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Dolphins lose to Steelers 23-22 in another home loss

They came close.

But, as with all thing Dolphins at home this year, not close enough to matter.

The Dolphins were victimized by poor play-calling, poor officiating, poor coverage in the secondary and poor fan participation (yes, I said it. The stadium was like a morgue early on).

And the result is a 23-22 loss to Pittsburgh.

Your thoughts?


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replay - what a joke

Thought we had 'em.
We got robbed on that goal line turnover.
Still proud of our effort against one of the toughest teams in football.


we're effin close. we played one of the best teams in the NFL down to the wire but henning managed to blow it. see ya next season

That was a horrible call on the fumble .Inexcusable and cost Miami the win. The NFL is as corrupt as the NBA.

Failure, Henning needs to go seriously, either Ireland and Sparano need to realize his playcalling is a POS or Ross needs to fire all 3 of them.

Very disappointing play calls. On 3 and 2, instead of lining up under center and having a myriad of options (including play action if they really wanted to throw), they go shot gun, then 3 and 1 and line up under center for a poorly designed run! Then, on several other third and shorts in the 4th, line up under center for short passes, no use of the TE. The fumble no-call is a shame, but the game is serious of events, and can't be pinned completely on the last play.

The defense was playing zone on several 2nd and 3rd and long plays and Big Ben burned the seconday badly finding his receivers in large pockets, and the guys up front had little pressure on Ben.

Sad loss...

dont stop my post mando, it needs to be there!!!!

quit blaming the refs, we lost cause our coaching staff is retarded

Fuch you NFL Officials, Fuch you Sprano calling time out and mismanaging the team overall, Fuch you lack luster dolphins tackling effort, How does Hines ward's butt taste? as he burned you so much. FUCh YOU DOLPHINS. I'm done watching medociore Football. I'm choosing a new team to follow from hear on out. 30+ years of following dolphins mismanagment is over for me. Again, FUCH YOU Dolphins!

my thoughts are that either henning or henne will be canned. The right choice is henning, but politics might take henne to the bench

1. Replay - Whats the point - Our guy has the ball in the endzone touched by Steeler is a TOCUHBACK ! (Must be a new NFL rule don't annoy QB's coming off suspension)

2. Dumb ass call to run a play with a few seconds left before the 2 min warning. Let the players relax - You need a field goal to win there is time.

3. Special teams still are terrible.

Fuqk the NFL, this league is rigged

how sad have we become when we see fans writing that we played them close at home so they are happy, unreal.

screw that fist pump morono.

this team is a 6-10 or 7-9 team...i predicted that before the year started.

this coaching staff needs to go.

Henne played a great game, loads of improvement, looking off receivers, progressing his reads, pump faking, the playcalling and conservative attitude is holding this team back big time, everyone can see it, why is nothing being done about it, Armando u guys need to be all over Sparano abouth the playcalling, its absolute bull****

Two fins land on the free ball, another comes away with it and the refs can't tell who recovered?

At the end though, playcalling was worse than the play of Henne - a draw to start!!!!

henne was great again. not his fault henning thinks fgs are worth more than tds

I hope sparano likes his job. If he wants to keep it, he knows results are all that matter, and he will get rid of henning.

We needed to play better, but that call is a joke! On replay 15 times 3 dolphins got that ball, and we walked frrom the pile with it, i know that does not mean anything, but the replay was all us.

Oh one other thing when we have the ball and you here defense just goes to show local fan participation - You suck local MIAMI fans go the game !!!!! I wish I lived closer so I could !

can you make some sense of this? We got jobbed on the TD call and review. Right? The ref could have just as easily said Miami ball! And can the fire Henning movement begin now? Seriously.

Terrible play call on first down. Run to the RB that hadn't done anything all day.
Stupid waste of down.
Don't get me started on some of the other play calls.

