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Some numbers about the Dolphins offense

If you know me, you know I'm not a numbers guy. If you read this blog, you know I run away from statistics and paint the picture with words. If you listen to my radio show, Armando and the Amigo every morning on 640-Sports in South Florida, you are aware I hate math.

But sometimes the numbers tell the tale.

So let me share some numbers with you about Miami's increasingly underwhelming offense:

How about the number 0? Zero is the number of times the Dolphins have succeeded on fourth-down attempts this year. They are 0-for-4. Zero.

How about the number 1? That's the number of rushing touchdowns the Dolphins have through six games. One. The Dolphins have Ronnie Brown in the backfield. They have Ricky Williams in the backfield. Both are in contract years so they're trying to impress. They have one rushing touchdown between them and that is that as far as the rest of the team is concerned.


How about the number 2? That's how many TDs former Dolphins OLB David Bowens scored against the defending Super Bowl champion Saints on Sunday. He picked two passes out of the air and ran for two scores. You know how many TD passes Brandon Marshall has picked out of the air this year?

One. Marshall has one TD grab this year. Cleveland OLB David Bowens has two. Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall last week scored more touchdowns in one game than Marshall has in six games for the Dolphins.

That isn't necessarily an indictment of Marshall, although he bares some responsibility. But it does raise eyebrows of why the struggling Miami offense hasn't targetted him more in the red zone. It also raises questions why Chad Henne hasn't gotten the ball to Marshall more in the end zone.

Speaking of Henne ...

How about the number 8? Eight is the number of passes over 21 yards he has attempted this year. That is slightly more than one per game (1.3) and less than half of what he attempted last year (2.8). That is also the lowest in the league of any QB who has started every game.

Reader Chad Hagans sent along this list of QBs and the number of their attempts of 21-yards or more this season:

Matt Ryan: 12

Joe Flacco: 28

Carson Palmer: 13

Tony Romo: 21

Kyle Orton: 27

Aaron Rodgers: 26

Matt Schaub: 14

Peyton Manning: 30

Matt Cassel: 9

Brett Favre: 22

Tom Brady: 14

Drew Brees: 21

Eli Manning: 25

Mark Sanchez: 21

Philip Rivers: 28

Alex Smith: 18

Matt Hasselbeck: 13

Sam Bradford: 11

Josh Freeman: 24

Vince Young: 19

Donovan McNabb: 31.

Henne, with eight attempts, is either not going downfield enough or is being prevented from going downfield enough by the play-calling. Either way ... Not enough.

Either way ... not good enough.

If you have any other relevant numbers about the Miami offense you dig up, please share them with me and your fellow bloggers. List them in the comments section. I'm interested to see what you can come up with because, while numbers are not my forte, their meaning is sometimes interesting.


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Well said.....Thanks.

Great job Armando, numbers don't lie. Its not good enough at this stage of the project. Talent has been provided and unfortunatly its not being put to it's best use.

Damn that really sucks.Who is really at fault?No trust in henne?Or the play calling of henning?Something has to give!.What is it?

If we are gonna play a dink and dunk offense Pennington runs that better. If we are not gonna try downfield we are wasting Henne.

Pass on first down, take the pressure off Ronnie when the defense is expecting run. then build a lead and fead him the ball 30 times. Victory.

Pay, I think it's a number of things. Play calling and offensive game planning to me are the glaring issues. Henne has progressed as a QB from last year to this year and even during this season. The training wheels need to come off and he needs to be trusted more, he's ready to do more. Pass to set up the run. Thats our strength right now.

Notice Matt Cassel with 9 and his team is 5-2. notice Farve, Rivers, Brees all with terrible records.

we get your point but it does not neccesarily translate.

Just get the ball to the endzone. I think that is the diff.


This could possibly be your best post EVER....no sarcasm intended.

this offense is paultry and pathetic...no 2 wats about it.

I see "Sporano wants more scoring in th RED ZONE"....ya think? He is the one pumping his fist like crazy when we played for a FG with almost 5 min left to take the lead against Pitt.

On the flip side....I know its Mike Nolan's first year...but his "D" sucks.....They never play a complete game...not even 75% of a complete game...either they decide to play the pass and can't stop the run....or they play run and get passed all over.

How many 3rd and longer than 6 did this "D" allow. Really? Thats the number I want to see. Where is thi attacking style "D"? If Wake gets stone walled by a better tackle then thats pretty much it for us.

I am past the horrendus call that GAVE Pitt the win....

