying the players had, "two of the practice practices in a long time," on Thursday and Friday.

Sparano's message to the team the past couple of days has been that not all is lost following consecutive home losses to division rivals New York and New England and that the season isn't over yet. "they understand there's a lot of football left," he said.

Interesting that although there is no injury report for the Dolphins this week because they are not playing, Sparano said today that Channing Crowder has made "progress the last couple of days," suggesting there might be a light at the end of the dark tunnel of inactivity the inside linebacker has been in.

Crowder has not play at all in the 2010 regular season. Sparano at one point mentioned the moment when Crowder does eventually return so obviously he's not thinking injured reserve at this point.



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Good news on Channing. Notice the negative posts re: CC have gone down 100% since we've seen Carpenter and Dobbins in there. Thought people would've got the hint after we were introduced to the combo of Ayodele and Torbor last year.

Thats its, vacation time.

How bout some ST work by Sunglass and crew....

Reggie Torbor is a pro bowler compared to Barbie.

i have inside source that told me that dobbins and carpenter are killing the defense!! when i asked him more about the 2, he just laughed and would never respond further!!!!!!

Ireland Waived Charlie Special Teams Anderson for Barbie.

When are we going to stop collecting Ex Cowboy Rejects and scrubs cut from the Rams and Lions?

I'm glad to hear that the players had, "two of the practice practices in a long time," ...
Are we talking about practice? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGDBR2L5kzI

I've been on vacation since they drafted me.


Just watched those low-lights on you tube....you are indeed correct sir.

I will leave it at that cause I have no video footage to prove otherwise....

"Kings to you"
The Count of Monte Cristo

See Cowkilla...i can relax


Canning Chowder....

Its early but i'm calling it.....


"I've been on vaction since they drafted me".

All credits to Canning Chowder.


Well at least he didnt go out on a limb and say this was the BEST week of weekend bye post practices he's ever been around. Good job Sparano, maybe next week fundamentals will play an important role for special teams, or we can chalk it up to three plays again!!!!

Would really like to see Crowder return
Always thought with a healthy Crowder working w/capt Dansby that Crowder would really only play better with better player beside him

Looking forward to much success from the new dynamic-dou

and nice toe see Mando has a sense of humor
but do not believe he was at practice today lol

Gotcha Kris
gonna find it also and watch

Didnt I hear the same thing last week before or after Jets game?
We had the best practice ever.
2 division losses equal 4 games. In my head we are 2-4

right, cuz crowderhead wouldve been the difference maker in these two losses is what your sayin,.......smoking gas fumes is also considered a difference maker too....it impairs your mental state.

yeah. that's what this team needs. less work.lol

Through early morning fog I see
visions of the things to be
the pains that are withheld for me
I realize and I can see ...

That suicide is painless
It brings on many changes
and I can take or leave it if I please

I try to find a way to make
all our little joys relate
without that ever-present hate
but now I know that it's too late, and ...

Suicide is painless

I agree losing back to back games to division rivals in Prime Time does not mean all is lost. However, for Miami all is lost.

Offense -Henne is horrible. Those 3 ints are the worst trio of ints by a QB I have seen in a long time. He has no pocket awareness and stares down his receivers to the point he made Rob Ninkovich look like an All Pro. The offensive line which had so many picks and FA brought in isn't close to being very good they are just ok as a unit. I blame both the front office for not evaluating talent efficiently enough and Sparano who is supposed to be an O-line guru. He mixed and matched guys to the point there is no cohesion at all. The RB situation is about what Miami is and that's inconsistant. Ricky looked old and slow early and then looked good last week. Ronnie is Ronnie shows flashes of talent but never puts it all together. The WR are actually the strongest unit on this team. Bess is the "Best" WR on the team this year. He just finds ways to get open and has great hands. Miami better resign him and also start him. Marshall is very good but unfortunately for him he has Dan Henning for an OC and Henne for a QB.

The defense stinks. Brady would of thrown for 300 and 3 scores easily on that D but the special teams made it easy for him to dink and dunk for first downs and the game was out of reach. The run defense is a joke. So much for Starks being able to play NT. The DE are thin and the starters are just average even for 3-4 standards. Odrick please come back soon you are the only hope. The linebackers still can't cover anyone. Dustin Keller beats Carpenter for a td, Woodhead beats Dansby for a td. Same ol same ol from this unit. Not to mention there is no one that is getting QB pressure outside of Wake. Misi looks like he gets engulfed by Tackles and he also has no move outside of a bull rush that doesn't work anyway. Inside Dansby has been good. I can't say he hasn't he just looked like a fool covering Woodhead. The secondary sucks. Vontae is good, safeties blow and Jason Allen had 1 good game in his career.

