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Dolphins must decide what they are going to be in 2010

The Dolphins this year have beaten Buffalo (0-6), Minnesota (2-4) and Green Bay (4-3). They've lost to New England (5-1), the Jets (5-1) and Pittsburgh (5-1).

So that basically tells you the Dolphins cannot beat the really good teams, but they can handle the bad or struggling teams quite well.

Eventually, the Dolphins have to decide if they are more than just a team that will only pretend to hang with the good teams. "We're just trying to make that leap and decide that we want to be a good team," running back Ricky Williams told the Cincinnati media on a conference call. "But right now we're just kind of back and forth."

This week sounds like a forth "kind of" week. The Bengals are not elite. They have a 2-4 record which suggests they have a myriad issues and further suggests the Dolphins can prosper against them on Sunday.

So the outlook is good this weekend.

But is that what the Dolphins really want to be? I don't think so. Coach Tony Sparano has been telling his players that they have reached the time in the season when teams start to pick what they are likely to become. The good teams get on a roll. The bad teams struggle. The mediocre teams continue to have good weeks followed by bad.

So you will soon start to see what these Dolphins really are.

Remember the Dolphins follow this supposedly winnable game with a trip to Baltimore, which is a much tougher, much more likely playoff contender. Will the Dolphins win this weekend and lose the next?

That would just keep them on the .500 roller coaster.

Sparano has implored his team to be better than that.

Do they have it in them?


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Hysterical DC...thank God i live in NE. Tell u what, all the little snot noses that show up at my house are little pats fans with their parents displaying tjeir pats jackets and hats. If we lose, i'll match ya DC and toture those litlle patsy's and their fams. Let just one comment on my Dolphins flag flying by my front door and its on!! GO PHINS!!!!

go dolphins kick some bengal ass!

Dang, sorry jrljr2, it's Hell on Earth everyday being a 'Fins fan in NE. But at least you have the best seat in the house when we beat the Pats in Foxboro. Can't be a better feeling than that. You must feel like GOD driving to work Monday after a win, honking at the people with Pats bumper stickers, what a feling!

Yeah, I feel so good I'm not only starting Dan Carpenter today (on my fantasy team), I'm even starting Ronnie. That could come back to haunt me, but he's the best of my players not on bye. I have Ricky too, but something's telling me if there IS a rushing TD, it'll be Brown or Polite.

its On!
I Say we win it

who would you give the coach of the year to ;

1-rex ryan
3-hawks coach
4-texans coach

ALoco, you sly fox, that's a false choice bud. You're trying to make Rex Ryan the obvious choice. This would be a fairer question, coach of the year should go to:

1-Rex Ryan
2-Todd Haley
3-Mike Tomlin
4-Bill Belichick

But, if you're point is Rex is doing a "heckofajob" then you're right, he's giving his team a winning philosophy, attitude and strategy and should be used as an example of how to do it in the AFC East.

Mr. Aloco

Coaching job of the year

1- Aloco's English tudor

2- Aloco's Alias's English tudors

Hands down best coaching job...I can understand 85% of Aloco's posts now

Soiled :)

Well,I just found out that us folks in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area are going to be treated to watching the Jags vs.Cowboys game today...........Are you fu(:n kidding me?
Jags and Cowboys?The NFL really sucks sometimes.

I feel for you beerndrums, DirectTV is a must if you're an out-of-state football team fan.

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