You know what? I think we can go on strike as fans? We do have power. We are the ones that supply money to the organizations by going to games, buying clothing.. we should call for a strike until henning is fired. enough is enough

I have never in all my football years seen a call like that......I NEED TO SEE THE NFL NETWORKS 100 WORST CALLS.....


Why would anyone think Henne would be heading to the bench. he's definitely showed me enough to give me faith

Look, bad call or not, the game shouldn't have come down to that...

We can use the mantra from the last decade

"There's always next year".

We've lost to all AFC teams, won against 2 NFC teams, and lost to both our main division rivals.

We can hang this season up...

"BUT" we've shown improvement somewhere

Explain to me why a $50 million dollar receiver only catches 2-3 passes in a game?


didnt get hosed. even if we got ball we would of ran 3 times, pitt would of used timeouts and kicked a fg to win. this coaching staff is awful, refuse to be aggressive. only time till marshall goes off

henning used brown 10 times way too much today

marshall only got the ball a few times...

morono played for field goals

morono can go fist himself.

what head coaching experience did sporano have before taking over the dolphins? he is like a high school coach in his reactions...very unprofessional. this in addition to his incompetence in managing the game. as for henning, he obviously has NO confidence in henne, hence the conservative play calling. like someone said, one or the other has to go. you tell me how good henning's play calling would look if Payton Manning was the dolphins quarterback?

Sparano is a joke and MUST GO. He is almost as bad as Dave Wansted. HE SUCKS. WHy THE hell did he call time out and then rush to get the play off before the 2 min warning. You need a field goal for crying out loud. YOU SUCH SPARANO! YOU SUCK NFL OFFICIALS! FUCH you PITTSBURGH. I HATE your GUTS!

I agree rushing before 2 min warning was a horrible call. People can say all they want to stop complaining about call but if it was your team and it gave one team or the other the lead, probably for good is why it was a horrible call.

I have few comments: Liked how Henne played. Actually looked like he was looking at other receivers rather than locking on one. Another step. We got jobbed on the fumble in the endzone, that was just horrible. However, most telling is Sparano. I said it last week: The man seriously looked upset when we scored a TD on the one play. He seems to play for field goals. I have never seen someone rejoice so hard for 3 points...I get it if it is the game winner like in the overtime win. But seriously, we left like 16 points on the field. This shouldn't have been close. Ah well. At least Henne looked better.


You need to ask Sparano if he agrees with the playcalling, why he wasted a TO for a 19 yard FG, why Henne was in a hurry up with 4 seconds left before a 2 minute warning, why they were playing for FGs, why doesn't he hold the coaches accountable for bad playcalling and no intensity other than a lame fistpump for a FG, Why, Why, Why, should be the headline for the week.

fans have every right to be silent, every week their treated unfairly to no offensive playcalling and piss poor clock management, every time sparano coaches, he settles for the minimuim of scoring efforts, and not to mention the fins cant win at home. Ross should buy a nuetral sight for fish to play so home can be truly non-advantages to opposing teams.

We played competitive against a very good team down to the end. Terrible call on the end zone fumble. Yet, we did almost nothing to get close to a FG range in the last two minutes. A playoff team would have done so and obviously we are not one... yet. perhaps, next season.

IMO Yes the fumble call was bad, it should have been a touchback and we should have got the ball back.

BUT... how many times did we get in the redzone? How many TDs did we score? Sorry, but this one's on Henning.

HEnne played a great game? GIVE ME A BREAK. HE HAD ALL Day to throw and still couldn't complete passes at times. YOU CAn't expect that amount of time in the pocket. HE SUCKS!

Armando! We need some pressure on Henning! His calling is costing us games.



does this team even practice a 2 minute offense. that was the worst excuse of a drive I have ever seen. saying that I am sick of games being decided by officials in this league.

Any clown that blames this on Henne loses all Football credit with me. If I could perm-ban you I would.

if their is a next season that is!!!!playoff hopes are pretty much dead this year, 1-3 in conference play, 0-3 to playoff hopefuls and sparano fist pumping the whole way.how fgs next week i wonder??!!!

