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Dolphins vs. Steelers: A football game, a fight

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a tough team. They are physical. They are eager to use that asset. And they have a well-deserved reputation for being the baddest dudes on the block going back to the days of the Steel Curtain.

The Dolphins, in case you have not heard, also fancy themselves a physical team. And so when these two lovers of violent football get together ...

"I think anytime you play against the Steelers you know it’s going to be a physical contest," coach Tony Sparano said. "They make no bones about it. I think that from our end we feel like we’re a physical football team, so it’s going to be a physical game.”

Believe it or not, that is the politically correct way to portray it. Running back Ronnie Brown has another way. He sees the Steelers as a bully. And he thinks there's only one way to deal with bullies.

"When you have bully on the school yard, he thinks he's the baddest," Brown said. "Therefore he's going to carry himself like he's the baddest. He feels that way, so therefore he's going to act like he's the baddest. That's how it is with the Pittsburgh defense. They think that way, they act that way. That's how it is until someone proves them differently. That's how it is."

And just because Brown plays running back and it is part of his job description to take blows, that doesn't mean Brown intends to let Pittsburgh bully him.

"You have to accept that challenge," he said. "As an offensive player, I come in with a defensive mentality. Just because I'm a running back doesn't mean I can't be an aggressor with the football.

"Until you stand up to the bully he's going to keep picking on you and if he feels he's found a weak spot, you're going to have to deal with that every day. If you show up and show him you're not scared, then it goes away. But until you do that, you're going to get the same result. So why not attack it full head on?"

The last time these two teams played -- in the 2009 regular-season finale -- the Dolphins didn't stand up to well against the bully. Quarterback Chad Henne had to leave the game with vision problems. Backup quarterback Pat White came in and lasted less than one quarter before he literally got knocked out.

"Last year you know it took us three quarterbacks to get through the game and hopefully that won’t happen this game," Henne said. "But, we’re going to have to protect, we’re going to have to keep it balanced, we’re going to have to run the football, and protect me in the passing game.”

Like Brown, Henne says he's not afraid, concerned, or sweating the physical nature of the Steelers, particularly on defense.

 “No, I mean I’m just going to go out there and play my game and I’m not going to let anything affect me," he said. "I’m not going to stare at the rush a little bit more. I’m just going to go through my progressions, know what I’m doing what I’m doing back there and you know if I get hit I get hit. That’s part of the game.”

Talking to several Dolphins players, one gets the idea the Dolphins have a little to prove to the Steelers. One gets the idea they intend on standing toe-to-toe with their Pittsburgh counterparts.

"They're going to keep grinding and you have to match that intensity," Brown said. "Coming into the game week, your whole mental process has to be ready for that. That's the good part of this game. they're going to present challenges. And you have to take advantage of that. You have to take each blow when they get their chance. And when you get your chance your have to take your shot.

"I'm not going to say they go out and try to hurt people. But they do try to strike some kind of fear. And if you buy into that, it is what it is. But if you don't and you go out and fight, that's what it's going to be. It'll be a fight."

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Vontae "the baby bam-bam volture" Davis!

1 pm game. steelers wear black and dolphins wear white. advantage-dolphins. dolphins throw alot and use hurry up offense after dan henning secretly watches rocky 2 the night before the game and gets so inspired that his play calling is like when marino was around and miami scores 30 points. advantage-dolphins. tony sparano drinks 2 cans of rock star and is so pumped up that his fist pump accidently catches fasano in the gut thus firing up fasano to run over a defender for his second straight game with a touchdown. advantage-dolphins.

Geicosaurus Crowder collides with Steeler offense. Multiple body pile up count. 12 crashes = 12 tackles. Geico claims adjusters pay again, Miami wins!!!

To the homers:

Fins lose big.

The end, Test.

I like Miami's chances against Pittsburgh, if they don't hurt themselves with mistakes and stay focused. I think the Dolphins match up well against them. GO DOLPHINS11 AND KICK SOME BULLY BUTT1111

1st Booth announcer:

Charlie there appears to be some sort of large prehistoric cave man figure wearing a #52 jersey amongst the Dolphins in pregame warmups.

2nd Booth announcer:

No Chris that just Geicosaurus Crowder. He just isnt wearing his helmet yet.

1st Booth announcer:

Thank Goodness Charlie I thought some porr prehistoric sap had wondered off the set of Land Of The Lost!

Wow Marc!

