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Dolphins lead Packers, 13-10 to start fourth quarter

GREEN BAY -- This one will come down to the final period.

I suppose that is better than getting blown out. But the Dolphins dominated the third quarter and still couldn't take more than a three-point lead in the stanza.

They moved the ball relatively well on their two possessions. They got an interception from Jason Allen. And still they lead only 13-10.

Join me in the comments section to finish off the live blog. 


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OK, Henning haters:

The PERFECT call against a corner blitz is a tight end screen to the same side the blitz is coming from.

Whaddya have to say about that?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 17, 2010 at 03:38 PM

even a monkeys butt can shine one day a week, lets not get carried away!!!

JamesC you are sooo right!!! I swear, Sparano looks mad that we scored. OMFG!

wake's an animal!!!!

Whaddya have to say about that?

My mom won 5 grand on a scratch off...once

review it!

Look for allen to get another pick.

ya gotta think when Odrick gets back we will be a bit of a force on the front seven.

That was grounding by Rodgers.

Cameron Wake for president

Okay ... what defense shows up now?

well lets see Armando, not a Henne hater. Just want him to show thats he's progressing and the INT's have been an issue for him this year. He's not the elite QB you'd have us believe.

Presenting the facts test. They cannot be denied. Does the man screw up? yes. Does he get some right? yes.

god damn smith

he really sucks...

joe1010 how do you know this os the only time you a thumbs up to henning next week he may call a play that requires you to give him it again

please dont corner blitz from 15 yards away again....

Timeout-personnel grouping-or Randy Shannon snuck on the field


tortured...have you watched JT this year....hes a decoy and his "sack" of phins was on a QB run our of the pocket...hes a non factor so far....nice try to make a compliment and a shot

they triple teamed wake on that play

misi needs to make that plau

Why does Miami take so many timeouts?

What's with the wasted timeout there? It's 3rd and 10.

Cardinal sin on any roll out - you can't lose back side contain. Terrible smelly fish defense - choking dolphins once again folks.

Classic 21st century fins.........give up 3rd & long in key situation

too much time for rodgers

Sean could have been the hero...friggin can't catch. C'Mon man!!!!

Oh. Now I get it. we had to waste a TO to give up another 3rd and long.

a bum WR is kicking our ass.

Can't let him stand back ther and kill us

wasting timeouts proudly since 2008

gb is gonna tie this up



smith needed to pick that off...

damn it


you said it Emo. But thats what qbs do late in games. The dolphins are going to have to make a play to stop roders here

Rookie Bryan Bulaga getting used by Cameron Wake today.

Sean Smith has gone backwards as much as Davis has gone forward. We could have Will Allen and have traded Camarillo for something else...

Well, it's 4-down territory for Green Bay now. The clock is running out.

I saw that play coming

wow, Dansby is some kinda fast

The game.

Dear God,

Give us a stop.


Another Dolphin fall down

this could be the game....need a stop

58 made a play

Dansby is fast jimmy...why don't we blitz him more?

watch the classic packers quick slant!

wow we really need to stop them here! Lets go D!

play of the game coming now, if im nolan, FULL BLITZ!!!

its going to be to jason allens side

58 was playing today?

hey mikeoliver, one game at a time buddy...


our father don shula be thy name, dan marino won the game: let them get a stop.

You are a moron if you think JT still can't rush the passer. He had 7 sacks last year for the team you supposedly follow along with THREE forced fumbles. Since you are a fish fan I assume you are aware that he did not play a lot of downs last year. He has 3 sacks this year and one forced fumble again in limited playing time. He would have helped the Dolphins, as a compliment to Wake.

This is something that the NY Jets understand. They know how to evaluate and build a team. The Dolphins clearly do not. So again, thanks for JT.

bring the house

Phins have not progressed in 3 years . . . but this Packers team looks feckless as well.

Tortured is a douche, but he makes a good point now and again. And he's being non-partisan on Wake. In all honesty, I hate the Jets so much but can't deny they're a really, really good team right now. Still a long way to go but they're the class of the division by a lot.

Defense better freaking hold this lead. They're supposed to be better than last year. Prove it.

2 minutes-rally around the flag boys-intercept and run it back

meanwhile the dam pats are in the redzone with leading rusher Danny woodpecker and TE leading Receiver with just 61 yards....dam i hate that team

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