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Dolphins vs. Steelers: A football game, a fight

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a tough team. They are physical. They are eager to use that asset. And they have a well-deserved reputation for being the baddest dudes on the block going back to the days of the Steel Curtain.

The Dolphins, in case you have not heard, also fancy themselves a physical team. And so when these two lovers of violent football get together ...

"I think anytime you play against the Steelers you know it’s going to be a physical contest," coach Tony Sparano said. "They make no bones about it. I think that from our end we feel like we’re a physical football team, so it’s going to be a physical game.”

Believe it or not, that is the politically correct way to portray it. Running back Ronnie Brown has another way. He sees the Steelers as a bully. And he thinks there's only one way to deal with bullies.

"When you have bully on the school yard, he thinks he's the baddest," Brown said. "Therefore he's going to carry himself like he's the baddest. He feels that way, so therefore he's going to act like he's the baddest. That's how it is with the Pittsburgh defense. They think that way, they act that way. That's how it is until someone proves them differently. That's how it is."

And just because Brown plays running back and it is part of his job description to take blows, that doesn't mean Brown intends to let Pittsburgh bully him.

"You have to accept that challenge," he said. "As an offensive player, I come in with a defensive mentality. Just because I'm a running back doesn't mean I can't be an aggressor with the football.

"Until you stand up to the bully he's going to keep picking on you and if he feels he's found a weak spot, you're going to have to deal with that every day. If you show up and show him you're not scared, then it goes away. But until you do that, you're going to get the same result. So why not attack it full head on?"

The last time these two teams played -- in the 2009 regular-season finale -- the Dolphins didn't stand up to well against the bully. Quarterback Chad Henne had to leave the game with vision problems. Backup quarterback Pat White came in and lasted less than one quarter before he literally got knocked out.

"Last year you know it took us three quarterbacks to get through the game and hopefully that won’t happen this game," Henne said. "But, we’re going to have to protect, we’re going to have to keep it balanced, we’re going to have to run the football, and protect me in the passing game.”

Like Brown, Henne says he's not afraid, concerned, or sweating the physical nature of the Steelers, particularly on defense.

 “No, I mean I’m just going to go out there and play my game and I’m not going to let anything affect me," he said. "I’m not going to stare at the rush a little bit more. I’m just going to go through my progressions, know what I’m doing what I’m doing back there and you know if I get hit I get hit. That’s part of the game.”

Talking to several Dolphins players, one gets the idea the Dolphins have a little to prove to the Steelers. One gets the idea they intend on standing toe-to-toe with their Pittsburgh counterparts.

"They're going to keep grinding and you have to match that intensity," Brown said. "Coming into the game week, your whole mental process has to be ready for that. That's the good part of this game. they're going to present challenges. And you have to take advantage of that. You have to take each blow when they get their chance. And when you get your chance your have to take your shot.

"I'm not going to say they go out and try to hurt people. But they do try to strike some kind of fear. And if you buy into that, it is what it is. But if you don't and you go out and fight, that's what it's going to be. It'll be a fight."

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Kris, oh yea, now I'm just foolin ya after posting you should be thinned out of the population and contain your comments to "Jets Suk"and "Go Dolphins" AGAIN I believe I can do or say no wrong, even when I insult Kris and come back like a little girl with "just foolin ya" wink wink smiley face. I believe Kris and everyone else here is really so stupid that they would fall for that. God I'm such a worthless little P U S S Y it's amazing

Home All Day Every Day.

If the Herald had as much common sense as a couple other blogs me and my material would both be BANNED FOR LIFE

Home For The Rest of My Life

If rings and individual performance is the measure of best player ever, I have to go Elway. 2 rings and the individual stats. Too bad Shula could never surround marino with players - man, he really lost it in the mid 80s and 90s - drafted a bunch of crap other than Sims, Webb, Offerdahl, Cox, and Vincent.

Fins 24
PittsBurger 20

Captain Henne to the rescue.

Yes Herald, please have a $12.95 subscription, so I can make up names and talk to myself all day so the free blog is clear of my utter nonsense and big egotistical head.

Home Cause I Have No Life

TOM brady is best football player ever without using the word if .

Now would be the time for me to join the military

With the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell

You know? Smiley Face :) Wink Wink


God, yes please get a subscription, $12.95 One customer = Home
It would be worth every penny to get him off here


Home, by God, STFU!!!

I can't wait for Sunday's game. Especially since Sapoprano is counting on the weather and the uniform colors to be a deciding factor..HUH? We'll see how well that pans out after one of the Pitt LB's turns marshal into "marsh" We'll see what happens when woodley or farrior says "hello" to henne. This game will put an end to that fantasy of playoffs for the Dull-fins. Hey, at least Pennington will get a chance to play...HAHAHA!!


