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Henne: I can take team to playoffs

Chad Henne is the topic of much conversation lately -- some good, some not too good -- and he should get used to it because he's the freakin' frackin' starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins! But the good news is Henne doesn't seem to mind the whirlwind of activity about him.

Henne is kind of quiet and kind of unspectacular in many respects. But he's also kind of very, very confident.

And that's a good thing because quarterbacks have to be that way. That confidence was on display Thursday when Henne was asked if he believes he can still lead the Dolphins, reeling from consecutive home defeats to New England and New York, to the playoffs ...

“Definitely, there’s no question," Henne responded immediately. "I see myself each and every day even in practice even in the games getting better at things that I wasn’t so good at last year. There’s glimpses out there and the biggest thing is being consistent. I mean I have full confidence that we can move the football on the offensive side of the ball, and it’s whether my job is to protect that football at all costs. You take those turnovers away, it could be a definitely a different game. You know it happened and I’ll learn from it, and that’s my job; I have to protect that football."

Well, he kind of went off in a tangent there at the end of the thought. But it is safe to say he sees himself getting better. (Once upon a time I saw myself getting better at writing and although that suddenly stopped after 24 hours, the self-awareness was a revelation.)

It must be no less a revelation for Henne when he studies himself and can understand that he reads the defenses faster, that he play-fakes better, that his drops are faster and crisper in that five-step drops are never four or six steps anymore.

Henne's touch passing is better, also, by the way.

Is he Drew Brees? Is he Peyton Manning? Is he even Matt Ryan? No, no, no. Not yet.

Henne is a middle-of-the-road quarterback these days. But he is not yet fully formed. Drew Brees wasn't fully formed in his second year as a starter, either.

So do I believe Henne can actually lead the Dolphins to the playoffs? Well, define lead.

If you define it by Henne putting the team on his shoulders and carrying them to the postseason by the sheer excellence of his passing, then no. I don't think he's capable of that yet.

If you define it by Henne leading a charge of like-minded teammates that also are performing at a high level, players such as Ronnie Brown, Brandon Marshall and others reaching the limits of their talents to surround Henne as he charges forward, then yes.

Yes, Henne can lead a Miami charge into the playoffs -- as long as his teammates are charging alongside him. By himself? Not yet.


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Fah-Hurst......yea, there were many Charger fans who wanted to get rid of Brees for Prince Phillip over there.

BTW Armando, get to bed, it's 3 in the morning over there.

I like his attitude. And everyone does forget that not all QB's blossom within 10 minutes of hitting the field. Brees being the perfect example. I like his confidence. Now I'd like to see him take it to the field and just destroy. Throw that football with a take no s%#t attitude.

His helmet fits better this year and that's a plus...Not all squishin up his brow givin him a scowl and what not...

All you Captain Hooks chill. Henne will work it out. Other than P. Manning, Rivers, Brees, Brady, Maybe Palmer and Schaub? Who is really Elite at QB? Rodgers, Eli, Cutler? C'mon man! Everyone after the top 3 or 4 are at best ok.

Oh yeah and Mr. Manning threw a pretty Shi**y interception in of all things, the SUPERBOWL!
I'm sure Phin fans would be calling for his head. This is a young team and unfortunately it will take more than a season to gel. I expect improvement and will enjoy watching it all unfold.

Go Phins!

He needs to learn when to scramble and run instead of just standing there and taking the sack.

I think he needs to play more "naturally" less in a programmed way....Coaches, taake the handciuffs off him....tell him.." we trust you..go out, have some fun and try your arm...pick a guy and let it fly..."....thats what he needs..Sparano get off his back with all your bullshitt stats...your a walking stat machine, but football is played at its best with intuition and confidence....Henne has all the tools but I fear they are filling his head with a million instructions...its a head fukk...CHAD...listen to me....look at whose free and put it to where he is running...let THEM do the rest....mainly look to Brandon...

Henne can make it if they unleash him....

Our bigger problems are in our offensive lines....3 years and still its experimentation time...give me a break....

You gotta tell him HE is the man.....tell him....its his team...give him the keys to the car....

Aloco, what have you had for dinner?

