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Dolphins lose to Steelers 23-22 in another home loss

They came close.

But, as with all thing Dolphins at home this year, not close enough to matter.

The Dolphins were victimized by poor play-calling, poor officiating, poor coverage in the secondary and poor fan participation (yes, I said it. The stadium was like a morgue early on).

And the result is a 23-22 loss to Pittsburgh.

Your thoughts?


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Steelers are always getting the calls. That was a fumble but why take the timeout. bs.

I think we played better today than we did against Buffalo in week one - and as I said then, an ugly win is much better than a well played loss when it comes to the standings and making the playoffs.

e need wins, ugly or not, and we need them now. We can`t afford to fall 3 4 games behind the Jets and/or the Pats.

Off subject but is anyone seeing what oakland is doing to denver LOL!!!

Thanks JAX....


Gee, how many times can a quarterback run the ball on the goal line. I know it's coming, they know it's coming, the crowd knows it's coming, but the coaches don't. Anyway, the refs blew it because if the play is close to being ruled a fumble, at least make the effort to see who recovers it. Also, the Dolphins should have waited for the two minute warning and not rushed another play. They had time and decent field position.

Make em where black.....Thats the answer

I posted the good Po...

The problem is, it still aint GOOD ENOUGH

Hey, man, c'mon, you talking to Vegas?

It aint goid enough when u get screwed by the worst call EVER made by an official Marc. That ref needs to be FIRED period

in the shotgun inside the 5, first thing i said was watch the draw you could just feel that was coming

I dont understand the play calling at times for Miami. Do the coaches have any trust in Henne? When a team learns how to lose games they lose games and it becomes a long frustrating season. The miami dolphins learned how to lose games, so expect it. We are a 3-3 team and this is no surprise.

We need to promote an investigation of the league...it's as rigged as the NBA with calls here and there to help sway the outcome. A retarded monkey could see the dolphins jumped on the ball, and a dolphins player walked out and had it in the end. Instead the official went under the review and took forever for the league to determine the explanative storyline.

The league wants certain teams and players (which i wont go into which anyway, but it's obvious) to succeed. You can call 2+2=4 a conspiracy...I call it math.

Blame also goes to the Dolphins for playing to grind out clock and wins (never are they comfortably ahead) to always be susceptible to fixed outcomes when going against the teams the league wants to see win in the end. Carl Peterson is also not the answer (fins season ticket holder from Kansas City saying this).

Beautiful front shot of Sproles returning a kickoff, seeing the blocking schemes, how he picked the holes. To the 30.

0-3 @ home... keep henning, real winner there

Rather than worrying about stuff we can't control like the refs, why not concentrate on things we can control like the players and coaches? Here's one, how about next year we burn a 6th or 7th rounder on a kickoff specialist who can kick it into or out of the endzone once in a while. We give up 50-100 yards or more(over and above the 20 yard line for a touchback) every damn game it seems! Those are yards we could use at the end of these close games.

I agree, Henning needs to go, Sparano needs to get better fast, and the refs blew this one. But to everyone complaining about the timeout after the review, the refs clearly said the clock would start running at the whistle, so it would have gone to the 2 minute warning. A timeout was the right call, in my opinion.

It's so hard to be a Dolphins fan sometimes.

The ref made a Salomonic decision but our play calling sucks. If the ofensive coordinator doesnt have faiht in Hennen, one of them needs to go.

I have a problem with the Offensive coordinator, his play selection is very questionable. Ronnie Brown is a bust, a #2 overall pick, BUST!! Henne is not the answer, no pocket presence, locks on receivers, holds the ball to long, does not anticipate routes, journeyman backup at best. The Defense is soft up front these are not run stoppers and the secondary is mediocre at best. The safeties are not cover safeties, Bell should be a linebacker except he lacks the size. Has anyone seen our FS, anyone? This guy has yet to make a play. In a nut shell 3rd year under this administration with little to some improvement. Personnel free agency decisions have been very iffy at best, with a couple of exceptions. The draft has not been much better the only homerun there has been JAKE LONG, after that what?

Some guy just posted in the Herald so i cant claim this as mine but why dont we just onside kick it every time at least that way we have a chance at the ball and the oppo cant run it back on us , thats how desperate our special teams are, its hands over the eyes time when we kick it away at the mo

dave t

No problem Marc, know you are a fan, just don't hate, our boys played tough.

We are on our way!

But was it a bad call or a bad rule?

Did the ref need to see the recovery, on the replay, without a reasonable doubt?

