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Dolphins must decide what they are going to be in 2010

The Dolphins this year have beaten Buffalo (0-6), Minnesota (2-4) and Green Bay (4-3). They've lost to New England (5-1), the Jets (5-1) and Pittsburgh (5-1).

So that basically tells you the Dolphins cannot beat the really good teams, but they can handle the bad or struggling teams quite well.

Eventually, the Dolphins have to decide if they are more than just a team that will only pretend to hang with the good teams. "We're just trying to make that leap and decide that we want to be a good team," running back Ricky Williams told the Cincinnati media on a conference call. "But right now we're just kind of back and forth."

This week sounds like a forth "kind of" week. The Bengals are not elite. They have a 2-4 record which suggests they have a myriad issues and further suggests the Dolphins can prosper against them on Sunday.

So the outlook is good this weekend.

But is that what the Dolphins really want to be? I don't think so. Coach Tony Sparano has been telling his players that they have reached the time in the season when teams start to pick what they are likely to become. The good teams get on a roll. The bad teams struggle. The mediocre teams continue to have good weeks followed by bad.

So you will soon start to see what these Dolphins really are.

Remember the Dolphins follow this supposedly winnable game with a trip to Baltimore, which is a much tougher, much more likely playoff contender. Will the Dolphins win this weekend and lose the next?

That would just keep them on the .500 roller coaster.

Sparano has implored his team to be better than that.

Do they have it in them?


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they're mediocre. That's obvious to everybody except coach stupano.

They need Pennington.

if Dan Henning stinks it up again with head scratching play calls in the first half Sunday, and stagnates the offensive offense ...

they ought to put Chad P. in the booth talking to Chad H. and directing the game ...

Well, if it weren't for that one bad call against Pittsburg, they'd likely be 4-2. We'd be talking about one loss that was mostly because of special teams. The other loss could be chalked up to bad karma from orange uniforms and NBC and Stephen Ross teaming up to call football "futbol Americano".

The Dolphins' season is in front of them. It will be tough but not impossible to win the east. They'll be playing all the teams that they'll compete for wildcard spots with (Baltimore, Tennesse, etc.).

There's still plenty of time to get the ball rolling.

if sparano wanted them to be more than a 500 ball club then he shouldve preached better production against GOOD teams instead of yappin and fist pumpin his way to 3-3.

Every game the Dolphins get better. This is a young team learning to play together who has been dealing with some injuries but basically getting better integrated. We have shown the ability to play close with top teams but we need to raise it another notch. We will. I expect we win 10-11 games this season and make the playoffs.

Henning can't even get the ball rolling for more than a few plays. It's not too late to get Gruden or Mariucci in here to call plays. Henning Must Go !!!

mike, it wasnt that call that lost the game for miami, it was the constant inability to capitalize on anything the steelers were giving miami such as field position and turnovers, dont forget even with the refs blunder miami made an even bigger blunder by calling their last timeout before the extra point with less than two minutes left. No, im afraid that only miami and their coaching staff are to blame for not being 4-2.

This tseam was built to keep games close and win in the end. Why is Henning giving up at the end? No 2 min offense? C'mon let someone else call the plays. Someone who has some balls.

henning needs to have a premature heart attack that doesnt necessarily kill him but stops him from calling plays from the booth and kicks him out the game today, im sorry but i dont think the guy will gradually walk away unless its to a nursing home or a grave.......


We do not have a deep WR treat thus, it is better to use the more accurate QB in short and middle distances that is where our receivers excel. Is time to line up Pennington and sit the rocket and entrusted arm Henne

lewD comment is probably one of the smartest things I've ever read on this blog.

Fire Henning and we will make that leap

Hey Student..we are not getting better every game...we do good, then regress, do good, then back to the toilet!

And yes..i believe Penne can call better games than henning for sure..

@ lewD, Well said man I dont see why not. They already call him "coach Pennington"

The talent level on the dolphins is improving and the players have heart. They might be able to overcome the horrible play calling of Henning. Henning plays to lose and has for years. What OC has a Pete Carroll approach? I wish we had somehow managed to land Pete Carroll.