The coaching has been horrible. The Wildcat doesn't work anymore and has been used in the worst possible moments of a game. It is a drive killer now. The fact the coaching staff allows it makes them suck. Sparano not having his special teams look like a functioning unit is a joke. Nolan? Well he was brought in for this aggressive new look D and the D looks anything but agressive. Kudos to Cam Wake the only player that seems to be able to look aggressive and apply pressure. Special Teams? enough said. Miami's schedule is brutal the next 4 games and they would be lucky to go 1-3 in that span. Miami is still a ways away from competing with all these marginal players and coaching decisions.

Nolan Carrol and Channing Crowder had a baby and its name is Carrol Channing...

Why not ass!

Go Phins!

What is uglier the Wildcat or Kat Von D ???

Why not ass!

Go Phins!

that never gets old.....i could read that all day

I have given up hope already this year. I usually seperate the emotion of me being a Miami fan from judging my team but two losses on the big stage, both in prime time versus division rivals puts it all into perspective for me. Miami is 6-10, 7-9 again. They won't compete or come close to it this year.


why not ass
thats cute
I see what you did.
you took the WHY NOT US!!!!!
then you switched the US!!!!
with ass

I mean at first i was like why not ass....why not ass....what is the fine gentleman talking about....

Then it clicked why not us/ass


You are a clever one indeed Martin....very clever

why not ass....thats got to rank at least 6th, no wait 7th grade humor on the juvenile humor scale.

why not ass indeed

Andy NJ, you do realize staring down receivers is something all inexperienced QBs do. The good ones grow out of it. Man, I'm worried for your well being. SOunds like you're ready to end it all.

There are 12 games left and we have a young team that is capable of getting better. There is reason for hope, you know???

Looks the Miami Dolphins need to score more points to compete with the Big Boys

points scored after 4 games

Patriots 131
NY Jets. 106
Dolphins. 66
Bills ... 61

Andy NJ,

Good reading...i'm gonna take a minute to digest it and then hopefully I will be able to post something to give you a positive outlook

Look for more of Sean Smith to be playing strong saefty replacing Bell on obvious passing downs. Bell simply can't keep up with smaller, quicker tight ends like Hernandez and Keller.

Wow...rewarded for an embarassing performance. "Take days off.....fatten up, lose chemistry, forget assignments. Better yet, just watch your performance from Monday on your DVR...it will be funnier than any comedy movie you could ever rent."

Mark, while it's good to keep an optimistic, glass half full attitude, I'm with Andy. Unless they go 11-5, they have no shot. To only ask for 3 losses with the schedule thats coming? It just ins't in the cards. As a realist, I know this team is not competing this year. 7-9 to 8-8 sounds about right.

Andy NJ,

Good reading...i'm gonna take a minute to digest it and then hopefully I will be able to post something to give you a positive outlook

Posted by: Kris | October 07, 2010 at 04:48 PM

Man, i like say the same damn thing every time sparano addresses the media...who would've thunk it!!!

agree Tony
would not let these guys off the hook

Think Sparano must have made premature vacation plans
Time with family is important but C`mon Man
It is only early Oct

The Miami Dolphins should still be on the field practicing STs, route running, how to cover a TE, how to open running lanes, etc

Maybe you're right Joe. maybe, I'm right. Who knows?

I'm just saying it's a little too early. yes, we lost 2 division home games.

but last time i checked, we won in NY for 2 straight years and won in NE 2 years ago.

So anything can happen. It's sport, it's ina constant state of flux. We never know what we're going to get.

Why are many fans pretending the Dolphins have a great running game

After 4 games the Dolphins have earned only 422 Yds
from their backfield and only 1 Rushing TD

Ronnie 226 YDs
Ricky. 176 YDs
Polite. 20 YDs
Cobbs . -6 YDs

Miami Dolphin should be practicing tommorrow
Even if it is a light walk thru practice

They need to get their sheet together

Hate to say it but
Jets backfield has earned bout 750 YDs Rushing

So Miami
Lets put down the kool aid and get back to practice

Ass not what the Dolphins can do for you but instead ass what you can do for.......Martin and Kris.

Just came across this piece of trivia and the answer surprised me a little bit.

Dan Marino is the all time Dolphins leader with 9 pro bowl appearances.

