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Some numbers about the Dolphins offense

If you know me, you know I'm not a numbers guy. If you read this blog, you know I run away from statistics and paint the picture with words. If you listen to my radio show, Armando and the Amigo every morning on 640-Sports in South Florida, you are aware I hate math.

But sometimes the numbers tell the tale.

So let me share some numbers with you about Miami's increasingly underwhelming offense:

How about the number 0? Zero is the number of times the Dolphins have succeeded on fourth-down attempts this year. They are 0-for-4. Zero.

How about the number 1? That's the number of rushing touchdowns the Dolphins have through six games. One. The Dolphins have Ronnie Brown in the backfield. They have Ricky Williams in the backfield. Both are in contract years so they're trying to impress. They have one rushing touchdown between them and that is that as far as the rest of the team is concerned.


How about the number 2? That's how many TDs former Dolphins OLB David Bowens scored against the defending Super Bowl champion Saints on Sunday. He picked two passes out of the air and ran for two scores. You know how many TD passes Brandon Marshall has picked out of the air this year?

One. Marshall has one TD grab this year. Cleveland OLB David Bowens has two. Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall last week scored more touchdowns in one game than Marshall has in six games for the Dolphins.

That isn't necessarily an indictment of Marshall, although he bares some responsibility. But it does raise eyebrows of why the struggling Miami offense hasn't targetted him more in the red zone. It also raises questions why Chad Henne hasn't gotten the ball to Marshall more in the end zone.

Speaking of Henne ...

How about the number 8? Eight is the number of passes over 21 yards he has attempted this year. That is slightly more than one per game (1.3) and less than half of what he attempted last year (2.8). That is also the lowest in the league of any QB who has started every game.

Reader Chad Hagans sent along this list of QBs and the number of their attempts of 21-yards or more this season:

Matt Ryan: 12

Joe Flacco: 28

Carson Palmer: 13

Tony Romo: 21

Kyle Orton: 27

Aaron Rodgers: 26

Matt Schaub: 14

Peyton Manning: 30

Matt Cassel: 9

Brett Favre: 22

Tom Brady: 14

Drew Brees: 21

Eli Manning: 25

Mark Sanchez: 21

Philip Rivers: 28

Alex Smith: 18

Matt Hasselbeck: 13

Sam Bradford: 11

Josh Freeman: 24

Vince Young: 19

Donovan McNabb: 31.

Henne, with eight attempts, is either not going downfield enough or is being prevented from going downfield enough by the play-calling. Either way ... Not enough.

Either way ... not good enough.

If you have any other relevant numbers about the Miami offense you dig up, please share them with me and your fellow bloggers. List them in the comments section. I'm interested to see what you can come up with because, while numbers are not my forte, their meaning is sometimes interesting.


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Heres A Number For You Mando. We Are 3-3. We Are 3-0 On The Road And 0-3 At Home. How Can A Club Allow That To Happen?

parcell's loyalty to his trusted staff means alot to him. i think he could see that sparano/ireland/henning weren't going to cut it. he bailed with good reason. they will fail on their own.

Side note, I feel for the heat fans here who will have to watch Chris Bosh for the next few years. He sucked the big salcishe in Toronto for years in high pressure situations. He's your problem now. yes, the Raptors will really stink without him this year but hopefully they get the ping pong balls bounce in the spring and we rebuild and put the distant memories of Rupaul (Chris Bosh) behind us for good.

Congrats on Bosh, Miami.

Sorry, had to get that out, I apologize for posting non-football talk.

how about dan hennings age?

Tom Brady:14 , Matt Cassel:9 , Chad Henne:8.
so he is not in bad company. It reflects the Parcels school of offensive philosophy: don't turn it over.

Very good Blog today, Nice work on the numbers Mando, All you Ted Ginn haters, he would have been a huge help for everyone else in this offense. JMO.

Dan Henning can kiss my brown eye!

Ronnie Brown 1 TD

Ricky Williams 0 TD

Lousaka Polite 0 TD

Brandon Marshall 1 TD

Henning, you wonder why i drink so much and use massive amounts of cocaine with hookers until i trash the whole joint and pass out naked with a hooker locked in the bathroom.

