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Dolphins lose to Steelers 23-22 in another home loss

They came close.

But, as with all thing Dolphins at home this year, not close enough to matter.

The Dolphins were victimized by poor play-calling, poor officiating, poor coverage in the secondary and poor fan participation (yes, I said it. The stadium was like a morgue early on).

And the result is a 23-22 loss to Pittsburgh.

Your thoughts?


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we got hosed by our conservative play calling.

only bad teams blame the refs...if our coach had balls, he would have tried to go for TDs earlier in the game in the 1st quarter.

We played tough. A few years back we would of folded. We got robbed by the Refs, we played a good game.

Po W Trash: amen bro!! finally, a rational fan

bill, yes we had alot of chances, the turnovers needed to TD, but we played the number 1 team in the league according to espn. and we really played well to keep the score in check with pitt and we stop there running game. and both teams played about the same on both side. we needed a big play and the fumble at the end was huge. and we made that played

lol bobbyd mad again cause hes never right. and dont blame henne, he was very good. henning and the rest of the staff is awful

It's funny that all the fans are saying the same thing yet HENNING is still our offensive coordinator. We have tons of talent, but lack talent with our coaches. Good Bye Spurano and Henning. Who the F is our owner anyways? The dolphins have become a CIRCUS with all of the owners, coaches and the joke of production we get. GO DOLPHINS and take HENNING and SPUDRANO with you.

What do all of the elite teams have? They have an elite qb that wins games in the 4th quarter. Henne has a good arm and makes good throws at times, but just doesn't have "it" to win big games.

hilarious cuban

our O SUCKS!!!!!!

FACT, fumble forward into the endzone is a touchback. NEVER in 47 years have i seen such a screwin in my life. BULLSHYT

has anyone listened to sporano answer a question? here i am assuming that salguero's transcriptions of his answers are accurate. the man is barely articulate enough to string together a coherent sentence. his mind is frazzled, and this comes through when the game is on the line.

D-line did a great job today...Kudos!
O-line did a a great job today..Kudos!
Secondary = Fair
Special Teams = Fair
Linebackers = Good-Excellent
Running backs = Sucked
QB = Good-Fair
Coaching = Poor

tar its hennes first full season. hes solid. has to run what is called

I think overall the team played great. The special teams showed a lot of improvement. Otther than one perfect pass by Rossenberger our defense played pretty well. Offense looked good, Henne looked good except at the beginning.
We lost to a good team, not because of our play, we were flat out robbed. You can not beat the officials. Why didn't they finish the play out on the fumble. Why wasn't possesion established before the review? Why was it only one official called it a touchdown? This one was 100% on the idiots in stripes. I am interested in how they explain this highway robbery.

anybody BuT Henning!!!!!!
laces Out!!!!!!
( flashback)

One thing to realize...the coaches are calling those types of conservative plays because they must not trust Henne so why are they starting him? I really don't get it. He can 'make all the throws' they always say but they don't ask him to make the throws in the game. I think Sparano is afraid to admit that Henne is not a legit big time NFL QB and doesn't want egg on his face...he'll be back in Dallas next year and Cowher will be on our sideline!

maybe next year fellas. was a stressful year. see u in april when we can talk about the draft.

You said it, Bill. It's a sad, sad day when my fellow Dolphins fans are proud of being 0-3 at home. I am disgusted right now, with the coaching more than anything else. It just seems like we're always a day late and a dollar short. Sparano shouldn't be a head coach in the NFL, in my opinion, and he will NOT be retained for next year.

seems like tony is from the wannstadt school of coaching. lets keep it close and try to win it in the 4th qtr. once this guy gets in fg range he gets consertive.

is it me or has Jason Allen been getting beat more often then not. Benny Sapp isn't playing much better. Aside from Vontae, our cornerbacks are pretty bad.

