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Dolphins must decide what they are going to be in 2010

The Dolphins this year have beaten Buffalo (0-6), Minnesota (2-4) and Green Bay (4-3). They've lost to New England (5-1), the Jets (5-1) and Pittsburgh (5-1).

So that basically tells you the Dolphins cannot beat the really good teams, but they can handle the bad or struggling teams quite well.

Eventually, the Dolphins have to decide if they are more than just a team that will only pretend to hang with the good teams. "We're just trying to make that leap and decide that we want to be a good team," running back Ricky Williams told the Cincinnati media on a conference call. "But right now we're just kind of back and forth."

This week sounds like a forth "kind of" week. The Bengals are not elite. They have a 2-4 record which suggests they have a myriad issues and further suggests the Dolphins can prosper against them on Sunday.

So the outlook is good this weekend.

But is that what the Dolphins really want to be? I don't think so. Coach Tony Sparano has been telling his players that they have reached the time in the season when teams start to pick what they are likely to become. The good teams get on a roll. The bad teams struggle. The mediocre teams continue to have good weeks followed by bad.

So you will soon start to see what these Dolphins really are.

Remember the Dolphins follow this supposedly winnable game with a trip to Baltimore, which is a much tougher, much more likely playoff contender. Will the Dolphins win this weekend and lose the next?

That would just keep them on the .500 roller coaster.

Sparano has implored his team to be better than that.

Do they have it in them?


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Aloco....u can't possibly be as dumb as you pretend to be on this site....you act like a highly functional retard...i think thats the politically correct term. and i was ok with that....but then i realized that you post under multiple names and you can spell and write coherent semtences.

I feel dumber every time i read your gibberish....

please put this personality to bed.....

Football talk....go phins!


look henne is doing just fine. everyone thought the addition of marshall would fix the whole offense and we'd be elite. but we are missing things. TE's and i do mean plural!! we have one so-so TE. NE has 3 that are all better than our best. we don't have a speedster that stretches the field. both wallace? or the other rookie? and hartline are fairly fast but not being used in that capacity. we don't have a 3rd down back. we can find a speedster in FA, drafting a RB and TE's need to be a priority.

i hate the jets and honestly would hate having an ex-jet on the team. but i would trade one position in a heartbeat!!! no, not corner, or center, or RB or even TE. i would LOVE to trade henning for shotenheimer!! shotenheimer calls a much better game!! he's making sanchez look good. and sanchez is an average QB at best.

The proper question is: Has anyone implored Sparano & Henning to become better coaches?

Perhaps if they showed a bit more audacity, or daring, or confidence in their team, the Team would have clearly estalished its character.

Not fist-pumping when a three play drive stalls and a field goal is setted for might be a good beginning.

This coaching krew has taken much of the joy out of following this team.

Mando, I don't know if I'd call our three victories "handling them quite well." Against those bad or struggling teams, we won by a combined 12 points. The only hope I'm clinging to is that against two of the three good teams, we put up quite the fight. Unfortunately, that's been the story of the Fins for some time now...play to the level of our competition, and that says to me a mediocre team.

Something I want everyone to think about here.

Look at who we lost to and look at our offense compared to theirs.

Jets, NE and Pitt. Pitt is the exception here and we lost more because of a bad TD call than anything else.

But look at the WRs the Jets and NE has and then look at ours.

Marshall is >= Edwards = Cotchery <= Welker

fasano < Keller < Crumpler

Yes Marshall has given us a threat but it's only ONE threat! We need another speedy guy on the other side. I like hartline but he scares no one and they will just double team Marshall and take him out of the game!

Bess is getting all those receptions because they are playing Man on him in order to DT Marshall. And all these failed 3rd and longs that go to a dumper pass are because there is no one open down the field!

yet we are still playing tough with the exceptions of the Special teams failures against the two teams here.

We need to be patient. Took 10 years of offensive neglect to get to 1-15. It's going to take more than just 3 years to correct that!

One speed WR on the other side of Marshall and Henne will look great! Henning might to!

Yes he makes some weird playcalls, But the lack of deep passing has everything to do with defense taking away the only deep option we have!

correction Cotchery belongs next to Fasano.