Its time to figure out.....

why we play for FGs?

Why we can't get off the field on 3rd and long? ( i think were great on 3rd and 2 or less)

And Why Marshall isn't leading the league in receptions (or close to it) and why he only has 1 TD?

I know the answer....our system SUCKS!!!

Thats why Welker can flourish in NE but is average here...thats why Marshall was GREAT in Denver but is slightly above average here....Thats why WITHOUT MARSHALL Denver has continued to move the ball thu the air (last game not with standing)

Thats why Tony has to demand better of his OC/DC and players.

Chiefs also lead the NFL in rushing yards per game 176.5), so less of a need to chuck the ball down the field. Fins ranked 16th. You win by outscoring your opponent. We're averaging 18.5 PPG scoring and giving up an average of 22.5 PPG. Not a winning combination.

Here's a number, 0. Zero cuhonees. No balls. They play scared and play not to make a mistake. You can tell that is how Henne has been coached, not to make mistakes instead of how to be assertive. I don't want him throwing 2 or 3 picks a game, but I'd like to see them try to be successful.


Could be post of the BLOG....

Conscise and to the point!

ARmando, where do you get these good ideas about writing a post ?

it's great to read .

Sparano's wonderlic score was 12.

Anyways Mando, can you tell us what the heck is going on in practice? Because you're right. Either Henne is afraid to go down field or they don't want him going down field.

Either way, the reason must be happening in practice also. I bet our secondary has 30 picks in practice by now. That's why they run Marshall underneath all the time.

here is a number for you.....we hand out 50 million dollars to marshall to buy nice suits .

Relevant #'s

How about 3-3

Thats the only # that's really important right now

Who calls the plays for the offense? Who develops the game plan for the offense? Who is not including the best players on offense in the game plan? who do the dolphins need to get rid of now? I say Dan Henning and then promote David Lee to the coordinator position.

They definitely were playing scared and all that does is get you beat, and chad looks scared out there hey look you have to go for it and throw down the field especially at the end of the game when you have to go 40 yards or so.Everyone throws INTS from time to time but I would rather throw and INT down the field trying to win the game then a couple of 2 yard passes , you never know what might happen if you give it a shot

As previously mentioned, the D just gives up so many 3rd and longs its really unbelievable. That killed us far more than the refs against Pitt. Ronnie is missing something this year, he just hasn't had the spark. Often athletes think they may be 100% recovered but its obvious he isn't, or maybe he has just lost a step. Ricky still has some spark, but he goes down much easier now, he was a beast to get down when he was younger. We need two new backs next year, a tight end and a nose tackle. Henne has pretty good stats for a 1 yr starter, but he looks like he's more concerned with following directions than just letting his gut instinct take over. It's time to just forget all the training advice and go play your game.

Is it any surprise that Henne has only thrown 8 passes downfield? with this coaching staff a 5 yard slant is considered an aggressive play call. It comes down to the philosophy of this teams coaches...and That does not include taking chances. It does include gimmicky, momentum destroying play calls at the most inopportune times. Henning and Sparano suck and im sick of their same old tactics.

henning,sparano,ireland; please take the handcuffs off our QB and lets see what he can do. if you decide to run the"dink and dunk" from now on penne is the guy. what really scares me is sparano is saying he wouldnt change the playcalling. playing scared!

I have to tell you that your post is on point and 100% accurate. mysentiments exactly. i just cant type that long on this damn Iphone without spell correct. Great Post!!!

Thought HOMES reported this on your blog yesterday.

1 Rushing TD in 6 games or

1 Rushing TD in 24 quarters for the Dolphins 2010 season.

Yes, there it is, on yesterdays blog!

HOMES came up with these numbers in yesterdays news.

HOMES also posted yesterday the Dolphins are averaging 18.5 points per game this season.

HOMES also posted in the last 15 Dolphin games Dan Hennings offense never scored more than 25 points, ever.

Of course that was posted on yesterdays news by HOMES.

Found it!
HOMES news from yesterday.

So Dan Henning loves running the football
HC Sparano loves running the football
HC Sparano prides himself with the 150 mil dollar O-line
Dolphins have one of the best RB tandems in the NFL, right?

So Dolphins are 3 years into this running the football and run blocking Dynasty thing, right?


So how come Dan Hennings team has NO running game?

How come the O-line cannot run block?

Dolphins RB tandem is one of the worst in the NFL?

