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Ross tells Ireland Peterson won't be hired

Ever since we learned Bill Parcells was out of sight of the Dolphins -- living up the coast in Jupiter but no longer coming to work in Davie nor keeping an office there -- fans and team personnel alike have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The name of the other shoe is Carl Peterson.

But as I write in my column for Sunday's print edition of the Miami Herald, the Peterson shoe isn't a fit. At least that is what Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has told General Manager Jeff Ireland. My source(s) tell me the Dolphins owner has given Ireland assurances Peterson will not be hired to replace Parcells.

The column has other interesting nuggets regarding Parcells, the trade deadline and the Davone Bess contract negotiation so please check it out when it goes online or lands on your porch.

But, really, the Peterson information is the most noteworthy to folks worried the man who never brought a title to Kansas City might be hired by Ross to bring a title to Miami.

In my legwork for the column, I also confirmed my earlier report that Ireland had amended his contract with the Dolphins so that he is answering directly to Ross and no one else. I was told that happened "a while back." The amendment would make the hiring of Peterson moot from a power standpoint, anyway, because Ireland would not report to him. But the amendment would not necessarily prevent Ross from making the move if he wanted to do it.

Now, however, we know the owner is not inclined to go in that direction. At least that is what he has told various people, including Ireland himself.


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Does this mean you'll be joining us Mandy?

I'll be on here during the Canes game, Marc. Nothing official. But we can talk all things football then.

I believe the Canes game starts at 7 p.m. on ESPN2.

Who are these Canes that you speak of? They are an NFL expansion team?

During the Canes game, DAMN.

I was gonna watch a re-run marathon of Chico and the Man!

Mando, Do you know if the Steelers will be wearing there Black uniforms, or did Miami shoot them selves in there foot and wear there dark Uniforms, And if miamni does wear there Dark Uniforms, was it Sparano that came up with this Dagger?????? Just wondering...

Watching the Ga.Tech/Clemson game and Clemson winning by 11 points and the annoucncer says it's a 1 postion game..... Is college different, are there 11 point scores??? Just wondering...........

Go Canes, need you break the jinx at this damn Stadium. Been here for 3x this year, Jets, NE and FSU. Im here to watch us break the jinx Tonite and Tomorrow!!! Go Canes GO Fins

posession maybe?

Hey Cuban, that announcer is drunk man lol

Bobb y, I hope your staying home tommarrow........ lol..

Im watching the canes game in 3-D, its def cool as hell. It's on channel 103 for anyone that has a 3-D setup too


My Honey hates it when I only have one position in my game.

No Cuban, im at Sun Life tonight and will be here tomorrow! Sooner or later it will turn

Killa,3D??????, Wow I thought you'd never have gone into "GIMMIC" Viewing.... Oh well, Hot ashley says she wants to get one too, but the cost is stupid, I'll wait for 3 years down the road and purchase one..... My HDTV was to expensive, not only that I look stupid wearing glasses......

Bobby "GO CANES", I've got it on ESPN 2, Well be rooting for the "U"...........

3D is cool, but expensive. If you wait 3 years they will have something new. Technology is great

3-D Ha!

I just burn a fatty, same difference.

Hurricanes got No football program

They were so good, and had such a good football program ...... back in the day

Those of us that r Not Jaded (Omar kool aid Kelly)
Know the football program has sucked for many years

The recruiting is not good
The coach is not good
The QB is not good

and so on
and so on

Auburn and LSU are going to the wire.

Griz Win Griz win!!! 2 weeks in a row on final possesion drives last play of the game!!!


Is There Any Budget for Improvements to this blog ?

Will there be anyone else writing/contributing to the Miami Herald Dolphins blog this year?

ThanXs Mando
will wait for your response

We have a RB from Auburn that is way overdue for a BIG game

Miss the days of the Convicts vs. the Catholics. Loved Danny Tarktanian and UNLV basketball, although if i had to guess all those guys are in jail. Cant have angels and a good sports team.

Check It Odin

As Home speaks RB #23 of Auburn
Runs for longest run of the year

400 yards rushing for Auburn..... Damn...

