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Henning defends Wildcat calls again

Dan Henning has this character he refers to as Joe Shittheragman. Mr. Shittheragman is not a friend of the U.S. Marines (look it up) but in Henning's definition it is basically the nobody fan out there with an opinion about everything who doesn't really know what he's talking about.

Henning isn't a big fan of that guy.

Today, the Dolphins offensive coordinator was told that people want to know why he called an end-around on a Wildcat play versus New England -- a play that lost two yards and was the only Wildcat play the team used in the game.

Henning asked who exactly wanted to know about the play.

The reporter asking the question said, "Joe Shittheragman."

"In football when a play doesn't go well on offense, it's the call," Henning responded. "On defense, it's the player. If you go back in time and you look at the third down calls we've made with the Wildcat under the same situations, you'll see that in the Jets game last year down here we had a big third-and-eight with the Wildcat -- the exact play we ran the other day. We didn't execute the other day as well as we executed it the other time.

"We ran a third-down play against New England the first time we ever broke [the Wildcat] out and Ronnie threw a touchdown pass to [Anthony] Fasano. So tell Joe and all his other shittheragman relatives he doesn't know what he's talking about."

Do you buy it?

I don't.

The personnel the Dolphins had last year or in 2008 is different. The personnel the Jets had last year or New England had in 2008 was different.

Even Joe could tell you that.