Dolphins have no control over clock management and seem to fail miserably attempting to run the football when the game is on the line

Ronnie Brown went 11 rushes for 29 yards nine days ago

Ronnie Brown went 9 rushes for 11 yards 2 days ago

Ronnie Brown has 1 rushing TD all season & that was in week 1

Ricky Williams has 0 rushing TDs all season

So U still believe with OC Dan Henning & HC Tony Sparano that running the football with this team, in the league is the key to the Miami Dolphins success?

Posted by: Home for lunch | October 26, 2010 at 12:32 PM

our opponents don't have to stop us; we do that to ourselves. sparano and co. play "small ball",then blame lack of success on execution. tony has to overcome his fear of losing.

the only thing that stops our offense is sight of the goal line.

We don't just give up 3rd and long, we give up 3rd and verrryyyyy long. This D can't defend more than 10 yards out. Also, we need a change of pace speed running back. Sparano seems like a good coach during the week, during game time though his brain shifts into neutral, not the sharpest tack on the sidelines.

You know the old story,stats are for losers,the only thing that matters is wins. This coaching staff does play scared they feel if they only lose by 2 or 3 its a victory. Come on let Henne go for it at times open it up if they dont both Sparano and Henning will be out of jobs(thank God)

Maybe, maybe THEY KNOW HENNE CAN'T DO IT. Do you think if Brady was the quarterback that they wouldn't throw downfield? Come on. Is it wishful thinking that you all don't realize that Henne, to this point, is a bust?


Hennes QB rating is higher than Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees....plus his rating was higher than all of them comparing their first years. Are they all busts too?

Mando, fans, numbers tell the ENTIRE story. It's no wonder we're 3-3, and should our records shows we're actually OUTPLAYING our stats (so score one for the coaches, yeah!).

Here's the deal, in all the stats that really matter:

Total Offense - 20th
Passing - 17th
Rushing - 22nd
Receptions - 18th
Returns - 24th
Kicking - 5th
Punting - 30th
Defense - 31st
Give/Take - 11th (AFC) and about 20th (NFL)

What does that tell you? It says that the ONLY category where we're at the top of the league is field goals and extra points. Great.

Offense, bottom 1/3 of the league, Rushing, same, Passing/Receptions, middle of the league, defense, only ONE team worse.

We're not getting it done. On EITHER side of the ball. Sparano had this grand idea that we were going to continue to be a run-first offense, and it hasn't panned out. The team isn't running well, and that has made a leopard have to change his spots when he didn't want to. So Sparano/Henning are kicking and screaming, having to change their offensive game plan, and frankly, they didn't account for that (that we'd suck at running the ball). I don't think they have a strategy for a pass-first offense because they never thought it would have to come to that. Is it the oline? Not sure. Ronnie/Ricky, who knows? But one thing is clear, NOTHING this coaching staff is doing on either side of the ball is working so far.

aloco.armando gets all of his good ideas from us on this blog, where else do you think he gets them?.lol

hennes 4th q rating is 52.. that sux.

here are a few numbers (and letters and characters) that add up to something about the miami offense....


I agree with your point about the rushing touchdowns and the fourth downs (That has to be an error though, hasn't Polite picked up a couple of fourth downs??). The length of Henne's passes doesn't worry me as much, like somebody said earlier Cassell has 9 and his team is 5-2! Bottom line is, let's look at our actual situation. We haven't been consistent or even very good in the red zone. It could be Henne, but I think that a coach can dictate WHERE passes are thrown. A 2 yard swing pass to Lou Polite on 4th down shouldn't have even been an option! With our overall tools, a 2nd down pass to Anthony Fasano 7 yards upfield doesn't seem like a very good play (it could have been a checkdown, but it looked awful quick for that). Finally, there have been NUMEROUS times, Pats game is one I can think of, where it seemed as if the Dolphins were punching a team in the mouth on the ground. We ran the ball consistently up the middle with Brown and/or Williams at different points. Inexplicably, we would then go away from it to run consecutive pass plays, wildcat, a reverse, etc (these have ALL happened...). The timing of our plays is poor, if you watched the Giants- Cowboys on Monday night, there was a team that siezed an adavntage when they saw it. The Giants established a run, realized they could dominate there and then rammed the ball up the middle repeatedly. It clearly opened up the pass later in the game. All of this happened despite a couple of AWFUL (worse than HENNE!!!) turnovers by Eli Manning. COACHING....Armando, is where our trouble lies. Henning must go....highlight CD with his career plays, gold watch, maybe a party? But show him the door.


