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Ross tells Ireland Peterson won't be hired

Ever since we learned Bill Parcells was out of sight of the Dolphins -- living up the coast in Jupiter but no longer coming to work in Davie nor keeping an office there -- fans and team personnel alike have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The name of the other shoe is Carl Peterson.

But as I write in my column for Sunday's print edition of the Miami Herald, the Peterson shoe isn't a fit. At least that is what Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has told General Manager Jeff Ireland. My source(s) tell me the Dolphins owner has given Ireland assurances Peterson will not be hired to replace Parcells.

The column has other interesting nuggets regarding Parcells, the trade deadline and the Davone Bess contract negotiation so please check it out when it goes online or lands on your porch.

But, really, the Peterson information is the most noteworthy to folks worried the man who never brought a title to Kansas City might be hired by Ross to bring a title to Miami.

In my legwork for the column, I also confirmed my earlier report that Ireland had amended his contract with the Dolphins so that he is answering directly to Ross and no one else. I was told that happened "a while back." The amendment would make the hiring of Peterson moot from a power standpoint, anyway, because Ireland would not report to him. But the amendment would not necessarily prevent Ross from making the move if he wanted to do it.

Now, however, we know the owner is not inclined to go in that direction. At least that is what he has told various people, including Ireland himself.


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Home stated that patrick Turner would be .................. wait for it ...................... still wait for it ........... an all pro WR !, speaking of coconut heads . You can add jackazz to it.

Phins 24 Pitt 17!

1/11th! C. Crowder

Go Phins!

" Home out "

His best post to date and thank the lord,

Shucks...Missed it...

Ok I didn't hear from God...

But Obi Wan Kanobi appeared to me in as a Hologram and uttered these words...


"Like I said, the knee will be ok. Like I said it was more of a ding. Like I said I have sent the force to be with him. Like I said in the new Star Wars I'm gonna get a Hottie to play Princess Leia. Like I said maybe Megan Fox, maybe, Kattie Perry, maybe Kin Kardashian...LIKE I SAID! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU AND THE DOLPHINS...LIKE I SAID..

1/11th! C. Crowder
Go Phins!

Thats good to Know, As a KC resident, i saw first hand how terrible King Carl was.

im a kc resident also, carl did one thing great.... filled the stadium. also drafted gonzalez,dt, etc and recently flowers and charles


I'm not quite sure why Peterson gets such a bad rap. KC was consistently tough to play against year after and to win a game in KC was one of the toughtest things to do. They had some good teams there under Shottenheimer and I guess cause they never won the big one or went far in the playoffs people say Peterson is a bum!! Geez, how many playoffs have we even made in the last ten years?

I wouldn't believe anything Ross says. A lot of these owners talk out of both sides of their mouths. Irelnad will get enough rope to hang himself and when Ross doesn't like the results Ireland will be out and very likely Peterson will be in. It's just a matter of time. Mark my words. Might not be this year or next but that day is coming....

Craig M. just finished reading Armandos new article at the Herald on this subject. Carl Peterson is not on his way here, and even though u dont trust Ross, I trust Armando got this one 100% correct. This team is heading in the right direction and i expect Ireland will be given his chance to prove himself after Parcells, which is the right move. Read the article when it comes out or go to Twitter and get it there. im not gonna link or post it cause Im not sure if Armando or the Herald would be allright with that. CANES WIN, lets keep it going with the Fins!!!!

agree 100 percent. ross is carls best friend. he will be hired. carl got a bad rap cause he was arrogant and seemed to hate every fan in kc. but u cant argue with the results. i live in kc and one time hundreds of fans organized a group to go to his house and yell carl must go outside, was crazy.

yes canes finally got butch davis, i was getting sick of losing to them. i want a rematch with fsu in acc title game

As a non-KC resident, GO DOLPHINS!

