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Dolphins lose to Steelers 23-22 in another home loss

They came close.

But, as with all thing Dolphins at home this year, not close enough to matter.

The Dolphins were victimized by poor play-calling, poor officiating, poor coverage in the secondary and poor fan participation (yes, I said it. The stadium was like a morgue early on).

And the result is a 23-22 loss to Pittsburgh.

Your thoughts?


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we got some goooood fans here.

Templar, glad ya won, To bad your mom didn't use a condom.

Go pull for the Jets or Pats Geek.

We need speed, both at WR and RB positions. We have no gamebreakers and please don't say, well we had Ted "I run out of bounds at the first sign of contact" Ginn. Need to draft at least 1 RB who can hit the hole quickly and not dance like RB does. Ricky does it for positive yards, but is getting old.

Worst OC and play calling I have seen by any team in my 35+ yrs of watching football!!!

You are right about the speed Rick.

Stepping back for a second...a quick second, are MOST of us sort of proud of how our guys fought, and in some cases administered more punishment than we absorbed? 3 of THEIR guys out of the game.
Ben will know he was in a game. Yes, this is all about NEXT year, as no matter if we go 7-9, the league will STILL give us a 1st place schedule.

With that said, I'll say right here, that if we go 7-9 or worse, and Henning isn't replaced now, Sparano WILL be replaced at seasons end. NOLAN will then be the HC. You read it hear first...I think.


really meant to say, "aren't most of us proud, etc"
I am. Just bummed by the result of a hard fought game.

IMA,think you are right.


NFL(and many others) better be careful of favoritism. We all can see it when it happens and moreover, in these times, express it.

Not to crow, but i've been posting to mando for 2 years ago our lack of speed at RB, and, in fact posted early in the game (on Mando's game blog) that we had some huge holes, and R&R were sslllooooww getting to the hole. I asked if our backs were too deep for the handoff.

Alabama has 2 great backs, as does S Carolina (injured now, which will make him fall to us)
If Parcells were here, we get another 4.6 guy who can catch, instead of a guy who can just fly.
We could have had Sproles last year for a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

Going into this game, I said, this would be a defining game for this year. My thought are that they are a young team and are still building and I wanted to see them compete and play well. They are handicapped by poor play calling. In this league you cannot play not to lose and that's how we play on Offense.
Henne is fine and is better than servicable. Have to get a new OC, cannot just try and run the ball, different league than Riggins and Redskins of yesteryear Henning!!!

sheesh, sorry again. Meant to say "been posting to mando 2 years NOW, etc'

Angry fingers.

I'm done with this stupid excuse of a coaching staff. We have the players but lack the coaches to lead this team.
I was at the game today, and was totally disappointed with the play calling and lack of shots down-field to Marshall or even Hartline. When you have the best receiver in the league, you have to find a way to get him the ball.

All the apologists can complain all they want about the officiating, but at the end, it came down to play calling and execution. When you get the ball twice on turnovers and fail to score a TD in the red zone, then you're asking for it.

Also, without a doubt, Henning needs to get fired immediately. He is an arrogant idiot who thinks he knows it all and . I'm so sick of him and his excuses. We had a chance to win it at the end with 2:30 left. And what does Henning do? He runs the ball for a measly 2 yards on 1st down. Are you kidding me?

I'm done with this crap. They don't deserve us as fans.

I can already see Sparano defending his coaches and making excuses and going off about his nonsensical stats. What a joke! He can take his stats and shove'em!

I hate to say this, but NE has 2 1st, 2 2nds, and 2 3rd rounders in this upcoming draft. Quite incredible if you ask me, but if they want Ingram from Ala, they'll get him before us as they have Oaklands 1st pick...

Definitely have to get away from Parcells ball and get into the 21st century of football. Speed kills and we need more of it on the field on Offense. When you are playing vs the best run defense in the league why run? The short pass today has become the 4-6 yd run and we did it well, until coach got a tight sphinchter and got afrad to keep marcging down the field using the same calls.

We are at a turning point, next draft is make or break.

We draft TE RB and NT next year.

Don't know what order.

