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Henning defends Wildcat calls again

Dan Henning has this character he refers to as Joe Shittheragman. Mr. Shittheragman is not a friend of the U.S. Marines (look it up) but in Henning's definition it is basically the nobody fan out there with an opinion about everything who doesn't really know what he's talking about.

Henning isn't a big fan of that guy.

Today, the Dolphins offensive coordinator was told that people want to know why he called an end-around on a Wildcat play versus New England -- a play that lost two yards and was the only Wildcat play the team used in the game.

Henning asked who exactly wanted to know about the play.

The reporter asking the question said, "Joe Shittheragman."

"In football when a play doesn't go well on offense, it's the call," Henning responded. "On defense, it's the player. If you go back in time and you look at the third down calls we've made with the Wildcat under the same situations, you'll see that in the Jets game last year down here we had a big third-and-eight with the Wildcat -- the exact play we ran the other day. We didn't execute the other day as well as we executed it the other time.

"We ran a third-down play against New England the first time we ever broke [the Wildcat] out and Ronnie threw a touchdown pass to [Anthony] Fasano. So tell Joe and all his other shittheragman relatives he doesn't know what he's talking about."

Do you buy it?

I don't.

The personnel the Dolphins had last year or in 2008 is different. The personnel the Jets had last year or New England had in 2008 was different.

Even Joe could tell you that.


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Pasqualoni is gone because the defense was crap last year. The Offense is crap this year henning will be next. Look at the talent miami has on offense, even the great Dan Marino is probably jealous we need an oc to open it up.

anyone who thinks henning is the problem and not the oline or special teams should start watching cricket or ping pong. football just isnt your game

Tommy, I don't think the offense is crap - still has done ok - the problem is that we aren't realizing the full potential. We seem to stop ourselves as much as the opposition stops us. Thank God, this offense is not as inept as last year's defense. That was horrid.

adam, we know the O line is a problem. The thing is we have more than one problem. And the one we're talking about is a major one. You might want to go to the top of the page for the topic of this blog.


The problem with the Wild Cat is it is predictable in that you send a package of personnel that can only run the wildcat.
The Wildcat disturbs the flow of the offense and it takes time to set up because the play is called from the bench. The defense gets the right people on the field to defend.

It is obvious to me that if the Wildcat were to work you would call the play without a huddle after an incomplete pass or a play where the defense is simply not ready to put in the right personnel to defend the WC.

Simply Henning is taking a great play, using it at the wrong time and blaming the players.

coco. we have a qb in his 17th start, a mediocre oline which isnt jelling yet and rather then the fans accepting the fact that we're going to be up and down as an offense until henne settles down and the oline improves, the fans want to blame henning because of sevn or 8 wildcat plays as far as i can tell. at the beginning of last season we were averaging over 5 yds a carry with the wildcat. now because it doesnt work in buffalo, fans were calling for it to be scrapped. no coach in their right mind is going to scrap a play that was averaging over 5 yds a carry after four or five attempts. he's going to keep testing it until it either starts to work or its clear that it isnt. he ran the damn thing one time last game. he knows the offensive line is simply not up to the task of blocking the wildcat correctly this year. we dont have smiley, grove or thomas anymore. still he had to try it and to argue that he never should have tried running a play that averaged over 5 yds a carry is silly. not direted at you but at all the fans that dont grasp that simple concept

Bess is good but he is a possession WR. True he is benefiting from BM being doubled however, Hartline is not taking advantage because he is not very good and hardly ever gets targeted.
Mark, I think your right that belicheat would probably not trade Moss to the Dolphins. I doubt this staff would ever even try to get Moss though. My point is that the Dolphins need to find someone like a Randy Moss to match up with BM. This is a passing league and the Dolphins must score TD’s in order to compete with good teams.

Man i can care less about the oc right now! our problem is not the offense, yes we make dumb calls at time but we lost game
s from lack of special teams and horrible mlb play opposite dansby! im so sick of all this old washed up garbage we pick up from dallas, im sick of loyaty to guys (coaches) b/c they come from the same coaching tree! bona had to go no matter what anybody say b/c its not fair to the players, we have regress on ST for the last 3 yrs! i for 1 am so glad channing is back, just hope he's completely healthy! if we dont improve with him being back we're fu*ked! cut carpenter and sign merriman!

coaching stinks


Can I be Joe and keep ripping the use of the Wildcat?

