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Westhoff: Dolphins special team weak link remains

[First of all, let me start this morning by thanking you guys, once again. We all root for, focus on and observe an inconsistent Miami Dolphins team. But there is consistency in your interest in that team because so far this year Miami Dolphins in Depth is the most popular blog at the Miami Herald bar none. Last month (September), for example, my blog outpaced the next most popular blog by more than 210,000 page views. This blog outpaced the next most popular sports blog, Eye on the U, by 345,000 page views. No other sports blog at the Herald was in the same universe -- not even close. So you have spoken about your interest. And I appreciate your loud voices.]

As we all know, the last week was an apocalyptic one for the Miami Dolphins special teams.

They managed the worst single-game performance in the history of the franchise. Special teams coordinator John Bonamego was fired as a result.

But if you believe New York Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff, who helped in the downfall of the Miami special teams by exposing them two weeks ago with a blocked punt scheme the New England Patriots repeated one week later, the Dolphins still haven't really corrected the issue with the firing of Bonamego, who got a call from Westhoff this week.

"Sure, I called him," Westhoff told the New York Post Friday. " Not so much to give him some pep talk or to tell him I thought it was wrong or right. That's not my business. I don't do that, but I did talk to him about (how) 'These things happens to a heck of a lot of people. You had some breakdowns.'  It's interesting that there was one particular guy that was involved in two of those major breakdowns.  Frankly, I don't think he could play. I don't want the guy either."

Westhoff would not reveal the name of the player he's talking about but it is safe to say he is still on the Dolphins as they didn't cut any player following the New England debacle. It is also known tackle Lydon Murtha and guard Pat McQuistan missed assignments that led to the blocked punt and field goal last week versus New England.

"I'm not going to tell you," refusing to name the player he believes is a weak link. "That wouldn't be fair, but there was a common denominator. There really was, but what I talked to [Bonamego] about was moving on in the future (and) what I thought would be a good way for him to go. As I said, he's not my best buddy.  He's not."

So why did Westhoff, a former Dolphins special teams coach, get involved in calling Bonamego at all if they're not friends?

"I'm the guy to do it," he said. "I've been around the longest and to me I just look at it as I think I know enough that I can talk enough from experience on both sides of. From having good days and bad days to be able to give him some of what he should do and look forward to in the future whether that's right or wrong.  I know one thing, I know he appreciated it when we talked. 

"It wasn't like, 'Oh, that's a terrible thing for them to do.'  I don't feel that. That is their business. What they do is their business.  It's not mine. I'm disappointed that that would happen though. Of course it was just a catastrophic thing."

It was a repeat of the plays -- at least on the blocked punt -- that we saw the week before from the Jets.

"If I could show you the clips of the three things because believe me, I've studied them. The punt block was the exact same block that we used exactly (on) the other side," Westhoff said. " [The Patriots} are no dummies. They saw it worked. The kickoff return was the guy broke around the edge, he had two unblocked guys. Make the tackle. We did. The field goal, they had a new guy that they had to substitute in at wing and he let their most dangerous guy (Patrick) Chung, he just let him run. It's ridiculous.  Trust me, when we showed it to our guys, I was just as tough on the guy doing it as I was on the strategy of how to do it. I think that's all part of it. I don't like seeing that (happen) to anybody. I don't care what your business is. I'm more solve the problem than affix the blame. I guess that's my style and philosophy.  It doesn't make me right."


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Screw that idiot, It wasn't like our special teams tore it up when he was here. he was average.

screw them both too

Throwing salt into the wound...

ok, so you give us a quote from westoff but give no follow up opinion??

I can't really comment about Murtha because i haven't watched him enough but McQuistan is TERRIBLE!! I know these guys were supposed to know a thing or two about offensive linemen? To be honest, if they miss the playoffs this season and these last two games are the reason they all deserve to be fired.

And Westhoff is a good ST coach. His jets have been playing good ST the last couple of years.

Remember '09 and Ginn returning 2 on Westhoff's boys? Forget that a-hole.

You can tell Westhoff is a jet.

No style, no class, strait up jerk.