I hear what you are saying, and in the end as well you are what your record is. But with all our shortcomings we played the best team in the league pretty tight all day and took a fluke for them to win, despite all the big 3rd and longs we gave up and our inept running game. My point is, yeah, I agree with your points, but maybe the team is not as far off as the stats seems, some times it just takes the smallest advance to go from near bottom to near top in the numbers.

46 - the number of times on 3rd or 4th down that Henne has checked down to a reciever or RB way short of the 1st down marker.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"If you read this blog, you know I run away from statistics and paint the picture with words"

Just as I thought, This blog is an Art Gallery!

Should I be drinking wine and nibbling on cheese while I read these posts ?

Do I have to be snobby and talk down to people now or just to Jet and Patriot fans ?

Is this Blog part of a Gallery crawl, first here then to the SS and so on and so forth ?

Does reading your posts make me a republican or a left wing nutcase ?

All of a sudden I feel all cultured

Soiled :)

To continue my post, things won't change this year (probably) because truth is, Henning is not your OC if you want a dynamic pass-first offense (he doesn't have the mindset for it). But, if I were coach, here's where I'd start to turn things around:

1 - FORGET the run-first offense, it doesn't suit these players. SO, move to a quasi-West Coast-style offense. Quick hitches, crossing patterns, post plays to your receivers (Marshall, Hartline, Bess). Get these guys going across the middle. Send out your RBs like you did in '08, no, not for a screen behind the line, get them down the field against a LB, cause some mismatches, get them the ball in open space and let them do what they do.

2 - No more playing NOT to lose. I lay it all out (we're not going anywhere quick with this current strategy, so why not let it all out). Try some deception, go for it on 4th down, open your damn collar and LET THE TEAM PLAY, have fun, throw in a damned Wildcat Pass play, just stop playing the same vanilla offense that EVERY TEAM IN THE LEAGUE IS KEEN TO!!!!

3 - If you're 5th in the league in FGs, that means your kicker is on the field too much: THROW TO THE ENDZONE! 4 times if you have to in the redzone. TO BRANDON MARSHALL! An INT in the redzone obviously isn't any worse than kicking a FG and still losing the game, so 7 points or BUST!

1 - You don't yet have the personnel to rush 3 and drop 9 into coverage. So, here's a suggestion, rush 5, 6, GET TO THE QB! If you don't sack him, hurry him, get in his face. Teams that bring the pressure cause QBs to become less accurate (oh, who would a thunk it?). All the good defenses do it, we should be doing it. The QBs on our schedule are too good and will pick apart the defense if they have all day to throw, so BRING THE HOUSE!

2 - Nolan, tell your idiotic Safeties to STOP creeping up to defend the run. Yeah, Yeremiah wants to go to another ProBowl by being the top tackler on the team, but that's NOT helpful. Tell them to stay back there as outfielders and PREVENT THE BIG PLAY! Not only CAN'T we run a big play on offense, we can't defend against it either. That's a problem. STAY BACK THERE Bell and Clemons, watch the QBs eyes, follow the ball, and ASSIST YOUR CBs.

3 - And about those CBs, if you have a choice between supporting Vontae Davis, and whomever is on the other side, HELP THE CB ON THE OTHER SIDE! 9 times out of 10, Davis got it, thanks.

4 - TACKLE! I'm sick of seeing a play that should have been blown up in the backfield go for 3,4,5 yards. Wrap them up and BRING THEM TO THE GROUND. And these arm tackles, these pushes, bumps, DON'T WORK. MAKE SURE the player goes to the ground. I see big hits all over the league, EXCEPT in Miami. Nolan needs to get these guys angry, hungry and dangerous.

5 - GET OFF THE FIELD ON 3rd down. That's probably a combo of the above suggestions (pressure, tackling) but enough is enough. We should be killing 'em in field position, but we keep giving up 3rd and longs, and next thing we know, the other team has gone all the way down the field and NOW we start to turn it on when we're on our goal line. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

That would be a good start. Sparano, I hope you're listening.

don't forget polite picked up all of those so importante~ 1st's on 4th's running behind grove and smiley. big difference.

I don't have the number, but On Average how long does it take for the dolphins to march down field to score.

Play calling too conservative.

cinq. the 1-15 team lost 6 games by 3 points or less,just saying, but they did play the steelers all the way 'till henne could not muster up any yards to get into the red hot st's player of the weeks 52 yard fg range to win the game.. all on henne w/ 2:30 left and 1 time out at the 2 min. warning. sooooooooooooooooooo?

dc. yomia was the 5th alternate safety at the pb... lol

oh. 1 more importante~ stat..... 0000000000--------------333333333333333333 at home..lol

Great Post hopefully Dan Henning reads it !