70 YD run by #23 from Auburn

How bout Ronnie Giving Us some of that tomorrow

After all
Home has 2nd Prediction of Dolphins earning bout 100 YDs Rushing against the Steel Curtain defense which has been only allowing 63.6 Yds Rushing all year

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


ROSS IS BUMB,HE knows he has real good players .he's not going to mess w/the team and get some to REBUILD my A S S and spending his money .

noe ie the time for him to make money of the team .



Aloco, What doe's "Bumb" Mean????



Posted by: ALoco | October 23, 2010 at 07:09 PM

And what the F@ck is this, Come on Lil Buddy, Use "SPELL CHECK"......

I Will cuban,i will .forgive me

Ross isnt dumb. He wont bring in Peterson or anyone else unless this team takes a major dump. Year 3 of putting together a solid team, no starting over.

cuban, did you have dinner yet ?

Last 15 minutes has been me and Aloco,I'am going out for a beer, You guys enjoy, Have a "PHINTRASTIC NITE" Peace to you all..

Again though, they need to let Henne loose, take off the short leash and let the kid grow a little. My biggest biatch with this team right now. Let Henne take charge!!! Holding him back is not helping


Good reporting but i guess you hadn't heard....BILL CONNRS is the authority on all this DOLPHINS RELATED....Especially when it comes to Peterson.....According to Bill, Peterson will be hired, Ireland fired, and Cowher will be coaching the Dolphins in 2011.

Aint that right BILL....Come on here and own up to your words.....set Armando straight!


I don't know if its just Miami fans, but you all sure do complain alot about nothing.

I'm very pleased with the Miami Dolphins this yr. Henne needs this season to grow into becoming a Leading QB in the nfl. Next yr we will see his progression.

Jason Allen is a great corner this yr. He is snatching us INT almost every week. Yes he had one mistake against the Jets, but a fantastic player this yr.

Crowder is also a good player!! It showed in Green bay. Misi and Wake both playing with intensity.

Bess and Marshall and Hartline all good receivers. Ricky williams running hard.

Only weekness we have is our o line isn't creating the holes for our running game. Also Sapp needs to not show that he's blitzing or faking a blitz then running back into coverage.

IN closing. We have a great developing team here. SO lets show the rest of the NFL how good our team is by supporting them.



Time for Canes, Lets go "U"!!! Later

sparano will be hired IN 2 MINUTES BY the browns,dallas or panthers in case he's fired .he's .600 coach donkeys .he's in the driver's seat .


I gave you props this morning for your "insider" info on POLITE...but conflicting reports on the same blog say you have no idea what your talking about and that POLITE is fine and will play...what gives?

Sorry, getting my keys and again I see aloco's writing,Actually I can see The Tuna taking 15 million a year for 3 years with crazy Al, I mean he'd only do it for 2 years and slowly weave his way out.... Sounds kinda Familiar....GO PHINS GOOD LUCK SUNDAY...........

LMAO @ kris on bill_cnnrs. Great Post!!


he can play if the coach decide to put his interest as a coach above polite's' interest .polite still limping a little and still wearing a brace on his knee .


I gave you props this morning for your "insider" info on POLITE...but conflicting reports on the same blog say you have no idea what your talking about and that POLITE is fine and will play...what gives?

Posted by: kris | October 23, 2010 at 07:25 PM

Dude he's on his third tube of glue..........

Last 15 minutes has been me and Aloco,I'am going out for a beer, You guys enjoy, Have a "PHINTRASTIC NITE" Peace to you all..

Posted by: Cuban Menace | October 23, 2010 at 07:18 PM

You mean you and yourself.

armando , i wonder when your sunday article coming out to read it ?

Thank God he isnt bringing in Peterson. I was worried about that. I was having visions of several more years of wasted picks and losing seasons if he brought him in.

Good evening gentlemen. I come to you in the name of finding another quarterback for the University of Miami.

And another Coach

Agree with Bobby and Mando, This guy is the worse........

Down on Randy Bobby, Cuban?

I covered that guy as a high school player at Norland Hi in Miami.

Yeah mando, He's just so predictable, sorry but this was once QB university....

Aloca, my column will be online at some point tonight. I'm not the one that puts it online.

I do think it will be interesting to many of you.


Any word on how much God helped Dansby Knee?

I saw he was originally listed as questionable and then probable.

What's the word?

He has a talented team and cant seem to motivate them, especialy for the big games, eg FSU last week.

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