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Henning defends Wildcat calls again

Dan Henning has this character he refers to as Joe Shittheragman. Mr. Shittheragman is not a friend of the U.S. Marines (look it up) but in Henning's definition it is basically the nobody fan out there with an opinion about everything who doesn't really know what he's talking about.

Henning isn't a big fan of that guy.

Today, the Dolphins offensive coordinator was told that people want to know why he called an end-around on a Wildcat play versus New England -- a play that lost two yards and was the only Wildcat play the team used in the game.

Henning asked who exactly wanted to know about the play.

The reporter asking the question said, "Joe Shittheragman."

"In football when a play doesn't go well on offense, it's the call," Henning responded. "On defense, it's the player. If you go back in time and you look at the third down calls we've made with the Wildcat under the same situations, you'll see that in the Jets game last year down here we had a big third-and-eight with the Wildcat -- the exact play we ran the other day. We didn't execute the other day as well as we executed it the other time.

"We ran a third-down play against New England the first time we ever broke [the Wildcat] out and Ronnie threw a touchdown pass to [Anthony] Fasano. So tell Joe and all his other shittheragman relatives he doesn't know what he's talking about."

Do you buy it?

I don't.

The personnel the Dolphins had last year or in 2008 is different. The personnel the Jets had last year or New England had in 2008 was different.

Even Joe could tell you that.


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Don't have Justin Smily and Jake Grove blocking on the run this year. Can this Shitteragman recognize his personnel better than Henning?

the nfl has evolved. dan henning hasn't. our wildcat became one dimensional where all we did was run. it became very easy to defend without the ability to throw out of it. ronnie began to hesitate and didnt throw. jets are running an updated version with a qb running it. white was handcuffed and thigpen would be good but never given a chance to run it. we are soooo vanilla it will bite us in the next 12 games. afraid to make a mistake makes you play "tight";results in paralysis by analysis!

Soon enough Mr. Henning is going to be joining the Shitteragman familly. It's great that the formation worked LAST YEAR!. That's what happens when you have no future, you always look to the glorious past to spin your tales!

our fins and jets are probably even but jets big advantage comes about because of brian schottenheimer vs. dan henning calling plays. they aren't afraid to go for YAC and chunk plays. their big plays set up their run game. i have a feeling our ST aren't fixed either.

Not once in 2010 Mr. Shittragman did we use the wildcat effectively this year. Other teams run itmore effectively than we do! it's time for some big changes. Tuna's gone with a new little title. hennin needs to go and sparano needs to watch out, cause we're looking like an 8-8 team and that sux's. high hope for the trifecta are fading fast! oh and ireland is a shadow of the talent we lost when the tuna said, bye!!!

What really disappoints me is that the jets are running the wildcat better than we are.


no !

Greg Z,
I have to agree. The team is handcuffed by Henning. He is arrogant and smug and believes everyone else is just stupid.
The vanilla approach has been hurting this team for 3 years, really 10 years since Marino. IMO the team does not have the personal to run the smashmouth style. On top of that the team does not have a quality wide out opposite BM to spread the secondary and be successful attacking with the pass either. When you lack talent and you still want to win then you have to take chances, which Henning will not do.
I am really hoping for the playbook to be opened up against GB. Go Dolphins!

Man...what henning said here is exactly the reason his time is up...he is a waste of soace at this point. His calls are stale, the playcalling throughout the game is lulling me to sleep every game...i cant stand him. Im gonna start a website fire dan henning...give me until next week guys and ill have it up...lets do this!

Exactly, fck the wildcat! The jets have better personel for that formation. Brad Smith is right now quicker, and more elusive then Ronnie Brown, plus he is a threat to throw it! Plus LAST year our line play was much better, the jets have line is at this point quicker, and more physical then ours.

Mr. Henning is correct about his knowledge of football in comparison with your everyday fan...that is me! BUT......YOU CAN BE KNOWLEDGEABLE IN HISTORY AND BE IGNORANT ABOUT CURRENT EVENTS! His failure to adjust to the present has caused the Fins in the RED ZONE and has thrown a bucket of iced water over Henne's head several times when he had momentum and rythm.

So there,,, Mr. Henning ...you need to be less predictable and catch up with the present state of the NFL.