You're the last guy Bonamego wanted to hear from. How stupid are you, you egotistical DOLT?

like it or not westhoff is just being a hardknock!! But the wets kicked our A**S so you got give him bragging rights and then when he saw the cheatriots further expose what he saw it became to tempting not to rub it in!!! Personally I like it let everyone talk the dolphins deserve all the negative talk until they prove they can play with CONSISTENCY for big change!! MAYBE just MAYBE our players will take this personally and kick some A**S or not!! lol

Really? my sand comment gets removed? I have seen way worse on here.

Bragging rights are one thing, but calling a guy up that's just lost his job?

Ted that would be like me working circles around you on a construction crew to the point the Foreman lays you off. Then I call you up on the weekend. Hey Ted hows that last paycheck doing you? The wife and kids getting hungry yet?

Man Ted, you were stinking it up out there, man you suck. Seriously though TED I heard they're hiring at WalMarts.

See what I mean? It's just tacky. I would expect that kind of sheet from Fat Rex,but Westhoff too? Must be a prerequisite for being hired by the jets: Leave all your class at the door!

Listen guys, the Jets can do as much talking as they want right now because they can back it up. Us on the other hand are all talk and we got beat by two teams in our division we should have beat. THAT'S not what championship teams do! Until we can back it up with our play we deserve all the criticism we get!

Maybe the Jets should actually win something?

Maybe he shouldn't have sucked when he was here?

Maybe he shouldn't have kicked to TG Jr.

Maybe that team is a product of being from a large Metropolitan City that anyone pays attention? Because they haven't won Shi*. They get more press than NO, Pitt, Indy, or the Pats. Who have actually won something.

As far as the Phins go. You been put on blast this loser and Belecheck (luaghing at you)this week.

Phins "Feed the Wolf" has officially been replaced by..."YOU BEEN PUT ON BLAST"!

Go Phins!

Didn't he give up two TD's to Ginn last year?

it was bobby carpenter??

Feed the Wolf has officially been replaced!

Phins all ya'll step up!

New Locker Room Sign-

"You been put ON BLAST!

Go Phins!

Craig, What!

We beat them 2 out of the last 3 times including a playoff game with F'Head Favre!

Should have beat them last game? What have they F'n won???? TV airtime thats what! Especially since The Cowboys who the NFL tries to ram down our throats suck so bad. They jump on these scrubs.

If I just landed on this planet I wouldn't even know the Saints won the Super Bowl. It's all Jets Favre Jets Favre Jets Favre on the Tube.

Go Phins!


It was McQuistan and Carpenter. If I remember right Carpenters whiff were especially horrible.

I would go back on my DVR and verify it, but it's still too painful.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Miami Dolphins in Depth is the most popular blog at the Miami Herald bar none."

"No other sports blog at the Herald was in the same universe."

Don't forget your world famous radio show weekdays from 6-10 am.

You know what your next move should be.....A movie about your rise to fame like that Howard Stern movie.

And just like Howard had his issues with Don Imus, you can focus on your issues with Bill Parcells and the Miami Dolphins.

Just let me know if you need any help with the script, sorta like a ghost writer.

Soiled :)

This is the same thing as Dave W. calling Tony...Most of these guys are losers and until you have that ring...you are still a loser.

Remember that next time the Jets call...and hang up numbnuts.

fire everyone

rebuilding v591328 incoming.

oh and ross needs to sell this team

enough of this fake celebrity BS going on


I hate the Jets just as much as you do but we lost two games in our own building that we shouldn't have even lost. I've got news for you guys....we lost SO badly last week because of ST that Brady and company were on cruise control in the second half. They didn't even work up a sweat in the second half. So everybody wants to rip on the ST's coach after last week but who were the ones who went out and got McQuistan, Murtha and Carpenter? These were all guys that nobody else wanted. And why did they get them SO late in the preseason, when they had no time to work together before the regular season? And what was so terribly wrong with the other guys we got rid of? Let's tell it like it really is, this regime has been shuffling players in and out of her on a continual basis the last few weeks when the really good teams have had their rosters set for over a month. So blame the ST coach if you want....make him the scapegoat.....but it's the scrubs Ireland and Sparano and Parcells went out and got that cost us the victory last week.

