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Dolphins vs. Steelers: A football game, a fight

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a tough team. They are physical. They are eager to use that asset. And they have a well-deserved reputation for being the baddest dudes on the block going back to the days of the Steel Curtain.

The Dolphins, in case you have not heard, also fancy themselves a physical team. And so when these two lovers of violent football get together ...

"I think anytime you play against the Steelers you know it’s going to be a physical contest," coach Tony Sparano said. "They make no bones about it. I think that from our end we feel like we’re a physical football team, so it’s going to be a physical game.”

Believe it or not, that is the politically correct way to portray it. Running back Ronnie Brown has another way. He sees the Steelers as a bully. And he thinks there's only one way to deal with bullies.

"When you have bully on the school yard, he thinks he's the baddest," Brown said. "Therefore he's going to carry himself like he's the baddest. He feels that way, so therefore he's going to act like he's the baddest. That's how it is with the Pittsburgh defense. They think that way, they act that way. That's how it is until someone proves them differently. That's how it is."

And just because Brown plays running back and it is part of his job description to take blows, that doesn't mean Brown intends to let Pittsburgh bully him.

"You have to accept that challenge," he said. "As an offensive player, I come in with a defensive mentality. Just because I'm a running back doesn't mean I can't be an aggressor with the football.

"Until you stand up to the bully he's going to keep picking on you and if he feels he's found a weak spot, you're going to have to deal with that every day. If you show up and show him you're not scared, then it goes away. But until you do that, you're going to get the same result. So why not attack it full head on?"

The last time these two teams played -- in the 2009 regular-season finale -- the Dolphins didn't stand up to well against the bully. Quarterback Chad Henne had to leave the game with vision problems. Backup quarterback Pat White came in and lasted less than one quarter before he literally got knocked out.

"Last year you know it took us three quarterbacks to get through the game and hopefully that won’t happen this game," Henne said. "But, we’re going to have to protect, we’re going to have to keep it balanced, we’re going to have to run the football, and protect me in the passing game.”

Like Brown, Henne says he's not afraid, concerned, or sweating the physical nature of the Steelers, particularly on defense.

 “No, I mean I’m just going to go out there and play my game and I’m not going to let anything affect me," he said. "I’m not going to stare at the rush a little bit more. I’m just going to go through my progressions, know what I’m doing what I’m doing back there and you know if I get hit I get hit. That’s part of the game.”

Talking to several Dolphins players, one gets the idea the Dolphins have a little to prove to the Steelers. One gets the idea they intend on standing toe-to-toe with their Pittsburgh counterparts.

"They're going to keep grinding and you have to match that intensity," Brown said. "Coming into the game week, your whole mental process has to be ready for that. That's the good part of this game. they're going to present challenges. And you have to take advantage of that. You have to take each blow when they get their chance. And when you get your chance your have to take your shot.

"I'm not going to say they go out and try to hurt people. But they do try to strike some kind of fear. And if you buy into that, it is what it is. But if you don't and you go out and fight, that's what it's going to be. It'll be a fight."

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I think we put Starks back on the nose and give Tony McDaniels another chance to shine. We can always revert back if it doesn't work out.

I want to see Dansby and Crowder playing behind a stud at nose.

Definitely think the latest comments should be first.

Keep up the good work, Mando.

P.S. If you get the chance, tell Brandon Marshall to plz get an 80 number. I propose 85 or 89. i would tell him myself, but i been busy and had to cancel our last 2 lunch meetings. - heh.

Best Miami Dolphin ever - at least best name:

#18 Dick Wood.

Honest to God, I want Smiley Faces and Winks on a Football Blog read by 99% men.

And I want you all to believe I'm not sukindick

Home the Bottom Guy

Did anyone hear Marshall on the Rome show? He admitted that he has purposely not gone after some passes for fear of getting killed by the saftey. He called it a buisness decision. I don't know in what context of the game that Marshall has made these choices It doesn't bother me if it is in a situation where the game was out of reach, or perhaps early in a game. It would bother me if it were a play that could cost us a game. Lot's of recievers do things to avoid contact, and live to fight another day. Do you guys think this is smart play, or cowardly?


I like the daily blog as it is. The LIVE blog perhaps you have the latest comments first. If that's too much trouble to have things differently leave as is.

Couple of thoughts on this game. Everyone talks about the Steelers D but from what I'e seen so far we have a pretty impressive OL. I haven't seen anyone put consistent pressure on the QB in the games we've playes so far. I'm disappointed in the running game so far and that needs to improve if we're going to be successful going forward. I've stated many times that I can't stand McQuistan, so I'm hopeful Jerry is back this week. I also think our line and running game will get better with the offensive line getting a little more continuity and time together.

