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Dolphins tied with Packers heading to third quarter

GREEN BAY -- It has been a frustrating first half.

There was that interception in the red zone.

There was the partially deflected punt.

There was the holding call that nullified a 43-yard field goal.

It has been something of a circus here at Lambeau Field.

And yet the Dolphins are tied with the homestanding Packers, 10-10. It feels like something of a victory, really. So join me in the second half of the live blog to see if the Dolphins can actually author a victory.


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what do you think, a fg , a punt????

could time to throw it deep

We should be called the Miami Marshals, he is the only one doing anything.

O Line showing occasional flashes of competence.

did i say Incognito sux? his name is an oxymoron

Go ronny

ravens are really good, offense got so much better with boldin

If about 3 more Packer players get injured we just may win this one boys!!!

Ravens beating Pats...


ya Baltimore~! ugh toomuch dancing brown you had a lead blocker!!!

Pat McQuistan can't truck a DB? Really?

I know its 2d guess...but why did not he cut it up inside?

Keep Brown in the game, he gets better with more carries....

Come on Ronnie-run harder + chose your holes better

Need to get the ball in the middle of the field for a field goal.

dam was wishing Brown cut that one back in...nice effort though

go for it

Polite stopped for the first time

Anyone have a link?

polite stuffed

no more automatic...

i guess everyone learned on 3rd and short polite gets the ball

wow polite didnt get it. nice job by him though

lol ya think they knew polite was coming....i guess we need more than 1 play for that

nice second effort!

Brown's lead blocker wasn't blocking...He was just there..

Brown got the first down there!

This drive needs to end in the end zone.

Ours, preferably.

Good. Keep it lined up on the goal posts for Carpenter.

This game is starting to remind me of the Colts game last year. Hope it ends differently.

challeng the spot

Yeah, they need to challenge

Sparano should challeng that spot.



horrible spot. challenge immediately.

Ronnie got robbed!

theres a jet spot for ya...right tortured as you know all about giving jets the extra inch

That was a horrible spot. Really awful.

can u challenge spot?

throw the red flag. Stupid line judge... Knee never down till the ball was over the 25 yd line

they need to challenge the spot

a Miami reporter just asked, "Can you challenge a spot?" Amazing.

challenge it, he was across!!!

terrible spot. review it.

its wierd that tony just randomly goes for it on 4th down...

many times in the jets game we should have gone for it on 4th down and he settled for a field goal...

a monkey is a better coach

Challenge that spot!


yo tortured your patsies are losing

There is no doubt that it's a first down. If we don't challenge, something's wrong.

wow not only do we need to beat the packers and ourselfs but the referres too?

a Miami reporter just asked, "Can you challenge a spot?" Amazing.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 17, 2010 at 03:03 PM

was it omar? hjajaahahahah

WTF? We just got jobbed!

Mando, was it Omar?

Red Zone area... 20 yd line to goalline.

Fistpump area... ? to goal line

I can see that the packers sold oit and were atthe line of scrimmage. All of them. Throw a 2 yard slant for god sake!!!!

man come on we have the ball the whole 3rd quarter and we are up by 3. really? come on!!

Shouldn't have deviated from the plan of smashing the Packers with our killer field goal unit.



what a load of cr*p

ed hocoli has money on this game



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