Phinion, edward is sure much better than marshall .in every game he has a TD and he effected every game in a big way .just look at what he did vs miami .good post instead of the negative we read all day on this blog .

They better keep their focus. The bengals are a pretty talented team.

Jaison B, I have a wierd disgusting man crush on Schotenhimer too but the only way we get him is to hire him as our HC! If Sparano fails. I wouldnt mind him being on the list of interviews!

Aloco, Edwards thrives on drawing ridiculous pass interference calls. Marshall thrives on dominating opponents by running routes and catching passes. How often has he been targeted in the endzone

Special teams and playing calling is why were not 4-2. Otherwise this team is ready to be a contender.


coaching is the problem;its their philosophy of "taking a knee" and deferring. we dont want the ball in the hands of our offense. our offense feels this and is told not to make mistakes. you cant be successful playing scared ball in the nfl. we need to open up the playbook and use all our weapons. instead of using max protect for henne with everyone into protect, lets flood the field with our receivers;marshall,wallace,moore,hartline and bess in the slot. a quick passing game with slants and outs and deep post patterns. even playaction with r&r on routes. this would make for successful runs. need some new thinking. dont forget sparano was fired 3 years in a row in the nfl as a position coach before he caught on with parcells in dallas.

not mush disphan .but since the season almost certain for it's result let us give henne the chance to be who he is.

1-target marshall in the red zone
2-be leader
3-never again wldcat

Our passing game is ranked 12th...
Our rushing game is ranked 17th...
Our rush defense is ranked 13th...
Our pass defense is ranked 19th...

And that's completely consistent with the season so far.
The games are fun though so shut the f u c k up and let's keep rolling.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Being the Dolphins play the Bengals on Holloween, is there anyway the Dolphins could wear Pittsville Steelers uniforms as a costume ?

It should also help the Refs pick the Dolphins to win because they will think we are the Pittsville Steelers.

Come on Roger Goodell throw us Dolphins a bone.

Soiled :)

soiled is a man of funny bones .


precisely the right phrase. I used to characterize Wanny Ball as "take a knee" football. Sparano is Wannstedt Reincarnated.

A famous philosopher once said:History repeats itself; the first time as tragedy, the second tme as farce. We are in the farce phase.

Dull as dishwater, chcken scratch football.

2008 Dolphins come in at number 5 on the list of ALL-TIME turn arounds...

Sporano's victory cry after the win over the jets to give us our 11th win and the AFC EAST crown..."WHY NOT US"....as he hands Pennington the ball.

There is no reason he can't recapture that magic with Henne...He must again coach as if he has nothing to lose...not as if one blown play will get him fired....SPORANO IS OUR COACH....He isn't going anywhere....He needs our support but he also needs to understand the to keep our support he must earn it...week in and week out. Thats the way football is.

If you want to be un-checked and un-questioned in your decisions like Parcells, then Win a SB or two....You want the stability of a Belicheat....win a SB or three and more AFC EAST crowns than I can count.

Sporano....You are the man...you have a good team.....show some confidence in them and they will reward you.....

Remember Sporano...from your lips....

WHY NOT US!!!!!!!

Aloco I agree. Marshall is dominant and his nickname should be redzone


You should expect more from your team....They need to know you are holding them to a standard....that standard is 7 points....7 points!

Three points will is not a failure, but 7 points is the goal.....thats the mentality that you must instill going forward.


I am still waiting for an offensive explosion!

I think this is the week it might happen...

You people calling out henne are daffy. The moron sporwannstedt is the one to call out.

i think its the players they keep in devon bess is better then hartline,but yet they start hartline,ricky was running against pittsburgh better then ronnie yet they gave the ball 2 ronnie,sean smith was covering better then jason,but yet they kept jason in,it was not hard 4 me 2 see whAt they where doing wrong.

Guys..im a miami fan through and through...but im also realistic. I see the same pattern here..after our losses we are all mad on here, then as the next game approches some peeps start saying we are going to beat cincy 34-17...really? The only way..the only way that could possibly happen is of henning goes! Just watch over the next few weeks here guys, it will be the same old team thy we have had all year...refs or no refs...henning is still in place, and for those who forget week to week...its gonna be the same unless some changes are made. They hype us up before the next game and then we get lulled to sleep by henning..."we" meaning us the fans, and our players on the team. we need to make that OC change, i think we woukd be better off with a mid season change.

