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Dolphins must decide what they are going to be in 2010

The Dolphins this year have beaten Buffalo (0-6), Minnesota (2-4) and Green Bay (4-3). They've lost to New England (5-1), the Jets (5-1) and Pittsburgh (5-1).

So that basically tells you the Dolphins cannot beat the really good teams, but they can handle the bad or struggling teams quite well.

Eventually, the Dolphins have to decide if they are more than just a team that will only pretend to hang with the good teams. "We're just trying to make that leap and decide that we want to be a good team," running back Ricky Williams told the Cincinnati media on a conference call. "But right now we're just kind of back and forth."

This week sounds like a forth "kind of" week. The Bengals are not elite. They have a 2-4 record which suggests they have a myriad issues and further suggests the Dolphins can prosper against them on Sunday.

So the outlook is good this weekend.

But is that what the Dolphins really want to be? I don't think so. Coach Tony Sparano has been telling his players that they have reached the time in the season when teams start to pick what they are likely to become. The good teams get on a roll. The bad teams struggle. The mediocre teams continue to have good weeks followed by bad.

So you will soon start to see what these Dolphins really are.

Remember the Dolphins follow this supposedly winnable game with a trip to Baltimore, which is a much tougher, much more likely playoff contender. Will the Dolphins win this weekend and lose the next?

That would just keep them on the .500 roller coaster.

Sparano has implored his team to be better than that.

Do they have it in them?


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Yes Aloco,

We knew. It's also just been confirmed, Henning will retire immediately.

He and Taylor have been cast in the upcoming remake of "Chico and the Man".

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Ya think Henning can pull it off?

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jason taylor figure it out ,he can retire and speak for money will make him more than playing for i million a year .



Absolutly, He could also be cast in any zombie movies too, The sky's the limits for the dead man...IMHO...

Anything away from football I'll endorse...

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Any predictions for Sunday's game???

I say Phins 28 Bungals 24

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we have to learn about how to built a winning franchise... we have just lost a game against one of them... that team had 3rd. qb in their first 4 games and they won 3 of them with DEFF!!!!... we scored 20+ points and still lost that game, cause we couldn´t finish them... how many games we have lost in the last 2 or 3 years ´cause we couldn´t hold on a lead...to many!!!.... let´s face it, this team needs to upgrade its def. in order to have success... there have been some improvment in the unit, but we still do not hold on when the game is on the line... and a good team does it.

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I guarantee you, with God as my witness, I got TWO, count em, TWO Blonde Hotties tonight.

Add both of their ages together and I still got em beat.

I can't guarantee I'll rail em both but that's the game plan. I'll be calling the plays and believe me, they'll truly be OFFENSIVE!

Posted by: odinseye | October 30, 2010 at 07:09 PM

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Against Bengals Dolphins will lead 17-13 going into the 4th qtr. Then like clockwork we'll again be outscored 10-3(field goal magic strikes again).

Final score: Bengals 23 Dolphins 20.

We win time of possesion and total yardage battle but lose the most important battle of all, final point total and suffer first road loss of the season!

You guys didnt really expect this road win streak to last forever did you? This is where 0-3 at home begins to really haunt us.


While your playing make believe that you don't hate your life tonight, I'll be SCORING touchdowns and going for TWO!!!!

Duty calls!

Have fun loser :)

Dying, I'am going with Carpenter being the high scorer again, Dont see 2 TDs from the Dead man run offense,....

Fake Aloco,

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This is going to be the week where we win going away. I know that there is no evidence from our current form that would lead anyone to think this possible. I just feel it. Here's how it goes. Phins get up early by running the ball effectivley in the Red zone. Put up 2 Td's in the first quarter en route to a 31-17 win. Bong Pipe goes nuts and has over 100 yards rushing, Ronnie score 2 short td's and Henne throws it less then 30 times.

We need at least one Cincy turnover to cash into 7pts. Downside to that is this coaching staff uses it to become increasingly conservative.

Resilliency is this coaching staff's primary weapon for victory. However, the downside to that is when properly translated, resilliency equals playing not to lose. Which properly translates to what we've witnissed every game except the Patriots game, either a nailbiting loss or nailbiting victory.

Playing not to lose gives you a general neighborhood 50/50 shot at victory. Im sure our final 9-7 to 7-9 win-loss record will effectively prove this.

Though I more expect our final record to be more like 8-8, if we incure more than two season ending injuries at key positions. We could even see our final record dip below 7-9.

If this current coaching trend continues our highend will be 9 victories and low end 7 victories. Injury to 2 or more extremely key personel and our victory total dips to 6 or less. Bank on this!

Dying breed how have you been?

I disagree with you on the road streak. I think it will last another week.

Fake Aloco,

I only have posted as DyingBreed the entire season.

PS: The real aLoco usually posts with a capital "L" and small "a". aLoco.

Oh My god, Somebody Posing as Aloco, Now my mind has been Blown.....LOL


Doing fine, thx for asking.

Current coaching staff believes more in resilliency than winning ball games. They are to overly concerned about playing not to lose than playing to win the damn game.