Yea we know he shows glimpses. It sounds like he is just repeating what sparano says to him to keep his confidence up. I'm worried this year is gonna be bust becuz all we see are glimpses then flop. You can't give the ball back while you have momentum twice in a row. Henne did the opposite of bounce back he bounced further into a game he lost solely on his shoulders in the first half. Granted the Special teams lost it in the 2nd half but throwing two ridiculously easy picks right before scoring on drives that had their defense shaking is unnacceptable. Keep waiting for his improvement like Brees or Manning and we will be a .500 team for 2 more years. If Pennington weren't the backup QB i wouldn't have a problem with him playing and earning his spurs. It's a waste of time waiting for him to figure things out and "improve each game" He hasn't shown me anything he didn't already do at Michigan. I don't see improvement at the touch pass and his deep throws to B Marshall weren't that strong for someone wh supposedly has a gun for and arm. Pennington could do damage with the WR we have this year. Camarillo and Ginn Jr. were his goto guys in 2008 c'mon how much worse could he be.

maybe he just needs a hit from that Jeffrey... awww furry walls

I like Henne Just Like I like Tony but you can't keep saying if we take INTS or we take the 3 plays on special teams away, you can;t take them away they happened now I do think he can get better for sure everybody has bad games and I also think we are close to the Jets and Pats even though the pats rolled us I still think we could go to NE and get a win same thing with the Jets game hopefully our coaching will be better in those games that to me seems to be lacking since Tony's first year

I would ne happen if he did not lock down on 1 guy and throw it 1 second quicker...

Oh and one more thing I think they should get back to the power running game they could be a dominant running team which will help henne, unless they are playing thre ravens or steelers then just throw it

Very well put Mando. Henne is fine but like you said, at this point of his career, he needs help from his teammates - he's not elite yet.

It's up to his interior line to make room in the running game (although I think the best interior linemen they had in the run game are gone now), it's up to the receivers (who have played well up to now), and it's up to Ricky and Ronnie to be beastly.

beerphin. thats not fair dude! Henne just payed his 17th game as a starter. that means he has one year under him! Do you know what Peyton did his first 17 games?? I believe it was 25/27 interceptions!! Brees didnt get good until his 3rd season!! thats why they drafted Rivers! Henne wil get better, he wil lead Miami to the playoffs. It might just take till midseason for it to slow down for him. For him to see the entire field! they shouldnt be relying on him to throw this much, this early!! we throw 62% of the time in both of our loss'. when Pennington was starting we threw 44% of the time. now why would they change what worked!?! they had too. thats how defenses ar e playing them. Henne will be fine. lets just back our QB and watch the change!
hey, look at how long Chicago keep Ortian. and now look at him! WITH NO MARSHALL!!!
fyi, Vontae Davis for president!!

I believe Henne can do it, but only if Miami's coaching staff get their play-calling act together.

Ditch the wildcat
Quit abandoning the run
Use Brandon Marshal to stretch the field--let Bess do the slants and slot work
Teach the defense how to stop the run

he lacks the tools between the ears. No matter how many times you attempt to teach a 5 y/o calculus, it wont take, it's beyond their capabilities.

sato, When is the last time you had his IQ checked? He seems plenty intelligent to me. Give the kid some time before you insult his intelligence. It just makes you look unintelligent.

Henne, this what u need 2 do. Obviously u know Davone Bess better, u have been playing with him 3 years & it shows on the field. u need to take this bye week & spend some time with B. Marshall. Go to a local park if u both have to & just throw him 100+ balls. U & him need to build a bond because he is our best playmaker on offense.

way to many mistakes. he might get better but he's not a guy who can carry a team on his shoulders. he had a chance against the jets, didn't do it, patsies, didn't do it. he chokes to much.

If u think ur gonna feed the wolf by making Davone Bess your go to guy, your wrong. He doesn't stretch the field.

I think he's over-coached. You can just tell in his face and mechanics that he has a lot of things he has to remember and think about when he's dropping back, and its not just reading the defense or remembering the play call.


The guy needs more time, and this team isn't going anywhere anyway, not enough top players. Were still rebuilding from 1-15. And next year we'll need running backs and probably new coaches now that Parcells is gone. I don't see Oswald Cobblepot getting a new contract.