Nice, Henning, nice. Whatever respect I had for you now equals the respect you have for us fans.

This whole coaching staff is afraid to play aggressively. Notice how Nolan has quieted the defense we saw in the first two games.

This team is just not very good (yet?). The first two wins were against teams that are a combined 1-8. Ouch.

Is Henning still living in 2008? The stats do not justfiy the use of the Wildcat and it is being used when it is glaringly obvious that it shouldn't be. Whereas other teams seem to be using it judiciously and fairly seamlessly and are actually gaining more than a net 2 yards.

I may be Joe ShitTheRagman but I can see what's in front of my face. Apparently those rose colored glasses and mule-like stubbornness are clouding Henning's vision.

Uh...someone needs to tell Dan Henning that Joe will take his job come next season. Then, we'll see who is stupid and who isn't!

John, with all due respect, the Dolphins WR talent - even outside of Marshall is not a problem. Sure Hartline hasn't picked up where he left off but Bess is doing a great job as the #2. He has a double digit avg yads per catch. he's doing his part.

Hey Bombay....you are brainwashed man. i dont care how long henning has coached for. Doesnt make him smarter than anyone else, he's human remember..hard to tell these days because is seems he has passed on. Maybe he knows more of the technical portions of the game but I guarantee he know shyt about the nfl today...So you are saying because he is a coach he is all knowing and we are lemmings?? If i remember correctly coaches are at the bottom of the totem polls at any school...a coach is a coach and thays about it..and when they get stale..they need to go!

Was It Not
1st n goal from the 2 last year and
Henning called for the Wildcat and
Ricky Williams to throw a pass (Int)

Ask Henning, "How`d that work out?"

in Henning's definition it is basically the nobody fan out there with an opinion about everything who doesn't really know what he's talking about.

-Translation: I've been around FOREVER, NOBODY knows more than I and the fan(s), they don't really matter.

If you go back in time

-Translation: Memory Lane has the BEST rest stops! The Prune Juice is exquisite.

look at the third down calls we've made with the Wildcat under the same situations,

-Translation: Look at how many times I've tried this same old crap. I'm unpredictable because NO ONE would believe I'm this predictable. Hence it's bound to work again sooner or later!

look at the third down calls we've made with the Wildcat under the same situations, you'll see that in the Jets game last year down here we had a big third-and-eight with the Wildcat -- the exact play we ran the other day.

-Translation: Predictability is the key to being unperdictable, how many times do I have to repeat myself. Prune Juices for everyone, it's on the house fella's.

We didn't execute the other day as well as we executed it the other time.

-Translation: Until it works again and it's bound too, it's the players fault, NOT MINE!

"We ran a third-down play against New England the first time we ever broke [the Wildcat] out and Ronnie threw a touchdown pass to [Anthony] Fasano. So tell Joe and all his other shittheragman relatives he doesn't know what he's talking about."

-Translation: It worked once dammit, it'll work again I tell ya! Nobody knows......the troubles.......ah.........the troubles I've see..........what? Wait, I mean Nobody knows better than.........ah..........whatever, it worked just fine in the 40's!!!!

The South Will Rise Again!


Was Henning`s nose a little red?

Little liquor on the breathe?


henning is a creature of habit. thats not a good thing in todays NFL. these coaches watch all the tape and know your tendencies. sanchez did remark about the fact the jets knew exactly what was coming in certain situations. they had us figured out. another thing;trent dilfer made the comment when too much emphasis is placed on no mistakes the exact opposite can occur because the QB's tendency is to tighten up and not play fluid. we got that problem!

Was Henning wearing suspenders? baggy pants? big shoes? making animal shapes out of balloons?

Dr. Bombay - please try to tell us something we don't know. Don't be so pedantic. It isn't that we are steamed, it's that our money puts dinner on this man's table (without the fans, there is no Dolphins team, no NFL). Even though we don't know much, by comparison to a coach on the NFL level, we deserve respect and to publicly call us SH*T is atrocious and shows a tremendous lack of class. To even think it is immature and prejudiced. Not a guy I want to know.

