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Dolphins offensive plays calls were curious -- again

Enough of the fumble controversy (for now) because the call will not be overturned or somehow repaired. The Miami Dolphins' 23-22 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers cannot be erased so no need to continue reliving it.

But what seemingly we continually relive with these Dolphins is the curious if not outright inexplicable play-calling on offense that leaves fans in a frenzy and state of frustration.

Sorry, Dr. Dan Henning, oh sherpa of all things NFL offense. But count me among the folks left scratching their heads following Sunday's game.

I don't understand the strategy on the first two possessions, both inside the Pittsburgh 22-yard line. I didn't understand the strategy of starting a potential game-winning drive in the final two minutes of the game with a running play -- against the NFL's No. 1 rush defense.

Let's take the first two series first. The Dolphins kicked off and got a gift possession when the Steelers fumbled the kickoff and Reshad Jones recovered, giving Miami a first down on the Pittsburgh 22 yard line. Most offensive coordinators today view this as an opportunity to go for the opponent's throat. The Steelers were on the field in an emergency situation and so what do the Dolphins do?

They run an off-tackle play to the right side with Ronnie Brown carrying the ball. It gained 2 yards. Two yards! The Dolphins have the Steelers in a tough spot, in a momentum-capturing moment and they run a routine off-tackle play against the No. 1 rush defense in the NFL.

The next two plays were Chad Henne incompletions. I get the concept of throwing then. No problem. But here's my deal: Neither play went into the end zone. And neither play targetted Brandon Marshall.

The Dolphins, in their wisdom, didn't deem a call for their best receiver as a good option. And the team that has been kicking too many field goals and not scoring enough TDs didn't attack the end zone.

The team still got a field goal and a 3-0 and then got another gift the very next series when Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger fumbled and Koa Misi recovered for Miami at the 13 yard line.

Time to go into the end zone, right? Time to get the ball to Marshall, right?


Henning called a Ricky Williams run to the left. It gained zero.

Then Henning called a Ricky Williams run to the right. It gained 8 yards.

Then on third-and-2 from the 5 yard line, Henning called on Williams again, once again testing the right side of the Pittsburgh defense. No gain. Field goal.

Not good enough, Salguero says.

Then there was the aborted attempt to win the game with the two-minute drive at the end. Let me just say that the execution, which is Henning's pet peeve, was bad. Anthony Fasano dropped a pass on second down. Henne threw to the wrong receiver (Lousaka Polite) on third down and that gained only 2 yards. And the fourth down play was a total breakdown of the protection and the communication between the QB and his receivers.

But ...

Why did that drive open with a running play? The Dolphins had taken a timeout, their final timeout, with 2:30 to play before Pittsburgh kicked the game-winning field goal. The idea at the time was to keep the Steelers from letting the clock run down to two minutes.

But then Miami made that timeout of no effect by opening their drive with a run. Either you need the time and you take the time out and then throw the ball. Or you don't need to save time and you don't need the to take the time out. You cannot have it both ways.

But with 2:19 to play, facing the best run defense in the NFL, using a running back that had gained 12 yards on 10 carries, the Dolphins handed the ball off to Brown. The play gained 2 yards.

I'm not playing the results here. I'm saying the Dolphins needed to throw in the end zone to their best receiver when they're inside the other team's 25 yard line after a turnover every single time they find themselves in that situation. I simply believe it's a good idea to get the ball in your best offensive weapon's hands as a philosophy.

And as for the final drive, if you're going to run the ball on first down, don't waste a time out before that. And if you are going to call the time out, which was the right call, then follow that up with another good call and pass the ball to open your two-minute drive.  

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I think they should have called the same play toward end of regulation they did against the Packers and take a knee. That would've thrown off the Steelers.



Thanks for bringing some humor into this day....I needed that

lets face it the head coach and the OC are going nowhere this yr so we are stuck with these idioits,but hopefully after a maybe 8-8- yr there will changes,until then good luck to our poor fan base.

Totally Agree with you Mando. When I saw Ronnie lining up behind Henne, I was like please dont let this be a run. And then on 2nd down the team pretty much had to hurry and run a play before the 2 minute warning resulting in a incompletion. Dan Henning lost the game for us period! Sometimes it seems Henning can look like a genius like the screen pass to fasano last week, and then the next minute like an idiot with the timing on the wild cat plays and not calling the best plays in the Steelers red zone and settling for three points.