Henne can lead us but he can not carry us!
That is the big mistake of those who say "UNLEASH" him. He has been unleashed the last two games and he put up big numbers but we lost both times. This team needs to be balanced on offense to keep the defenses honest and if that is done, when Henne is unleashed it will result in big plays!

As for protecting the ball he had no INTs until the Jets game and the one he had there was a desperation toss trying to score on the last play of the game! NE played zone most of the game because we were not running the ball enough and they could ignore it. Add to it the fact that Special Teams gave up 17 points all on it's own, it really put Henne in a position where he had to get pass happy which played right into the defenses hands!

The extremist fans have to get over it and deal with the fact that this offense is not built in the Indy/Saints mold. It can not allow a ton of points then ask it's offense to overcome those points by trying to win via a shootout.

We were winning early because we would play smashmouth football, tire out the defense, and convert a high percentage of 3rd downs. Kept the opposing offense off the field where they could not score and ensure even if they did that we were never more than 2 scores away from taking the lead in the 4th Qtr.

Many fans complain about being conservative because that doesn't get you in the highlight reels. But conservative gets you into the playoffs especially when you have the ability to open it up when needed to score.

They need to get back to the run first approach, run on 1st down to shorten the yards needed to convert, Make the defense guess if it's pass or run on 2nd down where you mix it up and try for the big play. And use Mr 1000% (Polite) on 3rd and short instead of trying to pass because the fans want to see Marshall more on ESPN!

I think you have it exactly right Mando. Henne's still forming, not at a top level yet, but better than what we've had here before. Problem for me is, it's not totally his fault. The Dolphins in the recent history were a horrible offensive team. It finally came to a head when the coaches realized they needed to put in the Wildcat just to jump-start the offense. They didn't have any other play-makers besides the RBs. Teams also figured this out, and started putting extra guys in the box because they knew the Dolphins didn't have the strategy nor the players to pickup "chunk" yardage. Then a new QB comes in (Henne) and that gave the coaches an extra reason to keep things simple and not rely on their green QB. So they give Henne these screens, 3-5 yd. pass plays, and tie his hands. Why? Because it takes FOREVER to get down the field with those type of plays. AND there are extra guys in the box like I said, so there's more traffic on those short routes, so Henne has more to contend with. That was all supposed to be fixed with the addition of Marshall. But Dan Henning, probably the worst OC for this occasion, in his 31 yrs of ultimate wisdom, has decided Marshall's place on this team is as a decoy, pulling defenders so Henne can keep dunking it to Bess. So, instead of maybe having 3-4 good throws for a TD, this offenses strategy is to make Henne have to throw 9-10 passes (if the running game isn't working) for a TD. More chance for mistakes, as the NE game proved.

So until Henne is giving the green light to spread the offense, find favorable matchups (that means that the TE MUST go out and run a route, that means that more than just 1 WR needs to run a route) and get the ball to the right guy. Do I think Henne can do that? YES. Do I think he'll be given a chance to do that. NOPE! And therein lies the problem...Dan Henning!


Phinion is absolutely wrong in his analysis. Henne hasn't been unleashed. Yes, he's thrown more, but he's using the same playbook Henning has used his entire career. And the same Henning non-fluid playcalling. He calls passes at the wrong time, runs at the wrong time and Wildcat at the wrong time. He keeps his TE in too much to help with protection, and sends his RBs out too much for outlet passes. When those of us calling for opening up the offense say that, we mean to say the whole scheme needs to change. The WR routes need to be updated (to 2010). This is a copycat league. Why CAN'T we use NO or Colts route-running. Seems to work for them. And we DO now have the personnel on offense to mimic them. But Henning is stuck on stupid. Phinion says run on first down. Dude, how stupid do you think opposing teams are? If you do any behavior to form a PATTERN, guess what smart guy, teams pick up on that, and defend against it. So if teams KNOW we'll run on first at all times, they just stack the box (like they've been doing). So now we're at 2nd and 10, 11, 12, and now have to dig out of a hole. Instead of throwing to Bess on 3rd and long, why not throw to him on 1st, when the defense isn't expecting it, and then run on 2nd, 3rd short yardage situations to pickup a first. See how that simple inversion creates an element of surprise on the defense who's EXPECTING something else. That's how you call plays in today's NFL, but Phinion, like Dan Henning, are creatures of habit and history and therefore would rather be stuck in 8-8 mode than actually entertain a Playoff run.