Anyone have access to the Presser? Did Sporano actually stand up to the No Fun League and the awful refs? Did he cover for Henning's bad play calling?

no u douchebag Bill. there is only 2 options on that play, TD or Touchback, but ur so fukin stupid udont even know when ur screwed. stay in KC u wortless piece of garbagw

How's this for rational?

We haven't even sniffed a SB since 1986

We haven't won a SB since 1973!

We've only seen the playoffs ONCE since 1996 (when we lost 62-7?)

We have just lost 3 games in the AFC (2 in the AFC EAST)

I, and it seems many others are not satisfied with "Getting better", mediocrity, being competetive. We'd like to actually WIN

We played tough. A few years back we would of folded. We got robbed by the Refs, we played a good game.
Posted by: Po White Trash | October 24, 2010 at 04:52 PM
Po W Trash: amen bro!! finally, a rational fan
Posted by: robbyhernz | October 24, 2010 at 04:52 PM

I'm exhausted...time for a real drink....see ya!

Henning-body else can call better Plays!!!!

Dont come back till april u disgusting phony fake fan

There comes a point when Grandpa shouldn't be aloud to drive the car anymore....take away the keys before he hurts someone



i agree gatorz, if they totally tank this year, lets change the entire coaching staff.

Sorry guys, I DO blame the refs. I'm starting to think the game WAS fixed. Never in my forty-two years of watching the Dolphins have I EVER seen a team lose a fumble to its opponent, yet get the ball back for one more try. Steratore is from Pissburg though.

That was a bad call at the end. But I put this loss squarely on the coaching staff from Sparano on down. Their playcalling and playing not to lose = lost!

marc im right there with u, its the retarded fans like bobbyd that keep being satisfied with this garbage.

Losing sucks under any circumstances but to have the game turn on a blown call is really hard to take.Then with a little over 2 minutes left and no time outs left because we used our last one for no apparent reason we call a running play?We had little or no success running the ball all day,what made Henning think it was going to work then?

mando twitter......

The referee in today's Miami-Pittsburgh game was born 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh and lives in the region. Why does the NFL allow this?

We gotta get rid of henning, you dont run on the last drive if you havent all day, WTF,, and these field goals are killing us,, We are so happy as a coaching staff to get three,, its okay fella's were only loosing by 1,, maybe they'll only beat us by 20.. WTF Play calling and Special teams are Special ED.. Lets get someone who knows and Loves there job. Not Special Olympic Coaches.!!

Bill_Cnnrs is the Dan Henning of this blog.

I am pretty sure the automatic touchback rule is for when you fumble forward and through the end zone to out of bounds. Had Pitt recovered that, it would not have been a touchback, I don't think.

do-or-die, if hartline only thought that winning was everything, maybe he would been thinking this is the most important play of my career, and wouldn't have coughed it up, games come down to one play! every play is important! it's not do-or-die... what is that... by the way a lot of quarterbacks make there bread and butter on a roll out or when they scramble, look at ben, escapes a sack and then instead of panicking and taking the quick check-down, he toss a nice deep pass, if henne could look forward to these situations and attack or exploit them he COULD reacj the next step. he should be waiting for these instances to take advantage of, almost like a double-down in blackjack. and how many times do you see other offense prepared and waiting for that play right before the 2 minute warning where we throw a panic pass to fasano for an incompletion, where other teams all ready know what to do in that situation and do a flea flicker or bomb, knowing the defense is in their most vulnerable state. yes i said to bench hartline and start wallace, it would have been a different game, steelers would have been ill-prepared, it would have been a surprise, and hartline would not have gave up a game changing play... but don't worry, it's not do-or-die. lets play hartline for two years, like ginn, to eventually cut him... make this change now to improve the team and save the season!!!!

We have lost games due to player mistakes (Special Teams mis-fires) and players have been cut as a result. But I think today's game was lost due to poor play-calling and the refs giving the game to the Stealers in the final minutes.

In the NBA the refs are told to not decide the game with their whistle (i.e. not calling a foul on a missed final second 3-pointer). Its not a written rule, but you hear it all the time.