Preach it brother. That play was the worst one of the game. It too long to develope, hit the damn hole running and Ronnie doesn't do that. Polite or Ricky should have been the call. I am so over this conservative play calling. I just want them to go for the kill shot sometimes and those first two Pitt fumbles would have been the time to do it. Oh well hopefully they learn from this and kick butt for the rest of the season! Go Phins!

Mark in Toronto agree 200%!!!! Preach it brother!

I'm saying this as the biggest Dolphins fan on the planet - much bigger than all you bozos. (For some reason, my use of the word "bozo" to describe you people tends to ruffle feathers, but I digress).

Miami deserved to lose. When they were up to 22-20, their defense collapsed and allowed Roethlisberger to move the Steelers not only into field goal range, but towards an apparent TD. When Roethlisberger fumbled that ball and the referee made his controversial decision, I was ecstatic, because it meant we could win the game with only a field goal and plenty of time left. We were FORTUNATE to only be behind by 1 point.

So what did we do? Bupkis. Rien. Nein. Nish. Our 4 and out was absolutely pathetic. And I don't blame Henning for the 1st down run. Given the defense Pittsburgh was playing, it very easily could have netted 5 to 15 yards. I would take that, given we still had plenty of time to get into field goal range.

The referees didn't blow it. WE blew it.


When are they going to admit (like Big Ben even as much as said)the game was incorrectly handed to the Steelers


Yeah,guess your right

Like when Bush`s kid won the presidential election in Florida

and again someone wants to blame it on hanging Chad

The world and the USA are corrupt
That`s all


Does not matter who really wins

Admit It
There Is a hidden agenda

A winner has already been hand picked prior to the contest

Does not matter what the real outcome is



That`s the lesson here

Teach your children early
Start teaching them by 2yrs old how to LIE, CHEAT & STEAL

This is how you get ahead
This how we get our desired results

Everything else is just hypocritical

After all
Our Country was founded by Hypocrites

Our country was founded by Slave Owners ...
Who wanted to BE FREE !

The tradition continues!

Armando is right, the play calling hasn't been good and kicking five field goals led to the defeat, and I echo others thoughts that it is probably time for Pennington to start, but let's deal with what the media will be afraid to deal with(outside of Miami)because they don't want to destroy that which feeds them. I don't have alot of time to constantly be on this blog, but over the years I have come on this blog to tell you that the NFL manipulates the results of games through it's referees to achive the desired results that it wants. I have spoken about the obvious bias towards the Patriots first and foremost and the power that Patriots owner Bob Kraft holds, the problems we have had with the refs in Jets games( not this year, as they beat us fair and square) and now we have been the latest victim of obvious foul play in regards to the Steelers. The most blatent example of this bias towards Pittsburgh was the outright criminal assault that the NFL visited on the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl forty in which the refs saw that Seattle was all over the Steelers in the first half and just took the game away from the Seahawks.

Since Don Shula left the game in 1995, and as a result left the NFl's competition committee the Dolphins have been getting the shaft in games they have both won and lost over the last 14 years, that there is no doubt the league doesn't much care for the 'Phins.

If you want this nonsense to stop, Dolphins fans have to fight back against what are basically criminal acts of consumer fraud. Here's the league office phone number 212-450-2000. Call them, ask for officiating, and when they connect you flood their office with complaints,letters, emails. Make them miserable. Their mailing address is 280 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017.

Then to support the Dolphins, but to stick it to the NFL, don't watch any NFL games other than the Dolphins. Any game which doesn't have the Dolphins in it, don't bother with it, turn it off, buy only Dolphins merchandise, but don't patronize, watch, read, visit websites of anything to do with the rest of the NFL. I'm talking an organized boycott of everything NFL except for the Dolphins. This way the NFL gets hit by the loss of revenue from Dolphins fans all around the country and not just South Florida. The NFL is filled with a bunch of arrogant New Yorkers who think that Miami is some sleepy little beach town and they can do whatever they want with their games because the money is in New York, Boston( with the all powerful overlord of all things NFL-Bob Kraft) and with the all mighty Pittsburgh nation. You see, they screw those guys and it's major hell to pay, major money to lose, and big problems. They screw the Dolphins and heck, as bill@cnn would say most Dolphins fans are laidback and don't support the team as passionately as you should. Do you want this pattern to change or do you want to continue to see this go on and on?