I like Chad Henne. The guy needs help from the run game. The two past loses we abandon the the run game.

The Dolphins are built as a run first offense, Chad Henne shouldn't be throwing the ball 45 times a game. It should be run 25, and throw about 20 times a game. This was the recipe for the past 2 years success.

We have to establish the run game. Ricky and Ronnie have to step up to have a successful season.

I agree with DC Dolfan, he has identified the real problem...and that is Henning and his boss.

You said Henne went of on a tangent at the end of answering the question of "If he can lead"? Well he can't, he won't and he went of on a tangent because the only thing he can focus on his his receiver...I opt for the much brighter Pennington.

R.BROWN IS dancing this year ,he's not playing.how can you blame henne for the losses if r.brown average 2.4 yards a carry .

look at other players and tell me what did they do beside davis and wake .

I used to think this people in this forum couldn't spell...and made a lot of type o's but now I see that the site itself has quirks and will add a letter or two here and there.

Just don't be Jay Fiedler.

can any one tell me did these players earned their money;

special team players

yes Aloco, Brown had been dancing way too much and seems undecisive. i think he is trying to do too much this being his contract year instead of just moving forward.


Please for the love of God,FIRE HENNING NOW and replace him with anybody then bring in a new competent OC next year like they did on defence with Nolan! This is friggin rediculous!!!

penne is a true QB who is trying to mentor henne who hasnt become a true QB yet. will he ever be more than an avg qb is up for debate. i have watch alot of henne in games and practices and the little nuances of the position are not there;they might not be teachable. henne is being over coached in that everyone and their brother is giving him advice and critiqing every move. henne is thinking instead of playing;it has become mental which doesnt fly in the nfl. it has to be instinctive and fast. balls are delivered late and not in stride. some are bounced to the open receivers. long way to go. 8-8 yhis year will be a miracle.

I thought our head coach was a good offensive line coach.He has been here for 3 seasons and they can't get great results with what he has brought in.Hell, Hudson Houck had less and did more with the line that had Mckinney as their center and Rex Hadnot as a guard and Shelton as a tackle for christ sakes.He had them at 4 plus yards a carry.That was the fins biggest loss.Can you believe Wnny got rid of Westoff,only one of the best special team coaches i nt the league.Why do these regimes only want ,who they are comfortable with.Look at our team a bunch of former Cowboy players.They haven't none much since Troy,Emmitt,and Michael.

ALoco, this morning I heard there are pics of brett favre's package floating around on the net. I am not in the least bit interested in those. Nice to know that men in their 40s can still bang hot cheerleaders as long as they make good money. Gives me something to look forward to.

PS, If I can make big money!

Imo Henne is the best QB by far since Danny boy and really seems to be making progrees each week.

my biggest concern is could all this progress take a huge step back if no fooseball next year and if he does take a step back because of that how long so we keep him around?

Look...., the biggest problem facing the Dolphins RIGHT NOW is special teams. They have had 4 blocked kicks this year, 2 in the preseason, and two in a regular season game. That SCREAMS that they are terrible. Plus, they have been giving up chunk yards in the return game,costing them points, including the TD verse the Pats. These problems were very, very, very evident in the PRESEASON. They should have been fixed in the PRESEASON. The talk that players have to take responsibility for this is bull. This is totally on the coaches and GM for not getting this right before the season started. It has cost the Dolphins two division loses: one to the Jets and one to the Patriots. This is the fault of the coaches and you writers should be saying this plainly. With special teams playing this poorly and sporadically, we will lose to anyone in this league, just as well as we might win by Chad Henne managing the game better. Put simply, Henne's development, though a concern, isn't the thing that needs discussing: it's the question WHY the coaches and GM didn't fix special teams earlier. It's that the reasons for preseason?