Wake is going to lay big ben out today! At least two sacks for CAM!
Miami 24
Pitt 16


Yeah I read he article but I don't put any stock in it. I think it's wishful thinking to think Peterson won't be here. Ireland will get his chance to prove his worth but if it doesn't work out Peterson will be here within two years in some capacity. And I'll say it again.....there are worse football personnel than Carl Peterson. Let's start with Ricl Spielman for one.

Peterson, Ireland, God, the Virgin Mary. WTF! Why don't you all find a Swiss peak to yodel off of. IT'S GAME DAY!!! To HELL with all that off-the-field gibberish that gives the bookworms and bi-focaled among us a chance to "get in the action." There's a time for all seasons. A time to grieve, a time to contemplate, a time to wonder, a time to forget. TODAY, on this day, it's time to HATE! HATE the obstacle, every damn week, 16 in fact, stopping us from where we want to go. It's time to ACHIEVE, for if we do not grow, if we do not learn, if we do not improve, then we are stuck, and no longer successful human beings. It's time for TEAMWORK. To place your full trust, your safety, give your entire mind and body over to the guy next to you. To support you, to show you the path, to help you reach the mountaintop. It's time to FOCUS, like a laser, on the one goal, 53 players all believing in one future, 4-2. It's time, ladies and gentleman....TO PLAY!!! No God in Heaven or on this Earth can eliminate that which we have before us, a test. That's all it is. It's a test, of wills. Either yours is stronger, or theirs is. Nothing else matters. Not flesh, muscles, blood or tears. Everything you need to emerge victorious is between your ears.

HATE! ACHIEVE! TEAMWORK! FOCUS! PLAY.....AND WIN! From my lips to any God's ears that may be listening...GO....MIAMI....DOLPHINS!

Craig M, well we just disagree. Fact is there will be no football next year. Must give Ireland at least another two to three years to continue to build upon what Parcells has done. And i dont know why you guys wpuld be down on Ireland, the guy has spent 6 years learning from the best. Peterson is a piece of garbage and by 2014 will be to old to be taking anything over. And thats how i feel.

Awesome post, DC ! Wish the entire team could read that. They need some freakin' inspiration, beat the Steelers, people will notice. AWWLRIGHT MIAMI!!

DC, post of the ......... YEAR . LEARN PEOPLE ,LEARN HOW TO WRITE .

Stewie/AL, I do it all for you brothers (and sisters). I'll be up here in DC, like the Last Samurai, silencing foes with my weapon of choice (my mouth). Going to watch the game with 5-6 diehard Steelers fans. They want me in the corner, not seen, not heard. But I'll have none of it. Decked out in my Marshall jersey, bullhorn in my hand, I'll scream from the 4 corners on those walls, for my brethren. Until the final whistle sounds, I won't bend, won't break. I'll be sweating in the trenches with all those soldiers: Long, Carey, Starks, Wake. As long as this team FIGHTS, I will FIGHT! Take no prisoners gentlemen, we aren't a standing Army, fighting under the auspices of the Geneva Conference. We are Barbarians, Bolsheviks and Bad Mamma Jammas. Do not smile in our presence, we don't bring peace and harmony. Fear us! Loathe us! Despise those who wear the colors: Aqua, Orange. I'd rather die on my feet then live on my knees, and so I pronounce in full view and for the most dramatic effect:


Thanks Bobbyd@ 7:26 PM yesterday....

Every once in a while a i get one right.....I see Craig M. doesn't believe the article to be true and Ross will make the change in 2 years.....He has the right to his opinion.

However Ross may be smart enough to know that buisness and pleasure (friendship) may not work, Friendsship does not = good buisness sense

Had to leave the "live" blog early yesterday....After Armando made some reference about Odin sitting on the toilet or something like that.....it just all seemed down hill from there

To bad kris, it was a great blog yesterday, Armando really asserted himself and had some passion, coming into his own i think. Hopefully we can build on thar Canes win with a Dolphins win on our homefield today

This team is so fancy.




I pay $5.00 for this app and now I can't comment on the Herald site.What a bunch of scammers.
Go Dolphins!!