If that is the rule, then I find it a crappy rule that heavily favors the team fumbling the ball as 90% of fumble recoveries are only determined after the scrum is cleared. But if that really is the rule, the replay was not absolutely conclusive.. it looked like Miami had the best chance at the ball but it wasn't conclusive that they got it right away.

Either way, it was either a BAD rule or a BAD call.

Finally, and will say it once more, it was a damn close game and we matched up against the best defense in the league, and lost by 1 point. We moved the ball, we stopped the run, we forced turnovers when we needed them.. the only real complaint I have it the last field goal was a bit conservative and the last drive was rushed unecessarily - that pass to Fasano was destined to fail as they were being too cute with that hurry-up.

Bad rule Lips.....

Way to think on the last paragraph Lips, you get it!

No problem Marc, know you are a fan, just don't hate, our boys played tough.

We are on our way!

Posted by: Po White Trash | October 24, 2010 at 05:35 PM

But where???????????

Now the positives. Very good effort again; a shame. Phins offensive line neutralized a superior defensive line(even got 2 of their players out of there). Just for that, I think Miami is playoff bound.

Com on man................

CM, we played tough!

2nd year starting QB, young D, hurt D.

We won that game, give up some love.

Worst call in a long time by ref, terrible conservative play calling on FG drive to take a 2 point lead.

Two things need to change.

1. Henning suckes, he needs to go
2. Ricky needs the ball more, Ronnie dances too much

ok, three

We need to win at Home

We can always get back Cam CM......

where cuban, to an 8-8 record. will that be enough to change coaches?

Ya, I think some players are too used to playing games like D&D - where you pick up some dice, and when the offense makes the right call, they automatically get +16 yrds with a roll of 3 or higher.. or some such crap.

I don't buy the henning line about wildcat 2 yrs ago being reason to run it earlier this season, i don't buy that ever bad play is all about execution.. i believe that a lot of times, we are conservative, and some times, we make bad calls, but I also believe we execute poorly some times... and sometimes, I see us miss a huge hole, or run into our own player and a 10 yrd gain goes for 1 or 2 instead and we blame the play call...

i think top to bottom, we can do better, we must do better, but as I said earlier, ugly wins are better than pretty losses... so i sure hope we get some wins, ugly or pretty, cause I would like us to make a charge as we hit the easier part of the schedule with something left to play for..

I mean some posters, not players.

Actually, I saw improvement in Henne today. He was going through his reads, TURNING HIS HEAD, even checked off positively a couple of times. Amazing! Keep it up.

The year ain't over yet boys......

Keep the faith.

Never, in 47 years of watching football have i seen a call that bad. The NFL should reimburse every single Dolphins ticket holder. Major League Baseball actually made the KC Royals and Yankees come back on the field after the George Brett Pine Tar Imcident and start playimg where they left off. The NFL should do EXACTLY the same because of the egrigious nature of this call. This was either a TD or Touchback, the refs cannot make anyother call according to the rules. Most disgusting call EVER in an NFL game. This could ruin an entire season, unacceptable.

Easier part of the schedule? Where?

bill_cnnrs, the only so called Dolphin fan whose happy when the Fins lose. FAKE, PHONY KC Resident who should stay there

bobbyd12, you are incorrect. It is not an automatic touchback to fumble into the end zone.

If Ben fumbled it forward and he recovered in the end zone - TD
If Ben fumbled it and someone else for the steelers recovered it, Pitts gets the ball at the half yrd line
If ben fumbled it and Miami recovers, touchback
If ben does not fumble, it is a Pitt TD.

Those were the options.

As for the call - if what the ref said was true, that they had to see the recovery on the screen, then it was hard to do, cause everyone jumped the ball... shitty rule - and I never understand why they don't play every potential fumble right through until they determine possession on the field as a back up, but if that is the rule, it is what it is..

On a side note - Cutler threw 4 INTs for the bears... ALL of them to Deangelo Hall. Quite the day for Hall!

Some serious pressure was applied to the Big One(we got one of their Olinemen out). Just for that, I think Pittsburgh won't have it so easy getting to the SB.

Lips, you didnt TWO Miami players recover that fumble?????? they showed the play over and over on the Jumbotron, there wasnt a Pittsburg Steeler within 10 Feet of that ball!!! This is either A. an egrigious call by the ref or B. a ref who was paid off There is NO EXCUSE to miss this call. Like I said, 47 years of football and that was THE WORST ever!!!!! Not even the Pittsburg Fans were celebrating on the way out,everyone was dead quiet leaving that stadium knowing what a screwin happened. Dolphin Players, radio and TV all said the same thing. HORRIBLE call that the NFL cant defend.