Hey Giovanni...explosion? explosion? cmon man! There is nothing "explosive" about henning period.
Henne, the team, and the fans are being fed dolphin poop each week. Why hasnt the media called henning out more than his joeblowfanguy, whatever that 1891 saying was that henning spewed out. He goes and all of a sudden henne is better, the team is better, and we can actually start winnibg games and actually go two scores ahead of an opponent...

Marshall gets his first two touchdown game of the year...

Lot's of negativity here; if it continues we'll seek other pastures.

My local newspaper reports that Magic Johnson would be interested in becoming another minority owner of the Dolphins. He attended the Steelers game by invitation from Ross to talk about business. Ross has not formally offered him any partnership.

It is well known that Ross wants to emulate the Lakers' ShowTime game experience with celebrities in attendance to boost ticket sales. Mr. Ross needs to remember the fundamental of any sports business: you can't sell tickets with a mediocre team. It's ambitious of him to glam up the game day experience with fireworks and a dance club, but die-hards and fickled fans alike are there to see a winning team. They're not there to dance (unless there's a hot new Sparano fist-pumping dance in the works) or pay more than $100 just to catch a glimpse of a has-been JLo.

Dear Mr. Salguero

True Holloween story

Last week when the Steelers rang the Dolphins doorbell the Dolphins answered the bell and saw Roger Goodell hideing in the bushes and there was a flaming pile of dog poo on our doorstep.

We had been tricked by the Roger Goodell and the NFL.

I gotta feeling this week when the Dolphins ring on the Bengals doorbell, Roger Goodell and the NFL will open the door and give the Dolphins there treat.

The End

Soiled :)

FWIW---I agree with the mid-season removal of Henning crowd...it's the ony way to see what Sparano & David Lee (perhaps, with an assist from Penny in the coache's booth) came conjure out of the offense.

Otherwise, we're into an offseason, do we keep Hening AND Sparano debate.

The fact that someone WAS great, or WAS very good (Henning, for example) does NOT mean they are reat or good NOW.

He's a Tuna old-crony......Tuna's jumped ship, so EFF hs pals & get someone in there who plays to win, not to avoid osing or to set up Carpenter's favored hashmark as soon as we get the ball

I'm just glad Carpenter gets the job done

Dear Mr. Salguero

Can a Team be great at being mediocre ?

During the season on Sunday mornings my hopes are high and the house is filled with joy.

Come Sunday evenings there's a 50-50 chance things won't be so joyful.

If we are a mediocre team why not shoot at being great at it.

Has a Team ever finished a season winless at home and undefeated on the road ?

Think about it...another Dolphin team that would pop a bottle of champagne at the end of the season.

Gotta shoot for somthin

Soiled :)

armando, i made a post before that i have not seen on the message board. i think i gave a bad email. i gave davonebess15@yahoo.com. if you still have the post, can you repost it. a better email is chadhenne007@aol.com. my name was fdny firefighter.

ooopps. i mean chadhenne007@yahoo.com.

coaches have to give henne a chance to succeed or fail. henne must become the leader. he has to grasp it,take it and prove it on the field. it has to show in his body language. if he doesnt he will lose the offense. schotty and rex gave sanchez the reins early this year;resulting in success so far. team became juiced and they feed off eachother. we can do the same but coaching has to wake up.

Watching NFL network sound FX and the first thing a smiling coach Tomlin said with all his players surrounding him "Im gonna be honest with you men" he then points directly to the camera "theres a camera right here" everyone chuckles cause they know they had just successfully pulled off a robbery. My stomach hasnt felt so sick since last year in SI where they show Darren Sharper three yards outside of the endzone while the ball is bouncing out the back of the zone for what should have been a Touchback, yet another NFL official is throwing his arms up for a Touchdown that he couldnt possibly call. How about the NFL drive home the point to our officials not to be so quick to call touchdowns. Infact why not let Replay be the deciding factor on all close touchdowns, that way you cant have liars like Rothlesiberger saying he let go because of a whistle. Or maybe officails could just do their jobs!

