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Dolphins lead Pats 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have gotten off to a good start tonight, leading the Patriots 7-0 through the first quarter.

Davone Bess has SO FAR been the better slot receiver in this game -- not Wes Welker -- as he caught a 19-yard TD pass to give the Dolphins the lead. Bess has two catches for 40 yards so far.

Cameron Wake, meanwhile, is playing like a beast in applying pressure on Tom Brady.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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my balls hurt

I knew he was going to throw to Marshall that time too....because Marshall was upset that he didn't throw to him the play earlier when Bess got it.....I knew he was going to him....Its OK though....Just take what the defense gives us which is wherever Marshall isnt!


We can set the tone for the rest of the half here...And it looks to be a bad tone


Uh Oh...They're "Disrespecting" us

screw the patsies. shove it down their throats

several streams here.


don't know if any of them are still working, TJones, but worth a look

Get physical. This defense is soft.

CanT stop the run

Bell shaken up

Vontae is AWESOME on run support!

Swiss cheese against the run
Brady is just sitting back

That interception by henne may be the difference in this game. He needs to stop trying to force balls in tight places. Only Dan Marino can do that.

Missing too many starters so expect the run defense to look a little soft

Cant cover te

SEAN SMITH needs to go home

Sean Smith is NOT a good corner, Chuckie.

Notice Jason Allen is out of the game?

He is not injured.

WAKE unblocked

Look out Brady, it's an earthwake!

Martin: C. Wake: 1 Sack ... Check!

Allen back in.



I don't know... Men in Pink kinda creeps me out.

That is a victory.

Wake is destroying the Pats pass protect.

nice job D. way to hang in there. Wake is crazy



Henne has terrible footwork.

I would rather have Teddy Ginn back than SEAN SMITH

Were the able to locate jason allens right hip after he got juked in the first qtr?


To be honest with you, I would rather have in Jason Allen than Sean Smith.

Now, if the idiot child can stop staring down his receivers, this may be a ball game.

Hey Mother, as long as the pretty pink colors distracts Marsha Brady Im all for it!

Need to respond here, even if its with a fg!!!

Need a long drive with some runs to give D a break

wake is a beast!!!!!

Who ever heard of an angry elf-what happens at Santa's Workshop-stays at Santa's Workshop

hope we dont go away from the pass and run run run now

run the ball please

I agree, a typical 7 minute drive would be nice here and of course a TD is perferred for the finish, Marshall needs to get involved this time.

come on O. lets get marshal involved. a quick out or something.

Im still shocked our defense has only given up 3pts so far. Pats are averaging 30ppg.

Wildcat time baby

Do us a favor Mando... tap the glass on the coach's box and tell our OC to stop trying to be Gary Stevens and call some run plays.

Henne needs to start looking for BRANDON MARSHALL!

3 and out, nOOOO

3 and long
Wildcat or crazy reverse time

damn typepad service just update 2nd qtr post. finally.

lol arnsybill

Bess great, but wheres marshall!!!

Lord, I'm glad Bess punched the clock tonight.

Simply Da Bess!

Keep the Henne dialed up. More Henne, less Ricky & Ronnie = PATRIOTS victory!

Another 1st down pass. Love it!!!

Hartline totally whiffed on the block that almost got Bess killed.

Run the ball on 1st down.

where is brandon

come on Hartline

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