The Bengals may not be elite, but certainly pose a problem for the defense. Without constant pressure on Palmer I am worried about what their offense can do.

I hate to admit it, but I think we will get torched.


Henning is a parasite. And he's bringing the whole team down. All he does is throw his players under the bus. How is his sorry play-calling helping the D in practice?

Your weather for Sunday in Cincinnati:

Mostly sunny, with a high near 58. North wind between 5 and 7 mph.

Good weather for a team to decide who they are.

Who are the Dolphins?

A tough
speed lacking
prone to giving up one or two big plays
wear you down TEAM...

That needs to win the turnover battle and play with an early lead...

That is a Smart offensive gameplan
Deep threat WR
Change of pace pass catching RB
Sound Consistent Special Teams play
Away from being a Superbowl Contender...

Go Phins!

DC Dolfan! Help a brutha out! Gettin' down to my last hurrah's. fforganizer@yahoo.com is not my usual e-mail, but is the place to contact me for THIS! You have good thoughts, and we're hoping to find a big Fin Fan to replace a guy we are losing in our FF keeper league, with a national sportswriter you DEFINITELY know. Like your Dolphins posts here at the Herald, and hoping you'll shoot an e-mail.


I also wonder...WHO is the LEADER is on the Team?

Ricky? Too passive not his style?

Ronnie? Hasn't been all these years?

Crowder? A little too out of control?

Y.Bell? Not quite a top echelon player?

Henne? Not yet, maybe never?

Long? All Pro but hasn't won anything yet, no playoff mojo?

Marshall? Too Volatile no winning pedigree (see Long)?

Dansby? Superbowl appearance and came up big in that run, solid player, but???

Coaching? Parcell's had the resume, Nolan X&O guy, tossed out of SF. Sparano? I don't know???
Henning? My feeling is there are some doubters on the team? Notice the "WILDCAT" is gone? My guess is that there was some serious in-fighting after the NE game?

So Mando, I answer your question with a question. Who is going to step up and be the LEADER?

You can't win without one or two or four.

Go Phins!


Pete Caroll is a Defensive guy. He delegates the offense to others. Kiffen, Sarkesien,Chow are the last 3.

Go Phins!

We are every bit as good as Pittsburgh and the Jets, we fought them tooth and nail and both those teams know it. It is too early to imply we are on a sinking ship.

pennington is more experienced and makes more plays. miami could be an elite team with pennington at quarterback. he can throw the touch pass and gets more points on the scoreboard. he can lead a team. henne needs more time at the possibility that he can develop down the road and that means by by 2010 season. sparano means well but he is coaching wrong. hopefully henne and sparano read these comments and work hard to go undefeated the rest of the way. that would be a superbowl trophy and incredible fist pumps/right crosses.

the only thing holding our team back is our offensive coordinator...the guy sucks and Sparano knows it, its only matter of time til henning gets canned

get real ricky,henne is the future for now.Better than pennington.

The team suffers due to lack of head coaching experence! We all saw it on the last drive vs Pitt and we'll see it again & again this season.

i agree with zach. henning needs to be fired. have some nuts sparano and fire him!

we have only 8 attempts of 21 yards or better passing.,we have the best wide recivier in the game with only one touchdown catch. every win has been ugly this year,this is not football,this babying players making millions of dollars.this is new school not old school.let them play football(only two touchdowns a game).is that all you got coach.

I dont think I will be very busy this weekend. It will be hard to celebrate fg"s when my secondary is giving up tds.

did we bring brandon marshall to the dolphins to make devon bess the best receiver in football. throw brandon the ball!!


Brangetterdon says:

“We had so many opportunities to put this team away,” he said. “We got gifts. It was Christmas for us. We got two turnovers in their Green Zone. All we had to do is punch it in, and we failed to do that.

failed to do that

failed to do that

failed to do that

failed to do that

failed to do that

U get that, Huh?

