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Dolphins tied with Packers heading to third quarter

GREEN BAY -- It has been a frustrating first half.

There was that interception in the red zone.

There was the partially deflected punt.

There was the holding call that nullified a 43-yard field goal.

It has been something of a circus here at Lambeau Field.

And yet the Dolphins are tied with the homestanding Packers, 10-10. It feels like something of a victory, really. So join me in the second half of the live blog to see if the Dolphins can actually author a victory.


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Love that picture

Henning Sucks


I would rather have Pennington as a player / OC is that allowed?

Armando cmon u read this posts. you have to admit that Henning is just bad. he is bad. awful. he should get fired. a madden player would call better plays than him.

Monday morning, A Salguero asks Henning about play selection on third down and Henning say WE all dont know what we are talking about. So predictable with response. Except what is funny is we DO know how to call game better than him. he is terrible. i hope they lose every game so Ross gets fed up and crap cans the whole bunch.

Brandon marshall, redzone,really, WTF, 47 million decoy??? WTF....why when we have a used up ricky and winged legged ronnie running the ball on third and long baby!!!!

Emo, Fouts is saying that OC Henning should just go ahead and collect his Social Security. Not in so many words, but the same sentiment I think.

McQuistan & Murtha.....

Two words to write on the Tombstone of the Tuna/Sparano/Ireland Era.

I think henning needs to go

I don't know Roman, my Browser pretty much rocks...Esp on WiFi

Samsung Captivate :)

lol jason allen

back to his sucking ways

how the hell did he get the starting job...

pay attention henning, a real offense might be in the works for green bay

3rd and 2 after we've established a running game so we go empty back field!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH henning makes me wanna shoot myself. 3 runs in a row and no play action...... How come
I can't turn away

gracias, Elf.

Phin Fan,

We lost 2 straight games to division foes AT HOME. That's not good for a team with playoff aspirations, no matter how you try to spin it.

Posted by: Gatorz4Lyfe

Agreed, however like you said they are division foes, and anything goes in the division. Look you take away the ST meltdowns and worst case scenario they are close losses. I for one never bought into the whole playoff aspirations thing this year, maybe thats why I'm not so disgrunteled. We are a 8-8 or 9-7 team folks, young, dumb and full of %$^ if you get my drift. Gotta give the PLAYERS few more years...

even if henning pay attention, he wont remember anything 2 minutes later...

wake is pretty darn good

Crowder almost got a pick...Manhandled by 3 Packs

Love that picture

Henning Sucks


Posted by: Marc | October 17, 2010 at 02:50 PM

Well I had left that side of the sign blank and had hoped to write something positive. That did not work out too well. I wish Billy P or even one of the williams sister would have been there to see my sign....maybe they would open their eyes and realize whats what.

which reminds me of the great Ari Gold.

"Lloyd.....has so much _ _ _ (3 letter word for semen) been squirted in those eyes that you cant see whats right in front of your face?"

any other d other than cursed fins, that's an int

ooo jason allen...

There was the Bell blitz...

J Allen with a NICE pick

Jason Allen is BACK!

If someone here hasn't already mentioned it.....let Pennington call some plays...I think the guy would be killer at it


Looks like Rogers has been to Tom Brady's school of sissy quarterback whining.

soild defense. need to make this a two score game!

a pick, no way

Jason Allen. I love you bud...shut the haters up. He is the new He Hate Me!!!!

i bet the sideline told allen to turn around

(like how he got the pick in the endzone during the vikes game)

again..the thing with allen his whole career...looks amazing and then awful in a 2 play span

nice pick. glad they didnt flag him. way to hold on to it. ok we needed that their D is gonna start getting tired pound the rock.

Imagine that...Bring pressure and it forces turnovers...

Who woulda thunk...Nice defensive series

Do we strike fast & deep, a la Rodgers & GB, or do we set up FG?

ok henning lets see a couple reverses and wildcat to show the cheese we can win without scoring

int by allen

looks like you show you know nothing yet again


Jason Allen is a stud, where are you Aloco, you SoB?

Good Job J. Allen but still doesnt make up for falling when it was thrown to edwards in the jets game!

man why no 1 or 2 down blitz?

Jason Allen best draft pick ever!!!! Alright Nick Satan!

Big play on D we were looking for....

wonder if they will go for the 7 points...

First big mistake by Rodgers -- throw to James Jones instead of Jennings or Driver. wow.

Not sure why Allen wasn't allowed to return that INT. There was no contact after he secured the ball.

Your sign AC...You're practically a celebrity

baltimore is up 17-7 on the patsies.

ok Rodgers starks hit wasnt late...but it is in your head now isnt it...if we get them deep in there own zone they should late hit him...

Do we strike fast & deep, a la Rodgers & GB, or do we set up FG?

Said the rabbit to the turtle

dumb 1st down play call

using polite too much, should be only used on 3rd and short...

I think Rodgers lost his composure a little bit on that drive. Clearly, he doesn't think anyone should be allowed to hit him.

Keep hitting him!

wonder if you will take my offer and shut your useless mouth test

worry less about the 7 points and more about keeping quiet when your betters speak, which means when anyone speaks

Dolphins doing a great job pass protecting and Packers have no rush without Matthews.

I thought Heat picked up James Jones?

brandon catching everything his way

Why are we throwing in the dirt?

2nd and long...

Prepare for some trickery, or a quick screen

that was actually my brother holding the sign. Im sitting next to him in the phins hat looking depressed.

but....haaaaaa @ celebrity.

This drive needs to end in the end zone.

Or a good run by Brown!

Love that kid

the bad thing is their whole D is out and we still only have 13.

They are giving Henne a nice pocket today.

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