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Dolphins vs. Steelers: A football game, a fight

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a tough team. They are physical. They are eager to use that asset. And they have a well-deserved reputation for being the baddest dudes on the block going back to the days of the Steel Curtain.

The Dolphins, in case you have not heard, also fancy themselves a physical team. And so when these two lovers of violent football get together ...

"I think anytime you play against the Steelers you know it’s going to be a physical contest," coach Tony Sparano said. "They make no bones about it. I think that from our end we feel like we’re a physical football team, so it’s going to be a physical game.”

Believe it or not, that is the politically correct way to portray it. Running back Ronnie Brown has another way. He sees the Steelers as a bully. And he thinks there's only one way to deal with bullies.

"When you have bully on the school yard, he thinks he's the baddest," Brown said. "Therefore he's going to carry himself like he's the baddest. He feels that way, so therefore he's going to act like he's the baddest. That's how it is with the Pittsburgh defense. They think that way, they act that way. That's how it is until someone proves them differently. That's how it is."

And just because Brown plays running back and it is part of his job description to take blows, that doesn't mean Brown intends to let Pittsburgh bully him.

"You have to accept that challenge," he said. "As an offensive player, I come in with a defensive mentality. Just because I'm a running back doesn't mean I can't be an aggressor with the football.

"Until you stand up to the bully he's going to keep picking on you and if he feels he's found a weak spot, you're going to have to deal with that every day. If you show up and show him you're not scared, then it goes away. But until you do that, you're going to get the same result. So why not attack it full head on?"

The last time these two teams played -- in the 2009 regular-season finale -- the Dolphins didn't stand up to well against the bully. Quarterback Chad Henne had to leave the game with vision problems. Backup quarterback Pat White came in and lasted less than one quarter before he literally got knocked out.

"Last year you know it took us three quarterbacks to get through the game and hopefully that won’t happen this game," Henne said. "But, we’re going to have to protect, we’re going to have to keep it balanced, we’re going to have to run the football, and protect me in the passing game.”

Like Brown, Henne says he's not afraid, concerned, or sweating the physical nature of the Steelers, particularly on defense.

 “No, I mean I’m just going to go out there and play my game and I’m not going to let anything affect me," he said. "I’m not going to stare at the rush a little bit more. I’m just going to go through my progressions, know what I’m doing what I’m doing back there and you know if I get hit I get hit. That’s part of the game.”

Talking to several Dolphins players, one gets the idea the Dolphins have a little to prove to the Steelers. One gets the idea they intend on standing toe-to-toe with their Pittsburgh counterparts.

"They're going to keep grinding and you have to match that intensity," Brown said. "Coming into the game week, your whole mental process has to be ready for that. That's the good part of this game. they're going to present challenges. And you have to take advantage of that. You have to take each blow when they get their chance. And when you get your chance your have to take your shot.

"I'm not going to say they go out and try to hurt people. But they do try to strike some kind of fear. And if you buy into that, it is what it is. But if you don't and you go out and fight, that's what it's going to be. It'll be a fight."

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odinseye, you sound like you r begging for money .

you said ...((( so when it's all said and donearamndo. you have to remember your loyal bloggers and ah, well at the end of the day ))).


DOLPHINS Can't give the STEELERS gifts..They got to play turnover free football..Also they can't allow the big play ..No long TD'S..And last but not least don't cover Hines''the GOLDENCHILD''Ward with a linebacker.. Last year the FINS covered him with a LINEBACKER. And he got open everytime they needed a firstdown..Respect that crybaby and cover him with a corner!DOLPHINS4LIFE!


Me? Begging? Oh lawdy son, you don't know the half of it.

I ever tell you bout the time I was pan handling down on Beal street in Memphis Tenneesee?

Those we're the days, I'll tell ya. The good ole days. Getting back to my roots, living out in the open, well, out in the open under the Beal street bridge.


cmon Cuban, remember how Favre wasnt sure if he wanted to join the Jets because he was worried about the media and scrutiny? he been porking women in Green Bay and everyome was looking other way. NY Media got him

Yep, BUSTED............

BOBBY12, always makes good points as long as long as i agree w/it .
favre is a dirty red neck .


Seriously, if my woman was batlling cancer and I was out banging cheerleaders behind her back, I wouldn't be able to put my head on a pillow without feeling guilty. The webs we weave as we attempt to deceive!

I've never been married, but at THE VERY LEAST, I would ask her if she MIGHT enjoy watching!


