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Ross tells Ireland Peterson won't be hired

Ever since we learned Bill Parcells was out of sight of the Dolphins -- living up the coast in Jupiter but no longer coming to work in Davie nor keeping an office there -- fans and team personnel alike have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The name of the other shoe is Carl Peterson.

But as I write in my column for Sunday's print edition of the Miami Herald, the Peterson shoe isn't a fit. At least that is what Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has told General Manager Jeff Ireland. My source(s) tell me the Dolphins owner has given Ireland assurances Peterson will not be hired to replace Parcells.

The column has other interesting nuggets regarding Parcells, the trade deadline and the Davone Bess contract negotiation so please check it out when it goes online or lands on your porch.

But, really, the Peterson information is the most noteworthy to folks worried the man who never brought a title to Kansas City might be hired by Ross to bring a title to Miami.

In my legwork for the column, I also confirmed my earlier report that Ireland had amended his contract with the Dolphins so that he is answering directly to Ross and no one else. I was told that happened "a while back." The amendment would make the hiring of Peterson moot from a power standpoint, anyway, because Ireland would not report to him. But the amendment would not necessarily prevent Ross from making the move if he wanted to do it.

Now, however, we know the owner is not inclined to go in that direction. At least that is what he has told various people, including Ireland himself.


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I'm in Charlotte NC....game seems to be going very smoothly here

we like to know what our hero armando ate for dinner ?

The word, Odin, is if you mock God, you do it at your own risk.

I'd be worried about lightning strikes while you sit on the toilet if I were you.

That visual cracks me up, by the way.

Aloco, sorry for the typo. No disrespect.


Any word on how much God helped Dansby Knee?

I saw he was originally listed as questionable and then probable.

What's the word?

Posted by: odinseye | October 23, 2010 at 07:47 PM

Odin, Word has it the "ALMIGHTY" has put him on the Possible list, and that aint all bad, Last guy that he did to parted the Red sea....

I still say Jesus only helped Dansby for some free Pedicures and manicures

I thought Bumb (phonetically speaking) was pretty accurate ....

wazzzup "gang" ............

the U needs an overhaul ...

since armando is here ;;;; give us a few lines about your new job and how's the ratings going .

P.S TO tv show will be cancelled after his show for year runs ,last week just 75,000 people watched compare to a week earlier of 12,000.

I don't follow the U as close as I do the Dolphins, what QB is next in line? Or is he still in HS?

ALoco, ALoca whats the difference?

120,000 not 12.000

Mando, What will the Air-Breathers be wearing tomm. There tighty whites or will they be going with there Dark Uniforms?????

bobbyd12,what do you mean ?


Is There Any Budget for Improvements to this blog ?

Will there be anyone else writing/contributing to the Miami Herald Dolphins blog this year?

ThanXs Mando
will wait for your response

Jacory Harris, right to the defender

Another INT.......... When will it end??

One more key to victory tommorow. We must be able to bet positive yardage on first down. If we are constantly in 2nd & 3rd and long situations, the steelers will be able to bring pressure. If we can gain positive yards on first down, at least we can keep them on their toes a little. Watch for this tommorow, and see how this plays out.


Oh my GOD! Oops, I mean oh snap!

I wasn't mocking MY God!

Just the same, I'll be very careful the next time I'm heading for my throne.

By the way, what gives with the laughs? I look very MANLY when sitting upon my throne!

Is Dansby good or what?

Soiled, I am eagerly awaiting you writing something terribly funny. You are on the clock.

ALoco, Mando spelled ur name wrong, I just dont think it would really matter to u


can the Fins:

*stop the run
*pressure the QB
*run the ball
*protect Henne

standard game day questions, but these Pittsburger guys are real good and have been for a long time ...

Danby is fine. He starts tomorrow.

i rather watch TONY LITTLE selling his crap and not watch T.OWENS TV show .

we'll need a good game from "Danby"

Home, I am the only one contributing to this blog. Way it has always been with very rare exceptions. Way it will continue to be with very rare exceptions.

The management apologizes if you are not satisfied.

is Jerry in or out?

Cuban, Tony Sparano said he was going to make the Steelers wear black.

So it stands to reason, Miami will therefore wear white. But I do not know 100 percent.

That play shows that it sometimes very good to be lucky!

Instead of being down 10-0, it is still 3-0.

That it explains It

Best of luck

ThanX Mando

lewd, I believe John Jerry will be the starting RG tomorrow.