Mike h, Sparano and Ireland have been a disaster in player personnel on the OL. You have an OL with Grove and Smiley and Thomas that drove the Indy defensive front into the ground and had one of the best rush attacks in the game and you replace those 3 with Incognito, berger, and Pat McQuistan????

That is some boneheaded management. I understand drafting Jerry and Ithat looks like a decent decision but why is McQuistan on this team instead of Donald Thomas or Jake Grove????

I know Smiley and Grove had injury problems but why not have them on the team and when they get injured bring in the replacements??? Last I checked, this is an uncapped year.

Henne is not going to be elite QB ever. Some of the things he does are not fixable like starring down receivers. Right now I'd rather have sanchez than henne.

henne's biggest problem is henning.

Dear Chad Henne,

It's great you feel so good after a loss, Thats your position. Take your pick from these two fan responses:

1) The stats say otherwise. http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/19668/sparano-says-dolphins-not-a-passing-team
Having your QB and coach saying different
things on the identity of the team is disfunction of the worst kind.
What little you say, no matter how harmless is already too much- you lost. Stick a sock in it and just get better.
"I see myself each and every day even in practice even in the games getting better at things that I wasn’t so good at last year."
News flash, Chad - practice doesn't count in the standings. The games are the only thing that count. Use practice to get better, don't tell us about good practice if you had a bad game. If you had a bad game, chances are - despite what you think, you **didn't** have a good practice.
"You take those turnovers away, it could be a definitely a different game."
What did you just say? No. You can't take those turnovers away. That is the reality of the NFL. Bill said it best - 'You are what your record says you are'.
I saw the post game presser where you talked, and I appreciate the calm demeanor,
but I didn't like the cavalier attitude regarding the turnovers. A QB is everything to a team, and this isn't a 3-5 year project only to find out in year 5 that we have a guy who throws pick-sixes when the game is on the line.
Most close games in the NFL are lost not won.
And that game wasn't even close. If I am Parcells I am not happy with talk- just do it on the field.

Thats the long response to your feel good mood. The short answer is this:

What does Chad Henne have in common with Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan (all mentioned above as comparisons)? All have thrown for multiple interceptions early in their careers.

Peyton Manning threw three interceptions in three separate games during his first year as a starter, with multiple two interception games throughout.

Drew Brees three interceptions in one game during his first year as a starter and then threw three interceptions in two games during his second year as a starter.

Matt Ryan has not thrown three interceptions in one game during his early tenure; however, he did have a tough going for three games during the 2009 season facing Chicago, Dallas and New Orleans where he threw a combined seven interceptions during that period.

I remember hearing criticism on all three of these aforementioned quarterbacks during these tumultuous periods. They seem to be doing well for themselves now.

Let's remember - after the disappointing Monday night loss David Lee still has his job, not Bonamego. I still believe Chad Henne has the tools and intangibles to be a very good, if not great, starter in this league.

Borat, i believe Peyton threw for a whopping 28 INT in his 1st season.

For those of you stuck in the "We hate Henne because we don't understand the sport of football tangent," here are some facts that I found on a Dolphin Fan site. The comparison is between Chad Henne as a 2 yr starter and several over Qbs in NFL History. Take a gander:

1. 86.1 QB rating.... 240 YPG.... 64.4%.... 7.3 ave.... 1.25 TD/INT ratio (Henne in 2nd yr starting)

2. 67.5 QB rating.... 191 YPG.... 57.6%.... 5.9 ave.... 0.73 TD/INT ratio. (Drew Brees 2nd yr starting)

3. 80.9 QB rating.... 208 YPG.... 58.3%.... 6.5 ave.... 1.57 TD/INT ratio. (Matt Ryan 2nd yr starting)

4. 80.1 QB rating.... 206 YPG.... 59.9%.... 7.0 ave.... 1.13 TD/INT ratio. (Ben Roethlisberger 08 SB Steelers)

5. 82.9 QB rating.... 213 YPG.... 63.6%.... 7.2 ave.... 1.08 TD/INT ratio. (Chad Pennington 2nd yr starting)

6. 82.4 QB rating.... 197 YPG.... 60.2%.... 6.9 ave.... 1.40 TD/INT ratio. (Phillip Rivers 2nd yr starting)

