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Dolphins lead Pats 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have gotten off to a good start tonight, leading the Patriots 7-0 through the first quarter.

Davone Bess has SO FAR been the better slot receiver in this game -- not Wes Welker -- as he caught a 19-yard TD pass to give the Dolphins the lead. Bess has two catches for 40 yards so far.

Cameron Wake, meanwhile, is playing like a beast in applying pressure on Tom Brady.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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BTW, the North Pole aint all fun and games.

3RD and long, time for a big catch from marshall please!!!

Henning has killed us tonite.

Third and long again
Note the super blown block by hartline on first down

LMFAO. Top five backfield in the NFL and Miami is going to lose the game throwing the ball AGAIN.

Armando-How come we can't run against this terrible run defense?

I love the pink accents tonight, especially on Tommy Boy!!!

nick saban, really

just got second quarter blog. what's wrong?

tortured DF, arpa$$

tortured DF, arpa$$

I think our run O is just not seeing the holes or blocks are being missed, Our running game is a strength that is becoming our new weakness

Ya why wouldn't you ask your WR's to block on what is essentially a running play instead of letting, you know, your oline to do it and give the ball to one of your backs. Net results = 3rd and long.

run play. you'll see

TorturedDolphan, you make no sense. Henne is throwing all over the Patriots.

need to finish the half off with the ball and a TD

blog quarter switching does not work well

tortured DF, arpa$$

drbruce2- problem with typepad service for iphone, ipad

Guys you havent figured out Marhall is getting over the top and underneath coverage? Thats why he's here too, he helps the other recievers get single coverage.

Just be patient he'll get opps as the game progresses. Last time the ball was forced to him it resulted in a pick.

How about Jason Allen clapping at the PI? He knows exactly what that is.

Where is brandon marshall?

nice run rickey

there u go ricky!!!

One guy left to beat and it was a TD

The old man's still got some in the tank.

Bess has 6 rec for 71yds and its still 1st half. Thank Marshall for that. Marshall's imprint on the game is more than just recieving.

Can Bess tell the other guys how to get open + when does Marshall get to play?


damn it henne


WTF henne, C'Mon MAN

damn it

The idiot child has struck again.

2 Turnovers against the Pats are gonna be hard to overcome...

He sucks.

What is the problem of throwing a fade to Brandon Marshall?

eye lock



o wel def is playin good


We turn it over. We lose. Bottom Line.

Gift wrapping this game for the pats
What a joke

TorturedDolphan, whats the score?

I think you gotta bring Chad Pennington in now. This game can get away real fast with Henne now making bad decisions.

Note to Henne: You're NOT Dan Marino. Look in the mirror and repeat that several times: YOU ARE NOT DAN MARINO!!!!!

Hey Mandy, just wondered if you noticed that your blog/fan base is close to non-existant now?

It is obvious that we cannot play "D" if we do not get turnovers.

Yep keep letting it rip. I called it in the first quarter. You will never beat the Patriots Henne vs Brady. He is killing you. Have barely tried the run - f7ck is your coaching staff stupid. Didn't learn last week vs us (throwing consecutive passes from the 1 yard line) and you still haven't figured it out.


Armando-why 2 interceptions-why throw in the dirt + throw short + throw to RB's-why-why-why?


You've gotta be kidding me, Marshall has no catches and only one terrible look all game, Im sorry but that SH$% is not worth the $$$ they spent, next time look jerry rice up if you want a distraction on coverages!!!

same thing every week. playing good but just cant put it away. get up then give the other team every opportunity to stay in the game. when we start extending our leads thats when we will have taken the next step towards a great team. until then we are just good.

Now all eyes are upon Tony Saprano. Will he arrange an "accident" for Henne during halftime, and give us Penny?

Fins finding ways to loose
Never can come out a squash a team

NOTE to Dolphin coaching staff. Henne is not Dan Marino. Stop calling a game that tries to make him Marino. Stupid beyond belief!

Henne's head really isnt into the game right now. You gotta consider bringing in Pennington.

we need to mix it up like we were. patsies are putting 9 on the line. we need to pass when they think we are running. Brandon needs to come alive. Henne will settle down. He seems to have a tendency to be nervous the first half on national games. He'll get it back. He was awesome the beginning of the game

You guys think you are playing good????

Two turnovers is not good by anyones measurement. Morons.

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