I'd say take best available of these three positions as they come, but we don't have a 2nd rounder (Marshall pickup).

As someone who is now well over 50, I can tell you that, sad to say, one's ability to kick butt and take #'s diminishes as the calendar's pages turn.
Usually, for me, it's focus. Sometimes, things (like my children's speech patterns) just seem so accelerated. I believe the game now moves to quickly for Dan.
I hold no malice towards him. This just a game, after all. But potentially, millions of $$$ rest in his ability to do his job.
He was always a conservative play caller. In my opinion. the WildCat is the epitome of conservative play calling. It is, essentially a single wing using a direct snap.
So he was breaking no real ground there, and it wasn't his creation in the first place.
Henning must go, but strangely it will be another way sparano will camouflage his own ineptitude. And another one bites the dust.

Good to have a good fan on here Rick, cant say as much for the whiners we have up in here...

You know who ya are.

Have some pampers coupons for ya....

B I T C H S.....

(This should have been posted first)

Sparano is actually lucky the officials call deflected much (deserved) criticism for poor game/clock management, and odd play-calling.
This is beginning to be a broken record. Forget Henne's supposed learning curve...how about Tony's?

This fault is worse than our lack of playmakers at TE and RB.

How many games have we either lost, or COULD have lost by Tony's lack of cool?

Henning is another matter. You (rightly) praised him for a call last week...which I believe was dumb luck on his part.
How else do you explain all the other times he's been the supreme drive killer.

We're a 2nd tier AFC team and will be just behind the playffs teams, but will finish better record wise than the awful NFC teams, so we'll pick around 13-19th. Should be good for a solid TE or NT, maybe a decent RB is still there..

PWT, you left out CB. We got beat HOW many times by Ward and co?

IMA, right.

RickyG, if we can scout better than we have, RB's can be had in the 4th-5th round...or undrafted.
NE's draft, as mentioned is unreal. Shows what a real front office can do.

I've not given up on this team. Just a shame we're not playing in the NFC WEST. LOL

PWT, getting this discussion off my chest is at least refreshing. I had a headache after the game (maybe it was the Yengling or my poor fantasy teams play) and not the fins game...

Yea, IMA, maybe we actually get a CB first, there are always good ones around the mid first round. Kinda looking stupid not keeping Allen around, could be playing this week.

Robo Henne looked stiff but managed to play fairly well, someone just has to tell him Brandon Marshall is on the team now. Play calls were laughable as usual, I was waiting for the Wildcat, it couldn't have been worse.

Let's not try a fake punt from the 50 there, or use a hurry up offense, or use any spread offense. Run Ronnie, Run!

Rick & IMA......

Keep the faith bros!

Yes it was a bad call. Yes we should have won the game.

But when are the Miami Dolphins going to realize the BIG problem is Dan Henning. Our offensive play calling is horrible. Not only is it predictable, but as far as offensive genius goes, were almost at a retard level.

First and 10 with 2:15 left and we need a field goal to win.

We run Ronnie Brown for a 1 yard gain. Then rush a pass play to Fassano for 6 yards for an incompletion.

On 3rd and 10 we throw an swing pass the was incomplete, if it would have been caught it would have lost 2-3 yards.

On 4th and 10 we throw a 5 yard dunk pass that is deflected for an interception.

Is this truly the way to WIN a game? Not one pass down-field? We just heard how impressed the Miami coaches are with our WR's.

I call for a vote....

Replace Dan Henning,

Hey, maybe we can get Norv Turner back next year as OC. He's not going to be around SD next year... :)

38 years I have been keeping the faith, at least I won one bet in that timeframe. I bet my Americas's team buddy's our favorite round of drinks that Miami would have a better record than Dallas within the first 3 years after Parcells and CO left. I won the 1st year, and will win again this year...

Maybe we look at getting Choice from Dallas, they have 3rbs and can't do anything with any of them.

hey can you explain if we challange the call and we got it right how come we lost our time out too.. the refs from pitts too wtf

How can any sensible fan complain about Henne's play. Get a life. I watched the game with a bunch of Steeler fans and they all were awed by Henne's play. He was calm in the pocket and often hit his 2nd and 3rd options. He is young and will be great. Our problem today was kickoff coverage, and conservatism in the red zone. We drive up and down the field and setle for 3 - damn good game though.