I don't mind a conservative offense, but even with Marshall they are still sitting on the run. The play calling is so myopic that I actually cheer when I see a 10 yard pass. You can't expect Bess to run 8 yards after a 2 yard completion. They are starting to get all over him.
And blah blah blah blah, Joe whosamacallit that has watched football for 30 years and don't know squat because I don't make a living at it.

Miami Dolphins win the next 3 games 6-3

Ronnie Brown comes to life

Chad Henne shuts up the critics

Brandon Marshall earns 6 more TDs

Sean Smith comes to life and

... ***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

I'm becoming more and more impressed with B. Marshall. This guy is no diva recieva and actually is becoming one of the leaders of the team.

hey coach!!!
this his your third year with the phins, that should speech volumes friend!!!

No they do not have it in them. They have no speed on offense, or enough creative play calling. They have a QB who has not made the leap to dangerous. They have a special teams unit that if it did not use starters would be giving the ball to opponents at best on their 25 yd line like a college OT. This is a mediocre football team, period. 7-9 or 8-8 at best.

Home, they do that, and I'll admit they are ready to take the next step in their progression. But since '08, that's not what they really have been. They're a .500 team. Good at times, bad at times, inconsistent. You can't keep saying, "we almost had them. That's the best team in the league and we were right in it 'til the end." Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Miami needs to take the next step STRATEGICALLY! If you're always coming up short with the game plan you have, UPDATE IT to include more risk so that you might get more reward.

I really hope this happens, but knowing what I know I'd have to see it to believe it.

inconsistent , is the magic word DC .agree we need more risk to get more reward .

I think they will beat cincy, but we have always struggled agaianst Baltimore we just don't match up very well with them so most likely we will be 500 after 8 games which is not the end of the world the second half schedule is easier then the first 8 games, we could finish with a 6-2 and 2 record for the second half and be 10 and 6, and if we can beat the jets and pats the next time we will have a shot at the playoffs maybe, but we do need to grow a set of nuts starting this week

Was that just a totaly coherent thought and post from LOCO...I must be losing my mind.....going back to bed


Why can't we come up with ideas for posts like this. I should go ask Mike.

Guys, cut it out with the fire Henne stuff.

Even if the guy is calling bad plays, if the team was good enough, they would execute decent enough to redeem them.

With this team, it's more about player execution than anything else.

Meant Henning, not Henne.

this team needs some leadership and toughness. henning/sparano/henne isnt providing the team with a plan for success or the kind of leadership that the players buy into. sparano lost the team at the end of last year;just hope they can stay together this year. pitt tried hard to give us the game;we bumbled our way to another loss. wasted all our timeouts and showed no 2 minute offense nor red zone plays. gonna be a long year;still running the dink and dunk.

This blog is heading the same direction of the last....
I'll say it again... For those pounding the "Dan Henning" drum, like myself. I FIRMLY believe this to be his last season in Miami. But we have him for 10 more games...Period.

For those who want to pound the "Change at Head coach drum" listen..."WISE UP!"

In less then 10 years...Miami has been through enough Head Coaches that believing change at the head coaching position will "Get It Done" should have gone running out of your head somewhere between Dave Wannstedt and Nick Saban. All it would do it create another 4 year "Plan" for us to sit though. Unless you have a "HONEST and LIKELY" person of interest who would replace Sparano... I would keep the Head coach out of the mix. It is a situation that is currently unfix-able and Sparano is not as HALF bad as some others I have seen around here VERY recently.

I don't believe its QB's, RB's or DB's creating the problem. I feel that until Miami's philosophy changes from that of a team trying to NOT lose... to a team that takes it to the competition and Exerts their will on them... in other words..."Lets let it fly" Be it throwing or Ground Pounding... trying to win... it will stay status quot here in DolfanLand.

chris, if you read DC'S post before me ,you will see it's a well written post .


Winning in cin will give us a reason to believe we are capable .

Henne also need not to listen to Henning .in case Henning calls for specific play ,Henne should pretend he heard him wrong and air it to marshall .


henning has said that he calls the play but henne has the option of changing the play at the line. henne just tows the company line and seldom audibles out on his own. looks like coaching "not to make a mistake". any confident qb (brady,brees,manning,favre) would change in a heartbeat. sooner or later has to exit the kiddie pool and "learn how to swim". we need a leader;its starts at the qb. ps henne wasnt chosen a team capt.

good point greg,henne needs to be a leader and start to act like one.time is running out .