Who is 2nd (well it's actually a tie. one wasn't surprising - the onther one, a mild surpise)?

"Chucky" would not be giving these guys the next 3 days off to so they can get fat, drunk and lazy

wtf said we had a running game this year????
Thats exactly what we dont have and if i was ronnie brown, i wouldnt hold my breath on a contract extension unfortunatly!!!


Bringing the Thunder....I like it.

But the sad truth is if Tony Sporano doesn't give these guys a couple of days off they will get all butt hurt start to mope through practice and after another loss or worse a subpar season and well its a MUTINY.

Remeber these are pampered MILLIONAIRES...not starving WOLVES.


I thought Marino led the leaugue in PRO BOWL no-shows...not actual apperances.

And that is the problem right there kris, coaches become weak and lose control when they dont set the goals for this team to succeed. And if they truly wanted to win and play better, then they would rather insist to be there when the coaches arent. Something tells me if bill belecheat was running things, we wouldnt be mentioning that at all.

Well good sean, then that means you wont come in here and complain when they actually do go 2-4.

Time off? Guess that's a reward for doing such a good job. Think Home is right....did Sparano want to go back to New Haven? Unbelievable.

send henning back to offensive play calling school for the weekend. He needs to brush up.

I wish I had job where I can take a dump on work day and get 3 days off. Sparano is a softy and its gonna cost his job

send henning his retirement check. Tell him to go back to watching football in the early 2000's as well, show him what happens when you develope chemistry on offense and how well it works for teams like the saints, patriots, colts, texans, packers,chargers, ect. and tell him the golden age of football success is not in i wings!!!

Home Strongly Believes ...
The Dolphins can achieve much success passing the ball once Henne settles down a bit and receivers stay focused and follow through with their routes

Did U see our stats on average gains on catches this year?

This is the BEST averages in quite some time:

Brangetterdon . 12.6 average
Simply The Bess 11.7 average
BrianHeartlion. 12.1 average
Anthony Fasano. 12.7 average
Roberto Wallace 12.0 average
Ricky Williams. 11.3 average

Lou Polite . 8.7 average
Ronnie Brown 5.7 average

This is a huge improvement of last season

***** When does the Dynasty Begin! *****

Mark in Toronto, yeah dude I have lost it with this team. I really was so optimistic coming into the season. I thought Henne would take that next step and he hasn't. He did the same thing at Michigan. He would stink it up early and then throw for 300 or so from behind. He has been doing the same crap since then. He is not the answer. I'm sorry he just isn't any good.

There are some positives. I think a Marshall and Bess starting unit could be very good. Jake Long is locked in for 10 years at least at Left Tackle. I even think Vernon Carey is pretty good but to me is more suited for the inside at guard. Polite should and I hope will be openening holes for Ryan Williams or Mark Ingram next year. Ronnie is a lemon. He gets hurt too much and isn't consistantly good. He looks like Walter Payton twice a season and Lamar Smith the rest of the way. He is good not great and is late 20's good bye Ronnie. Defense - I like Dansby, Vontae, Cam Wake and move and leave Randy Starks at DE. I have high hopes for Odrick and John Jerry. Misi hasn't shown me anything other then he can fall on a fumble.

The Coaching staff - I like Sparano's passion but he is starting to wear on me somewhat. He is in year 3 and is starting to regress. Henning better be shown the door now that his good buddy Parcell's is leaving. Nolan show me something, please. Special teams please just look average not like a badly coached pop warner team.

what really happened against the patriots? all was fine, ronnie was running and catching, looked like we were gonna pound it, and don't tell me marshall couldn't get open. was the first quarter scripted and no plan after that? that's what it looked like, did ronnie's hammi act up, so everybody gave up. was the team told to loose the game for some mysterious reason? don't just blame it on the special teams, the whole team gave up, henne especially. were the players boycotting the wild-cat. wierd loss. maybe the team just gave up because they couldn't beat the jets. what happened to that offensive defense. if we could rattle farve we shure could have rattled sanchez. pennington would be a breath of fresh air. manage the game, cause henne isn't managing to well, he'll even get us ome wins but ed reed showed everybody how to beat penny's soft arm, and marshall would be limited from deep passes. somebody tell henne to learn the offense so he can manage the game confidently, tell him to watch marino's very first game to see what a burning desire to win looks like, have him practice routes creatively with brandon for these two weeks, tell him to anticipate the secondary reading his eyes so he can practice manipulating these players, ONLY STARE DOWN YOUR RECIEVER IF YOU INTEND TO THROW ELSEWHERE! tell him to be quick with his reads and his drop back, DO SOMETHING!. these are all the intangables that sanches has, henne has the physical base covered, but displays none of these intangables, GET IT TOGETHER MAN!!!!