How do you rate? The host of this Blog actually came out and welcomed you back, and not just once. Look at you!


Go Phins!

I believe Miami need one or two looks the Steelers have not seen from them yet. And, if possible, keep the score to where they don't show those new looks until after the Half. Reason being I give Coach Tomlinson a ton of credit for his ability to adjust... and if Miami has a new wrinkle in the first half that is successful... They will solve it during the half and we get left flat footed again.
Darryl D. was talking about Using Lex Hillard more with Pitt. I agree, I agree that Miami should use him as a dump off out of the backfield during screens and slants. Not because he is AWESOME... But because it would be a new wrinkle. I also agree with Darryl that Miami may want to "Spread it out" some against Pitt. Not let them stack it up on us and blast Henne all F***ing day.
Bottom line, Pitt is the EXACT same team we played in January... Miami is NOT the same team...AL ALL. New defense, new offensive players If Henning can do something different and the guys execute some new twists... we can win. Henning goes in there and gets all "Wildcat" 3 and out "Stupico" and it will be over before it even starts. Put Rottenburger on his ass a few plays will help also... just don't let Henne get killed without he first hand the ball to Pennington....

Here is how you attack the bully-


Run it between the tackles and don't give up on it. You have to run at an over aggressive defense. To do this you don't get behind early with stupid ST play. You make them earn everything on offense. NO QUICK STRIKE PASS PLAYS for Bathroom Ben!

This team is showing some confidence and signs of geling.


Go Phins!

You pound the Rock against Pitts 3-4 D. Pound it with Ricky and Ronnie. They force turnovers that's how they win. They are average at best on offense. It is time to limit the mistakes and win the turnover field position battle.


Go Phins!

Lmao at Ricky

Derek- What up... Any little wrinkle to keep them off guard would be great. We have been very affective(except the jets game) moving the ball on our opening posessions. When the plays are scripted and we know whats going on we seem to have a great advantage. Any little thing to make them uncomfertable. No huddle, or a high tempo that doens't allow them to substitute their blitz packages or deviate from their base defense. Also we will be able to pressure Ben. Part of it is because he loves to stay in the pocket a little longer then most qb's. The problem, and what makes him so hard to defend, are the plays when he escapes the pocket and extends the play. He could be the best at this in the league so keeping contain and continuing to play even when it seems the play has broken down will be important. Look for Misi to have a breakout game!

Steelers Wins:

Falcons 15-9

On 50yd overtime td run by Reshad Mendenhall. R

Titans 19-11

Hands Steelers game with 3 picks and 4 lost fumbles.

Tampa Bay 38-13

No explanation neccessary. Bucs plain lousy.

Cleveland 28-10

Colt McCoy throws for 23-33 for 281yds. Lots of passing yards to give up to a rookie qb. However 2 picks and 5 sacks did them in.

Raven handed Steelers thier only loss. flacco had a good day. Steelers seem to having weakness in passing defense even in winning games.

Marshall and Bess should have field days. From reading stats Steeler run defense seems legit. Most opponents had tough time even averaging 3yds per rush with about 21 attempts per game. Thats stingy folks.

DB. Too many teams fall into this trap where they want to "prove" that they can establish the run. This just plays into the steelers hands and their strengths on defense. Yes we will have to sacrifice some plays in the run game to keep them honest, and who knows we might get a big play there. It is time for Henne to show up big, and take that next step as leader of this team. Your theory about the 7 possesions was an interesting one. I think youre onto something, and I agree fg's will kill us this game. If we can get Td's in the red zone this should be an opportunity for a huge win.

Darryl Dunphy,

I know right now I want find hardly anyone on earth that'll agree with me but I believe special teams will be our secret weapon at home Sunday.

Those guys stunk up the joint so badly the last home game Im sure thier looking at this game as homecoming redemption week. Im looking for a monster game from our special teams Sunday.

If this occurs remember you heard it first here.

DB- They were great last week. Nolan Carrol is going to break a big return as soon as he figures out how to set up the blocks to his favor on returns. If you notice good return guys have an instinct to get into the seems of the return setup. Carrol although quick, still looks a little indecisive. Once he more familiar with the return game he will be dangerous. I don't see any reason that the special teams can't play well and inspired. Good call!