Keep the comments the way they are oldest comments first can keep a lot of comments from being repeated...

Can't fault Farrrbre for liking the P. But I can't stand a whining crybaby who has a history of putting his teams on the spot...will he play, won't he play BS.

Yeah Odin, Like I said, That's truly a guy that could be voted in as a true scum-bag by his Scum-Baggery.....Not to many out there, one that comes to mind is the senator from Carolina that took off to South America while his Wife was IN THE HOSPITAL battling Cancer... It Kills me some of these people...

Yeah but Coco,But come onnnn MANNNNN...

This is going to be a close game. The Steelers are probably the best team in the NFL right now. However, I think we can pull this one off.

They are great against the run and we may need to utilize short screens to counter blitzes. I think we are a good match against them offensively. I think we need to set the tone defensively however, and the loss of Odrick will hurt. However, I expect Cameron Wake, Rattle, and Roll to have a good game applying a lot of pressure to Pervertberger.

However, I think having a day game in the humid weather can be an advantage. If we can wear down their defense and maybe do some quick no huddle offense-we can win this game.

Obviously we need some good OC calls (cross fingers) and solid ST and no turnovers.


Mando-keep it the same.


That guy from Carolina was the Governor I think.

Anyway, in addition to being a scum bag, he was stump dumb and stupid too.

The guy turns up MIA. His wife and constituents are in an uproar getting ready to launch a manhunt.

He turns up out of nowhere and when asked where he was, he says: Ah......um........I......ah.........hiking in the woods?

Bhaaaaaaaaaant! Wrong answer!!!!

The Duschiest of Duesche Bags!!!!

That's the one Odin.....


Since your taking suggestions on how to make your blog better...how about implementing a system in which every one has to sign in thus eliminating these cowards who sigh in under multiple alias, but.....if you do that we may find out that there are only 6-7 actual people on this blog

This Odrick thing sucks.

Being an optimist, I'm just going to pretend him and Edds are extra draft picks next year.

I would like to know the details of Odrick's journey to the IR list.

I'd like to know about John Jerry too, WTF?

According to Homes, he's being "replaced" with one of them there cross bred humanoid alien thingys.


Speak for yourselvess!


You're too funny guy.

You're a way better poster than Homes.

You're ALWAYS right about everything you post!!!!

Geronimo is the BEST!!!!

Odin, nice Sparano impression...

Armando, ur a pencil neck geek! the only reason i read u is cause i love my phins!! but ur a F'n idiot!!

Armando, ur a pencil neck geek! the only reason i read u is cause i love my phins!! but ur a F'n idiot!!

Posted by: yatil87 | October 21, 2010 at 07:52 PM

Yatil, does the "87" stand for your birth year, or your IQ???? in either case your not allowed to post..........

Talk about night and day. Henne had 20 minutes to throw the ball every passing play against Green Bay. He'll have like a second and a half against the Steelers.

One of the ways to beat a bully is with unexpected finesse.

What's the problem with placing your real name? I do. Up to now, Internet is the safest way to say what you really think.

Leave the comments the way they are.

the comments section is great this way .we don't need to think wirt a new system armando .

I believe Newt Gingrich told his wife while she was in a hospital bed battling cancer that he was leaving her. He wins the skumbag award of all time

BOBBYD 12. WE LIVE in the ( no shame age ) ,newt runs for president every 4 years knowing he's not going to win just to be on the front of the camera to sell few books .

p.s...the elder bush said some thing very true ,he said ( any man goes on the front of a camera he's as s hole ) . very true .

ALoco, agreed, no shame, no empathy just looking for instant satisfaction.

last comment first.. no question

I think we match up better aganst the steelers then ravens for some reason, the steelers are are better but it dosen't mean that we can't beat them or won't beat them just means they have more players then us ,but I think we could run on them as well as long as we call a good offensive game by mixing it up some trying some different plays then we have shown so far , I am not big on reverses with the kind of players we have right now, not enough speed , but maybe as someone suggested spread them out and throw the ball out of the shotgun on first down , try a little no huddle and them come back to a 2 tight end formation and try to run keep them guessing instead off the same thing we always do , we are predictable on the O

Last first, should have been that way from the beginning. Also, its 2010, the blog should auto refresh when there is a new entry. Totally ridiculous to have to refresh the page each time. Web technology has advanced considerably, this blog hasn't.

The blog is ok the way it is.

Rottenburger Stinks!!!!
Feed da Wolf!!!!
Go Phins!!!!