I hate to say it, but as a die hard Fins fan, most Dolphin fans are borderline retarded. Why would anyone want to bench Henne yet? Why is everyone so down on Soprano. They're both the best we've had at they're respective positions since Shula/Marino. Pennington???? C'Mon, do you people really want another year of a stopgap when Henne's shown progress to some degree EVERY week? Henning has been making some REALLY questionable moves this year, but what are they supposed to do? We're the biggest knee-jerk fans out there, and the dumbest outside of Jet fans. Sorry but it's true.


I thought you were reading my mind.

Right up until Henning and REALLY questionable.

Realistically and in all honesty, you're being WAY to kind. Questinable calls are made periodically. When questionable becomes consistant it equals one of two things. It's either insanity or senility. I don't think Dan Henning is insane.

I think he's the Brett Farve of Offensive coordinators.


I hear ya and would be more than happy to see him go, but that's one of those things that if our execution were better sometimes, he might also not look as bad. None the less he needs to go. I love Henne and Sparano, I just think our young team needs to put it all together and we'll be fine. Might be this year, might not....

Aloco....u can't possibly be as dumb as you pretend to be on this site....you act like a highly functional retard...i think thats the politically correct term. and i was ok with that....but then i realized that you post under multiple names and you can spell and write coherent semtences.

I feel dumber every time i read your gibberish....

please put this personality to bed.....

Football talk....go phins!


Posted by: kris |

ALOCO , you're going to sit here and take that like a POLLO or are you going to stand up like a MACHO MAN ?


that was among the funniest post i have read......Good to see u back.


Jorge...grow up....its the internet....not the play ground at recess. you do rwalize that....right?

this week Henning has an oppertunity to shut us all the hell up! will he take it? I don't know?

Certainly Henning isn't immune to the critisism.

I think wins heal all....we didn't care about our anemic offense in 08...because we were winning. last year we had a string of games when we scored over 25.

get a win this week and most will be well in MH blog land


The neighbors are pissed and I've had to air dry all morning.

Why can't you just use the toilet paper the way you're supposed to son?


That's just it. If Henning was winning all would be good.

Since he's loosing, he needs to adjust the gameplan to fit the talent.

Sort of like what Don Shula used to do.

Otherwise, he's just being stubborn and egotistical.

Kris, u made some valid points, but to me being consitant and stringing wins together is what needs to happen...then i will share your entire message. this stiuff of winning ome then loosing the next is my concern. we need a win streak badly and i just dont think henning can get lucky that many times in a row bro. I hope miami wins the rest of the games this year as i assume most of you want this too..but i cant get happy after one win this season because it seems we cant get a winning streak going.

Odin and Cow,

Agree 100%....you guys have translated perfectly what i was trying to say...sometimes i trip over my own thoughts

Win one,Lose one,lose two,win one lose one, Well they are away this week, I look for the away streak to continue, But the next week?????

don't worry

dolphin homers think this team is good with tony morono.

JASON TAYKOR HAS hired a CAA FOR His off field interests and speaking engagements .an NFL offical has confirmed that.

the fact that JT HAS HIRED THE CAA for all his business related issue,it means he's not looking for a new contract.

CAA HANDEL every thing but football .

the canes' season is over. whipple jr. sucks just as bad as whipple sr. does. send shannon packing now, as well as whipple, both horrible. as far as the dolphins, they are who i thought they were. just a mediocre team who cannot play with the elite teams in the nfl, but who can barely squeak by the sorry teams in the nfl. until they get better coaching and better players they will do nothing but keep going home for the playoffs!

JAson Taylor will retire for sure by end of the year .

Maybe Tony(Fist pump) Sparano should Patent his 'Fist pump, I just saw the auburn coach give a double fist pump, Though it was for a 75 yard run though...

Aloco, Who cares???????

cuban, i just write some some i learned not to worry about if some cares .
any way, did you have your pork yet ?

No But I gave Hot Ashley a good porking....


cuban, who are you going to vote for ;

3- christ

WE need our phins to go kick some @zzz on Sunday. Weird that we are playing a team that is black and orange on Halloween.

Aloco what is the movie of the night???

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