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Dolphins lose to Steelers 23-22 in another home loss

They came close.

But, as with all thing Dolphins at home this year, not close enough to matter.

The Dolphins were victimized by poor play-calling, poor officiating, poor coverage in the secondary and poor fan participation (yes, I said it. The stadium was like a morgue early on).

And the result is a 23-22 loss to Pittsburgh.

Your thoughts?


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this team is not good

do you homers see that?

It should matter who jumped on it first and who came up with it. Stop pretending that anyone in that pile , in the end zone would give up wrestling for that ball untill they were pulled off the pile

Poor play-calling. They had plenty of time before the 2 minute warning. They threw the ball on 2nd and 8 after hurrying. Stupid! Calm down - get a proper play.
And they throw too many times on 3rd and very short. They are just not good enough in the air, yet.
Either the coaches has a bad plan or they have a good plan, but dont stick to it.
Very, very dissapointed in the play calling.

Sparano Needs To Go Forin On A 4th And 1! That Could Have Won Us The Game. Early On Down Two Why The Hell Didnt We Do A Two Poin Conversion! This Coaching Staff Sucks! Fire Dan Henning, We Have The Most Predictable Offense In The League.

Whistle happy zebra's are annoying, they're kicking a field goal why waste your last time out, who goes hurry up 4 seconds before the warning without any timeouts,

I'm glad the NFL takes care of their rapists and convicts. Thanks for that, Roger. Make sure you suck up to Dan Rooney every chance you get.

Pittsburgh didn't win that game. It was handed to them by a ref who had his head so far up his rear end he didn't bother to look who recovered the ball.

I guess the tape of Alama-Francis getting up from the pile with the ball was fake, right?

close is not good enough we got so robbed miami came up with it and they couldn't tell who got the ball fuckin on real great play calling not!!!!!!!!!!!! henne remember you have marshall on your team why are we running the ball. ronnie and ricky sucked all day....

We will not move forward until we get rid of Henning. Thats it that and our secondary still looking for Vontae's partner to play opposite. I hate Henning he makes it hard to watch the Phins. Yes we most likely recovered the ball in the endzone but with better play calling we wouldnt have needed that call and even with it we still should've been able to move the ball right down the field. Fire Henning thats the only solution. Henne was torching their defense all day long and henning continuously took the ball out of his hands.

They got shookup by the call. Still, they matched up and how!

if henning doesn't realize brown sucks, its up to the head coach to realize that brown shouldn't be in the game.

I know its a loss, but it was clear as day that the phins recovered that fumble. We won that game and thats exactly how I am looking at it as a fan. We should be 4-2 right now and thats how we play. Lets keep on rolling and lets get to 5-3 with the next two games.

I actually wrote the team on Miamidolphins.com after we traded McMichael (I was really peeved, especially when the ultimate outcome of that season was 1-15)

They wrote me back. Didn't really make me feel better, but, they did respond

Glad i gave up my sunday ticket knew, with this staff we would be playing not to lose which always does what....... makes you lose. I think local fans should stay away why spend your hard earned money on a team that thinks its cool to keep a game close a try and eek it out . Bad call is just an excuse henning has to go before I spend any future sundays watching this collection of jackarsses.

If you're depressed and can't find the will to kill yourself just watch the special teams play of the Dolphins. That ought to do it.
What a joke of a name SPECIAL teams and what a joke of a unit.

In most cases I would agree with you Bill.....But since i HAVE NEVER HEARD A REF COME OUT OF A REVIEW....AND SAY "WE NEVER DETRMINED WHO RECOVED THE BALL"...


Like I said earlier, the Dolphins had their breaks very early in the game, and didn't really go for the TD's. They were happy with getting three points both times.

They displayed the same philosophy late in the game, when they called it close to the vest instead of taking a shot(can you say Brandon Marshall?). Again, they settled for the field goal after a "safe" pass.

Sure they got burned on the replay, but they had chances in this game, and decided to settle on Dan Carpenter padding his stats.

Im am in GD Baltimore and I will be out there facing 70000 drunken white trash Ravens fans when Miami comes..

Miami fans suck, cant even cheer when in the majority

And in instance like that last drive, he should have been focused on Bess and Marshall.

Obviously, Marshall can still pull it in when he is covered. You need to let him make plays there.

before blaming henning, its hard to say what play was called. scared quarterbacks check down. this was the pass to polite. henne is adequate, but he can't create under pressure. although rothlisberger makes mistakes, you live with them because he overcomes them with excellent play. henne can't do that, thus he is afraid to take a risk. the dolphins will never be a super-bowl caliber team with henne as the quarterback. plain and simple.

time for a new coach







Besides how we lost the game, it's a shame that every home game is split 50-50 in the stands, specially when north teams come visit...what happen to the old days in the orange bowl when fans were truly Miami fans rather than people spending their winter days in south Fl and therefore supporting their teams. Can't stand it!