Mark, I'm perplexed by Jerry too. Again, I think it's a favorites thing with Sparano and Co. Any ex-Cowboy gets carte blanche on this team (like their head and shoulders above the rest). Pat Mc have been ok, but why not give the rookie the time to learn his craft. Guess what, that might pay dividends in the future (since Pat will probably be gone by end of season like the oline journeymen usually are). NO LONG-TERM THINKING IN OUR COACHING STAFF.

And Greg z, EXACTLY! You play not to lose, and most likely you lose. Play to win, and maybe you win some of those close games. Psychology matters here people. Hate to say it, but Fatty in NY is a GREAT motivator, great aggressive coach. If we had him down here, we'd be a much better team (even with the talent we have).

2009 Yards per game rankings

rush 4
pass 20


rush 16
pass 13

obviously, ALL the blame goes to the personnel decision makers, play calling, and execution surrounding the running game.

NONE of the blame should go to Henne and the recievers. They are doing their part.

This says it all (from ESPN):

The Dolphins are tied for 18th in red-zone efficiency, scoring touchdowns 50 percent of the time. Only the Cardinals have fewer than Dolphins' 12 trips inside an opponent's 20-yard line.

Armando very nice numbers, I Have only one.....for a lot of question
Who is resposible for the vertical game?
Who is resposible for none game inside the red zone?
Who is resposible for poor clock management?
Who is responsible for the bad decisions made for the last 14 games.
Who is responsible for the lack of preparation for games on Sundays?
1 person "The Coach" Tony Sparano.

How about 0 TD's in 12 trips to the red zone.....

DC, I supported the personnel decision making for a long time here but when a facet of your game declines so rapidly - someone has to answer for it. If I was Ross, I would surely be holding a torch under Ireland's caboose for this one.

In addition, there should be a focus on giving your early draft picks time to succeed over journeymen on your team. Draft picks are the players that take your team to the next level. Jerry did nothing to lose his job - he should be in there. If you are happy with journeymen plugs in your OL, then you should have used the high pick on skill positions that are lacking (TE anyone). Awful player personnel management.

Oops, sorry, misread something
6 TD's in 12 attemps

And lack of success in the red zone has little to do with the passing game - red zone is supposed to be when your run game imposes their will on the defense (especially on a Parcells team) and this team can;t do it.

Remember last year agains the Jets, last second wildcat. Run it right down the Jets impenetrable rush defense when everyone in the building new a run was coming with no time outs. That's imposing your will! That's the problem with this team.

It was imposing your will to such an extent that it forced the Jets to rip off the wildcat and use it all the way to the AFC title game.

chuck. you locked her in the closet..lol

But we've got Jake Long protecting the blind side of a mediocre QB, instead of protecting Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco, so we got that going for us, no?

Sparano & Henning put one in mind not only of Wanny Ball, but also of the former Gator Coach Doug Dickey, whose talent-laden teams in the mid-to-late 70s always disappointed, in large part because his philosophy was "Avoid Losing."

Chicken-scratch, dull as dishwater football.

Anyine else grow up watching Kenny "The Snake" Stabler, or a slew of other QBs (including our own beloved #13)...........when the offense took the field after a big TO, they ALWAYS went for the jugular.

Henning, Sparano & Henne....not so much.

You cannot trust hookers anymore. This one slipped something in my drink. When the cops woke me up she had the place turned upside down. She was in the bathroom smoking crack with my wallet and cell phone in her purse. Miami and LA hookers are not like that, damn NY hookers!

how about the coaches man-up and admit they didnt put the players in a position to have success. gameplanning and 2nd half adjustments are non-existent. marshall is gonna blow and i dont blame him if he does. just get him the damn ball. herm should call sparano;"YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! HELLO?"

mark. that was an equivalent to a heat pick up basketball team at the park playing a healthy east champs team @ home to within 3 points with a minute left. i'll take the heat every time ..lol. bosh is the 3rd choice on this heat team. no pressure on him now that he had in toronto.