Greg z...
That I will certainly agree with. I watched Drew Breese way back when they played Minnesota. They had the mics up and the fans get very quiet for Breese to operate in N.O. so listening to him direct his People on the line was really cool. Breese is incredible to listen to.
I have heard very little from Henne in Games (Not his fault) I don't know if he direct people the way Breese or Manning does...I mean Manning is back there looking like he is conducting a Orchestra or something...arms flailing around... feet popping up and down... giving WR's "The Nod"... its funny at times.
I believe we forget this will be Henne's 20th game as a starter... just 20th. In that 20... ask yourself, is he better then he was the day he walked on for Pennington in San Diego? or when he played NY on Monday Night last year? Or Minnesota this year? I think so... I think he gets better every game... So at just 20 games he is throwing 300+ games regularly... where can he be at 35 or 40 Games?
If he is not playing here... I'D bet he would be playing AGAINST US somewhere like say...Buffalo. Where he would be the next 13 years... pounding us with down field throws by an O-co who knows how to use him and a new RB who is just getting wound up for a long career.

News Alert

Home w/ more breaking news NOT reported here:

MIAMI -- Magic Johnson says he would be interested in becoming the Miami Dolphins' latest celebrity limited partner, although his priority is to help Los Angeles get an NFL team.

Johnson said he recently met with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to discuss business, but he offered no details about the conversation.

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"I like Stephen Ross a lot," Johnson said Friday while attending the Miami Heat's game against Orlando. "Of course if he wants me to do business with him, we're going to do business together. If I can't get something done in L.A. and if he asks me to join the Dolphins, would I? Of course I would."

Johnson attended the Dolphins' home game Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Since taking over the Dolphins before last season, Ross has brought aboard as limited partners the Williams sisters, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Fergie and Marc Anthony. As part of Ross' attempt to boost attendance, the Dolphins now have a VIP entrance and South Beach-style club at games.

"He's a smart businessman, and he's a fun businessman," Johnson said. "See, that's the difference between a lot of owners. He understands marketing and making it fun, a great atmosphere.

Doesn't really matter what the smelly fish do this weekend. Bottom line is that they can't beat the good teams - you know the ones that go to the playoffs. Jets - Fish choke job. NE - Fish choke job. Pitt - Fish choke job. It was the same thing last year with Indi and the Saints.

Bieng mediocre this year ain't a bad team because they're not ready to compete, Henne ain't ready,offensive line, linebackers etc.
Maybe they go 6-10 and have a good shot at a great player in round one that can make a difference and 2011 will be a good year, with several players comin back.
Cincinati just one game behind and they've beatin better teams than the doofins so the game is even

I think the team is better than thier record. Game last week was stolen, played the Jets well, special teams still suck though. Why are they afraid to stretch the field with B Marshall? Take at least two or three shots a game and hope for a PI flag. I see a 10-6 wildcard and first round bowout.

I would imagine with many on here... the only way Miami would make you happy is if the won every game by 30 points... Then you be pissed it wasn't 40...

I talk about the issues... we all do... But for just once and awhile it would be nice to NOT have to skip through all of the Goobers practicing their "Dirty Dozens" on the MH blog... I wonder if some of you ever take a look at OTHER teams blogs...what they write about their teams...I'll tell ya.... They are all the same as this one... Its a Human condition to want what ya can't have... and not be pleased with what you do have... Please, before continuing in the "Pound The Dolphins game" try remembering the fact Miami is still very much in the deal at 3 & 3. And even if you are CONVINCED that you really do KNOW EVERYTHING.... time and Life have proven so many people like that wrong... it not worth listening to their chatter.

Now... we lose tomorrow and next week.... I'll be right here with ya.... Because it will be BAD DAYS in D-Ville......... 3 & 5 would be damned ugly.... I still say this team goes 10 & 6....

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