I am finished defending Dan henning Never again. The game was still there after the replay call. Yet he called such horrid, horrid plays that he didn't give the team a CHANCE to win. Henne was put in a position to FAIL BY THE O COORDINATOR!! PLUS, NOT ONE SHOT TO THE 50 MILLION DOLLAR MAN AFTER THOSE 2 TURNOVERS IN THE FIRST. I'M SORRY YOU ARE STUCK WITH A TEAM THAT DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO USE YOU, BRANDON. YOU DESERVE BETTER, AND SHOULD THROW A FIT THIS WEEK. I'M SICK.

I know it was 4th down and we would have lost the ball anyway...but the ball OBVIOUSLY bounced off the ground and the Refs called it an interception. The refs were OBVIOUSLY programmed to call against MIA in the 4th Q if the game was close. Where's the money - what did Vegas have to lose if the Dolphins won? I'm beginning to agree with other people who have posted that the league is becoming as corrupt as the NBA.

no plays for marshall that game?

pathetic he didn't get a look that last drive.

will henning show off us play calls?

morono should fist himself.

this is what happens when you play to get a field goal instead of the throat. way to go tony we only lost by a point. wow i guess the season is over.

Very interesting game, cause four turnovers and cannot win. That shows the absolute ineptitude of the dolphins offense. The offense is truly offensive. Yes, they got absolutely JOBBED by the fumble and recovery call at the end but still had time to win the game. Can someone tell me why they signed Brandon Marshall if they are not going to use him? I have never seen a team that wins all road games but loses all home games, this is sick.

don't blame the refs for the loss.

blame the conservative morono and the useless play caller henning.

fire the special teams coach.

The cliche that you have to be good enough to overcome bad calls is accurate, but only to a point. The reality is that the defense did what it needed to do -- forced a turnover when the game was on the line. Against one of the best teams in the NFL, it's hard to overcome such a bad call.

a loser team

The refs had nothing to do with this loss. We lost, and will continue to do so against elite teams, because we cannot get chunk yardage and other teams can. When we even try normally bad things happen. The Steelers front seven is their strength, right? We didn't even ATTEMPT a pass over 20 yards today. Maybe not even over 15. I don't know if this is a Henning or a Henne thing but until we develop that potential aspect of our game the best we can hope for is a whole lot of close 4th quarter games.

Refs get that call and everyone would b impressed with Henne and fact we got 22 against Labeau

Wow the fans need to be jacked up for the stupid play calling. Were you jumping up and down Armando!!!



We take the lead only to allow a huge kickoff return...how many fricken times has that happened this year?

I am exhausted on FGs and wasted timeouts. Sparano needs to be accountable for this and I want to kick him in the nuts becasue of it.

we were robbed by the steelers

miami wasnt hosed in winning, they refused to win this game, special ed played yet again and offense was never content to put up more points, blame the refs all u want, but if im the media, i would blame our conservative approaches towards games. Sparano is'nt cut out to be the coach of this team and jumping on that bandwagon seems to be gaining ground. Henning just needs to DIE!!!!or walk away gracefully!!!

Why are Sparano and Henning in LOOOOVE with the Field Goal...they play for it ans Tony reats to it like a Touchdown. Ask him...I would love to heear his response.
Hennings second down calls are usually plays that leave 3rd and long. The 3rd down play call before the 5th FG was a safe call so they could kicka FG...Also, why hurry the 2nd and 8 before the 2 minute warning? To save 4 seconds? They had plenty of time! Losing football.

Apparently inside the opponents 25, we are only permitted to run the ball. We pass the ball down the field, and then in the end zone run the ball. The players were ready...they played hard, did a pretty good job...this loss is on the bad call at the end by the refs and the lack of aggression on offense by the offensive coaching staff. Henning is calling the game like its 1979.


ALABAMA, WOULD WHUP THAT ASS!!!! that is the ncaa team...

Ross, fire Sparano and all the other coaches as well. get Cower

whos starting a web site to fire dan henning i want to sign up

I also really hate when the refs are so quick to award a touchdown when it was obvious that is was not. Roger Goodell is so much in the back pocket of the steelers it isn't even funny. Plus not only that, the personal foul call three plays earlier was a joke, even Dan Dierdorf called that one and he is the biggest dolphin hater of them all.

Why are Sparano and Henning in LOOOOVE with the Field Goal...they play for it and Tony reacts to it like a Touchdown. Henning's second down calls are usually plays that leave 3rd and long. The 3rd down play call before the 5th FG was a safe call so they could kicka FG...Also, why hurry the 2nd and 8 before the 2 minute warning? To save 4 seconds? They had plenty of time! Losing football.

I never blamed a loss on the refs until now. Seriously, Culver knocks it loose on the one, Alama-Francis recovers in the end zone for a touchback. They didn't see who recovered the ball??!!??? WTF, they never do, whoever comes out of the pile with the ball has the recovery. I'm sorry, but we got hosed. On our last possession, they run Ronnie, when he hadn't been able to do anything all day, then Fasano lets one go through his hands, and why was slow Lousaka the best option on a third and eight pass? I might start joining the Henning bashers after this debacle.

