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Dolphins lead Steelers 6-0 to start second quarter

The Dolphins got the ball inside the 20 yard line after recovering a fumble on the opening kickoff. They kicked a field goal.

Then they recovered a Ben Roethlisberger fumble inside the 20. They kicked a field goal.

Not once did Miami throw the ball in the end zone after the turnovers.

The Dolphins lead 6-0 but it is a tenuous lead. Let's see what happens as the live blog continues in the comments section.


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sack or int watch

Oh sweet! Lineman down! Lineman down! Cam Wake...Get it done!

LOL @ superPhin, hand it off!!

Well, that pass to Hartline was what they were referring to when they said the QB sets up the receivers for big hits. In the flat, and it lofted...He was bound to get blown up

i dont blame anybody in that stadium for being less excited, miami hasn't done anything worth being excited about. And here comes third and long....o boy!!!!

im tired of every week miami getting breaks and momentum and just blowing it. no killer instinct. i think thats the thing they need to get to the next level. once they have that they will be blowing people out. cause they always let teams hang around until its too late.

start screamin then mando which ur rat lookin egg

Armando's right, sounds if more Steelers fans than Dolphin fans here.

almost a good play.


Don't blitz, Ben will kill you.

nice tackling

Nice tackling. Gah!

who missed that tackle

way to go hartline! you clown!

go back to minn

Like I said.

almost 2 tackles

there you go, fist pump your defense sparano.....way to stand tall!!!!

Thats two big misses by SAPP....TWO

LOL and that my friends is what "GOOD" teams do. Miami not there...Yet.


Sapp and then Clemmons both missed


Sapp is a scrub! cant believe we traded camarillo for this clown!

Benny Sapp missed the tackle on Hines Ward.

Sapp sucks ass

decent link?

Henne made a really poor throw to Hartline, too. High and behind him. The QB set the WR up to take a big hit. It doesn't excuse the fumble, but it was lousy execution by Henne.

And... as I type that, the Dolphins surrender a TD with a missed tackle by Bennie Sapp, who shouldn't even be on the team, much less the field.

This is going to be a blowout.

Sapp for Camarillo. Great trade. Should've been Hartline.

Sapp-Clemons-missed-only 4 points down-now let's score!

there goes our 3rd down average. so frustrating.

really glad we traded camarillo for benny sapp

Nice coverage and tackle...not.
Sheesh, we're playing like we're petrified.
Not good. Lets hope we can shake this off. I think we can score on Pitt, but it will have to be Marshall, Marshall, and MORE Marshall.

Sapp wiffs, Clemons wiffs, TD! PATHETIC!!!

Again. We just aren't that good

That's the difference between the Dolphins and Steelers right now:

Dolphins get turnovers, they kick field goals.

Steelers get a turnover, they score a TD.

Sapp for Camarillo, what a trade!

One team trusts their QB to throw the ball the other does not.

put wallace opposite marshall. lets see what he can do with some extended time. we need this win

bennie sap is a bum

thats it for me. maybe next week. Time to go enjoy the sunshine.

sapp missed 2...

what a bad trade...

this front office sucks

Ok, get Marshall involved and figure out how to get our run game going!

David - How do you propose we score? Can't even move the ball...

Other differences: better play calling, better tackling, better QB play

we look so lethargic

What is the problem with 3rd and long today on defense?

greg camarrilo >>>>> hartline

any of us >>>> smith+sapp+henning


26 yards on O! Horrible.

12 plays 26 yards-one 1st down

Pittsburgh is clearly a better, more physical, more talented team.

Miami is the epitome of average.

Miami Offense
12 plays
26 yards
1 first down
not gonna cut it

Speaking of trade, what would Sparano fetch on the market. Yeh, I guess we are stuck with ole Coach Fistpump.

Pittsburgh = Super Bowl favorites. Dolphins = 3rd place in division favorites. Time to be realistic in what is going to happen in this game.

Special teams gets a TO, defense gets a TO and we're still losing?

At least they have uplifting music in the stadium "I got the magic in me"

This is embarassing, when you can't win at home. The only defense that wil be tired in the 4th quarter will be the Dolphins, Steelers will be tired alright, of seeing the steelers offense run all over us. Pathetic.


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