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Dolphins lead Packers, 13-10 to start fourth quarter

GREEN BAY -- This one will come down to the final period.

I suppose that is better than getting blown out. But the Dolphins dominated the third quarter and still couldn't take more than a three-point lead in the stanza.

They moved the ball relatively well on their two possessions. They got an interception from Jason Allen. And still they lead only 13-10.

Join me in the comments section to finish off the live blog. 


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it was a nice punt. position on the field is very important right now. Go Dolphins!!!! Go Henne!!!! wow!!!! huge penality

now were even

NE 17 Balt 20

The good news is Miam's offense gets the ball back.

The bad news is Miami's offense gets the ball back.

Oportunity. take advantage!!!

Hocky taketh away and Hocky giveth ...


Find the TE!

fist pump time ppl.

the bad news is we need to score here and im not talking 3 pts.

i thought having marshall was going to stop teams from putting 8 in the box on us. Packers doing it all day

Tell Hockoli Not to go to Hell...my bad

Great pass protection again.

in Hartline we trust!?!

there you go... middle of the field.

As far as I can tell Parcells did few things right with the smelly fish, but having the balls to get B Marsh was the best thing he did.

Wow Henne actually completed a 3rd down pass in the 4th Q. Still think you guys will find a way to lose this.

What was the flag on that punt?

Fasano sighting--just ran motion!

finally a break for our special teams. Go Dolphins!!!! Go Henne!!!!

ball back, good, 7+ mins, you can still run the ball

no flags?

we do have a TE! way to go miami!


THERE he is!!!!!

Nice fake leap Fasano!!!

Find the TE!

Posted by: jamie luck | October 17, 2010 at 03:36 PM


tight ends exiat!!!

thats a PLAY

there u go Jamie

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!!!

Now that was the perfect call!

OK, Henning haters:

The PERFECT call against a corner blitz is a tight end screen to the same side the blitz is coming from.

Whaddya have to say about that?

was that by design? who said find the TE? a few posts ago? oh it was me. (chase too)

Yessssssss!!!!!!!! Whatever that was. Hahaha.

Nice play

Holy smoke!

We fooled them.

Really nice execution by Henne there.

lol the funniest thing is sparano is like 5x more excited when we get a fg

80 with the fake Lambeau leap. Hilarious. He got the hillbillies all riled up in the endzone.

On sde kick.......show 'em we mean bizniz

What a call-we need more of them-1st touchdown of the 4th quarter all year

All I saw there was henne getting crushed and fumbling.....and being returned for a TD.

wow wow wow wow

this is the only time i'll give a thumb up to henning...nice play

thats the first screen that has worked for the dolphins all year

WOW did they sucker in that blitz.....lmao

im 100% shocked at that amazing play call.


Ohhhh, thats a TE.

it aint over yet!!!!

Well, one good Henning call out of thirty is good if it wins the game. But he still sucks hind teat.

Mandich & Rose.......(??) that's our 1st 4qtr td this yr (?!?!?)

Nice fake Lambeau Leap by Fasano.

I think Fasa
I think fasano was playing.creative play calling?

did u see carpenter not even running on tha st play????

Need a stop!

Late to the blog today, gentlemen, but frustrated with Henne today (although he JUST threw a TD to Fasano on the TE Screen!!). He overthrew Marshall on that catch out of bounds in the end zone. Gunned it when it needed touch. I'm a Henne supporter but he still has so much work to do on touch passes and staring down WR. And we see this every week. Yea, we're winning. He's doing some good things, but those 2 problems are holding him and the team back. Hopefully the D and hold the lead and we can go back to feeling good this week.

Henne hater checkin' in: Fasano was the only receiver Henne didn't stare down all day--and he was WIDE OPEN!

so henning gets 1 great play call and 55 garbage calls and armando you are acting like that?


1 play call doesn't change that fact that henning calls so many bad play calls

Wake is a beast, he can't be stopped.

huge play by Henne

My god is Wake good. Why wouldn't they have wanted JT to be on the other side. Stupid fish.

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