I would like to respond to Marc's comment:

Explain to me why a $50 million dollar receiver only catches 2-3 passes in a game?

And I really would. Unfortunately, a decision was made several weeks ago that we were to longer allowed to post such comments.

Thanks for speaking up!

Next year is my LAST year of season tickets, if the NFL is that obvious to choreograph a loss AND wanna be fake like Wrestling then ill keep my money and spend it elsewhere. DISGUSTING call and wrong in every sense.

Mike @ 5:14 I Just spit out my Beer!!!! LMAO!

Why do we sit here & make on lame excuses like "the reffs stole it" .!?!?

Really !!
When your Off can't convert on 3rd down & your kicker is your
Offense you get what you deserve.

Compare Rothlesbergers 3rd dwn conversions to Hennes & you will have your answer.

It's a miracle our Deff kept us in it as long as they did.

We just haven't learned how to go for the jugular & just dominate.
We'd rather keep it close so we have a chance to loose it.

It's a lot easier to blame the Reffs than look in the mirror.


henning is a poor off coord. now hat parcels is gone they need to fire henning. his play calling lacks imagination. the game has clearly pased him by


Ben was within 10 feet of the ball. So was one of the linemen who was near the 3 or 4 Dolphins that jumped on the ball.

As I said, I think Miami recovered the ball, but I saw them jump near it, never once did I see them possess the ball on the replay. If there is an image like that, then I take it back.. but I never saw it.

Listen, I want to punch a baby am so mad about this loss, but if the rule states that the video replay must show clear and undisputed possession, then I say it was the right call.. the VIDEO didnt show it...

and Miami coming out of the pile with the ball at the end is irrelevent... the refs called the play dead - a TD. should they have? No - I would prefer they let it play out and then discuss it before making the official call... but they didn't. They called it dead and the players stopped fighting for it. Love it or leave it, what happened next is what the rules say should have happened.

Oh really sug? so its fine by you that the refs made a horribly wrong call at a critical point in the game?? Fact is we were AHEAD, i dont give two shyts how many 3rd downs Rapesburger converted. The game was stolen by a corrupt ref, there is no other way to see it besides that.

Henne played against the best defense in the nfl, how can you say he sucked?
It was a horrible call, and it DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. It gave pitt the lead.

It might as well have been a pick 6 since that call literally gave pitt the win.

People whining about being conservative are the same people that cried when henne had 300+ and marshall had 10+ receptions with picks and still lost.

Our fan base is obviously bi polar a just looking for a target.

Sure we had some bad play call but you still cant beat the refs even if perfect.

our team makes a big stop on the goal line on third down just like in the jets game and we get screwed again out of the win.

Terrible calls by NFL oficical and league officals
Exaple if same NFL officials who called todays game Miami vs Pittsburg. Example
Muhammad Ali
Total Fights 61
Wins by KO 67
Losses 05
Draws 00
No contests 00
Today NFL oficials and league officals. Stats as they would call as they did today
Total fights 61
Wins 00
Wins by KO 00
Losses 61
Draws 00
No contests 00

Iditos, give the dolphins credit. They scored more points then any Pitt opponent to date.

Our last in the league scoring offense playing against the best defense in the league left the field with a lead only to have the refs give the game to Pitt. We didn't do bad, we got shafted.

Poor fan participation? Fans pay money for the product on the field. Fan's owe the players nothing. Do something on the field worth cheering and they will get cheered.

Armando asked the PERFECT question, why is a referee who was born 30 miles out of Pittsburg the referee in this game??? Disgusting, corrupt Biased official. Everyone down here is saying it, FIRE HIM NOW


I'd like to agree with you but in order to beat certain teams in the NFL, you need to have the ability to score up to 30 points in some games.

Do you feel that the Miami Offense is up to doing that right now?

We just played the BEST D in the league, you don't put up 30+ points against the BEST D in the league.

We lost because the Refs gave em the game.

Did I say the #1 D in the league?

We need to hold our heads up HIGH!

Dolphins' point total was the highest against A stingy Pittsburgh this year.

DPLPHINS LOST because we could not convert 2 TOs in the red zone into TDs. That is it; discussion over, unlike the Dolphins I WIN!!!

Guess the cry babies are fillin their bottles.....

Yeah dude ya win for being the best Phins fan ever.

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