I think where the Steelers have us is that they are a more mentally strong team than we are. We are getting better at this but we still beat ourselves and we still occasionally bend when we shouldn't. It doesn't look like we have a team that will blow teams out, so we need to be mentally strong and win the games when they are on the line. The Steelers do a good job with this.

How about the ability to block individuals?

THAT would be an improvement

For the record. Name one PREMIERE team that we've beaten in the past 3 seasons (Don't metion Patriots when we unveiled the Wildcat)

Ravens owned us, Colts, we kept the game close, but, Peyton beat us only touching the ball like 14 mins...Steelers took our QB's out like they were pawns.

It's great to have faith and belief and all that good stuff, but, the bottom-line is we still aren't good enough to beat the upper-half of the teams in the NFL. Heck, we can't even blow out teams that have sub-par talent.

We lost to both the Pats and Jet's AT HOME. They both have better records and unless we can beat them both on their turf and get some help from the rest of the AFC it will all be for naught anyway. The Broncos nor the Ravens helped us out last week.

I would love for the Dolphins to go undefeated the rest of the season...

I'd love to inheirit a million dollars from some dead relative I never knew and never had to work again...

Things that will never happen

If Henne throws into double coverage like he did in GB, I'm betting Pitts burgh comes down with a few int's and we might see Pennington in there.

If he holds onto the ball(as he does) waiting for guys to come open, he'll take sacks & will get his clock cleaned. Then, we'll see Pennington.

Their O will run it on us to set up play action and try to hit home runs to Wallace. The key has got to be stop the run. Hopefully Pitt will not double Wake just like Green Bay. If they don't he could go crazy but I expect Wake to get a lot of attention. Will be up to Nolan to disguise & move him around.

If we can't run, which I don't think we will, we should see alot of rollouts, screens to Bess, quick slants & RB screens. NO WILDCAT AGAIN THIS WEEK...PLEASE!!!!!We can't let Henne be a sitting target either.

Just as has we're about the only team to successfully throw on the Jets by spreading them out with 3 & 4 WR's...thats what we should do. If it's not a running play, I don't wanna see Fasano in there. If this offense had a TE threat to go down the field, we'd be golden.


If I have to pat 9.95 a month I want to see a celebrity owner dancing on a pole wearing nothing but bells and whistles.

PS: I ain't talking about Mark Anthony either!


No way can the st's be avg against Steelers. We need either a draw or decisive victory in the st's battle between the two teams. If our st's are outplayed there's an even greater chance to lose this game.

Our st's need to be the stars of this game. Mainly because of how bad they stunk up the stadium before the fans in the last home loss debacle. Im very sure they are well aware they owe the home crowd this.

Im looking for a all time best performance from the st's. Personally I see it coming even if no one else does. St's will pave the way to victory gaining REDEMPTION from our hometown crowd.

Look for st's to be Very Special Sunday. Remeber I tried to warn you. It's Now Or Never For Our ST's!!!

Marc, we beat the jets twice last year, once the year before that, pats last year at home and preseason super bowl favourites GB and Minn in their buildings. I know we've lost our share but we haven't exaclty been laying out the welcome mat like you are trying to portray.

Coffee kinda makes me nervous

Odin, no kidding, pay $10 a month just so we can put up pictures??? Get outta here, nothing wrong with the blog as is.

leave the blog the way it is.


I turned on the Rome show too late.

Please tell me that Brandon Marshall did not say that.

I don't care you are or what you pedigree is. If he wants to make business decisions put him on the bench. That's the most wussified thing I've ever heard of a WR saying, BAR NONE.

Say it so!!!!


I'm with Marshall on this one. While I agree players should be on the line at all times, I believe one of the reasons that some of these hits are happening is some pretty lame throws by some of the QBs. They are just setting the WRs up to get nailed. I don't know the reason for it. Maybe the calibre of quarterback has dropped or maybe defences are playing better but I don't ever remember seeing as many lame A** throws as I've seen this season. Not saying Henne is doing this but I'd rather have my receiver healthy and ready to do his thing thatn laid out and gone for the season because my QB lofted one that the defence can T the guy up on.

Hey Guys, I will be at Hillsborough Beach in the last men's stall after dark

Smiley Face :) Wink Wink

See you there fellows


Think About It Guys,

If you were a member of our st's and stunk it up as bad as they did before the home fans in the last home outing. Wouldnt you be especially fired for the first home appearance after that fiasco to gain Redemption from the home crowd?

Wouldnt you above all things else you OWE them that? That's why I'm especially looking for a dominating performance by the st's. They should be especially fired up for the home redemption game.