Armando, do u believe its time to let Henne off the short leash and stop the playing to not make mistakes? How can this guy ever advance and get better unless you let him lead?

armando, what did you have for dinner ? you sound well fed .

bobby, I don't think you'll see the Dolphins change philosophy on Henne.

He'll pass when they need him to pass. And in the course of that, if he turns into a stud, then they'll change course. Not until then.

Aloco, Please show some decorum......

Aloco, my wife made me pork chops with black beans and rice.


What is the Birth date for Dolphins in Depth?

Also, has the workload from picking up the radio gig eased up for you any?

Seems like you were MIA for a second there.

PS: You're blog is great, keep it the way it is.

Mando, My Old man thought the same thing about me, Now I'am a cop in NYC, He needs to unleash the beast in Henne IMHO......

what about polite tomorrow ? is he in or not .

Thks Armando, I was hoping they would open him up a bit but i guess the trust aint there yet

Odin, interesting question. My recollection is I started this blog in 2007, but I don't remember the birth date. It was before the draft.

As for me being MIA, when are you thinking I was MIA?

Cuban, what is your beat in NYC?


Is your wife Cuban?

Serious question, if she is, could I please get her recipe for Black Bean Soup?

Where's Home???? I figured he'd be here.... guess I was wrong....

The crowd is turning on the Hurricanes.


What was your original scouting report on sean smith at CB?


and what are your thoughts on sean smith at CB, today?

Odin- Well put. Wouldn't want to see this blog changed a bit.

Armando, you have a good thing going here. Thanks for the good work!

They need to be............this is just sad....

Am right here

Just got back for live chat

We should turn on them, awful, awful, awful. Not the "U" of old. Bring back Jimmy Johnson type teams anyday

thank you, Darryl Dunphy. I truly appreciate you coming here. You always have good posts and add to the conversation.

You at game Armando??


I didn't literally mean MIA. It just seemed like when the radio gig started up you weren't posting as often.

Now that it's been awhile, it seems you're here more often.

I just figured the new workload probably slowed you down for a second, that's all.

Armando, been wanting to ask you thoughts on this for a while ...

*so much was made throughout the off season regarding the "coaching" Chad Henne had been receiving .... since the first game of the year, he has seemed tentative and overthinking ...

as a musician, I can tell you it takes thousands of hours of practice to become proficient, but when you get on the stage, you have to literally forget the practice room and just play to the particular situation ...

I'm not saying be stupid, but let muscle memory and training take over ... and PLAY ...

I get the feeling Chac Henne is overthinking to the point of being robotic and stiff ... I don't see that game passion in Henne yet and was curious as to your thoughts ....

Other than just cuz your alumni or Hurricane homer

Why would anyone expect the Miami Hurricanes to be any good

bobby, Bernie Kosar is on my radio show on Mondays and Fridays. He is a member of the UM Board of Trustees.

He made the point Friday that Miami is No. 1 in the country in graduation. We had a great fight about that because I don't give a rat's butt about grad rates. I want national championships!

lewd, I wrote a column earlier in the season how much stuff the coaching staff has put in Henne's head and how many different messages -- throw deep, but don't make mistakes, but find your check down, but don't kill drives, but.

I would think it has had some responsibility for making him kind of robotic.

If u want National Championships
Should have followed the Gators the last few years

Am not Alumni of Hurricanes,Gators or Seminoles
but recognize talent & good football programs in Florida

Seems like it is now the Noles turn again


What was your original scouting report on sean smith at CB?


and what are your thoughts on sean smith at CB, today?

Is Home going to fast, Armando?

Have lot of good Dolphin questions if u can field them :)

Dear Mr. Salguero

Carl Peterson will be hired by the Dolphins....just not in a Football capacity.

Peterson will be brought in to rehaul current ownership group.

Look for Peterson to release either J-lo and Marc Anthony or Gloria Estefan and The Miami sound Machine and turn around and bring in someone like the Dixie Chicks.

These moves will increase musical diversity, but in the end I see the Dolphins just missing the playoffs.

Soiled :)

You want the truth, Odin?

when the Dolphins are playing Buffalo ... I was almost bored by the prospect of that game that week. I probably blogged less.

The week before that, I felt the regular season would never come. Again, I probably blogged less. So that might be what you noticed.

Let's face it, we all get excited when the matchups are compelling. But some other weeks, it's hard to get fired up to write interesting stuff.

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