With this type of primary coaching philosophy I expect the road win streak to end much sooner than later. Therefore giving very high probability the other shoe falls in Cincy.

When something is to good to be true, it usually is. Especially when it comes to these Dolphins and current "resillient" staff.

Our primary problem with Brandon Marshall is that Dan Henning hasnt fully realized how to use him yet. If I were an OC, when ever the defense puts a safety over top, this is what I would do:


Use a pass where Henne underthrows the ball while Marshall has his back to him driving the defender down the field with him. Then suddenly stops and drives back to ball and makes the catch.

When the defender has been beaten a couple times by this he then becomes wide to the pump fake, Marshall beats him and then Marshall now essentially has one one coverage against the safety because the corner is now out of position. I like Marshall to win the battle in who comes down with the ball because of Marshall's size and ball skill ability.


Anytime it's 3rd and long it's a great time to go to Marshall deep. 3rd and longs are lower percentage conversion anyway. So have Henne go thru the first two progressions, if not open heave it to Marshall no matter how unopen he may seem to be.

Worst case scenario: If it's a pick it's just as effective or even more effective than a punt. Especially if it places the opponent's offense well inside the 10yd line.

Lesser worst case scenario: Incompleteion and we still punt.

Best case scenario: Is a long complettion, td completion, or defensive pass interference.


I still believe! go phins!!

Bottom line fins are a good team with a good qb not a great qb, yes he will get better but will never be great. A good qb with bad play calling = loss. A great qb with bad play calling will give you a win most of the time. A great qb with good play will give you a win.Fix one of the two problems your a wild card fix both problems your in the super bowl.

Dan Henning is going to dress up as a wild Cat for Halloween.

Anyone thinking this current offense with extremely limited quick strike ability, a defense that's struggles to get off the field in certain key 3rd down, and doesnt turn turnovers into td's offensively or defensively. You may be a little delusional.

With the severe lack of quick strike ability personel we need a defense that will lead the league in least points allowed by a considerable margin or most points scored on opponents turnovers by an equally considerable margin.

Guys playcalling itself isnt as big a problem as you think. Here are the most pressing problems offensively in order of importance:

1. Extremely limited quick strike personel(RB, WR)

2. OC doesnt get the max from the personel we do have.

3. Really dont think they are allowing Henne to audible. I believe this why we burn so many needless timeouts and have none when we need them most.

4. Play calling. But only 20% 0f what we actually think is bad play calling may really be bad play calling.

The other 80% of what we are calling bad playcalling is just being over conservative playcalling because we have a young qb they do not fully trust yet and we have extremely limited quick strike big play producing personel outside of chiefly Brandon Marshall.

Do I start Henne or Rivers?

Just some perspective phinsfans, we all want our team to win every game or at least play to their potential every game but trith be told they are a very young team overall. theyre depending on some some players that are in the beginning of their development.

cont... some young players in key positions. with excrption of the RB position almost all of our players arrows are pointing up. We did go out and get 2 prize FA this year and will still be in their prime when the other peices are ready. As we all know RB is a position that can

excell early if everything else is in place. I look for that to be the main upgrade in the OS. As for right now, this team is competing and getting better, they are still trying to learn how to win consistantly. It will happen, and happen this year!

Sorry, can't type for crap... kept pushing send.

Note to kids in my area who may be coming to my house Trick-or-Treating tonight:

You little basterds better PRAY the Dolphins win today. Because if they lose, I'll be the scariest thing you wild rugrats see ALL day. I ain't joking. Ring my bell and you might get a tootsie roll in your eye. Maybe a dum-dum up your arse. I don't care if you parents are at the bottom of the stairs, wide-eyed in fear and terror from my obscenity-laced greeting. It ain't all about YOU and ghosts and goblins. It's about THE MIAMI DOLPHINS, pulling out a win against a banged-up Cincy team we CAN and SHOULD beat. I ain't playin, I'm just sayin'. If God knows best, then Miami better win, or it'll be a terrible day for the children of NE DC. Seriously, here's a likely scenario if we lose:

(doorbell rings)
kid: Trick or Treat
Me: Trick or treat? Is that what you said you rotten, foul-mouthed little punk? How about this, gimme your candy! (grabs bag out of kid's hands). Now you ain't got nothin'! Why don't you go crying to your mommy you sugary, soft-ass accident. Yeah, I said it, YOU WERE AN ACCIDENT! If you had never been born, your parents could have moved into a bigger house. But now they're stuck in their one-room shack with your blabberin'-ass. What are your grades like, because you look slightly retarding, you bad seed? I hate you, I hate your parents, and if they try to come get your candy back, I'll stab them in the heart with a snickers bar, GOT IT KID! My team lost, LEAVE ME ALONE!

Anyway, something like that. You get the point. Miami better WIN! GO DOLPHINS!

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You keep running for another place
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You keep running for another place
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Miami Dolphins Pound The Rock, today.
Saving Grace
***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Wake 2 sacks, Vontae int, Marshall 2TD. Lets go Phins!

Good morning fellow Dolphin fans

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