Rex Ryan - public buffoon that he may be - shows respect to the NY fans and knows how to motivate his team - and, interestingly enough, by comparison to our coaches, knows how to win. I was disappointed when we didn't bring him in after watching those Ravens defenses destroy our team for years and liking his rambunctious approach. Had he been here, he would have fielded an aggressive team that believed in itself - and the Fins would be winning a LOT more games. Unfortunately, his personality and success with the hated team up there only serves to grate on my nerves because all I can see is how we fans ended up with the short end of the stick. Again.

Wheels made of wood worked before, just fine. might do it again

Thinkin bout puttin em back on my SUV wagon

Now, run along sonny!

I think we're splitting hairs here. We're arguing about one wildcat play last week. The reality is that the offense as a whole is progressing. Except for the occasional nose dive's, Henne is progressing. We all know the biggest issue right now is special teams. Why are we getting so worked up about our offensive coordinator?

Again, exactly shows the problem with Henning. He doesn't understand that in today's NFL, there's WAY more studying done than in the past, teams basically know everything about what the tendencies of the other are. ESPECIALLY teams that are in the same division. So, just because something worked once DOESN'T mean it will work again (actually, it's probably pretty unlikely it will).

Second, like you said Mando, last year we had an experienced o-line. This year, not only do we have new guys (rookies), but we have new guys (free agents). Check the facts, we have more penalties out of the Wildcat this year than last. So what gives there oh Wise Dan One?

Lastly, WHY DO THE STUPID WILDCAT IF YOU HAVE A TOP WR ON YOUR TEAM? We used the Wildcat last year and in '08 to cover a deficiency in our offense, NOT because we wanted to try something new. That deficiency is GONE you stupid idiot moron old geezer of a nothing sh*tpants! QUIT USING THAT CRAP! And he believes the same thing since it wasn't used again. We'll see if he's hardheaded and uses it this week. MORON!

Mando, please ask the MORON OC next time you talk to him WHY he wouldn't call a play to a TOP THREE WR in the NFL for an ENTIRE HALF!! Ask him that and see what idiotic answer he gives.

Why are we getting so worked up about our offensive coordinator?

Posted by: Winomite | October 14, 2010 at 03:38 PM

Special teams is fixable. This guy has the keys to the car and somebody needs to alert the Driver Review Board.

Why are we getting so worked up? You have to score points to win games. Look at Henning offense from a purely statistical point of view.

In addition to his narcissistic arrogance and obvious senility, he just AIN'T GETTING IT DONE!!!!

It's one thing to call a Wildcat on 3rd and 6 when you've been having consistent success with it. It's another thing to call it when it hasn't worked all year.

Like a broken clock, Joe Shittheragman is right twice a day. He's right on the use of the Wildcat this year.

these problems with the offense go back to the offseason and training camp. we spent 2 wks. in august watching all the fins practices. it was very frustrating to watch the offense run stale plays for little to no gain. qb's were handcuffed for the most part;checkdowns were the plays of the day. we didnt even air it out in practice!! its practice;isnt that where u would want to make a few mistakes,take a few chances????? nope, lets check it down if its not there was the cry. then we go to the bills game in buffalo and we watch us put the offense "on ice". we held on for a 15-10 win against a team we shoulda beat by 30. geez! put the offense "on ice" after our 1st TD in the vikes game too. gave favre 8 chances to beat us in the 2nd half. coaching sucks!

People here already mentioned the change in oline personnel and they're spot on. Grove and Smiley may have had their share of injuries but the were damn good run blockers. Getting rid of them baffled me at the time and we're paying the price b/c we can't do half the stuff in the running game we did last year. If they were let go b/c they couldn't stay healthy why on earth is Crowder still on the team? Also, if W. Allen wasn't put on IR wouldn't he be coming back in a few more weeks?

Mark in Toronto,
Yeah, I understand Bess is doing a good job as a reliable target and that Hartline is not a terrible WR. I am wanting a premier WR opposite BM. I don’t believe Hartline strikes fear in opposing defenses and he does not stretch the field. Now I know Henning refuses to call enough deep pass plays to ever stretch the field. I am hopeful Henning goes away or decides to open the playbook. The top of the opposing D has to get knocked off sometime in order for the opposing team to have to play balanced against our offense. So far that has hardly happened. Without a threat opposite BM opposing defenses can roll another defender to BM’s side and effectively take away most of his big play ability. Randy Moss would have been perfect. A 3rd rounder is a steal to get Moss and he is exactly what this team is missing.