Oh I forgot our number pick played one game this year and now he is done for the year, hopefully Ireland will get better as a GM , That kind of break is tuff to heal I broke the same bone in my leg several years ago and it took a long time for it to heal and I was young at the time they had to know this about him, I was not playing football at the time, it is a serious injury becuase it takes a long time to heal because of the blood flow to that part of the leg, he looks like a good player, I just hope he can come back from it and that it eventually heals 100 percent . GO DOLPHINS

The blog is dumb the way it is, its outdated. Last first, auto-refresh.

Cuban You still here yo?

Pitt is distracted and ripe to fall...its easy to beat Cleve in Pitt for Rapesburger's homecoming, but the air breathers have only just begun to scratch the surface of their potential...Wake is coming, which is a huge and unexpected (except for those in the know)boost to our secondary...Wake is a constant distraction and hurrier of the qb, making them have to speed up their decisions...aaron rogers was pretty ordinary when it came down to it....we will be fast and it will be hot and it will be 1pm in south florida...pitt will not be ready and our steamroller begins to pick up the pace....fish 21 steel 10

Pitt 31, Fins 16. Season...ciao baby.

Amen Cinq

I would definitely like last comments first...BTW whats the word on Odrick, is he really done???

Odrick is as done as a pork roast at 190 degrees. We've lost Edds, Merling, and now Odrick. Jerry and Crowder are borderline. Can't afford to lose another starter.

yes you should change the order. i would blog if you did it that way.

Most recent post first please.

Wow! The MiamiDolphins.com website has crashed. The special teams guys must be running thing over there tonight!

Voting YES on latest comments first! Finally! latest comments first is just common sense. I stopped going to the live blogs for that reason.

Umm, perhaps I am asking too much... But why not just install a selector that allows you to choose what order you get the material? I see that on MANY of the NFL Blogs around the League. After the Packers game last week I checked out some of their fans comments (amazing how their comments look JUST LIKE OURS) and that blog had a selector that you chose the order you wished... seems like a fairly simple line of code or Drop in.....

BTW.... since you are asking about the Blogs and such. The new posting format for the rest of the Miami Heralds posts is a total pain in the Butt. I don't know what the deal is... But I cannot get the damn thing to post signing in on the Miami Herald System or when I try to sign in via Twitter.... If anyone knows "WTF?" please let this poor Dumb 70s & 80s product known as "Derek" how to fix this issue. I like posting there also. It shows my handle and Avatar.... But when I hit "post Comment" it tells me I should check to see if I am REALLY logged in..... I don't get it and I was thinking about climbing a tall building and shooting down at people.... Then I realized that was a bit "Over the top" and I should just ask you guys how to fix it...


Thanks in advance....Derek

No on latest comments first. I don't like reading backwards. It is interesting to read (or skim) through as there are sometimes some interesting conversations here (no, not talking about you Aloco - you are the man though). Having last comments first is illogical and a PIA. Why is it a big deal to scroll down and go to the last page if you want to read the latest comments? Usually by the third or fourth page it's devolved to the point of being nonsense anyway.

The first few pages typically have some intelligent response (some), whereas the last few, not so much.

Vis-avis the Steelers. Steelers should be heavily favored and with good reason. If Miami gives them a good run or wins, it's time to take this team more seriously. Much will depend on Henning and which one of him shows up. He was almost a normal OC last week with one brilliant call that was well executed and a fairly balanced attack. It made up for some of the tosser calls he had made earlier in the game and a couple of Henne's errors (throwing too long and high for Marshall in the endzone plus the INT as examples).

Really hoping I am wrong but: Steelers 24, Miami 14 (okay, maybe 17). Henne sacked four times and throws 2 INTs. Marshall gets his ten catches. Running game amasses no more than 65 yards against a stout run D.

BTW Channing Crowder has NEVER been called for a helmet to helmet (that I can find record of or remember seeing). He's a very amusing guy but he really doesn't play like that.

Like how everyone was bashing Channing Crowder like a wet noodle.

Hey Crowder bashers immediately upon Crowders return we went from giving up nearly 140yds rushing per game to giving up only 76yds rushing in his return game at Green Bay.

That Crowder kid is just the absolute worst ilb in the league. LOL!