Latest comments first, please

Phins 20 Steelers 13.

i dont wanna be negative but i think its gonna be PIT 20 MIA 13 there gonna have a chance to tie it on the final 1 min but i picture chad henne throwing a forced incomplete pass on 4th down in double coverage but i hope im wrong

Just WIn Dolphins Respect is there....GO and GET IT...

i hope its not just the fan in me but i just feel they are ready for this game. After letting us down in the first two home games i think they will put forth their best effort and this team when clicking on all cylinders has shown that they can play with anyone.

odrick is another bust. that's twice already with a broken leg. he won't be around long!

latest first

I like the current format for the order

Newest comments first. Please. It makes following live action so much easier.

ADarly Dunphy,

Agree 100% with your post about "not playing in to the steelers hands" and tryin to run for the sake of running. That was a great point.

Disagree witth your post that our special teams had a "great" game against the Pack.

We almost had a punt blocked...again. Somebody got a finger on the ball. The one that only went 29 yards. I think it was the3 2nd punt for us.

We can't gloss over mistakes because you come away with a victory (not saying you are...maybe you didn't see the play).

Rizzi and the special teams have a lot of improvement to show. Loved COBBS opening hit. It really set the tone....

I believe the steelers will come after a punt or two on Sunday....all teams will till we can show we are competent at blocking the man that crosses your face....or block inside man first...you know...the stuff they teach in Pee Wee football.

Pornostache Carpenter was excelent.


Daryl...sorry about the typo

Last comments first please.

Just a thought to open today's conversation (for myself at least):

If (and it's a big if) the Dolphins beat the Steelers, that will go a long way to my understanding of how good this team (can) be. It doesn't mean they are Playoff-bound (we're in a very tough division and conference). It doesn't mean I think we're the best team in the NFL, it just means that we're on our way to being elite and can compete with any team in this league. I kind of think that already (based on last year's games against NO and the Colts). But, the next step would be to win one or two of those types of games. We took a big step last week by doing just that (the Packers are an elite team in the NFC, maybe less so with injuries, but they'll still probably be in it at the end). And if we did it again, at home, against probably the best defense we'll play all year, I think the confidence in the team and it's fans will soar. So, without further ado, GO DOLPHINS!

I would like to see the latest comments fist. It helps create a story within a story to hear how people are commenting about it. The story also changes as the day goes along sometimes.

Guys a lot of good comments on here over the last few hours. Derek, I agree with a lot of what you said and same with Darryl and DB.

One thing about the Steelers, they MAKE you beat them.....they don't beat themselves. We haven't shown we can do that yet with any consistency. Last week was a good exmaple of that. With the exception of the long TD pass to Jennings, we pretty much played a perfect game. Same in the game agianst Minnesota. The games against the Jets and Patriots, not so. So the question is, can we play that perfect game at home or do we have some of block/distractions at home. We'll find out Sunday.

Pittsburgh can definitely be beat. Their offensive line isn't that great, so we need big games from Misi and Wake and Starks (who btw, has been MIA for most of the season). I'm not worried about our secondary but I think the key on offence will be to wear the Steelers down by running the ball and force Big Ben into some ill-advised mistakes. The game is there for the taking. Hope it's a hot one!

Mando - I would love for the latest comments to be first and be in reverse order from what they are now.

Sunday is going to be a fight and a fight that the Fins will come out on top!! GO DOLPHINS

Latest comment first, please

No change. It is easy to follow the flow of discussions between posters the way it is, especially if you join later in the day, IMO.

hi mando hows it going?

keep blog as is fine by me.
congrats on radio show,keep up great job.
live blog during game rules ,got to work sometimes,keeps fellas like me in the game.
i hope we beat the steelers,have confidence in our D.

Martin, me and Mandy go way back...

I always thought the way to attack an aggressive D was screens and draws, but, what do I know?

Either way, as I've said. I'd love to believe that we can beat the Steelers, but, we have yet to beat a top tier team. I'm not sure this Sunday will be the day we do it.

Home @ 1031 your suggestions are pretty good.

It doesn't have to be weird man. Just give it time...if you post something of interest, something one may find funny, something that others find note worthy ou will get credit.

No reason to pat yourself on the back....when its WORTH IT. Others will do it for you. Including me and I can't stand your self-righteous behind.

Just put in the work...you will get the credit.


Would prefer latest comments first...as info circulates around quickly, latest comments first help those of us busy at work that have to get our dose of Dolphins and go on here and get the fan's pulse. yep, needs my Fin fix during the day!

latest comments first

last coment on the top makes the most sence...

yes, latest comment first

Most Importantly Mando, don't forget pleeeeaze,

The Winkys and Smiley Faces

Love ya


Latest comment first

>I really would like for the latest comments to appear first, a la ESPN! lol

I wouldn't. I hate reading in reverse order. Please keep it the way it is.