Good point, did we have a timeout left before that?

I was so wound up about the bad call I didn't even notice...

we didn't lose the TO...Tony inexplicably called one to ICE a PRO Bowl quality kicker attempting a 19 yard field goal

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed that, didn't see it on TV!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me???

I got a headache again!!!!

Season ticket holder in '66..as I've said many times here. I've SEEN IT ALL.
This Henning rivals Olivadotti in ineptitude, and both were retained out of loyalty.
Yet Welker and JT weren't.
What's good for the goose....???

OH Olivadotti... Man talk about bad!!! I would guess they'll have to get rid of Henning at the end of the season or Marshall will lose it. He'll likely call him out for conservative play calling before the seasons over as they are losing games they clearly should be winning. Defense has a few soft spots, but no one is perfect. Have to at least score on one of 5 FGs.

Hopefully with Parcells gone ross will start making personnel decisions that make sense and not for ego. Start with offesive coordinator. Every week I question WTF and why. Why didnt we get another receiver in FA. Why did we let taylor go. Why are we sticking with Henning. Why didnt we get the DB in FA. I am hoping thet now Parcells influence is gone we can get those people and actually win. Play calling sucks when it counts. Defense is looking good though. See what a coordinator and FA can do.

Yes,and all about the plays as drawn up. Pittsburg has multi 20 yard+ type crossing patterns. Us...uh...not so many, and even if we did, we don't use them.
Our offense is Kind of like the guy with the 8 inch tongue and the Favre-like tool, and all he wants to do is sca-rew. (that comment in NO way defines my physiology) LOL

Dolphin coaching staff is a joke...A lot of the plays that leave tons to be desired..Its to bad we don't have a mastermind like Belicheck...Dumps Moss..Doesn't miss a beat...So much talent...but no apparent killer instinct..sad....

For one the play calling was horrible, we did not once go deep down the field. While I understand protecting the ball other teams are taking chances down field? Why can't we, we have probably the best receiver in the league and you don't use him at all. Other teams take chances down the field, look at the Packers, Steelers, Patriots..they all did it to us. Yet we can't to say our lives...

While I would like nothing more than to blame the refs, this is one is all on the coaching staff. Dan Henning called a pathetic game and needs to go. We can't run the ball, we can't pass down field, how can we expect to win?

The refs effed up when they didn't bother to let the play go to completion like they are trained to do. If there's any uncertainty they are supposed to let it finish out. But instead, as soon as he crossed the line (without the ball) the ref was already turning to explain to the camera 'the call on the field is a touchdown.' Who gives a crap? You can do that AFTER you sort out the fumble recovery, you know, JUST IN CASE YOU BLEW THE CALL. The camera had the same view as the HL who signaled touchdown--all you saw was BR's back and the ball squirt into the endzone. If it was the Pats, they'd have gotten the call.

FG, agree about the coaching. However, I watched the Steelers dismantle the Titans for much of their game. I saw no such thing today.
We should have, COULD HAVE won this game. Inept play calling prevented that, along with another bad day for ST kickoff coverage.
Bess did a fine job on returns, i thought, but 2 fouls on one return (Cobbs) is a bit much to handle.

Stop whining about the dam referees! The offense lost this game plain and simple. The trips in the red zone that only produced field goals were huge but still wasn't the reason we lost. READ CAREFULLY: We lost because after the controversial call the Dolphins still had a great chance to win. They had plenty of time and only needed a field goal. That two -minute drive was the worst looking drive I've ever seen. Remember, the Steelers defense was banged up and tired yet the Dolphins couldn't even get a first down. Play calling was horrendous as was the execution. Brandon Marshal must be involved in that situation, that's the reason he was brought to Miami. Henne played great until that final drive,although Fasano's drop on 2nd down didn't help.Also the Dolphins rushed to get that play off before the 2 minute warning. Sloppy! It was the real reason we lost.

I thought Henne looked more like Pennington today, he was calm and collected even under some serious pressure, unfortunately old habits come back...see last play of last drive...