Dear Mr. Salguero

And another thing

"No other sports blog at the Herald was in the same universe"

Are you stating that there are multiple universe's ?

How is the Herald able to cross over to another universe.

I've been watching "Fringe" on TV and thats part of there story line.

Just wondering if the Herald has the same technology.

Soiled :)

Dear Soiled Bottom,

Good luck on your new Gig. Writers are Kool!

Just a couple of questions:

1. What are you going to name the Armando Stern Movie?

2. And more importantly, what Bimbo will be "Parading the Goods"?

PS: Writer Groupie's RULE!!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

In the other Universe the Mr. Salguero that works for the Herald is an actual fan of the Miami Dolphins....just thought you should know

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Odinseye

I think Mr. Salguero should do a 1/2 hr sitcom called "I love the Amigo"

Mr. Salguero plays a cuban band leader in a club called Tropicana Club that some day he hope's to buy and name Club Babalu.

But each week his male life partner The Amigo and some of the blog followers Aloco and the Cuban Menace cause highjinx and mayhem.

Just shooting spitballs to see what sticks

Soiled :)

these bozos have an infinity for cowboy players that suck even fasano is average adole carpenter mcquistan proctor how about flozell adams you putzes

Mr. Soiled Bottom,

Nice pitch!

Solid concept, endless possibilities for highjinx and mayhem.

I like it, ALOT!

Just a quick thought: Nothings taboo in this Universe anymore, but do you think the Alternate Universe is ready for Prime Time Gayness?

the weakest part of team besides special teams is that middle of the o line berger is a careerbackup jerry a rookie and incognito has been on rams and bills

I agree with Craig M.....
This season is the end of the Trifecta experiment....no playoffs....bye-bye.

BTW Mando, didn't you mean, "I appreciate your loud mouths"?

Dear Mr. Salguero

"This blog outpaced the next most popular sports blog, Eye on the U, by 345,000 page views."

I'm telling you now we need to strike will the iron is hot.

If you let me be your agent I could have you starring opposite Julia Roberts in 1 weeks time or have you as extra in a low budget porno...depending how things go.

Soiled :)

here are the three players i saw whiff on each of these plays, i rewound them a bunch of times...McQusitan, Carpenter, and sorry to say Jason Allen. These three guys managed to miss blocks totally and allen and carpenter has some of the biggest "swing to the side" are tacke attempts. I mean allen on the runback had the angle..he dove backwards and sideways, touched tate's ankle with his pinky finger and knocked two more of our guys down that were going for a tackle. I mean allen whiffed like he was a matador dodging a bull...to me that is a p$ssy move, not a man. It appeared he was afraid to make a hit on the guy. That is unexcusable in my book. Made me sick to see a supposed man try to make a flag football tackle...disgusting, all three should be cut immediately!

It would seem that if Westhoff is correct than it will be pretty clear when they do film review. Given that the Trifecta have been absolutely ruthless in ejecting every player who falls short, if Westhoff is right than some changes will come. It does not matter if a good guy or a bad guy says the sun rises in the east, it either does or does not. The multiple kicks blocked on this years Dolphins is something I do not remember ever happening before so there has to be a fundamental consistent problem to correct.

Armando.....good work on the blog

Kinda could care less about what westhoff has to say.....Don't rember our special teams lighting it up when he was here....however I do remberGinn lighting the JETS up for 2 touchdowns and a victory when we coudn't move the ball. That means he was directly responsible for that loss.

I wonder who called him that day?

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

Fu&k Westhoff, he was a Dolphin one time but jet scum now. Anybody with a brain knows it wasn't just Boneamego. But somebody had to go and it damn sure wasn't going to be Sparano. Least not yet.

Tick, tick, tick....Tony, do you hear it? That's the sound of the clock. Better wake up fast, time's running out.


Better you than me. Everytime I've tried to watch it I get disgusted AND pissed off.