7. 84.1 QB rating.... 258 YPG.... 62.7%.... 7.6 ave.... 1.13 TD/INT ratio (Peyton Manning 2001)

8. 72.2 QB rating.... 206 YPG.... 60.9%.... 6.3 ave.... 0.79 TD/INT ratio (Brett Favre 2nd yr starting)

9. 83.4 QB rating.... 266 YPG.... 54.5%.... 7.8 ave.... 1.58 TD/INT ratio (John Elway best season of his 1st 10 years)

10. 84.1 QB rating.. 259 YPG.... 59.3%.... 7.3 ave.... 1.42 TD/INT ratio (Dan Marino yr 3)

11. 61.4 QB rating.. 157 YPG.... 48.5%.... 7.3 ave.... 0.62 TD/INT ratio (Dan Fouts yr 2 starting)

12. 66.6 QB rating.. 171 YGP.... 56.6%.... 6.5 ave.... 0.61 TD/INT ratio (Troy Aikman yr 2 starting)

13. 88.4 QB rating.. 222 YPG.... 63.7%.... 7.3 ave.... 1.58 TD/INT ratio (Joe Montana yr 2 starting)

14a.77.0 QB rating.. 232 YPG.... 54.9%.... 7.9 ave.... 1.04 TD/INT ratio 14b.84.7 QB rating.. 182 YPG.... 56.3%.... 7.9 ave.... 1.40 TD/INT ratio (Terry Bradshaw 78 & 79 SB Steelers)

15a.72.9 QB rating.. 176 YPG.... 51.6%.... 7.2 ave.... 1.12 TD/INT ratio 15b.82.7 QB rating.. 209 YPG.... 60.7%.... 7.7 ave.... 1.11 TD/INT ratio (Jim Plunkett 80 & 83 SB Raiders)

16. 73.9 QB rating.. 208 YPG.... 56.1%.... 6.3 ave.... 1.15 TD/INT ratio (Eli Manning 07 SB Giants)

17. 76.6 QB rating.. 136 YPG.... 59.3%.... 6.6 ave.... 1.09 TD/INT ratio (Trent Dilfer 2000 SB Ravens)

18a.79.9 QB rating.. 211 YPG.... 61.3%.... 7.2 ave.... 1.00 TD/INT ratio 18b.81.0 QB rating.. 216 YPG.... 59.2%.... 7.0 ave.... 1.21 TD/INT ratio (Jim Kelly 1992 & 93 AFC champ Bills)

19. 74.6 QB rating... 217 YPG.... 55.3%.... 7.5 ave.... 0.95 TD/INT ratio (Phil Simms 86 SB Giants)

20. 82.6 QB rating... 184 YPG.... 56.9%.... 7.6 ave.... 1.36 TD/INT ratio (Jim McMahon 84 SB Bears)

21. 91.3 QB rating... 225 YPG.... 63.9%.... 8.1 ave.... 1.44 TD/INT ratio (Joe Theismann 82 SB Skins)

22. 85.9 QB rating... 226 YPG.... 60.2%.... 6.9 ave.... 1.91 TD/INT ratio (Tom Brady yr 3 starting)

23. 88.9 QB rating... 229 YPG.... 63.1%.... 7.1 ave.... 1.75 TD/INT ratio (Joe Flacco yr 2 starting)

24a.74.8 QB rating.. 180 YPG.... 58.1%.... 6.5 ave.... 1.00 TD/INT ratio 24b.77.1 QB rating.. 161 YPG.... 53.8%.... 6.6 ave.... 1.62 TD/INT ratio 24c.73.1 QB rating.. 190 YPG.... 59.9%.... 6.7 ave.... 0.81 TD/INT ratio 24d.69.5 QB rating.. 168 YPG.... 56.6%.... 6.8 ave.... 0.69 TD/INT ratio (#1 overall picks Alex Smith, Jamarcus Russell, Tim Couch, David Carr's 2nd full seasons)

25. 56.2 QB rating... 171 YPG.... 50.0%.... 5.8 ave.... 0.61 TD/INT ratio (Ryan Leaf 2nd yr starting)

26. 71.1 QB rating... 169 YPG.... 62.3%.... 6.7 ave.... 0.53 TD/INT ratio (Vince Young 2nd yr starting)

27. 88.1 QB rating... 218 YPG.... 63.6%.... 7.5 ave.... 1.43 TD/INT ratio (Jay Cutler 2nd yr starting)

Is Henne going to be a star? I have no idea. Maybe he flops. Maybe he doesn't. But quit whining for Pennington. Either Henne is our guy or we draft a new quarterback next year. But give the kid a chance. As you can see, by the numbers, he stacks up nicely to other quarterbacks in NFL history.