Hey Dan--the old rocking chair on the front porch is calling you home.You should listen to it.

The wildcat was and is most effective when Ricky is in motion not this crap when Ronnie is alone or with another back right next to him. Cant believe Henning and Sparano dont see that.

Stop the wildcat BS already. It's overplayed and very easily defended now. It's lost it's mojo. Let's play some normal football for a game once OK.

Maybe someone should break it to Henning that if it worked before then they are likely waiting for it to happen again so maybe he should do something different from the same formation that they have NOT seen yet?

I like the Wildcat for the Dolphins. We are a smashmouth power running team who generally wins when they dominate running and the single wing by changing an 11 on 10 situation to an 11 on 11 situation works to our advantage. I don't think we have been executing it as well as we could. Ido think it would be good to work Thigpen in on this. Actually I would prefer if we ran the Wildcat more often and with a wider variety of plays - creating a situation where we execute on it all the time while other teams are at a disadvantage with one day of practice against it.

Our Fat head coach allows passing plays while our running game is virtually unstoppable. Bums like Trent Dilfer are Super Bowl champions because they hand off to effective runners. Period. Why don't we just run the ball more and not let knucklehead Henne throw interception.

If you walk in a bar every week for years and order a beer, then one day walk in and the bartender just sets a beer in front of you. Don't scratch your head in bewilderment about how he knew you wanted a beer. You are a moron! If you run the wildcat every week and Ronnie runs up the middle then one day people are waiting for
Ronnie to run up the middle. Don't scratch your head in bewilderment about how they knew you were going to run Ronnie right up the middle. You are a moron!

I still believe that Chad Henne has no experience playing "open" football in the NFL and still just does not get it! How many games do we lose before it is decided that if your spark plug keeps fouling-out there is no way to fix it but to replace it?

I actually think San Diego's ST is worse. And that's saying a lot!

Where is Marlon Moore in the offense? The play calling is a handicap. Henning is just a stubborn old man. I wish we had a QB that can call his own plays.

we are back seat offensive coordinators. if we were averaging 30 points per game, it would be all good. when the team plays conservatively and then has to try to score a bunch of points to catch up, we are out of easy buttons to push. in the 4 games we played, we have not THROWN THE BALL DOWNFIELD ALOT. if the fins threw 7-10 long passes per game instead of 1 or 2, we would LOOSEN DEFENSES UP, GET MORE PASS INTERFERENCE CALLS ON THE DEFENSE, and would complete more CHUNG YARDAGE which will let us SCORE MORE POINTS. henne has to play to WIN GAMES and stop staring receivers down and holding the ball to long. even though i am not in the nfl or on a college football team, i have played a few years of semi-pro football and i see things on alot of football teams that need correcting. the dolphins need to RUN MORE SPRINTS IN PRACTICE. RUNNING SPRINTS UP HILLS WILL INCREASE YOUR SPEED. THIS IS A DOCUMENTATED FACT.

So was Henning's point that since gimmicky plays worked once, he fully expects them to continue working? And particularly against division rivals, who are more prepared to defend them than any other teams in the league?

It is very simple and guess what you do not have to be a coach to see it. When we use the wildcat this year, we just kill drives. So keep using it your the coach. We all know that by now. Wait a minute it worked last year. Remember I am the Coach! Petty soon he will start talking in the third person to get his point across.

Dan Henning can coach. He is right when he states the players are not executing. He may be old, and might be senile, but he can coach. Any coach will tell you that coaching becomes 100% easier when you have talent.

The great coaches, coaches like Shula, get the most out of average talent. This staff has not been able to consistently do that. Henning is not a "great" coach, nor is Sparano.

Henning admitted he ran the same play last year in the same situation. Is he just completely incompetant or just a moron? Does he not know that NE studies every play in every situation on every down from every game and probably told their players to expect something like that if we lined up in the wild cat formation. He should be fired now.

What I think they should do out of the wildcat is a screen pass from ronnie to ricky. On one of the WC plays (which resulted in a loss or no gain), I saw the perfect opportunity. Ronnie faked the hand off to ricky, who continued outside, and everyone converged on ronnie. Nobody seemed to be around Ricky. If Ronnie had just tossed a soft arcing lob, Ricky would have had a HUGE gain. This is a wrinkle they should try.

Henning has forgot more about football than the combined knowledge of everyone on this blog!

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