Please take off the handcuffs on Henne

This just in: Unnamed sources are telling me Sparano suspects a white powdery substance bordering the end zone may be dangerous. And has told the team to stay away at all cost until it can be identified.

One source says this unidentified white substance is called 'goal line'.

Mando, what have you heard?

DC Dolfan, nice job. iI think after all is said and done, and ive preached this for a long time, is that this team lacks, speed, athleticism and playmakers on both sides of the ball. This has been a probleem since 2007 and this coaching staff or Trifecta as a whole has done nothing about it. think about it, on offense you have Marshall, end of story. QB's, unless they are mobile, cant be considered playmakers because they are supposed to distribute the ball. The D has Davis, maybe. He is still inconsistent, but will get there. Dansby has been a nice addition but a game changing playmaker? no. Wake is close also but still disappears at times. there it is. Not enough speed and playmaking ability on this team. We have all been saying this for years. The draft has been a dismal faikure in this regard. If we can see this why cant they? They can get playmakers by either acquiring them or drafting them. Well there have been more misses than hits in free agency and in the draft, they cant keep bypassing playmakers in order to draft D linemen. A D linemen in the 3-4 is the least important guy. They bypassed WRs and RBs (Bryant, spiller), OLBs, TEs etc. in order to draft Odrick. This coaching staff and personnel dept have really hamstrung this team. We all see this now and for the past year. Why cant they see it?

2 watt - I seriously doubt Henne called a run on first down of the last drive. Yeah, lets give it to Ronnie who hadn't averaged 2 yards a carry all day.

I'm not saying we should have run more against Pittsburg, but come on guys, Ronnie is usually leading the leaque in average yards per carry every year, but we never give him enough carries. I agree we should pass first and take the reigns off Henne(it could prove a fatal mistake), but let's get a lead- score in the red zone, and then pound the ball with Ronnie a lot more. Keep him on the damn field instead of switching with Ricky all the time! We wish-wash back and forth and never let him get into a zone. I would also rather have the Wild CAt back at the right times- 2nd and 3, 3rd and 1 then have us commit a penalty or be so predictable, heck, try a play action for once on third and 1!!!

After reading this article all I have to say is FIRE HENNING NOW!!

Going to Ronnie on 4th down is moranic. Having JAke long pull to block on 4th down then handing off to ronnie is insanity. Henning is insane he has to go.

How about we beat Green Bay and should have Beaten the Steelers.
How about no interceptions, in the last game.
This is a young team, and not quite there yet. It is doing well under the circumstances.
PS. Why is everyone complaining about no down field threat, when last year, everyone wanted to get rid of Ted Ginn. Down field threats are efficient less then 50%.

All of you complaining farrt heads here will be yanking it with both hands once we win a few games and are pushing towards the playoffs.

There is plenty of blame to go around for the offense not progressing and it has nothing to do with the pass offense. the pass offense has improved from ranking in the 20's last year to being in the top half of the league this year.

1) Dan Henning
2) Ronnie Brown
3) Interior line blocking
4) Sparano playing McQuistan instead of letting John Jerry progress
5) Ireland for releasing our best run blockers in Grove and Smiley in an uncapped year.
6) Ireland for drafting Jerry so Sparano can sit him on the bench to play journeymen instead of using that 3rd pick on Aaron hernandez.

Ted Ginn was not a threat unless were talking about a breach of the sidelines

Bottom line, if our running game was as good as last year coupled with the advancement in our passing game - we'd be in first place in our division.

10 TDs 13 FGs.......0-3 vs good teams 3-0 vs bad beat up teams. its gonna be a lonnnng yr.

teams playing scared never win. they do just enough to LOSE. how come we seldom cross the goal line? why dont we have a 2min. offense? is it because it takes us 7 min to score? we never have any timeouts left either when we need them.

Well kid, The Dolphin team cannot run the football, so stop talking about it. Now tell me about that big crazy storm, The USA called the strong ever based on low barometric pressure. According to my family in Ohio NBC news reports the 1200 mile long storm was called, "The Bomb".
Who dropped,"The Bomb" was it The Dolphins or the refs?

Carson dream boat Palmer will be throwing "The Bomb"
to T.O. and Ocho Cinco.
I don`t like the darkies, only Carson Palmer.

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