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Dolphins lead Packers, 13-10 to start fourth quarter

GREEN BAY -- This one will come down to the final period.

I suppose that is better than getting blown out. But the Dolphins dominated the third quarter and still couldn't take more than a three-point lead in the stanza.

They moved the ball relatively well on their two possessions. They got an interception from Jason Allen. And still they lead only 13-10.

Join me in the comments section to finish off the live blog. 


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well, three and out isnt exacthy moving the ball, just when special teams does anything right, offense decides to lay egg, No identity for this team.

ive never seen a Qb have so many tipped passes. What gives is Henne not tall enough?

I was just able to download tge 4th quarter blog. que pasa?



great return, exc. field pos, crappy 3&out.

there is a real malaise affecting this bunch

We're gonna lose this game, our defense is not doing anything to slow them down.

What a waste of the best return of the year the play selections are now being made by the drunk, blind Hungarian woman who has never seen a football game

Please tell me why we have all of out receivers run RIGHT to the first down marker and stop...there were 6 packer players standing around two dolphins right at the first down marker. Once someone sees a dolphin player do it every third down they will start sitting on it. I hate how Henning thinks we need such long drives to score. It's like he thinks we need to actually use the full three downs for a first down.


here we go. run on first for 4 yards then why not run on 2nd and set up a 3rd and short? we should let henne play the first 3 quarters then bring in pennington for the 4th every week. then we get the strengths from both. hahaha

Chad Henne sucks

ok. i'll give henne this quarter.... if he doesn't play good i'll on the "bench him" team

Can someone give me an 8 inch to blow?

Would he have gotten the first down if he had caught it? Is Henne consistently throwing to the wrong receiver on 3rd down ... or are the receivers not running deep enough routes?

4th Qtr, money drive, 3 and out

"No body knows my troubles."

Holding on that play.

Why is tortureddolphan not institutionalized. He is offensive.

Another fish choke job in the 4th quarter coming right up!

Ahhhh the missed opportunities. The Henne pick, the blown coverage by your pro bowl safety, the missed 4th down. Wasted field position on the fg. Its what losers do though.

drbruce2 you using a iphone or ipad? if so the mh uses typepad service and its always 10 minutes slow. Complain you'nre paying for the app!

If the stats show that we're 16-5 when our RBs go over 100 yrds, why abandon the run??? We're running so well...

Flag on the play ...

yay wake


thats what we needed. wake with 2 and misi w 2.

Cameron Wake and Marshall are the only two who punched the clock today.

Cam Wake!!

Well I must admit Wake is pretty darn good.

Cameron Wake is good.

Ed Hochuli is a genius!

Sack!!!! on third and 2 , awesome!!

thank you wake

bess sucks on punt returns.

I'm almost starting to agree with my wife about watching these Dolphins. She always says, "You know they're gonna lose."

It's a wonder Henne can stand up straight; he has no backbone.

where is the punt rush?

Touchdown time!!!

so great field position again...

what will our garbage offense do now?

Someone give me a dik to suck so I can choke on it like I do every forth quarter of every game

I always get the feeling that playing in the fourth quarter for the Dolphins is always an intellectual exercise for the coaches ... as if there's no big deal ... we'll go back and look at tape later and "progress" later.

Well I must admit Wake is pretty darn good.

Posted by: TorturedDolphan | October 17, 2010 at 03:26 PM

thats the first intelligent post i have read of yours.

Great field position. Need a TD!

Nice stop defense, now its time for henning to call the wildcat

Both these teams are acting like they really don't want to win this game. Mistakes, stupid calls, picks, overthrown passes to wide open receivers. Geez.

lol mando

Great field position

Wake is the man. I have never found myself watching a D lineman so much. He is relentless.

good field position once again, have vomit bags ready!!!!

Excellent field position. Now what's your excuse, Sparano? I know you "could" care less what the fans thinks, but I was just wondering.

Can we please run the clock out? please?

I believe TorturedDolphan to be one of our regulars....just use's Tortured to get his frustrations out...TorturedDophan is really.....Jason Taylor

the wildcat is going to make an appearance!

Implosion Imminent

I've said it once, I'll say it again. Somebody make a GD play and win this game!

Excellent field position.
TD for the Dolphins coming up!

TorturedDolphan is Mike Westhoff.

Henne has completed more passes to the sidelines than any receiver out there.

tortured is a troll, he'sbeen trolling this site for 2 years. Any post to him is an acknowledgment that he's a troll!

Henne, you suck!!!!!!!

Armando- can't you ban that whacko? what happens if kids are on the blog? I know he's a Jets fan, but even that is no excuse.

Are the pack bottling up the middle of the field that well?

can we have a slant please to marshall or bess

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