Well today, the refs whistle (and ineptitude) decided the game / gave the game to the Stealers.

Any good coach should stand up to the Refs. Take the fine. And show he's here to win! If Sporano covers for Henning and dodges questions about the ref'ing on that fumble, then he's a coward & needs to fist pump his way out the door.

Henne is a "true 2nd year QB" he will get better and better. Pitt is top notch, we did okay.

i agree fellas, think we all know henning has to go

The distinction between a fumble and a muff should be kept in mind in considering rules about fumbles. A fumble is the loss of player possession of the ball. A muff is the touching of a loose ball by a player in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain possession.
A fumble may be advanced by any player on either team regardless of whether recovered before or after ball hits the ground.
A fumble that goes forward and out of bounds will return to the fumbling team at the spot of the fumble unless the ball goes out of bounds in the opponent’s end zone. In this case, it is a touchback.
On a play from scrimmage, if an offensive player fumbles anywhere on the field during fourth down, only the fumbling player is permitted to recover and/or advance the ball. If any player fumbles after the two-minute warning in a half, only the fumbling player is permitted to recover and/or advance the ball. If recovered by any other offensive player, the ball is dead at the spot of the fumble unless it is recovered behind the spot of the fumble. In that case, the ball is dead at the spot of recovery. Any defensive player may recover and/or advance any fumble at any time.
A muffed hand-to-hand snap from center is treated as a fumble.

FIRE HENNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE HENNING!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE HENNING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, I forgot the Brady (another NFL darling) tuck rule. But that was a pass attempt, not a fumble while rushing the ball. Now I know how Oakland felt.

CB,RB,and TE in the coming draft is what i would like to see. We need a homerun hitting running back and i dont care how many int's allen get's he is getting burned way more often then that!

I mean, I know they don't care about us Fans, but we know, don't we. Yes, we know about the less than adequate play calling, yes, and about the poor decisions too. Yes, we know.

Sounded like it was a Pittsburg Home game. Where were the fans today?

our secondary sucks,like it has most of the yr, our special teams gives a big return on pitts final drive, and we get twice in the red zone early and come up with just 6 pts. This team is mediocore at best, the OC has got to go. We will be lucky to be 8-8 if that happens goodbye Sparano and henning.

Lips is correct. It's only a touchback fumbled out of the back (or side) of the endzone. Otherwise, if Steelers recovered it would have been a TD

Doesn't matter anyway. We lose

This is hard to write, but Miami is going to have to upgrade the coach soon or later. I say hard , because I like Sparano, but you don't win in this league with likable coaches.

I know the Steelers are the class of the league... but teams have to stop making excuses at some point and win a big game.
Sooner or later you have to decide if you want to look back on another coaching era where a guy keeps his job for 5-10 years with an underachieving team while fans watch other teams play every January.

I know the team is not there talent wise yet and I know its been a short time since 1-15. However progress is not being made. The team is in a holding pattern. Last year when it mattered down the stretch , the team lost to Buffalo, Tennessee, Houston , Pitt etc.

This year its not only te losses, its the way the team is losing. At home. They are consistently being exploited in areas that are not being corrected. QB keepers on 4th and short with the game on the line have been killing the team going back to last season.
The team has failed to put together a collection of 11 players from the 53 man roster to cover a kickoff. When it happens over and over, it falls on the coach.

There are no excuses for Miami's inconsistency or failure to score TDs. The team has ROnnie Brown and Ricky Williams - two players with game changing ability. Brandon Marshall. Bess can clearly move the chains. Despite having an interior o line thqat is mediocre the team has arguable (overall) a good oline. And a coach that is a former oline coach.

You can continue to make excuses, but the offense fails when the game is on the line. When was the lst time the team threw vertically. Instead you see Marshall running 7-10 yard patterns and catching button hooks.
Effectively, defense are playing at an advantage covering only a 20 yard field, keeping iami in front of them. You can blame the o coordinator, but the coach is to blame when strategy does not change week to week.

