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Ross tells Ireland Peterson won't be hired

Ever since we learned Bill Parcells was out of sight of the Dolphins -- living up the coast in Jupiter but no longer coming to work in Davie nor keeping an office there -- fans and team personnel alike have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The name of the other shoe is Carl Peterson.

But as I write in my column for Sunday's print edition of the Miami Herald, the Peterson shoe isn't a fit. At least that is what Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has told General Manager Jeff Ireland. My source(s) tell me the Dolphins owner has given Ireland assurances Peterson will not be hired to replace Parcells.

The column has other interesting nuggets regarding Parcells, the trade deadline and the Davone Bess contract negotiation so please check it out when it goes online or lands on your porch.

But, really, the Peterson information is the most noteworthy to folks worried the man who never brought a title to Kansas City might be hired by Ross to bring a title to Miami.

In my legwork for the column, I also confirmed my earlier report that Ireland had amended his contract with the Dolphins so that he is answering directly to Ross and no one else. I was told that happened "a while back." The amendment would make the hiring of Peterson moot from a power standpoint, anyway, because Ireland would not report to him. But the amendment would not necessarily prevent Ross from making the move if he wanted to do it.

Now, however, we know the owner is not inclined to go in that direction. At least that is what he has told various people, including Ireland himself.


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Mando, who's next in line after J Harris? Or is he still in high school?

I'm home, bobby.

Mando, Next time you have Kosar on and debate him, give him a shot in he mouth, thats the only thing he understands.... LOL, Just ask him about the "LOCO CUBANO" From Mahoney hall, He'll Agree with you after you utter those words.. I promise you..Nice guy though........ LOL....

Right on Armando, I could care less about the graduation rate. Nice to put good kids out in the world BUT if your gonna have a successful team on the field you have to give a little, which they are not doing. Donna Shalala is the source of this whole problem.

cocoajoe, they have Alonzo Highsmith's son at the No. 3 and Whipple's son at the No. 2. Neither are proven or apparently very good. Highsmith has actually told me his son wants to play some DB.

As for the next guy is in high school, they're saying Teddy Bridgewater at Northwestern Hi is the next big UM recruit at QB. Haven't seen him play.

I knew you'd come through for me, Soiled.

Home .... how ya doing?

"poser" needs to learn how to break down more efficiently and tackle ... we have already discussed his attitude and coverage skills ...

but watching him get faked out of his jock in GB ... it was apparent he needs to bend those knees, get his butt down and attack the ball carrier ...

his effort was lame on that attempt and many others in the past ...

Soiled never disappoints..(Unless you the diaper)

We agree bobby, including on the little troll/elf running the university football program into irrelevance.

Mando thanks for the answers and for your work covering the Fins ... always appreciated ...

like to start my mornings with a good read from you ... but your radio show sometimes seems to delay your daily offerings ...

Good lewd, Thanx 4 asking

as U know Home thought sean was the biggest FRAUD ever installed into the CB position and could not believe for almost a yeat
Seemed like Home was the only one noticing
Was Ridiculed & Insulted hundreds of times for daring to question the "skills" of our starting CB sean smith

Stood my ground and still do

* However would really like Armando`s take on my question regarding sean as Home was not reading his blog much last year

Mando, any trurth that Steven(Hollywood)Ross is looking for new investors, and if so, are you interested, Though I dont think you have the "Street Cred" that he's looking for, can you expond on this..

Thanks Mando, haven't followed the U that closely in the last few years. Yeah, I kind of thought that was the deal.

I'm home, bobby.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 23, 2010 at 08:28 PM

I`m Home, Armando ... lol

Although round here, many times hard to tell

I could go a lot faster

Did the wife not make the coffee
Fire away Mando!

Lets play

Cuban, Ross said during the Birdman saga that he was no longer looking for celebrity investors.

I'm too normal to be approached about joining that crowd.

Home, Be serious, Mando cant say a player sucks, He covers the team, But trust me, he thinks he Sucks.... OK...

Home, I believe Sean Smith can be a good player. But I don't know that he has devoted himself 100 percent to reaching that status.

I don't know how much he studies the game and is deddicated to the game.

Thks Mando for great blog. I gonna try to enjoy this game since im here. Have a great night

AKA, He sucks.... Next Question......

You and about 30,000 other people Bobby?

The shots of the empty stands are terrible. Very sad.

Sure he can Menace
but can be more tactful

U gonna say Ernie Wilford was the best or Gibril Wilson

Just wondering what his honest assessment was & Is on sean


Just keep up the good work.

Anything you do on a daily basis in life, there's bound to be ups and downs.

Question: In your own personal opinion, having seen what you've seen to date: Will Chad Henne ever be an elite NFL quarterback?

PS: troll/elf-LMAO!

I don't rip players, Cuban?

Gibril Wilson, Joey Porter, Akin Ayodele, Pat White, Ted Ginn all got taken to task on this blog by yours truly.

Did you forget that?

Odin, Home, I'll answer for Mando, NO..............

