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Dolphins lose to Steelers 23-22 in another home loss

They came close.

But, as with all thing Dolphins at home this year, not close enough to matter.

The Dolphins were victimized by poor play-calling, poor officiating, poor coverage in the secondary and poor fan participation (yes, I said it. The stadium was like a morgue early on).

And the result is a 23-22 loss to Pittsburgh.

Your thoughts?


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Very disappointing play calls. On 3 and 2, instead of lining up under center and having a myriad of options (including play action if they really wanted to throw), they go shot gun, then 3 and 1 and line up under center for a poorly designed run!

Henning does this same stupid play calling week after week. it is way past old. he needs to go!

Sparano and Henning need to go. This team has talented players but the coaching staff obviously does not know how to use them. The offensive play calling is atrocious. The special teams are a mess. Forget the bad call on the fumble. What about 4 yards on 4 plays on the final drive? The old style of run first and pass second has long been over in this league. We need a coach that understands TODAYS NFL and gets with the program. We have some great quality players but they won't be around forever. Need to make a move now. I say fire Sparano and Henning and bring in John Gruden to run this team and this offense.

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