Boycott the NFL outside of the Miami Dolphins, make a satement, Dolphins fans, come up with some form of protest that hurts the NFL. Yes, no doubt, we should have scored more touchdowns, yes our offense needs work, yes the Jets are better than us right now, but as Karlos Dansby said yesterday "I have never been done in like that before." You know what he meant.

So have we had enough Dolphins fans?...If you want support find some Seahawks fans, they know what the NFL gets away with. It's become professional wrestling, and if they think you'll settle for it, it will continue. Are you guys really suprised at this point about two refs being from Pittsburgh and one Miami player saying he heard the ref say "white ball" when the play ended. What do you think happened yesterday?... Had enough yet, or do you still want to let the Northeast powers dismiss the truth I am telling you with "crazy conspiracy theories."

I agree, I've said all along that Henning is the problem. He has to go. He lost the game. The phins offense need some balls. Other than the O-line. It seems like they are playing scared. And that is Henning. I am sure about it. GET GRUDEN!!!!!!!!! Please!!! Its not to late. They still can do it. They just need to work harder. Which means they have to work more than a normal work week. Also Hennings fault. Brandon is the top paid Wr. And Henne doesn't want to work late to get some plays down with him. COME ON!!! GET GRUDEN!!!!!

I could not agree with you more Armando.

Running on that first play of the last drive was just disgraceful and stupid.

And after getting a field goal off that first turnover, I would have gone for at TD on 4th down on the 2nd turnover, to make it 10-0.
A 6-0 score after two quick turnovers is just unnacceptable. Throw it up to Marshall and let him go get it. If he does not then the score is 3-0 with Steelers backed up inside their own 5 yeard line - but even more importantly you send a message to the entire team "We are gonna score TD's!!"

The only thing I can assume is that Henning does not TRUST Henne all that much in that spot.

Does anyone think that momentum was on the Fins side after going up 6-0! Think again.

The Steelers had the MO knowing they just dodged two bullets and only gave up 6 points!

14-0 or 10-0 score at that point and the Fins have the MO.

As much as everyone is complaining about the offense and the play calling and the field goals. We were up by one with less than 3 minutes to go. The defense stops the SIlers, and we have a win. The defense lost the game not the offense.

Coach Shula, you are engaging in crazy conspiracy theories. Grow up, get a life, and ... say, are you REALLY Don Shula? Kewl!

its getting embarassing seeing our coach doing cartwheels after a field goal. cartwheels should be done after TD's that result in a WIN.

How about being down by two points and kicking a field goal in the first half?

If it was made we would have been tied at the end of play.

Can anyone explain to me how I am wrong thinking that way?

Is your last name really Dodsworth? LOL

henne collapsed with 2:30 left in the game. the d wasn't on the field.

Ted, I come from a long line of patrician, inbred elitists with high IQs, high foreheads, and high ideals. While the Dodsworths do not go back to the Mayflower, we do go back to the 1970 NFL-AFL merger.

Is Scott Linehan available??

He gave us a competitive offense with GUS FREROTTE and his wild arm.

Chan Gailey, Norv Turner, and now Dan Henning.

This type of play calling is what got him run out of Carolina a few years back as well.

Nathaniel Dodsworth,

If I'm enagaging in crazy conspiracy theories, how come there are five people that were in the room with me yesterday, who will vouch that I predicted the outcome of that fumble play before it was announced to everyone in the stadium while the ref was under the replay cover. They were all dumbfounded, when he announced the result, at how right I was. Crazy conspiracy theory, or do I just know something that you don't know?

I personally like the use of Brandon Marshall as a decoy. We should never pass to him at all. Brilliant that through 5 games he hasn't caught a deep ball for a TD yet. Nice strategy. You see everyone saw him cath 80 yd td's just about every game for the past 4 seasons. So now that we got him, we'll use him as a decoy. Awesome coaching. We should trade for Adrian Peterson and convert him to Guard. Ah, the trickery of the Fins! Also, Chad Henne can barely fit his fat head in his helmet.

Mando, I've never agreed with one of your posts as much as I have for the last two. We are in COMPLETE agreement. What I'd love to hear (not sure why, I know what he'd say) is what Dan Henning says when he's posed these questions (not about any particular play, but about his offensive philosophy).

Mark, I'm also in 100% agreement with everything you said. I'm not even commenting on the idiots that say "get rid of Henne" because they're too useless to even entertain, so I won't (Henne is the QB of this team, he hasn't single-handedly lost 1 game in his life as a Dolphin, so f*** anyone that says he should go.)