The playcalling is something that needs to be addressed...Henning has been doing this for so long and maybe it's time for him to go, but he may be able to start using MARSHALL with what he does best...Catch the deep ball!!

Coming away with field goals in the early going is not a reward...that's a last cause...we didn't help our own cause and if we were ahead, the review wouldn't have mattered!!

Anyone else tired of this team? Every year is the same thing, stupid calls and plays blow the game. We play every team close, down the wire, no matter if they're good or a bad team. Sick of it! This team will never win, EVER!

PO White Trash (fitting name) she did use a condom I won there too.

Henning has to go. I can't believe that the receivers could not get open. If they couldn't with the time that Henne had to pass, then we have a problem with them or the coach!!!!!!

im sick of these dump passes henne keeps throwing.. my question is if henne is dumping them off or if thats actually the play call? dont get me wrong i like gaininf yarda on every play but come on, stop the stupid dump passes, they dont do anything... the refa sxrewed the fins at the end but we all can agree that it shouldnt have been that close.. 5 fgs is a disgrace.. atleast 2 of the 5 should hve been tds

Dont get so bent on fire this guy or that.I am so sick of such give it to me now right now people.This team is going 10 and 6 0r better mark it down.most of you couldnt coach little leage. But you got it all figured out,Henning,Saprano, and the players will do just fine.See you in Ohio next week.I will be there to watch the grind back to the top.

0-3 at home. Sun Life Stadium or whatever it is known as this week is a terible stadium as far as a homefield advantage goes. Dolphins havent had that since the Orange Bowl. The stands are 2 miles from the field. Mr. Ross needs to stop worrying about "superstar" part owners, night clubs and whatever else,and making it an experience. So what if ypu have these things and your team loses. People want to see their team win not too much caring about anythinh else. A winning product on the field will make a sub-standard stadium a great place

Referee Gene definitely put the "rat" in steRATore! What a sorry excuse for a ref and crew!

The Season is not over it is only 6 games into the season. Ok the Division might be gone but you never know for a Wild card spot.

Still at 3-3 you have a shot with 10 games to go.

Vs Cincy Win
Vs Ravens Loss/Win??
Vs Titans Win
Vs Bears Win
Vs Raiders Win
Vs Browns Win
Vs Lions Win
Vs Jets Win/Loss??
Vs Bills Win
Vs Patriots Win/Loss??

Miami to have a shot must go 7-3 from here on in.

The game we lost to the Steelers we should have won no excuses although we got robbed as we had plenty of chances to put the Steelers away. It makes me sick, this Dolphins team is very close, just have a little patience because if it's not this year watch out next year provided they reach a new deal!!!

All those people who are not loyal enough to their team should not watch sports as you can't take losing.

I play sports actually cricket and sometimes things don't go your way. Have to be resilient and watch things will only get better for this Miami team.

Go Fins we can still do it.

Armando, Your fan participation comment is right. I had season tickets for years and every game it seemed that it took midway thru the second quarter for the stands to fill up. My seats were on the end of the aisle and I would miss half the game trying to look past all the late "stragglers" that would saunter in up the stadium steps. This used to drive me nuts. Mr. Ross seems to be working diligently to make the games fan friendly but there's not a darn thing he can do about that. It's the truth Armando, and the truth hurts.

here id my take on the home field advantage. I remember a time when the only seats you would see opposing fans were the uper deck in the corners. Now you see them all over like at the Steelers game. If you are selling your season tix to an opposing team's fans you should be ashamed of your self. I know with Stub Hub

The worst call was giving the ball to Brown (who was having a horrible day and lost a couple of yards) on a 3rd and one when Polite (the best third and one back in the league)was on the field. Sure the running game is important but not when it puts your QB in third and long situations on 80% of the possessions.

Play-calling on both sides of the ball lost us the game. We don't try even one deep pass? Seriously - why get Marshall and waste him on these routes? And Steelers 3rd and 9 and back against their own goal line and we rush 3 guys? We blitz less than last year-unbelievable. And I can't even talk about the clock management! Get these guys out of here.

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