Henne will be fine
Home got nothin

Gonna b 85 sunny degrees with unusually high spring tides good strong surf

Gonna have to Hit It, soon

I live up in New England and every sports channel talks non-stop about how Tom Brady is a first ballot hall of famer and the best QB in history ( very similar to how South Florida talked about the beloved Dan Marino.
Henne will never be in that class of QB's and may even be good enough to get us to the playoffs....eventually.
God I miss Marino!

Henne and henning are our problems on offense period...
People need to wake up and stop defending henne look i know he is our starting QB and I have to root for him but he has shown the inability to be CONSISTENT from game to game!! One game u think hes finally got it then he will do those dumg things like the two piks against the pats!! I know henning is conservative and doesnt test defenses but even my (grotesque hate for henning) does not excuse henning from his mechanical nature!! He may be overcoached but he just doesnt seem too smart to me and he cant process information fast enough!! Not to mention he throws into the ground to wide open receivers, gets 1 out 0f 3 balls batted at line, doesnt notice open receivers, robotic in movement, no pocket awareness, overthrows wide open receivers and the list goes on!!!
The bottomline is if I notice these things, the analysts notice these things, some people on this board notice these things then why do some people ignore them just watch the damn guy play geeezz hell show you everytime!! lol
What im saying is henning has absolutely nothing to do with henne's FUNDAMENTAL flaws!!

is any one right here remember when merino
play is first game after is injury
don't thing so must of you use diapers
well it was dalls and he true 4 int yes 4 ints
and he was in is prime so plz kids
just let the kid grow he will be good qb
blame the oc that's why we lost
maybe we are not ready 4 the big show
but next year with young team we be good 4 long time chill kids i waiting over 30 years
i see the different
go phins

To make the playoffs you need to score more points that the other guys....we are not scoring enough points....period.

66 points in four games is NOT going to get us into the playoffs....and this is all on Henne's shoulders to "Get er Done"

Score some freakin' points and maybe the press and bloggers will back off.


Thats the problem....How many rings does Marino have...How many AFC Conference Championships did he win.....How many AFC east titles....

Marino fooled you guys with his stats....in 7-10 years Dan Marino will be as well know as Dan Fouts....

Who you say.....exactly I say.

Records are made to be broken and Favre has already done that and Peyton will break all of his and Rivers will challenge for those.

RINGS ARE FOREVER...Thats why Montana, Elway, Bradshaw, Aikman, will always be relevant in this game.....After your not in the top 3 in stats you don't even make it to the board

Home guarantees
Miami Dolphins will NOT LOSE this weekend


mark, favre had that relation when he played for the jets and now the girl came out w/texting and photos for us to see ...so what favre had good time .more power to him

Does need to get rid of the ball quicker, work on timing with receivers,touch passes, stop staring down WRs every play, and learn how to throw it away instead of taking sacks or throwing Ints

So there is still work to be done

Why again did the coach with his @ss on the line
Give the Miami Dolphins today off?


You hit the nail on the head.....This is a young team. I think they (Henne included) were feeling the pressure playing at home in primetime with the crappy ORANGE jersey. Being to and 2-0 I think added to the pressure to win in front of the home fans.

Thats why I think when we get back on the road we will win because it takes the pressure off, they (meaning the defense) can just play.

Look for us to win more games on the road and maybe drop another one at home.


Your predictions are horrible as I have stated many times before...but this time you are money in the bank...unless you count a loss as a player doing something stuiped like getting a DUI or beating his pregnant girlfriend, or crashing thier car and leaving the scene of an accident.

We can only hope their are no losses this weekend

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