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Dolphins lead Steelers 6-0 to start second quarter

The Dolphins got the ball inside the 20 yard line after recovering a fumble on the opening kickoff. They kicked a field goal.

Then they recovered a Ben Roethlisberger fumble inside the 20. They kicked a field goal.

Not once did Miami throw the ball in the end zone after the turnovers.

The Dolphins lead 6-0 but it is a tenuous lead. Let's see what happens as the live blog continues in the comments section.


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3-6 MIA

Keeping the Steelers to only a field goal feels like a victory.

You bet, Mando.

Maybe we'll have an exciting scoring drive here...

Doubtful, but, one can hope

Should be 14-3, Miami.

Offensive line - pressure is on you.

Amen Mando!

Has the pentagon i mean the Fins told ya why John Jerry is still out?

They gotta stretch the field and take some shots deep. Take of the skirt henning!

We are lucky the Stillers didnt go for 7 there.

come on chad, lets get it moving this drive

Good defense-now for aggressive,unrelenting, innovative offensive calls and execution

Is Brandon Marshall still on the team?

Keeping the Steelers to only a field goal feels like a victory.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 24, 2010

seems like the first qtr felt like a defeat when watching miamis offense!!!!

If the Dolphin offense doesn't do anything, the resiliency of the defense isn't going to matter, because they're going to run out of steam. They've been on the field 14+ minutes already.

Pathetic fish.

ZERO offense lead by their pathetic qb.


This is where our lack of breakaway speed at RB is really hurting us.
Field position!!

Look, I've never been a fan who says "This guy should be fired", but when you see teams around the league with 2nd or 3rd qb's throwing the ball with some success, gotta question why we can't figure something out.

Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, The Beast, and Bess...

7 Yards in the first Qtr...


The pentagon has not. I actually have been remiss to ask. I will get that information this week, nyfinfan.

Henne has had time to throw but can't find anyone open, he sucks.

will we see a first down on this drive????

don't pick it up 30 yards earlier

THE O line is giving Henne time
be patient

and there he is!

Hows that for a look off!!!

man, does anyone have a decent link...the ones i have tried are all super choppy...

No holes for the runners.

Wooaa . . . did Henne just LOOK OFF a receiver?!

Well, you cannot say henne didn't look off the first receiver on that completion to Marshall. His sight went all the away to the other side of the field.

Seems to be a clean game so far...no illegal hits and no sexual assault charges...again so far

There! passing on 1st down. And right back to running on 1st down. Henning sucks.

Annnnd Hartline coughs it up. Beautiful

Henne showed field awareness on that pass to Marshall. I have no audio so sorry If I'm repeating Dierdork.


hartline STINKS!


hartline sucks henning sucks...


wow we cant be doing that. O was finally moving

THE Ohio State representing with another turnover.

Chad Henne Is Garbage

and there is our turnover....great job hartline, next time hand the ball off!!!!

what happened to hartline and sean smith?

they have fallen off so much...

injuries? anyone know?



I blame that on Dan Henning....HORRIBLE PLAY CALL ONCE AGAIN!


our D is gonna be tired

watch what a real team does with a TO

good link?

Over-rating mediocrity--that's the only way we Phin fans keep any hope.

Need a TO now!

wow...Pitt O-line pushing us around

we match up terribly against the steelers

wow, dansby looks slow off the line, good thing that was a little high.

Good coverage by Dansby....made it a smal window

At least Ben is getting hit

there is no noise in the stadium even while the Dolphins are on defense.


That short out pass is just like another running play. Another lousy play call. Hartline is small, plays small and is totally inadequate opposite BM.

Time for a pick off or sack!

Looks like Adams AKA (Holding) is hurt.

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