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Dolphins lead Packers, 13-10 to start fourth quarter

GREEN BAY -- This one will come down to the final period.

I suppose that is better than getting blown out. But the Dolphins dominated the third quarter and still couldn't take more than a three-point lead in the stanza.

They moved the ball relatively well on their two possessions. They got an interception from Jason Allen. And still they lead only 13-10.

Join me in the comments section to finish off the live blog. 


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if this is a trick play im gonna kick my dog...

ANOTEHR 3 and out



three and out, start vomiting!!!!!

Henne still sucking balls in the 4th. He can't get it done.

Note to Henne: You do have other freaking receivers!!!!!!!!

This is terrible...

Hide your pets people


Henne trying to throw a pick.

again henne threw to the inside!!!


that could have been an INT and the GAME!!!

come on d

what happened to the quick slants like other team use


Again - a short-yardage situation and an obvious passing formation.

I just don't get it.

3 & out....Sparano's epitaph

3 and out-staring down one receiver with 4 in the pattern-WOW

i wonder how he knew henne was gonna throw there? maybe cause thats the only place he looked???

Do we have a TE??????

Henne needs to get benched. He can't even beat the Packers' backups.

mando, he wasnt even at the sticks....what is it with the NFL always throwing short of the sticks and hoping to make a move....bad play design

Why cant we play more than three quarters? Conditioning?

man he needs to scan the field not lock into one

An interception would be nice.

Bring back noodle arm. PLEASE!

Coach it's time for a change.. Armando you'll have to agree.

this is sad

Flag during a timout.

don't have a tv. Is the defense looking tired?

Things would be different right now if we had used the wildcat

he only looks at one guy

TE? Whats that?

Bang on Chase...nothing to the middle of the field passing and a majority thrown to the right.

ther it is some a-hole always wants to censor someone to protect the wonderful children.

3 and outs on consecutive possessions with great starting field position.

And Miami should have looked at that 3rd and 2 1/2 as two downs to get less than 3 yards.

now offense cant do anything, defense getting tired and rightfully so, sparano getting upset becuase no applicable fg fist pumps.

we dont throw to RB or TE any more....its WR after making sure hes open...they jump hopefully come down with it our YAC must suck..

where is fasano today, mostly where the heck is Henne.

we need the D to win this one.




wow thats huge!!!!!

thats for the bad spot call

1st down!

Illegal formatin on the punt that happened three minutes ago. hahahah.

Henne is a late thrower. Can that be corrected, or is that DNA?

thats justice for the blown review!

Henne has completed more passes to the sidelines than any receiver out there.

Posted by: Armando Salguero |

Yes, but were they caught by an eligible reciever or the ball boy?

holy shiiiiiiiit

omg ... sorry Ed...I like you again.

Good ol' ed making up for that horrible call

hocky love ya

Holy Crap. Way to give us one back Hochuli

Wow, who'd have thought Ed Hockuli was the one to make a play for us?

lol makes up for the bad spot

thats so damn lucky.

Wow. Fudge Packers taking a page out of the smelly Fish special teams play book. Now can Henne avoid a meltdown?

OHHHHHHH...... we get a break.....what a surprise!!
mando's right Hochli is a GENIUS!...lmao

huge call for fins


There's a payback call for the 4th down spot.

Make 'em pay for it!

old school henning thik this isn't sporting, so they'll call 3 lousy plays

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