Seems that old man Henning can't take the heat of his critics...thin skinned and thick headed isn't he...we'll see after this year if he and his crew make it another year, my money is on the fans getting rid of him.

Our offense has to overcome mistakes.

Our offense has to overcome good defenses.

Our offense has to overcome bad officiating.

Unfortunately, our offense has to overcome it's OWN truly OFFENSIVE coordinator.

Seriously, shortly after kickoff of every game this year the thought crosses my mind: How long until Henning Dry F_cks us THIS TIME.

It's sickening.

i love it. preach Henning preach! Put all the know nothing emo fans in their place.

we could have 4 all pro receivers and it won't do us any good. its all about our offensive philosophy of ball security and not taking chances and no turnovers. this isnt conducive to running a offense ala tom brady or peyton manning. those guys don't even think about failing. its 4 receivers wide and there trying to"gut you". we cant even figure out how to get our 50 million dollar receiver open after a whole half. do you think we ever heard of setting a pick to rub off the cb?

DC...that's what i want to know too. I bet most other OC's would have targeted BM nunber quite a few times within a half of play...I dont care who you are henning...throw the ball up to Marshall a few times. Case and point guus and girls...I watched some of the Lion's game on the ticket last weeknd...no matter what QB they had in there they threw the ball high to Calvin and he went up and caught most if not all of them..for big yards and TD's....so why cant henne throw it up to BM more than once a game?? answer that old man henning! Mando please publish our Joe Shitragermuffin responses so henning and others can see it...Id love to hear the excuses roll out with bad tuna and prune juice breath!

I think Henne could do well in a spread set. It would require a completely different offensive coordinator but Henne has the arm to make all the throws. Our RB’s are good in the passing game, intelligent enough to pick up the blitz and they both have good hands. The O-line is starting to protect for the pass better. The team still does not have a threat opposite BM and is lacking a good TE.
Incidentally, I believe our defense is suited for the team playing a more aggressive style. IMO the strength of the D is Wake rushing the passer and our good young cover corners. Be aggressive score points and put the opposing team in passing situations.
A aggressive style would be more fun to watch too.

Henning has opened up the Playbook.

He ripped out the pass play pages to wipe up the prune juice he spilled.

Mr. Henning: I'm not as football savvy as you, but stats don't lie and you cannot condescend to us loyal fans. I believe the yards gained from this season's wildcats are in the negatives. Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting the same results from the last 2 seasons is a sign of clinical delusion.

Mr. Sparano: what do you think of Henning? Do you have complete faith in him or are you secretly thinking of ousting him? As a head coach, you can veto any calls.


You're right when you say:

"The personnel the Dolphins had last year or in 2008 is different. The personnel the Jets had last year or New England had in 2008 was different."

But it's more than that. The element of surprise is gone as teams have learned how to defend it. Henning is delusional. The calls are coming at the wrong, wrong time. Whether they should come at all is another question. DO NOT RUN THIS CRAP ON THIRD DOWN!!!!

From what I have seen in the past 4 games, even the ones we won. And even over the past 3 seasons... Henning has made some of the most head scratching calls imaginable. It seems he can move the ball between the 30 yard lines better then most O-Co's out there, but as soon as he gets in the shadow of the end zone watch out!... there goes the QB and here comes some half ass, wanna be, trick play that fools no one except for making fools of the fans of the team who ran it...... It tiresome and I will not miss Henning when he is gone. We need some new, fresh minded thinking in the O-Co box and Henning needs a College or High school team to tinker with on Saturdays.

Cowkilla, your absolutley right! Get the ball into your best playmakers hands! I know that he was double teamed, sometimes braketed with 3 defenders, but there is a modern play, perhaps Henning you have heard of if, called a bubble screen. Getting Marahall involved early is important on a few levels. 1 he is always a play away from breaking a huge play. What this does especially early in a game is lossen up the defenders, and it keep Marshall in the game mentally. Henning should have been arrested for playcalling fraud after thr New England game. To not even target Marshall once, is a waste of a half, and a waste of our best offensive player!