Unexcusable, well put.

Alabama is getting rocked!

hire Westhoff

These guys are trying to upgrade the bottom of the roster in ther 3rd year,you shoudn't be that sorry in your 3rd year to shuffle 16 difernt plaers in and out cut Martha bring him back to wave him againg he's not good enough the first time why waste a roster spot to bring him back to cut agan dosen make cence.

Armando- #1 Blog

Armando- Emmy for best supporting Actor in That 70's Show as "Fez"

Armando- Oscar for best supporting Actor in Napoleon Dynamite as "Pedro"

Armando- "Dog Whisperer"

Armando- Walter Cronkite award for outstanding Journalism and Reporting 2010. For "How do you feel about the Wildcat" question every week.

Armando- gets better tables at restaurants then Omar the hipster Kelly

"Put on Blast" replaces Feed the Wolf and Why not Ass!

Go Phins!

Well I think westhoff probably knows what he is talking about, Look how bad they played and the constant changing of players dosen't help either , I hate the pats and Jets too but they are right we need to get some good special teams players and coach them up instead of constanly changing players to what appears to be saving money, hey fans don't care about saving money they just want to see wins and we are closer then maybe some people think to being good.

Westhoff! Shut the hell up. Karma baby, karma!

Wait until PETA finds out that the Dolphins are starving the Wolf. I would like to see the coaches fine the sorry ass play of some of theses Dolphins, that may wake them up, but no, the crying would flood Miami with crocodiles tears. Of course on most jobs you just get a pink slip, or today a pink e-mail. Bill P.S Perhaps they could talk #54 into helping the special teams, wait! they aren't so special.

Great Posts on here from Martin and Uncle Soiled(As usual), But my I add, why would Westoff call this ex coach????, His Douchebaggery is approaching Fat Rex IMHO........

the chilean miners are coming out on tuesday ,the workers have reached the chamber where they r sitting since 2 months ago. they had 3 teams working from different points to see who's going to get there first and the AMERICAN TEAM WAS THE ONE TO reach them this morning ,

they are about 600 meters from coming out but the american team being very carful.

p.s....chile is the greatest country in south america .

Ted Ginn's trade is a disaster. then we go sign a 50 million man who we can't deliver the football to .

go get jacoby jones to return kicks

Armando one of the things I love about this blog is you call people out.

I say you tell it like it is and tell everyone how terrible and boring the Greg Goatee blog. Does anyone care what that moron has to say?

Why doesn't the Herald simply replace him with more Barry Jackson information buzz and less cluttered butthole columns? It would also be better if you wrote in the newspaper more than twice a week. I'd like 4 times a week.

Make it happen!

The funniest thing about this is the fact that after his special units team was torched twice in one game last year the Jets didn't cut any players yet he thinks it is odd that the Dolphins didn't cut any players. What a putz. You know what, he's just another Jets bigmouth who won't mind his own business. The ego on this guy is incredible. What special teams coach comments this much on something that happened in a game that his team didn't even play in?!!!! What a douche!

Do they eat a lot of chili in Chile?

yeah Craig we deserve criticism from anyone that isn't coaching another team. Look at the big picture. When have you ever heard a coach comment on a game that has nothing to do with his team? It was classless. You can spin it any way you want but it was classless

favre had more problems ,2 massage girls have his texting messages .

i really don't care but if the nfl suspend him he's not going to be there VS new england .

no cocagoe,,,,,you eat Bacala AND red snapper .

It's Great to see Nick(The great Satan)Sabin going down in defeat.......

I like Alabama, Saban sucks.

Yeah Gamecocks!!!!

Miami or Florida St?

Weigh in people.

Miami, But look for Jacory(Int. Machine)Harris To keep it cloose by throwing for 3 Interceptions....(Kinda like another guy that plays in the same stadium)....

Are you a Miami fan or you just think they'll win?

Are there any Florida St. fans here?

westhoff is a jerkhoff. the dolphins better tighten that lame s#it up. they had almost 2 weeks to figure it out, if they lose to the packers get rid of sparano right after the game.

It's all about the "U".

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