Mando, you said how it is


I think something has to happen from the league about this officiating. There is no reason for a situation like this to happen. The way the referee explained it, he basically said this:

"Pittsburg fumbled the ball in the endzone, and we called it a TD. We were wrong, but since we forgot to figure out who recovered it, we'll just give the ball back to Pittsburg so they can win."

On a different note, I think it's time to start questioning Tony Sparano's coaching skills. This game was his for the taking, and he blew it. The special teams played well (despite a couple of big returns). The defense forced two turnovers. They held the Steelers to 23 points despite an unbelievable amount of possessions. I don't know whether Sparano or Henning is to blame, but it's definitely not the players.

The only player I have a problem with is Ronnie Brown. He looks hesitant and weak. Not only did he not break a tackle today, but he was tackled by fingertips and, more often than not, his own players. He looked like he didn't belong on the field.

Finally, I don't know who made the decision to let Benny Sapp cover Hines Ward one on one, but they need to be fired. If it's Mike Nolan, he needs to go. Football 101: Veteran wide receiver with over a decade of experience and multiple superbowl rings must be covered by a STARTING CORNERBACK.

Armando, Ask Spurano this?

1. Coach when we played the Jets and we were down by 3 scores in the 4th quarter why did we choose to run the ball on 1st and 2nd down?

2. Coach when we were down in the 4th quarter to the Steelers with 2:14 left in the game with no time outs, why did we run the ball on first down then rush to get our 2nd down play off before the 2 min warning?

3. Coach, love the enthusiasm, but why do you continue to do the fist pump when we score a field goal instead of a td to take the lead, as if we are going to hold Manning (last season) and Ben Rothlisburger scoreless.

4. Coach, tell me whats missing. You fired the defensive coordinator, you fired the special teams coach, you brought in the best receiver in the league- you have 2 of the best RB's in the league, Bess is one of the best slot rec. in the league, defense is playing well enough to win, why are we 0-3 at home? When does the blame go to you and Henning?

5. Coach, your 0-3 at home and the stadium was empty- can you blame the fans for not wanting to pay to watch a professional NFL team play like a high school?

Pittsburgh, you don't mean crap to us and I know that we mean less to you. Still, good game and we hope to meet you again.

Like the bad acting Priest in that Dirty Harry Film once said....

Horrible officiating. Why would you rule the play dead on a fumble into the endzone. Officials should have, at a minimun, determined who recovered the ball before blowing the play dead. Only one official on the field signaled touchdown. You know the play is going to be reviewed. Not continiung the play to see who recovered the ball is inexcuseable. It is time the officals are held accountable for their mistakes just like anyone else who has a job. Somebody should be fired! Officials are never held accountable. Why do we continue to support a league that is as corupt as the NFL?

Dont want to hear it about the refs, we should have been up by 2 scores by then. Henning and Sparano need to go. I can't believe we need to start over again but this is rediculous.

Henne - dances in the pocket like a high school QB and waits on the WR which is a sign he still doesn't get it and is having issues.

Henning - need to move on buddy. These one man routes and running when a pass would work,

Mike Nolan - again allowed the winning / tying drive.

All the Players - Heartless and gutless performance when needed most. This has been the pattern for 10 years now. Oh look we are playing good but when we need a stop or need to get off the field,oops we stink.

This has made watching football unbearable.

Agree on the personal foul call. They were struggling with each other and as the whistle blew, Miami won the struggle and tossed the steeler.. is this football? It sickens me to see how soft things are getting.

I don't want anyone hurt, but Flag football doesn't generate billions of dollars for good reason.

Bottom line, the call was because of the Rooney family and there black coach. And of course all sports are rigged.Football is fixed just like baseball and there manufactured home run race with drugs and basketball and there crooked ref's.

PATHETIC!!!! This franchise has become a joke. Sparano & Henning are buffoons. The refs made the call by the book and by the rules. Like it or not. Those are the breaks. Out of your hands. But when it was in our hands, we BLEW IT! We get the ball back with 2:30 on the clock and call 4 STUPID plays, rushing around like panicking idiots. A run on first down? Rush, rush, rush to get a rushed pass off on 2nd down before the 2:00 warning. Why? Plenty of time. Incomplete pass because you rushed. Third and 8 and you throw 2 yards to Polite!!!! Why? Looking stupid and panicked on 4th down. Not even close to a professional play. They looked like idiots at the end. Just like their coaches.

Why are Sparano and Henning are in LOOOOVE with the Field Goal...they play for it and Tony reacts to it like a Touchdown. Ask him...I would love to heear his response.
Hennings second down calls are usually plays that leave 3rd and long. The 3rd down play call before the 5th FG was a safe call so they could kicka FG...Also, why hurry the 2nd and 8 before the 2 minute warning? To save 4 seconds? They had plenty of time! Losing football.

Have Sparano & Co. been fired yet?

how many f--king guy have to have their paws all over the damn ball for the zebras to see
who came up with it
f--ck the nfl



Well said JAX....well said....is their room for me?

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