I really hate henning, he acts like hes smarter than everyone like when someone asks why something went wrong he just say "you dont know what you're tlking about" im pretty sure everyone in the media has some kind of idea about what they're talking about

I think Dan would tell you he's had better games, I really do(wink, wink).

We have all the confidence that he's going to get these things cleaned up, we really do(wink, Wink).

We're looking forward to having Dan here in Miami for the forseeable future, you know, you guys know the routine(WINK, WINK!).


Why does Henning keep asking U to, "Pull my finger"



Where`s the Rum?

Lol @ Aloco 4:29 Your right, that hole would be a great place for Henning!

D4Dolphins- Whats up man! I'm blaming you my friend for the last 2 losses! The prediction board did well for our team the first 2 weeks. The last 2 games no board, no victories! Got to get the predictions back to get us back on the winning side of things. It's in your hands!!




Dear Mr. Salguero

Henning also went to say...

Back When I was young we didn't question our elders.

We walked 5 miles in our bare feet in the winter cold just to go to school.

When I was young we had beepers just like the doctors and drug dealers way back when.(shakes fist at random cell phone user)

When I was young Cave paintings hadn't been invented yet.

(Henning being ushered out of the room by his wife) come on dear we dont want to miss the early bird special.

Soiled :)

(and WildCat is obviously being phased out anyway---one play from it last game and obviously not the reason we lost)

Posted by: Dr. Bombay | October 14, 2010 at 04:27 PM

With all due respect to your opinion, the sad reality is that the Wildcat is not being phased out.

Honestly, seriously and with all sincerity, In Henning's mind he didn't want to use up/show his bread and butter plays(wildcat) in a game that was already out of hand.

This is the fathomless depths of senility we're dealing with here in Miami.



Dr. Bombay. This isn't about the fans being right and having the answers for our team, this about a coordinator that has not done his job. Of course the fans are sometimes irrational, and do not have the football knowledge of an NFL coordinator. But we are at the least passionate, and although sometimes misguided, we all want to see our team get better. And with Henning at the controls, this does not seem likely. It does not take a playcalling guru to see that we aren't executing on offense, it is up Henning to figure out why and play call accordingly. There are lots of teams that do not posses half of the offensive weapons we do, and can score, or at least look competent on offense.

special teams is the problem not the oc.

wildcat is still a good package. just needs to be used in the right situations. like when your controlling the game. but dont use it when the qb is on a good rhythm.

John, Bess is on pace for about 1,000 yards and a handful of touchdowns, I don't know what more you want as a 2nd receiver. Marshall is here to scare defenses. bess and Hartline are supposed to take advantage of the 1 on 1 coverages and certainly Bess has been doing that. And I don't think NE would've traded Moss here for a 3rd. Never would happen.

There's a deeper problem here which is the arrogance of this whole coaching staff towards the fans. Their unwillingness to answer simple questions, not letting players talk, not making announcements unless strictly mandated, this whole secrecy thing is simply sophomoric. As a paying customer, a client, I expect to be treated with respect and intelligence. Frankly, the whole Bill Parcell thing to me has been a total display of his contempt and arrogance towards the fans and, unfortunately, it's what he's taught his staff.
If I were the boss, I would demand a press conference to inform the clients of what's going on with this team and how they plan to fix it. This concept of "trust me, I know better than you" just doesn't cut it with me anymore. Please note, I'm not talking about giving away any secrets or strategic information, just answer some questions and show some respect, then I will decide whether I want to "invest" in this team anymore, to put it in words that Ross might understand

The real problem is Parcells. He brought this whole culture of secrecy and contempt for the fans and press. If you know anything about Parcells, you know how he hated answering questions in a public forum. That's why this was his dream job. He didn't have to answer those pesky questions about lost games or players who didn't pan out.

But let's take a look at Henning's playcalls. A lot has been said about the WC. Most are calling to shelf it. But it's not the WC, it's the guy calling it at the wrong times and with the wrong personnel. As pointed out by greg, Thigpen would be the one to put in. That way you could actually pass the ball and not be so predictable. Will that ever happen? Probably not.

But the WC is just the tip of the iceberg. They just stand out more when they don't work. Take a look at the O calls throughout the game or better yet, every game he's been involved in. 3 or 4 head scratchers and then 1 good call. Repeat until the whistle. That's Henning.

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