Dont care if they were playing the Sleelers or Reynolds Wraps. I got a huge feeling these boys are going to be fired up.

If there's even an ounce of pride left in the st's unit look for this to occur!!!

The Jet's weren't great last year. We occassionally beat the Pats...

Vikings are a terrible team this year. They aren't as good as they were supposed to be

and half of GB was is on IR!

Either way, none of those games were easy...None "decisive victories".

The NE Wildcat blowout was the last convincing win we've had (probably the only one we've had in 10 years)

It's always the same, close, boring, almost losing in the 4th, or a loss in the 4th, or, like the NE game this year, a loss after the start of the second half...

The team is ugly, and has been for a long time.

Shyt, I would pay to for this blog if Mando promised to get rid and BAN that ASS-HOLE Home

Guys you'll lose me if you want to start charging for a blog. I come here because I like to have some discussion with serious Dolphins fans and for the most part I like the guys here (except perhaps when the game is on and then some of you turn all negative and cynical. Won't ever go live again). I don't even know if this is an idea that's being discussed but that would be a mistake. There are lots of alternate options out there if you choose to go this way.

After the dreadful loss at home to the NE Patriots Im sure the st's are well aware they owe us a home victory!!!

Odin- That's exactly what he said. He said he went to the sideline and the coach was like wtf was that. Marshall said"It was a buisness decision" Now this was while he was with the Donkeys and not this season as a Phin.
I can't say I blame him. As a fan we want our star players to give it their all. But as a player on a team that sucks that made it clear they didn't care about him why risk your livelyhood? I don't think, or should I say I would hope Marshall doesn't have that attitude here.But this was something that he said today.

All of you f a g g o t s need to stop crying in this blog during the game. Chad Henne's using all of his faculties to do something that's very difficult: overcome an NFL defense. When he is in the middle of a fight it does not help things when all you can do is lay on the floor in the middle of the fight and cry.
Hold your water during the game or get the f u c k out of here.


Who said anything about pictures?

I want live video of J-lo hanging upside down on a pole, ringing her bells and blowing her whistle!

Halftime and Post-game highlights you see 20 plays where QB's are dropping back, launching the ball 40 Yds downfield. Scores of 30-40+...

We haven't had any excitment like that since Dan left :(

We could be down by 3 TD's in the 4th and you knew Dan could bring us back...Did anyone think we were gonna come back against the Pats?

i dont have a problem with what BMarsh said on Rome.

like his guest said many pkayers may nit admit it on record but 1st priority is get paid 2nd stay healthy and 3rd wun games.

i would much rather have BMarsh not go after a bad or tough pass if he knows he is gonna get his head knicked off and rather have him out there for another play.

The beauty of the internet is that almost ALL content is free. If they were to charge for the blog, the rest of the users would defect to other blogs...

NOW, with that said, if we had a chance to chat with players and coaches, former players and the like I'd pay for that...But, that aint gonna happen

Of course Odin that strip club on WQAM feature women!

GROSS, now if I was in charge it would be a Men's Cabaret, like we like right?

Smiley Face :) :) Wink Wink Odin



You sound like you're describing all you past gielfriends(if you've ever had any) and making excuses for why you've turned gay.

Do us all a favor and kick rocks.


Without a burner like Duper on the other side of Clayton even Marino would have a tough time with a 3td come from behind victory. Clayton wasnt so much of a speedster as he seemed to have the knack for yacs.

He was closer to a Brandon Marshall type but not as big and physical. His athleticism was off the charts. Duper just blew by you.

A Duper-like #2 is basically all we greatly miss in this offense. Either that or find a homerun hitter type rb like a Chris Johnson.

We still lack that explosive lightning in our offense. That has nothing to do with Henne. Its on Jeff Ireland chief of personel to find and supply it.

Our offense now has sonic boom but still lacks scorching fire!!!

Once we had that electricuting lightning to our offense. We will then began totally incenerating nfl defenses. That's why we still see so many nailbiting games folks.

fix the app so the oldest comments are on top so we dont have to read from bottom to top.

Of course I'd much rather have Marc Anthony filling my holes with that scrumptious Puerto Rican Cream



Even though I would like to add a Cam Wake-type pass rusher, believe it or not, Koa Misi is quietly on pace to produce 10 sacks on the season himself.

Also though very steady and not making mistakes, I would love to see Chris Clemons learn to use his world class speed and football wits to be in better position to make plays on the ball.

If Clemons ever figures this out his play level will move straight off the charts. But after Gerbil Wilson it begrudgingly makes me kind of settle for what I now see.

DyingBreed, my comment about STs was perhaps a little tongue in cheek. Or maybe not, point being an average ST performance would be an upgrade over a few games that will go unmentioned.

