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Dolphins lead Packers, 13-10 to start fourth quarter

GREEN BAY -- This one will come down to the final period.

I suppose that is better than getting blown out. But the Dolphins dominated the third quarter and still couldn't take more than a three-point lead in the stanza.

They moved the ball relatively well on their two possessions. They got an interception from Jason Allen. And still they lead only 13-10.

Join me in the comments section to finish off the live blog. 


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waiting 4 the inevitable & the excuse-making to follow

Man, you can really just dial up 3rd and long against this defense. Just find Jason Allen and the huge cushion he's giving.

allen bad his bad ways

caroll blitz was crap

smith sucks

davis wtf are you doing on jennings

starting to pick it up, you jinxed the defense armando

a bunch of bums are kicking our ass


this is the colts game all over again

control the clock but lose the game

The Dolphins coaching staff should be thrilled. A close game with a chance to win in the 4th quarter. That's what they want isn't it?

Just give it up losers. You have dominated the game and you are still going to lose. Its what losers do - they find a way to lose.

Why do ONLY the Dolphins slip in every game on every surface?

Ross should act sooner rater than later...

i used to hate the idea of King Karl.....but really, could it be an worse?

so what do we think.......

FG or TD here?

wow this reminds me of the colts game last year. all the time we have it and no points and then crumble. better make a play D

TD to jennings coming up


thank god he dropped that...crowder in no mans land on that one.

I'm re-thinking my Henne criticisms. This is management, since every facet of this team is flawed.

nelson has been helping us out this game. big time.

Mandich again emphasizing how good--even great --- surface was and is, and how the fins slipping is inexcusable

i missed that Tortured was it a GB touchdown???

thanks Hochuli.

well, i like green bays playcalling a helleva lot better than miamis, and really that was a just a bad pass by rodgers.

Our D from the first two games was a mirage.

well here we go. this could be a season defining quarter.

LINK anyone?

BLOCK that kick-just kidding-you would keep the lead if you did that

now tony and henning will play for the FG and rodgers will go for the game winning TD

baltimore is driving down in the red zone. up 17-10

oh wait it was a stop so we wont hear from the troll for a bit.....its ok...Sanchez says your doing well getting him ready for the big game

how do you review something that obvious and not overturn it. Horrible.


By the way, after last season's Denver-San Diego game, why is Ed Hochuli still officiating NFL games?

The NFL won't allow the Fins to wear cleats. They all have to wear bowling shoes. It's part of their punishment for being so bad for so long.

run it straight

I'll assume that it isn't popular to agree with Tortured, but he's right about losers finding ways to lose......

WE might think the guys are losers.......But do the Phins think they are?

see how running straight with no fake reverse crap works

damn you special teams coach

looks like we found a returner at least

hell of a return. he seems to be getting more comfortable back there.

Hochuli should skip a day at the gym and gets his eyes checked.

It's DOOFUS time!

now tony and henning will play for the FG and rodgers will go for the game winning TD

Posted by: test | October 17, 2010 at 03:16 PM

Unfortunately ive seen it enough times to actually think you may be right.

Nolan Carroll looking pretty good on kickoffs today...he hits the holes fast. I think he breaks one soon if he keeps returning the kickoffs.

My boyfriend is getting ready to ream my ass, just like I like it

That Nolan Carroll return was the longest of the year for Miami.

A descent return.

Not a bad return.

Now...I ask again. What the hell took so long for them to get the kid that they traded Ginn for in the game to return kicks? The evaluation process is painful.

Chad Henne "Stinks" in the 4th quarter

hey this rizzi guy looks like a coach lolol

if we get rid of barbie carpenter our special teams with this new coach could be great

Overthrow wide open-again

My boyfriend is getting ready to ream my ass, just like I like it

Posted by: TorturedDolphan | October 17, 2010 at 03:19 PM

right on time tortured. I was just thinking of how you and the ball sack of the NYJets reminds me of this video....

My boyfriend is getting ready to ream my ass, just like I like it

Posted by: TorturedDolphan | October 17, 2010 at 03:19 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/10/dolphins-lead-packers-13-10-to-start-fourth-quarter.html#ixzz12e5GsvAA

you taking it repeatedly to the "kisser"

thanks for the segway

Once again Henne playing worse as the game progresses. Kind of a microcosm of his career. Getting worse with every game.

whatever happened to the TE in this offense??

and not tortu i dont mean you

off course after the great kick off return we do a 3 and out...


Why is Henne throwing? Oh yeh, because Henning is calling.

That british dude should wear one of them wigs like in Parliment...he'd be much more believe able

Well... after that 3 and out, we're in a lot of trouble.

Henne sucks, hands down. There was no reason for him to go in that direction.

It's what losers do, they find a way to lose. Just like my Jets have done since 1969, find a way to lose. Just like my mother has done since she wished she had an abortion instead of having a loser son like me

Doofus' pass gets batted. How odd.

Here come the Peckers.

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