HAHAHA sparano counting on the weather for win...hahaha. Face it this doofin team is as physical as girls playing hopscotch..
Steelers 27 gayfins 10

Whoever it is, it's annoying. grow up already, whoever it is.

Good afternoon Phin Fans! The best part of these baseball playoffs was Bob Weir, and Phil Lesh(Grateful Dead)doing the National Anthem before last nights Giants Phillies game. There was nothing like a Grateful Dead concert!

Now I know what Bill Parcells is doing! He's becoming a TV star (exactly opposite of what he told others to do, JT). The Tuna made an appearance on the season premier of "Blue Mountain State" on SpikeTV. Funny, he steps down from the team right before the premier came out. Coincidink!

Also, anyone else heard from Mando? Here we are on Friday, and we've gotten what, one practice report. What's the news from practices? How are players breaking down the game? What's the news with Dansby's knee? Who's taking Carpenter's role on ST? We have questions that need answering Mando!!

i think we can beat pitt straight up but, i also think giving them something they haven't prepared for and a wrinkle or two is a good idea, i like the idea of giving wallace a lot of targets right off the bat(2 big bodied recievers) i like the idea of a quick hit hot route pass to the tight end 5 yards from scrimmage out of the wildcat, i like the idea of a speedy coobbs catching a deep route or two, maybe a flee flicker second play of game, how about targeting fasano early and often, i think incognito can open some big lanes for ronnie, let ronnie get a groove going and throw him the ball like faulk in the greatest show on turf, and lets blitz big ben! one question though, most teams even with 15 seconds left before half will at least try a hail mary, with most of our games going down to the wire why do we always just take the knee? lets put the ball up their to marshall!

DC, I think mando is doing a Parcells. he led us along for a couple of years - now he just shows up periodically and it's up to us to take the lead.

"Predicitons are for gypsies."

- Punch Imlach, Toronto Maple Leafs

for all that they say, pitt is a team that if u do what u do week in week out, they will beat u. because they are the best at watching a team and preparing. but if u can throw in some well designed crazy, u have a chance. im talking about pitt defense. their offense is horrid, only decent because the d sets it up. that means we have to put pressure on ben, not be as conservative as we have been pretty much every game, and we will win.

Comments first please Mando, its a pain refreshing and going to last page all the time

It is easy for the NFL commissioners to say no helmet to helmet tackling. There heads are so far up their arse they could not commit a penalty if they tried. Too bad the players heads are on their shoulders where it is easy to screw up.

from the land of Lake Erie and old school ball, Pittsburgh will win this fight, but it will be ugly. Forget about running against the "D". Phins better pass, if Henne is not planted into the turf! Pittsburgh is starting to hum..ring up another win on Sunday.

Yes please post the most recent comments first.

Looks like rain sunday,fens will do bitter on the ground game. Da fens will get to pitts qb and wen a wet one. gooooo fens

Some of the comments are on this site are ridiculous or wishful thinking at best. Yeh Pitt did lose to Balt., but it was in the last 20 seconds of the game and we didn't have Ben. Also, the comment about Ben being overrated, 2 SB rings says otherwise. How many did Marino get you guys???

Chad Henne needs to play his best football tomorrow. Tomorrow is Henne's statement game.

No more excuses by the Henne lovers OR no more blame by the Henne haters.

Chad needs to prove someone wrong tomorrow.

Don't be silly thinking this is the same Steeler team you played in January. To the contrary, the Steelers were without Troy and Aaron Smith. Believe me when I say that that defense with those guys is completely different. Additionally, stop analyzing the Steeler offense that played in the first four games. Essentially they won all those games with their third and fourth string quarterback. Now if you can, please think what the Dolphins record would be if they had to play four games with their third string quarterback. That's right they probably would not have one win.

Here's a thought on helmet to helmet. What about those RB's who launch themselves over the line on the one yard line? What happens if they injure someone?

They go helmet to helmet all the time by launching themselves over the line of scrimmage on the one yard line.

What about Gus Ferrote who used his OWN helmet to give himself a concussion? Should he have gotten fined? Or the guy who bangs his head with his own helmet before kickoff. The guy who cut his forehead wide open. Why no fine for him?

How do you even tackle a RB diving head first over the line of scrimmage WITHOUT CONTACTING the head? How do you tackle that legally? Better yet, should diving over the line be illegal period?

how about the option to sort. additionally give a like button so people can skip the morons and actually read the interesting ones..

have new comments first.

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