Yeah, it would be nice to see STs overachieve....force turnovers, good run backs, maybe even score some points. But I'll settle for them not shooting themselves in the foot.

LAST time ben played an nfl game untile he stated last week was here in miami and they won that game.now his team mates talking about ben as a leader the have TO follow to A jail cell very soon .

james harrison will start and he better make sure he doesn't hurt our HENNE .

I'm not seeing much talk on here about Odrick possibly being out for the year. I know the guy's a rookie and he hasn't shown us much yet this year but I consider this a pretty big loss. I don't like Solai at NT and it look like we have no one else to play tackle with Odrick and Merling lost for the year, so Starks has to go back there. If I was the Steelers I'd be running at Solai and Wake all day. Wake has shown great strides this year but I still think you can run on him.

Matt Roth's 1st season total as an solb 5 sacks.

Koa Misi 1st season as solb, quietly on pace for 10 sacks. Misi's due for a monster game. Hope this the weekend it happens.

Steelers o-line was well chronicle last season in thier faulty line protection of Rothlisberger. Hopefully Nolan's devising pass rush schemes to take advantage and the execution is on point.

IS BETTY MIDLER or gloria stefan GOING TO SING NEXT WEEK TO CHANGE OUR LUCK Or we going to have to listen mark again

Henne has had come from behind victories at Michigan. He had come from behind victories in big games like the bowl game against Florida.

He had come from behind victories in the NFL with less than a seasons worth of experience.

Now that Marshall's on board, Henne and Bess have shown marked improvement and keep getting better.
When the O-line gets a little more settled and the run game gets back on track, they'll look downright formidable.

Like it or not Marc, this is a young team that's growing up together.

WOW, I havent seen this much posting about something as trival as "Which should come first, Last posts are first posts", Remains me of the Millerlite commericals "Taste great, Less filling", Keep it the way it is......


We're always in trouble with anything when we compare it to mediocrity. The sky should be the first limits.

Once reaching the sky shoot for the moon. Hit the moon then aim for the planets. Reach the planets then aim for the stars.

Mediocrity is never a starting point. Its an ending point. Using mediocrity as a beginning point and you'll unachieve everytime.

baked lamb chops in tomato garlic w/potato.
risotto w/creamini mushrooms
apple pie

Mediocrity begins and ends with fear!!!

Odin, ignore Marc/Marcia, He/She's just upset that they closed his favorite dress shop......

Success begins and becomes infinite with faith. Faith cures all and fear destroys all!!!

The Menace has SPOKEN:

Keep it the way it is.............

I always hated lite beer.

Commercials? Hell in my neighborhood we didn't even have TV's.

All we had was arguments.

COLT 45!!!!

Gets ya RIPPED!

Make you PUKE!

Gets ya RIPPED..........................

leave the posting the way it is now.


You're starting to sound like Willian Shatner in an old Star Trek episode.


Beam me up, Bartender!!!!

Aloco, W
baked lamb chops in tomato garlic w/potato.
risotto w/creamini mushrooms
apple pie

Posted by: ALoco | October 21, 2010 at 06:01 PM

Aloco, What the F@ck is this????????

james harrison, the enemy of the state .

I wonder if Brett Farve's wife signed any pre neptual agreements.

I mean, there won't be any more big contracts coming his way and Minnesota will retire him soon.

I think it's time she starts thinking about her future(like any good woman would)and retire Brett herself.


newest at the top

bret favre's wife met him 20 years ago in red neck land ,she must be a red neck also so she's lucky to marry that who makes clean every year an average of 15 million for the last 6 years only .the rest of the years he should be able to collect 80 million .

What gets Me about Farve is he was texting/sending pictures while his wife was battling cancer for a second time, Talk about a scum-bag.......

is that true cuban ?
i didn't know that .

next week we line up mr mucho crowder vs james harrison.

that was my dinner .


I have to admit your loyal bloggers are absolutely correct.

Since you made the adjustments to platooning, your radio show and the blog have show alot of improvement, I really mean that.

It's quite obvious that this going both ways thing, and well, it has really slowed doqwn for you and honestly, I can really say that. You guys, you other bloggers you guys know what I mean.

The negativity is gone, the insight is spot on, really, and I mean that when I say it's really been fun watching you ace all these, uh, um, variables into shape.

So when it's all said and done Armando, and you have to remember your loyal bloggers and ah, well at the end of the day:


James Harrison is a hell of a hitter, Just Ask Pat(Working now for UPS) White, Though I'am sure he doesnt remember it, or the 2 weeks after.... One of the most brutal hits I've ever seen...........

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