However, you brought up a good point about other teams using formations, etc. to create mismatches. Another poster here answered why we don't (by the way, it's not Nolan's fault, he's trying his best, this lies squarely on Henning's shoulders).

Notice our WR sets, it's usually 2, sometimes 1 or 3, barely ever 4. And lately we haven't been sending the backs out (which is ok if they are helping with protection, I don't mind that), but we aren't sending the TE out either (almost EVER these first 6 games). So, of course, makes sense, when the game is on the line, who do they send out, the TE, and he drops it. Now, that's on Fasano, it was in his mits, he shouldn't have dropped it. BUT, if he's used to blocking, and now is called to go run a route and catch a pass, I mean, I can understand how a player gets rusty if they're not doing something game in and game out. Why are Dallas Clark, Jason Witten, V Shancoe, etc. all utilized SO WELL against us, but we don't utilize our TE?

Answer: The OC's scheme is so damned basic (based on running the ball with some passing) that opposing teams don't need much study to pretty much have our offense down. So the good players in the NFL do their study during the week, and know EXACTLY where we're going with the ball during game day. Case in point, that Fasano play against GB, the screen to the other side of the field, INCREDIBLE call. Faked out everybody wearing green. THAT'S what we need more of. We also (like you mentioned) need more movement, shifting, cross-patterns, 4 WR sets where automatically one guy will be covered by a LB or safety. The reason we don't, because Henning feels he needs all those people back to give Henne protection. So Henne has all day, to pass to nobody (or 2 guys who are covered).

The reason we lose is our offensive coordinator has an outdated philosophy and a failed strategy and our coach doesn't overrule him (obviously) because he respects the experience Henning has over him (I'm assuming).

Our strategy will get us to .500 consistently, but it WON'T get us to the Playoffs consistently, and therein lies the problem.

find another Offensive Cordinator replace Hennin he screw every oportunity we have in this game and came with 5 fricking field goal that sucks big time,find someone who has big GUTS to make big plays with the BEAST MARSHALL.

we spend all week gameplanning for sunday against pitt. and yet we don't have any effective plays selected for the RED ZONE?????? every team has a certain set of plays that will work inside the 20!

know u have Pink Floyd on the brain
as the massive earthquake/disaster is scheduled to strike bout the same time as the South Florida Roger Waters show

just nod if u can hear me

Posted by: Home on the Herald | October 25, 2010 at 12:36 PM

"Is there anyone at Home?"

I'm not going to pretend that I know more about play calling than Dan Henning. But I KNOW there is a fine line between fear and caution. And you accomplish nothing if Fear dominates.

This offense needs to take a dump on nfl defenses. Just like irregular stool movements this offense needs Exlax.

This will come in the form of a speed demon wr opposite Marshall who demands a cushio. Then we can dump all over nfl defenses.

Then when we've played nfl defenses you'll be able to smell it on defenses from Miami to Maine. At present it's only our offense that stinks. We can smell that from Miami to Maine too.

Shula, you are absolutely correct about the conspiracy, however the Dolphins are destined to throw a pick, fumble, get flagged or whatever at the end of a game. Every game comes down to the wire for 15 straight seasons and they manage to choke.

Example Jets game. Watching with friends and evryone knew how last drive plays out drive, drive, driv get to 10 and throw a pick to end it. That's not conspiarcy, though, that's just proven history of this team.

When was the last blowout win? Uh, huh. That's why change is needed for the umpteenth time!

"Come on, Come on, Just anther pin prick, that'll get you going to the show, now it's time to do the show"......

YES Armando!!!! At last!!! Was Henning in the locker room after the game gloating???

Right now our offense is severely constipated. No matter how our boys strain it seems they just cant push it out. Exlax to the rescue!!!

Our special teams play like chronic bad breath. After that refreshing first qtr we ran out of Tic-Tacs!!!

henning needs to go period.

They Call Me... Tim says:
October 25, 2010 at 1:33 pm
NJ, yeah I did see your post on the record 7 gerbils shoved up your bung. You beat my record of 6. WTF? LOL

Biggest observation from the game-

Henning as an OC sucks. He under-utilizes Brandon Marshall in the most important aspect of the game-the red zone. Isn't that why they wanted a big, strong receiver so that they could throw to him in red zone? Why aren't they creating mismatches for him in the red zone more often?