Yea, but they covered up a bunch of sections with big green U flags. At least its a nice night and will be easy to get out since i will be back for the Fins 2 morow. Suprised Canes had a night game b4 a Dolphin 1:00 game. Quick turnaround for alot of fans.

Bobby, it looks to me like it will be a quick clean-up there... There cant be more then 25 thousand people there....

Odin, if your question is whether Henne will be a Top 5 QB like Rivers, Brees, Brady and Manning?

No, don't think so. Bradford will get there, but I don't think Henne will.

Will Henne be good? Yes.

Great? Probably not.

A quarter of them look like there on the sidelines, Looks like a Notre Dane home game(Sideline wise...)

Armando rips players. Where have you guys been?

Honestly, I think he does some of his best writing when ripping those that need to be ripped.

Give en Hell Armando!!!!

I've heard the Cuban Menace weigh in on Henne. Armando, you?

Understand Armando
sean likes to talk a lot & give interviews
So u dont want to ruffle any feathers


Point was everybody in the football world for some reason went totally ga ga over sean smith and were talking Pro Bowl and all kinds of insane hype b4 the season ever started and would defend this kid like he was the 2nd coming of Christ

Never saw it
Never understood it

Now the tables have mostly turned and Nolan put his butt on the bench from game 1

Thought only Home & Nolan saw this guy is a real FRAUD @ CB

Problem is the darn world is so politcal
Can never get a straight answer from anyone

Seems almost all r taught to lie at a very young age (incapable of even telling the truth) and the better u get at lying and talking without saying anything (Tony Sparano) the higher u move up

Father from above
Where did it all go wrong?

Home, Give it a rest PLEASE, Sean Smith Sucks, everyone knows it, thats why he's riding the pine, Give it a rest............

I have to agree Mando, Bradford looks like he has the "goods" already".

Speaking of Rivers, you have a prediction or opinion on how the Chargers will do against the patriots tomorrow?


What is you prediction of this weeks game? and what do you see as the top 3 key match-ups?

Sorry Home missed all those other player assessments, Mando

Sounds like u r saying u tell it how it is

Agree bout Henne

buy gonna say "Real Good" instead of good, in time

only a handful r great

Problem is so many writers overuse the word Elite
when most of the time the word good or above average is more of fair assessment


How important is 1/11th Crowder? I think having him back is huge.

Go Phins!

Cali, I picked the Dolphins.

What can I say? I'm a homer.

I'm with you. I think we win 16-10. What do you see as some key match-ups?

Did U also pick a score Mando?

Home, that comment about good/great/elite is the most insightful comment you've ever posted on this blog.

Mando, do you think Henning will 'retire' after this season?

Martin, Crowder will make the defense better, make Dansby better and vice versa.

Good to have him back.

Mando who do you see, if any, on the currents roster that are elite or have the ability to become elite?

jacory harris is garbage. can we please get rid of him and shannon. this team should be so much better. man i miss ken dorsey

Great question Coco.

In addition to whether you think he will retire, Armando, do you think he SHOULD retire-LOL????

Your Honor, please direct the witness to answer the question!

Do not know your personality at all yet

So not sure how to take that

U,as a sportswriter know exactly what I`m talking bout, they way most writers throw the tag "Elite" around at every 3rd player

and darn
then those other 10,351 posts were for nothing! lol

Gents, it is halftime. I'm outty...

Please, please, please come back tomorrow for the full fledged Dolphins live blog.

And please, please, please read my column on Ireland and Parcells online when it gets posted.

Talk to you tomorrow.

God bless.

Home, I was being sincere. I'm pretty straight forward, dude.

Later Killer!


Brandon Marshall

Cameron Wake

Jake Long

Soon Vontae Davis will be close to elite.

"that comment about good/great/elite is the most insightful comment you've ever posted on this blog."

Mr. Salguero also went on to think but not say out loud...Geez I wish this hemroid would just go away, but there's probly not enough Preperation H in the entire world to make it happen

Patience is a virtue, having the tools is more important than comming out of the gate swingin, this is reponse to the Henne and Smith debate, In the UM game they just posted some stats for Marino vs Harris very interesting stuff that should give us pause will al the constant bashing, bottom line is we don't know yet about them but they have the tools, like Henne arm and smith speed and size.. Cheers




True story that Omar said earlier this year that
Jacory Harris has the potential to be an ......
wait for it ............................
"Elite" QB


Sorry coconut head, but
U said it
Not Me

and that was after Jacory Harris threw ..........
........wait for it ............
17 interceptions last year in the short college season

"Elite & Jacory Harris in the same sentence LMAO!

Home not watching the Huricoons
What`s up ?

someone give me a quick briefing

disagree on wake being elite. hes good but not elite yet. once he starts stopping the run better and teams start double teaming him and he still causes havoc we can say elite

Home, I was being sincere. I'm pretty straight forward, dude.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 23, 2010 at 09:13 PM

Good to here Armando
and all sarcasm aside
U R doing a good, not "Elite" job on the blog lol

Now u owe me $50.00

huirricanes up 13-10. another play it safe game for them. take some shots down field. we need a new staff

Home out

All yours shitty @ss

I mean soiled bottom lol

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Good night Mr. Home :)

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