The nature of the Jets, New England losses at home to division rivals is unacceptable. The team did not compete when the game was on the line and you can blame the coach for that.

Again, I like Sparano. I really do- he is humble, hard working and well spoken. But this team needs to evaluate its priorities (winning -anyone???)and standards and consider that the elite teams establish a sense of urgency and benchmark thqat is higher than what this once great organization has fallen to.

This feels and looks like a Wandstadt loss, except that I would argue that the talent is much better. And frustratingly, I cannot blame the players. Some of them are overachieving free agents, and undrafted. The pedigree players produce when utilized to their advantage, but they are rarely put in position to succeed. The young QB is clearly talented, but not in a qb friendly coaching environment and his development is obviously being retarded in the anemic, predictable offensive scripts. Wildcat (and the dreaded WildPat)
last year when the novelty wore off.
Moreover... the players literally look like they are searching for leadership or someone to show them how to win.

Meanwhile the coach is playing checkers while his opponents appear to be playing chess.
I think he stays this season, and you arent going to find your coach of the future in mid-season anyway, but with another draft to fill the holes and some injured players back (actually you should expect injuries every year - well coached teams overachieve in that regard), Ireland may have to prove his worth in the most important personnel decision at his disposal - head coach. As a lifelong fan who has seen the glory years, it just sucks that this is shaping up as another wasted se
season - I'm getting older and I've seen this movie before. Don't bothe telling me that the season is young... you cant consistently go 2-2, 3-3 with home division losses and say - We'll catch fire late and make up for it and make the playoffs. The nature of your losses in big games says alot about you... embarrassed last year by Indy after dominating (prime time at home), the New Orleans meltdown with a 21 point lead, ... the losing stretch when it counted last year, the embarrassing home losses this year ... eventually the excuse run dry and you have to decide if the guy at the realms hasn't achieved all he can and after the season do something difficult - even dare I say, the most important choice that affects your franchise's future- not in desparation coming off a 1- 15 season (again I am forever gratefull for 2008). You have time to start thinking about charting the course of the future strategically and proactiveley - not reacting to a disaster, but in the cold hard light of the reality. Finding someone who is yes, I dare say it - better.

It might have been a bad call but I fail to understand how making Brandon Marshall insignificant helps the Dolphins win. You need points on the board, lots of points, to beat the Steelers. Unless you make Marshall a constant threat, you're likely to come up short against a good team.

Yeah, they played really well, considering. But how many people posted messages last season about how we need a game breaking wide receiver? Now that he's finally here, he's taken out of the game plan. The Dolphins had a chance to win even without all the crappy calls by the refs.

yeah secondary is awful outside of davis. let r.brown leave as a free agent. get a speed burner. use a 3rd or 4th on a great kick returner

I still think it was a bad call and Miami clearly, to me, recovered that fumble - but bad calls and bad rules aside, we still had opportunities and didn`t put them away.

Given how weak our back half of the schedule will be, if we can beat the Jets and the Pats, we make the playoffs... and we obviously can play with the big boys..

Henne is a "true 2nd year QB" he will get better and better. Pitt is top notch, we did okay.

Posted by: Po White Trash | October 24, 2010 at 05:04 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/10/dolphins-lose-to-steelers-23-22-in-another-home-loss/comments/page/4/#comments#ixzz13JS0otSS

Agree on both parts. Henne will get better and he has already shown that. BUT ALSO, "we did okay"... RIGHT! we just did "okay"... we should have done "GOOD" to "GREAT"... late-game offensive play-calling lost us the game (refs aside)

and fasano had the ball hit him in the hands and that was a
first down and he dropped the catch!!

F-I-R-E H-E-N-N-I-N-G!!!

the offense is not allowed to fumble ball foward on third down. ball comes back to where its fumbled.

Try and look at the good today Marc.....

Nobil YOU gottago u fukn Phony!! Every talk radio station is sayin what a screwin this was.Your only happy when we lose, what a piece of shyt u are

maybe any down

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