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Dolphins go into the bye weekend a day early

The Dolphins have finished their work for the bye weekend. Coach Tony Sparano told the players today that they are off Friday (unexpectedly) as well as Saturday and Sunday.

The team is scheduled to gather again Monday to begin preparations for the Oct. 17 game at Green Bay.

Sparano was in a good mood today, saying the players had, "two of the practice practices in a long time," on Thursday and Friday.

Sparano's message to the team the past couple of days has been that not all is lost following consecutive home losses to division rivals New York and New England and that the season isn't over yet. "they understand there's a lot of football left," he said.

Interesting that although there is no injury report for the Dolphins this week because they are not playing, Sparano said today that Channing Crowder has made "progress the last couple of days," suggesting there might be a light at the end of the dark tunnel of inactivity the inside linebacker has been in.

Crowder has not play at all in the 2010 regular season. Sparano at one point mentioned the moment when Crowder does eventually return so obviously he's not thinking injured reserve at this point.



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Henne will be a good QB. key word will be. He shows a lot of inexperience and his inability to look off defenders is so obvious Rob Ninkovich said in interview after the game that Henne was staring right at him. Rob Ninkovich... one more time Rob Ninkovich. He isn't ready to start plain and simple and when he costs us more close games becuz of this and Pennington leaves next year to start somewhere else we are all going to be shaking our heads saying well atleast he is learning from experience. Let him learn by watching Pennington a true PRO QB finish the season strong. 2008: 3500+ yrds 19 TD 7 INT Henne already has 5 TD 4 INTs in 4 games

Henne has a hell of an arm but at this rate he's gonna throw 20 TD/ 20 INT

not to mention he is getting sacked left and right last year he had more sacks on him in 13 games than pennington had all 2008 he has 9 so far this season. Pennington can still move and his awareness is a valuable asset with our O-line falling to pieces and playing out of cue. I'd rather have him back there salvaging his career and our season then watch another debacle such as the whole country saw this last monday night.

Sounds more like Rob Ninkonpoop






In this "what have you done for me lately" QB-driven league... Hennie is on a short leash.

I've personally never been wowed. Beyond staring down receivers... I think his "pocket presence" is poor.

For a young strong athlete he doesn't move well... I'm not looking for Mike Vick ... but just some mobility..

tracy474 Amen!!!

And we need to start amassing draft picks for next year...prolly should get rid of some dead weight while we can still get picks for them. im not saying give up this season but we nees more picks

If you dont already know go online and check how many picks NE has next year...unbeefockinleavable

I'll take Torbor and Ayodele over Carpenter and Dobbins and I hated the other two guys. Does anybody not thinking that a talented young LB in the draft shouldn't be one of our top priorities. Maybe that on top of a good young running back, a good young tight end and another WR. The list continues....

Bobby Carpenter is useless cut him he needs to go! he one of the main reasons we lost that game!

Hey Everyone!

I love being ignored on this cliquey blog but I still think it's important to give you the following update-

It is being reported that the Miami Dolphins are in talks to acquire Marlon and Tito Jackson for a 2nd round draft pick and Bill Parcell's golf cart.

This as a response the the New Uglyand Patriots possible trade for Vincent Jackson.

Why not ass!

If Hene is so terrible because he "Stares down receivers"then someone please explain how he's only given up 4 INT's this season?Are the defensive backs that bad?
How the hell can someone come on here and say that they watched Henne at practice and he stares at the receiver....seriously.You've got to be kidding.

Urgent update:

It is being reported that Randy Moss was traded from the New Uglyand Patriots earlier this week due to an altercation in the locker room after the game against the Miami Dolphins.

As Bill Bellecheck was walking past the shower, an "aroused" Randy Moss whispered to his coach "when I see the hoody I get a woody"

Why not ass!

Go Phins!

The biggest head scratcher about this years draft was that for all of the moves we made, we failed to address the tight end position. The past draft class was so deep with talent, and we let that ship sail, and did nothing to get it back into dock. This is an indightment of our offensive philosophy, and the men that design it. What have all of the good teams that we have played, and will face have in common.... Very good tight end play. I argued during the draft that more then any position on the offense(with the exception of left tackle which we are set) having an explosive tight end(ha, ha, ha) would do more to help develop our quarterback then any other spot. Tigh end is the security blanket that qb's look for when all else looks doomed. The modern tight end is another reciever that creates matchup problems that you can attack the middle part of the defense, as they are usually defended by linebackers, or less skilled nickel corners. But nooo, not here. None of the first class atheletes in the last draft class fit the stupid criteria for what this regime wants in their tight ends. None of them were slow enough, and all catch the ball to well.

Beer, He does stare them down. I don't blame it on him though. This coaching staff has him trying to play a perfect mistake free game. He doesn't play loose. I noticed last year in the comeback games when he has to be aggressive late in games and perform for exampple in the 2:00 minute offense. He is a completely different player. He is handcuffed! This regime would put the clamps on Marino, Montana, Elway etc. Parcells hates the QB position. Go back and listen to when he commentated on TV. He loathed Marino praised defense, O' lines and tough RBs. This kid will be held back and they are getting in his head.

Why not ass!

Go Phins!


I am getting the feeling that this regime is arrogant and thinks they can "coach em up". That they can take chances and mold smart guys into world beaters etc. TE was a glaring need the O-line their specialty is a revolving door. Have they solve the Safety and Linebacker needs? How is our running back situation for the near future?
Lots of questions but I still think 10-6 are possible.

I think Marshall was Strictly a Ross sell tickets move?

Whay not ass!

Go Phins!

Beer...if you cant see henne staring down our WR's then it is time for you to go to Lenscrafters my friend..after an hour you will have 20-20 to see henne doing it

A vacation is really needed. They have been on one since week two. Get your rest you sonnabitches. Lots of work to be done!!!


I gotta say, theres a lot of lost hope in this blog... We are only one game out of first place, Henne, despite popular opinion, is playing pretty well, and getting better and better with each game. The O-line is a big concern, but Ricky is looking real good (7 yds a carry last week). Ronnie will be fine soon enough, still doesn't seem 100%. The WR look fantastic, and Lousaka is his same old self... The D, is SOLID, despite all the injuries... When Channing returns you WILL notice the difference... I promise. Everyone needs to calm down... 2-2 is better than we have started in a long time... RELAX! The worst thing about this team is the fans. Way to empty a stadium two weeks in a row. Very encouraging for the players... They love hearing the chants of the other teams in there own stadium.


Fatso Sparano gave those bums on special teams the weekend off? I wish I could cause disasters at my job, and then get rewarded for it. Sparano is a joke. He's an adequate teacher of X's and O's, but a terrible terrible leader.

Instead of 3 days off they should have spent that time practicing special teams you think they might need to?

scott from D, i agree, if i were coaching none of those MFs would have a day off!

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