It's not just the play-calling on offence that is killing us. It's the whole general philosophy of the organization from the very top. This is why Bill Parcells does not get a free pass as far as I'm concered. We've ignored the WR and TE for too long with this team. It's why we have don't have enough playmakers on offence. Fassano is a bit of a joke as a TE. The dropped pass at the end of the game was evidence of that but he's typically not a guy who can break a game open, ala Dallas Clark or Antonio Gates or even a Brett Celek. There were some good ones in the draft this year and we ignored them and drafted for other positions. Same at WR. Kenny Britt was available and we chose to go elsewhere. How about Hakkem Nicks? Would have fit in very nicely opposite of Marshall. How about Dez Bryant? We could have had him too, as a number two to Marshall but we chose to go another route. So criticize the play-calling if you want....it's valid....but also keep in mind we don't have the weapons on offence.


At times our defensive backfield plays like a bunch of convicts on the early release program. Our penal system needs to be revised!!!

Nathaniel, not sure what you saw out there dude. You don't blame Henning for calling a run play on 1st-and-10 on your 25 (whatever it was) with 2:30 left to play? WHAT IS THAT RUN FOR? You JUST called your LAST timeout. Let's say they get 5 yards, SO? You need 40-50 yards to get in field goal range, what's 5 yards going to do but waste a down and the clock? AND how do you figure that play could have gotten 15 yards. WE WERE PLAYING THE BEST RUN DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE!!! What was the final stats on running, 40-50 yards between Ronnie and Ricky (by the way, most of those coming from Ricky)? Ronnie had MAYBE 10 yards. But due to some mysterious force you think Ronnie can equal his total running stats all day in one play? How many brain cells short are you of a corpse? Seriously, why do people say such idiotic things? 1st and 10, 2 min left, and you call a simple run play that's NOTHING NEW to the defense. How many times have they seen that play? A billion? How many 15 yard run plays have the Steelers given up all year? ONE, maybe NONE?

YOU'RE wrong, and way off-base on this one. This was the time to send out Fasano, and do that TE pass play THEN, on FIRST DOWN! So, if he drops it, you STILL have 3 more downs to get a first. But you don't even NEED a first on this occasion, you need to get down the field quickly to get close to Carpenter's range. Horrible playcalling as the first play in the 2min drill, and please Nathaniel, don't ever become an OC in any football league, because you're a recipe for disaster, plain and simple, if you agree that a run play is the best play to start a 2min drill with (having NO TIMEOUTS). Please!

I vote we all ban together and send Ronnie Brown a fresh shipment of ballerina toe shoes!

Ronnie Brown would look so natural in leotards, a tu-tu, and pink ballerina slippers!

DC, Lips, spike. henne threw for 260 yards yesterday against the best defense in the league. Yet, we should being in Pennington - he's obviously the answer on throwing the ball deep and utilizing the WRs?!??!?!

pennington wouldn't even be able to throw for 260 yards in a month.

In addition, he has that proven pedigree of being a ZERO time pro bowler and ZERO super bowl appearances. IN addition, he's a youthful 34 with no major injuries in his past.

The reasonaing for benching Henne couldn;t be any more stupid.

have we scored more than 2 TD's in ANY game this year???????? even the bills had over 30 pts on the ravens defense. how can you win in todays NFL scoring 1 0r 2 TD's/game?????

Ronnie Brown would look so natural in leotards, a tu-tu, and pink ballerina slippers!

Posted by: DyingBreed | October 25, 2010 at 01:46 PM

Almost forgot. The ensemble wouldnt be complete without a tierra.

Last Mondays faux meeting:

Sporano: Henning what do you think we should do on offense against the #1 defense Steelers.

Henning: How about run, they'll be looking for us to throw td's to Marshall, but we'll run right at 'em instead.

Sporano: I like that idea, don't use our best weapon and run the ball. You are so worth your bloated salary.

Henning: Yeh, I know. we'll grind out a 3-0 win.

Sporano: But I thought the idea was to score TD's?

Henning: That's what the fans want, so let's go opposite.

Sporano: Brilliant, Don't forget to throw a run in there when we're down in 4th qtr.

running on the play at the end of game after taking the time out has got to be the dumest play I've ever seen. And they henne trying to snap the ball before 2 minute was dumber. But the worst call was the 4th and 1 hand off to brown with long pulling. Wow.
I'm sure henning will say the execution was wrong. Someone needs to pound in his old head that the probablity of polite who is something like 95 percent getting the 1st down is much higher than a pull of long and hand off to brown.
The season is lost so

After football Ronnie Brown could always play a leading role with the Nutcracker Ballet Company. Twirl baby twirl!