Two weeks ago the nfl fined the chiefs d.tackle SHUNA SMITH 10,000 FOR GRAPPING an apposing player GENITALS .

smith appealed and won .
after he won he said ...(( i fought the case w/all my heart and i won but still can't erase all the bashing my name still suffering from that , you know I HAVE KIDS AND MY KIDS LOOKED AT IT AND THEY DIDN'T SEE ANY THING ))...........IT'S LIKE COMEDY CENTRAL .


Great point about most of our opening drives. What exactly do you guys think makes so many of them appear so "easy". Is it just they are scripted? Does the opposing defense make quick adjustments that our staff can't respond to?

Any truth to Henne being like Kenny Powers from "Eastbound and Down" on HBO?

I love that show. It's hilarious...If so, might wanna keep "Henne Powers" out of the strip clubs...


Not intrested in your hissy fits Home....I gave you a compliment but you are to delusional to know how to accept it...Thats your bad...not mine....


So now that the truth has come out about Odrick's injury - not a broken leg again, hurt the opposite foot - can we put to rest that the kid is damaged goods. Man, some of you guys just can't wait to rip into the team. Makes me sick.

Dan Marino is the 25th greastest player of All Time according to NFL networks TOP 100 PLAYERS.

Greg Kote has a poll....52% of people feel like he should be top 20....42% said he is right where he should be.

Every few years Marino will contiue to slip in both popularity and achevements as other QB's break his records and win Multiple Super Bowls.

Its too bad. I really loved watching him play. During his career he was often compared to Dan Fouts (air Coreole) as he Marino broke many of Fout's records. Now it looks like as time passes he will take a seat next to Dan Fouts in football irrelevancy when he falls futher down the record books.

Shula shod have either brought in a defense or got that man a legit running back!

In the hearts of us FIN FANS we know we had the best QB to ever play the game and a top 10 greastest of all time.

To the rest of the football world he will become an above average QB.

This sucks

KRIS . WHO'S NUMBER 1 ? is it still ali ?

Of course I am a self righteous, egotistical ASA-HOLE my self who thinks I am better then anyone here and my opinion matters more then anyone. I make believe in my own mind my so called predictions are 100% accurate and want everyone to believe in fukin FAIRY TALES such as New World Order, HAARP and other total nonsensical bullshyt because I waste 1000s of hours of my life on it.


Latest comment first please! Can we finally eliminate all those STUPID "First!" posts???

last comment first

I like the current way definitely. The first topic comments tend to be more pertinent. As the days goes by the comments usually (though entertaining) have nothing to to with dolphins football.

I like recent comments listed first. Dolphins win 27-17.

Of course I can call others out on here and call them girls and sissys while I myself hide behind a computer and keyboard afraid to come out when called out because that's what I am, a scared, paranoid OLD man with no life and nobody who gives a shyt about me. But what's the most important thing to me in this blog? I posted it yesterday, the ability to post Smiley Faces and Winks. Kris, at least you have a life, me, I'm a worthless poser who makes up cute little names like Home View, just like little girls do in middle school. Belice me Kris, total douchebags like me who hide in their home behind a keyboard are not worth it. I am a waste of human DNA and shoulda been aborted at birth if my poor mom only knew what a piece of shyt I would have turned out as.


A lot of physical teams left on the schedule. so what, I'm more worried about roethlisberger making a meal out of our secondary. But we can definitely and should win this game.


ALOCO...this is only NFL players....i thinl Montana will be #1....like it or not....rings matter

Latest comments first... I can't read them all, but I would love to at least read the latest ones without constantly switching pages.

Now... I really hope that bringing John Jerry back to the O line will make big improvements. Henne is due for a true break-out game like he almost had last year against the Jests. R&R better come ready to hit the D hard on every down. Ronnie's theory should prove to be true. Our WRs are gonna have a nice day against this D, so long as Henne gets them the ball. The D just might have a long day against Pitts running game, but luckily Crowder is back with some time under his belt. We shouldn't have a real hard time with their wide outs, but the key to this game is going to be finding a way to stop Heath Miller. He is a beast of a tight end and we struggle badly against great TEs. Special teams is going to have to step it up in a BIG way, and so are our sorry fans... Get loud!! WE NEED A HOME WIN! GO PHINS!!!

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