Bobby12, armando asserted himself? who the fu ck cares whether he asserts himself? wow

solid canes win. of course now they look ahead to vt. they better quit that, they arent near good enough to look past anyone

DC Dolfan for Prezident!
They say the Steelers have enough arrows to blockout the sun....
Well i say we shall Fight in the shade!!!
Today The Fish are put on Top with the best after todays Win.
Henning Has to understand Henne needs 300 plus pass yrds to win this one.
our D has a Heavy weight Bout today and our O-line will earn there check.
Fins Got This!!!
Its A Defensive Massacre in the FishTank!!!
Fins Win it 17-14.


Big Benny trying to do too much hurls the ball and when sean smith finally picks it out of the sky
... much of the bad karma is lifted
... huge weight is lifted off the back of sean

Miami Dolphins beat one of the Super Bowl Favs of the AFC

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

james HARRISOn of the steelers was fined 75,000 for his hit last week but he wasn't penalized on the field ....today the referee will have open eyes and i hope the steelers defense will play very minded of that .

p.s....penalty flags will be a lot today .

If It Bleeds
We Can Kill It

Steelers Bleed all the way down to 24th in pass defense in the NFL

Dolphins have their Best WR corp in the history of the organization

U All dont realize It
The Dynasty Already Started

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

huge win or 0-3 at home. if we go 0-3 at home it will get ugly.

FOr some reason I find it amusing and sad at te same time that many of you still believe we can win this game, or, more generally, that Tuna/Ireland stocked this team well.

I've given up on this season, and you ought to too. We are a joke, and last week notwithstandng we are gona be embarrassed today.

Watch for some more special teams gaffes, and Ryan Clark to stick it to the team that insulted him.

Watch for KR Nolan Carroll to bring the sunshine into Sun Life stadium

Miami Dolphins STs Breathes Life

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

I can do all things
Through Christ
Who Strengthens Me

Karlos Dansby

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

i wonder how much money dansby gives to the real needy in his life since he brought christ to the front ?

i wish he does .

Why does Christ hate Jared Odrick?

miamis special teams are awful, thats a fact.

Miami Herald Dolphin bloggers

Not as Hot here as predicted
mostly cloudy
bit windy

Fine Day for Miami Dolphin Victory

Enjoy the Game


Catch U All at the post game CELEBRATION

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

odrick, another awful pick by the tuna

not hot//?? damnit that helps pitt big time. we needed alot of heat

to those Fin haters,
Remind the steelers that we are not the cleveland Browns.
BigBen will be shorter than JonesDrew(jags)as he is on his back most of the day.

these jokers won't bring a title to miami either

jokes on you fake media and homers who think the trifecta was any good

morono still sucks, irelands loves picking up garbage FAs and then dumping em, etc

its 20 mph wind today

fins lose due to morono and henning and henne's 3 picks

but you homers think we are good

LeGrand we not only CAN win this game we WILL win this game. Go back to your Jets blog u phony

I hate the Jets, dude...........not every Fin Fan has swallowed the Tuna/Ireland Kool-Aid (tho actually I did for two years, but my eyes are now wide open, and I see what a sham they, and this team, are).

Are you ready for Regime change & yet another QB search----cause it's coming!

LeGrand, no its not, Ireland was extended and every article I read by football people all say the same thing, no regime change coming. This team is 21-16 since the TriFecta has come in. Lots of teams wish they had that record. Pull ur head out of ur ass. This team will continue on its path. Thks for being a phony fan though

Considering the spelling on here, I guess "out of site" would get no notice from these grammarians. It's "out of sight" Armando. Geeze.


legrand some of what u say makes sense. but the qb thing no way. henne is already solid in his first full year starting and will continue to get better.

out with the wife shopping....iphone battery less than 20% game in 1hr and i got about a 40 min drive.....Please Dansby's GOD.....don't let me hit traffic

just kidding....i believe in GOD too.


wheres pennington

What the hell did you do with my keys?

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