So Andy,

No more coming to Miami for the games?
Glad you mentioned Mark Ingram.
I say we go after him next year.

Never wanted to admit it b4 but now it`s official

Ronnie Brown is injury prone
not reliable

Seems one of the biggest problems with the Miami Dolphins is ...


They change these guys like underwear and
They churn these payers like Butta

Wonder what "Chucky" will get with his high Dolphins draft pick
Hope the right players instead of below average churn players
or 2nd or 3rd round draft picks
U let go for 0 trade value

Need another Pro Bowl caliber CB and same for TE
for starters

R&R I'm 28 and been a fan since I was about 9 so I would never turn my back on the Dolphins. After the Marino years, I stuck with Zach Thomas after that I liked the rebuilding job Parcells did for a year but now it's sort of stagnent. I'm just frustrated bro.

Yeah and the Miami-Jet game was a hell of an atmosphere. I really had a great long weekend down there. The food at Larios on South Beach was insane. Also a place called Disco fish was really good too. The game was fun. There was a lot of passionate fans and it was a good time right about until the final drive put on Miami by San-bag. I will be there again and probably early next season.

Yeah, Lets give these guys a few extra days off, I mean they did such a great job in the National spotlight....... I see that the fist-pumper has lost total control......

I wonder if Alabama could beat the Dolphins?

Nice lyrics to suicide is painless, aka the theme song from MASH. I imagine not too many people know that.

Good Call Tampa Bay Fin Fan!

was beginning to think there was no intelligent life on the blog

most folks who watched that show religiously for many, many years have never picked up on the lyrics

Believe MASH was running bout long as Seinfeld and Law & Order was the longest running series

again good call

Andy, Henne didn't exactly stink it up at Michigan ...

During his senior year in 2007, Henne completed 162 of 278 passes for 1,938 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions. He suffered a knee injury in the first half of the second game of the season against Oregon, and sat out the second half, as well as subsequent games against Notre Dame and Penn State, before returning to the starting lineup against Northwestern. Henne played his final college game against Florida in the 2008 Capital One Bowl. Henne was named the MVP of the game after he led his team to a 41–35 victory over the Gators and reigning Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow.

For his career, Henne completed 828 of 1,387 passes for 9,715 yards, 87 touchdowns, and 37 interceptions. All five marks are school records. Henne's passing touchdown total is second in Big Ten Conference history.

Believe it or not, he is probably ahead of the learning curve of being an NFL qb. He's fine, just takes time to be elite. Like someone said earlier, statistically, he is already top half of the league.

I figured I'd comment on that since I'm so pissed off about what our team is doing. I really don't think all is lost, but we definetly have a lot of work to do. Henning has to go, period! The guy can't call the right plays to save his life (Wildcat 3rd and 6 Really???). Henne has only played 17 pro games, he will get better. Rewarding this team with day's off after that performance is just crazy. Anyhow I'm not giving up yet...I've been a Fin Fan for about 35 years even as a kid living an hour from Buffalo.

Andy NJ,

28? That's all? I'm 43, and I been a fan since I was eight, too, so a lot of us have waited a lot longer than you. But if we all reacted like you, especially coaches, then Manning, Elway, Rodgers, Brees, and a slew of other fine quarterbacks who took some time to thrive, would be out of job. The trouble is, you're just not gonna know for sure about this kid for two another year and a half at least. So, you either stick with him and give him a shot, or you just keep the revolving quarterback/coach door going. I'm sure every fan dumping on his ass will make him play much better.

Also, nevermind that his numbers suggest you're wrong: he's at 86 for a qb rating, which is higher than Drew Brees and many others managed in their first few years. Look it up. He's not "terrible."

Mando, time for me to man up and apologize to you buddy. I came down hard on you at the beginning of the season. I was high on the horse and excited for football and set my expectations real high. You were your usual skeptical self. I gave you a lot of grief for being so pessimistic. But alas, you were right, I was wrong. There was no reason for my unrealistic exuberance, it was amateurish. We haven't yet turned the corner as an up-n-coming football team. For the 4th year we're still trying to get it right and make it work. I don't know if this merry-go-round will ever stop, but I do know that I must temper my emotions or else become a laughingstock.

So please accept my apologies. From now on I'm going to have to see it to believe it. And so far, I ain't seen it!

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