Bills go into OT

When Miamia got into field goal range on their second to last drive, they got conservative -true, but against this Pittsburgh defense, you don't want an INT or SACK to lose you some points. Am not saying I was happy with the play call, but I can understand the rationale. In a very close game, we were being conservative.

The fumble ruling sucked ass. I can't believe we didn't just get the touch back and close the game out.

I can also understand the run on first down on our final drive. Obviously everyone is thinking pass, so would be nice to get 5 surprise yards to open up some options on 2nd and 5. What pissed me off was the hurry up second down that was dropped. Hurry up that messes with our own guys execution is not good.

Then 2 pass attempts underneath, 1 to Polite and the other to the ground... ugh..

As for the other field goals, we just got stopped. We didn't put the points on the board, but we went for the TD on those drives and just didn't execute.

While I am no way near a henning lover, the players need to accept responsibility too.

This one's on henning. So why don't we strike against him? Really, I think our opinion on henning should be voiced loud and clear. 100% of us on this blog know this.. Armando unfortunately for you you're our voice.. Can you please write a post about this? Please bring up the obvious point that henning has to go??

Anybody gonna call out the secondary?
A few "F" ups there as well.

EVERY game we give away our timeouts so we don't have options at the end of the game.
We call running plays when we need passes-don't use Marshall enough, don't seem to play situational football, don't have anyone to return kicks + punts-need a FAST running back + faster receivers

by the way, burning the final timeout after the replay was terrible. where was the pittsburgh average starting field position when the dolphins kicked into the wind...probably around their own 45...ever heard of a squib kick? and henne rushing the second and 8 play to beat the two minute warning was awful. take your time, get organized, and come back with a sound decision. terrible leadership.

bad teams blame refs, quit kicking fgs, maybe we can actually win a game before 3 seconds are left

and we all know if we would of gotten that ball pitt would of stopped 3 straight runs and won with a fg

So depressed...(

The league is rigged. What other reason can be given when all the evidence you need is clearly shown on over half a dozen replay camera angles for half the globe to see?!!
A clear fumble. After the fumble at least two Miami players fall on it. After the conclusion, Alama-Francis can be seen rising from the pile with the ball in his hands!!!

To say Im fkuced off is an understatement of monumental fcuking proportions.

SDR. Well said. The team played well enough to win today. Carpenter needs to give his pro bowl bonus over to Henning as part of his severance package. Henne was very good today, that last set of downs was a head scratcher? Why were we consistantly trying to run, when the pass was effective? I'll stop now because i'm getting increasingly angrier about the playcalling, and the fact it is costing us when the team is playing it's guts out

Armando..do you have an address or email addy to send comolaints to the nfl? i will waste more of my time and write some stuff up because im spending a ton of money every year and just because a big market team is in town an they blew a huge call like that...completely disgusted...makes me not wamt to watch

truly digusted by teams lack of scoring, marshall wasnt needed for this kind of $$$ the organization put in as obviously we prtty much have imprinted the same formula for losing close games yet again. very frustrating to see and watch sparano on sidelines today and if your truly a die hard, u would have to feel the same way as many should!!!!

On the FG we got when we drove to the 5 yrd line, there was a play to Marshal that Henne clearly threw too wide. Had it been on the money, we win this game - or at least, we would have less reason to complain about field goals.

am not saying Henne sucked, but players play - if they don't get it done, it doesn't matter how good or bad the play calling is.

And WTF was the TO about at the field goal attempt. Seriously? why was it called? did they think it would be a fake? Why didn't they spend the previous 5 minutes planning for the different possible scenarios so they could be ready?

Bad call on the fumble, but the game was still there for Miami. So Henning calls a Ronnie Brown run (1.0 yards per carry average), and a pass to the fullback for 2 yards. Unbelievable. Not a single deep pass to Marshall even Henne had all week to throw!?!?! Pitt gets a 53 yard pass play. We need a new offensive coordinator. Special teams still suck.

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