Gregz, that's where you're wrong buddy. "We spend all week gameplanning." Who said we do that? Sparano? Other coaches? Does it look like we gameplanned for their best receiver (Hines Ward was all over the field, BY HIMSELF all day)? Did we gameplan for the long bomb to the same guy that caught the same pass the last time we played the same team? No, no and no.

So, I'm saying I don't take the coaches word for it that we're gameplanning. I think they're practicing during the week. Someone MIGHT be gameplanning, but it never gets down the players, so, it's a pointless exercise for the Miami Dolphins (they should spend that time on ST practicing, that'd do more help).

For sure Craig, we should have drafted Kenny Britt or hakeem Nicks. Instead this regime drafted that stiff Vontae Davis. How could they be so stupid???

(Start carnival music now)

Henning calls the same dumb plays in practice. Which is not helping the defense. He is the problem. I think the Tuna knows that as well. Get GRUDEN Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Henning sometimes reminds me of a dumb criminal who tries to pick the lock to an open door.

"Coach Shula"

Believe U R right
and for Super Bowl winning QB Big Ben to say "nobody likes to win, like that" , but he will take the win

and Dansby a well respected Captain and one of the best at his position in league to to say "I have never been done it like that before"

Tells u of the CORRUPT FIXED BS, LIE,CHEAT,STEAL that continues in throwing games in the NFL

Like your comparison to entertainment wrestling where a winner is predetermined

Wonder if soon the NFL will rehearse the games 1st(instead of practicing) like wrestling
That way it would be more entertainment and look more real with a dramatic finish lol

Home was at the Patriots game and sat close to the field lower level
was watching the head linesman and u could here &see him say to ref
"Do you really want to make that call"
"Do you really want to make that call"

as if he was threatening him or insinuating It`s your @SS If U make that call!

when Cam wake was held/tackled by the Patriots

ref looks back at linesmen and picks up flag and puts it in his pocket

Linesmen then announces "No Penalty on the Play"

U can see it and clearly read the lips of officials on taping of the game

that is not why we lost, but ALL the momentum shifted and couple plays after, Patriots scored

Next Morning
Brought It to the attention of this blog and It fell on deaf ears

Now This Is Even Worse
and know what will happen .....

Cause we are weak and keep accepting being walked all over and Lied to, Cheated and Stolen from

This is the behavior we have come to accept


My God is Very Pissed Off @ What We Have Become

Do Not Think There Is Time, but Home will Try to Improve with himself first

Everything we have come to believe is a LIE, originating from a Cheat, and a Steal

Corruption rules & dictates behavior

Xcuse Home while He Pukes

Sign me. I'll throw to Marshall!

- Ryan Leaf

I've often seen WR appear wide open down field but Henne will not throw the ball down there.

Let it fly!

DyingBreed, Ronnie is running like a ballerina for sure. Yet Henning likes giving him the ball on a 3rd and 1. yes, now is the time to dance and try to break the big one. Ronnie's best rush al year was in Minnesota when he just screamed up the hole. Someone bring back that Ronnie Brown. I don't like this one - looks like Bobby Humphrey to me.

Right now we are like the home owner who notices the hinges to the doors are severely rusted. Though that maybe true isnt it wiser to takes the doors downs after you have purchased the new hinges?

4 years ago.....

Well free agency has begun, so what do you guys think Culppeper or Brees?

Brees, Brees, Brees, Brees, Brees, GM - Ok, Culpper it is.

- Organization in a nutshell!

Didnt Ronnie Brown get arrested for dui? He's really been playing like he needs a drink!

Why not Gruden?

we vacationed in davie the last 3 summers;watched all the practices at the facility. a portion of the practices has henne trying to score in the red zone. they put the ball on the 20 and its 1st and 10 with officials referee's to spot the ball etc. needless to say we very seldom scored EVEN IN PRACTICE. alot of us fans were very discouraged we couldnt get the ball in the end zone. this happened day after day for 3 weeks.

3 days ago....

Yeh, got our game plan strategy from the local youth flag football league. Run on every down and then get your punt blocked. Apparently the fans like the action.

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