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Dolphins tied with Packers heading to third quarter

GREEN BAY -- It has been a frustrating first half.

There was that interception in the red zone.

There was the partially deflected punt.

There was the holding call that nullified a 43-yard field goal.

It has been something of a circus here at Lambeau Field.

And yet the Dolphins are tied with the homestanding Packers, 10-10. It feels like something of a victory, really. So join me in the second half of the live blog to see if the Dolphins can actually author a victory.


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Whatever Henning, you're an idiot for calling this reverse.

I suppose te reverse looks great on Hennng's blackboard.

The field? Not so much.

That reverese used to work when they were still wearing leather helmets, Henning.

Good job henning, way to think up new ways to lose yardage, keep going back!!!!

Thank you again to the Dolphins OC ... a reverse ... are you kidding me?




Loser FISH now out of FG range.



the useless reverse and a holding call

good job henning and morono

you are running and throwing well and you do that crap

henning is always good for a rally killer

the end around has not worked, nor will it.

come on miami. who wrote the article about how we have so few penalties??

is john jerry out for season?

don't say hate to say it test
you never say anything but whines

stfu coward

I swear henning wants to get fired

WTF!!! Why run a reverse when we're getting good yardage going straight up. WTF!!!

same pattern...drive...drive...trick play...now going backwards....they arent outsmarting anyone

I can understand if we have had success with the reverse...but we have lost yardage each time yet they keep running it. AMAZING?

beautiful driveeeee ramming down there throat and a gimmick play?

mcquistan another great pick up

WR screen...Jeez, can we just play football?

Ya gotta love the five-yd hitch on 2d & 23.......sheer genius.....now?

a pitch on 3rd and LONG?!

Why would henning call that? Does henning call those plays? WTF?

You gotta be kidding me...

a reverse...a screen...a sweep


after running and throwing it so well...

im confused.

Fouts is on to us.

play action on 2 and 23...who is gonna bite on that? Then a sweep? ugh!

Wow...OK, Henning is atrocious!

oh i see we only want to get 3 points at a time.

haha henning. I love it.

out of range...i missed that tortured...was it GOOD?????

Dolphins are satified with 3 points, wonder if green bay will show the same respect.

hahahaha a great call! LOL!! a pitch on 3rd and 13! Fire them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Settle for a FG on the road after using 7 minutes?

When you have B Marsh?


A loser HC coaching a loser team with a loser OC.

7 points are for suckers

we only go for 3!

Alzheimers has to be getting to henning

Scoring drive was 12 plays, 59 yards.

come on D. they should be well rested.

That was SERIOUS CRAP play selection...CRAP!

They should have taken the penalty, and gone for first down!

Gotta love it when even the broadcasters are calling them out!

Now the D needs to step up and play some ball. lets go phins!!!!

Need a big play on D.

@Elf.....what's the gist of Fouts' comments...I have both radio & tv sound off cuz Im too bummed to hear analyis.

Wow...OK, Henning is atrocious!

Posted by: Marc | October 17, 2010 at 02:46 PM

the only thing that kept him in employment was 2008, which i am really starting to regret as welll as a number of fans!!!

Um, I didn't get the reverse either, Texas.

Nice drive! Man we have to work hard to move the ball. Would it kill us to occasionally have a short drive?



us at the NE game. same ole story for this clown henning.

couldnt of been as tortured said we were out of range....maybe he was talking about his restraining order on his man Sanchez....then sorry to hear that TD....lol

figured youd be used to being confused test
seeing as you think you are more knowledgeable than people tht are paid millions to do their job, when in fact, the only thing anyone would pay you to do would be to ask if someone "wants fries with that"

oh, and i'd pay you to shut up as well, so doors are opening for you, coward

That reverese used to work when they were still wearing leather helmets, Henning.

Posted by: Angry Elf

lol, that play used to work back when the football was a rock and people wore turtle shell helmets.

someone take out Henning .... please ...

it seems like henning and morono are trying to not do anything dumb to lose their jobs

they seem content with any amount of points...


2 missed tackles on ST...First 2 that got there

Now a fan base that you might not think to be disgruntled, but probably very well is........

The Chargers.

They've had some EXTREMELY talented teams over the past thirty years, and don't have a trophy to show for it. As we speak, they're having their d!cks handed to them by the RAMS, and some of our worst teams have beaten them in recent years.

Another promising drive ends in a field goal.

Why call a reverse when you're having success running downhill? Why risk a negative play in that situation?

Obviously, the holding penalty hurt. McQuistan is a disaster as a starter.

we declined a penalty!?! (hazards of no sound)


carpenter r special team hero!!! wat a tackle

Dan Fout's hit it right on the nose...we ran a play to set up for a field goal. "APPARENTLY BECAUSE" TOUCHDOWNS "ARE FROWNED UPON IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT!!!"

Marc, the app on the iphone just loads faster. In the web browser you have to wait for the whole page to load. So just convience i guess.

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