Mando...if you could only get rid of the 'lonelies' and 'crazies' this could/would be a good blog. BTW...keep as is.
Pitt is tough...they think they are tougher than we are...Harrison steps on Ricky...etc. Their coach gets them to buy in and play way over their heads...third best coach in league behind Bill and yuck Rex the ff (but a hell of a coach..there isn't a player in NFL that wouldn't trade their coach for him). Frankly, I expect the game to start pretty ugly, but the fish to eek out a very tough win...Pitt 2TDs-2FGs 20 Mia TD-5FG. A defensive TD by Pitt keeps it closer than it should be. There will be casualties galore...Marsh, Bessie, and probably Ricky get dinged...but we limp to victory. We have six sacks, but Ben TDs probably HW on broken play of course. They know they can't beat us straight up, so the game really will be about Ben prolonging plays. We will cover their wides, but Ben is tough to bring down and is the best there is at extending it Since John Elway. He wants to turn it into a backyard pitch/catch, that's his comfort zone. If we take that away, by shadowing the entire play, which we're frankly not very good at, we will win. Our safeties do too much standing around thinking...and they're way too slow...they will have to be decisive this game. YB grossly overrated, hits hard when he gets you, but slow and indecisive, and they know it, and will attack him. Time for him to step up, and don't give me the 'leading tackles' stuff...he misses way too many plays just standing around...I mean, just ask Rodgers.

Armando's a real nice guy to ask our opinion on changing the appearance of this blog.

Over at the Sentinel slum they shoved that highly annoying Captcha system right up thier tight butts without so much as a gentle lubing. LOL!

DB - i agree with you on Crowder. Wasn't bashing him - I just think he's a clean player. He talsk it up but he plays clean. Let's face it, he is not the bst ILB when he doesn't have a better one next to him. Give him a Zach or a Dansby and I think it frees his game up. Maybe when he was it (I mean, he had Ayodele!) there was so much pressure he tried to force things? He certainly overran most plays and wasn't in position to do anything but arm tackle. He became more of a "slow them down so the next guy can take them down" kind of player. I was hard on him since Zach left, but I see where he excels with the right guy next to him. I rate him a solid B as an NFL ILB - I think that's pretty good and I'd prefer to have him than not. I would not have said that last year. Glad I'm not making personnel decisions!


I love our little funny farm assembly here. No we dont have all the high tech features as the Sentinel slum.

No pretty avatars, no pretty background pictures to enhance our experience, and no enlarged easy readible bold fonts.

But what we do have is smashmouth in your face amatuer journalism amongst ourselves, at times we even know what the hell we're talking about, and Aloco even cares so much about his fellow bloggers he's very concerned about our diets and eating habits. Many times he's ask me, "DyingBreed what did you have for dinner tonight?

Tell me Armando, where else in the blogosphere can we expect to feel and experience that special a commaraderie as here at the Herald. Here on your blogosphere.

Thanks a million Armando! Long live Aloco, master dietician and care-bologist!

Jimmy Jam,

In the 3-4 defense if one ilb isnt playing well it kind of make both ilbs look bad. Usually the ilb whose playing well tries to overcompensate for the bad playing ilb's inadequacies. Leading to mistakes of his own.

With Crowder's return it shows the difference it makes when both ilb's play well. It's only thier first game together. They'll only get better and better.

O.K.Miami, it's time to show every one that the A.F.C.East are the studs of the N.F.L. Miami 23 Pitt.16--- Buffalo 20 Baltimore 16

With Crowder and Dansby in the middle we now have as great a tandem of ilb's as there are in the entire league. I dont believe there's another ilb tandem in the entire league that's any better. They may be the best in the entire league!

Minus the 86yd td reception against Vontae. Our defense may have had its most complete game of the season vs Green Bay.

We allowed 76yds rushing and 281 net yards passing. Take away the 86yd bomb and its also under 200yds passing for Rodgers.

Thats why that game had the feel we dominated more than the final point spread indicated. Crowder-haters, yes we instantly became a more complte defense upon Crowder's return.

Thats why I now love me some ugly caveman looking #52! He's our very own special missing link. Catch me a dinosaur baby!!!!!!!!!!!

How do I know Channing Crowder is the missing link? The guys wrestles alligators and crocodiles. Theyre the closest relatives to dinosaurs left on earth.

Channing Crowder truly is the missing link and he plays for us. He has also signed a personal services for life contract with GEICO just as soon as he finishes pro football.

Hey guys whats the best new nickname for Crowder, The Geico-saurus or The Missing Razor-link?

I'm going out and buying me an ugly caveman #52 Dolphins Jersey real soon!

Also speaking of prehistoric, I may have to add a #21 Vontae "The bam-bam Voulture" Davis too!

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