Gruden and Mariucci are available now for the right price. And are better than what Miami has. Send a message and FIRE HENNING NOW !!!!!!!!!!

2 watt, good thing that he doesn't have pressure, because he can't handle it. And he has a balky knee. #rd option or not, that cntract is going to be an albatross around that franchise's neck.

i didn't know about his knee. how many games has he mixxed.?

ronnie is in a $$$$ season. he is scared to get hurt again. he is holding back,like the coaches are to scared to score td's huh.lol

How about the number 3. That should be the number of years the Sparano experement last!

DENVER with josh mcdaniels had no problem getting marshall the ball even in double coverage. they used ruboffs and picks to get rid of a db. how come its so hard for us? we still dont know how to flip-flop cb's to dictate a better matchup on a #1receiver.

2 watt, he's missed at least 10 games a year for the last 5 or 6 six years. Take a look at that big brace on those bony legs. It will only get worse as he gets older.

Hey everyone dont worry we'll win the next two games its a sure thing they are both away games and you heard it here not from Home.

greg, marshall is on pace for 112 receptions and 1400 yards. How much more do you want him to get the ball??? Getting the ball to Marshall during the game is not the problem either.

thanx mark. he sounds like an odrick.

this team is so frustrating

Ouch, I hope not.

Sparano not great w clock mngt

DID ANY one have seen the 50 million man score any TD lately but lousy 1 TD in 6 games while bess scored 3 td .

I was most shocked that on the 4th and inches play on Sunday that we didn't just run behind Jake Long. Isn't he a mountainous beast and a Pro Bowler LT? How can we not get a yard runing behind him, yet we seem to run alot of plays to the right side? WTF?

How about the zero.
That is about as much patients I have for Hennings offense. Watching his offense is like a hell cat scatching on a chalkboard. And If I have to listen to his "no execution" excuse again. I'm going to explode. I honestly can't stand watching it anymore. Please Mr. Ross step in and do something. Gruden and Mariucci are available now for the right price. Or let David Lee or Marshall call the plays. Anything other than Henning calling them. HENNING HAS GOT TO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!

prediction. We go 8-8 this year. Henning retires we go 7-9 next year with a new OC and then both sparano and irland get fired and we get a new coach in 2012.

somebody needs to bi%%ch slap henne in the 4th quarter. 52 QB rating ouch..

3 - The numbers of years passed that Dan Henning should have been replaced.

Boulder, what will happen in 2013 ?

My question is what is the difference in a 5 yard incomplete pass and a 30 yard incomplete pass? Nothing, loss of down. Conversely what is the difference between a 5 yard complete pass and a 30 yard completed pass. Now that is game changing. 30 yard completed pass opens up the defense. 5 yard complete pass keeps everything on the inside, closes the box and makes the offense easy to defend. Not to mention the 25 yard gain. Now go out there Sunday and complete 2 in the first quarter, please.
There is little wrong with the d other than they are on the field for too long.

Good morning Armando.
Read somewhere that the Dolphins are the only team in the AFC to NOT have scored more that thirty points in a game this season.

boulder , henne's rating is 86 .where did you get your number from ?

prediction. We go 8-8 this year. Henning retires we go 7-9 next year with a new OC and then both sparano and irland get fired and we get a new coach in 2012
Posted by: BoulderFinFan

I'd like ti see this process accelerated by a year or so -- fire Henning now; the rest of the sorry crew at end of THIS season if there's no visible improvement or at least a sense of attacking football being brought to the offense.

Hate to saythis, but Tuna/Ireland/Fist-Pump crapped out here..............the sooner we find a QB & a cocach, the better

Get rid of Dan Henning NOW!!! He cost us the game on sunday and will cost us more games!! Get rid of him now! Save the season!

Armando - Was he in the locker room gloating about his play-calling last week like he was after his ONE good call all year (screen to Fasano)????

someone nailed it above. if we are going to run a short pass offense. pennignton should start, not cause i thikn henne is bad. i think henne is improving but pennington is league famous for touch passes. what did we get marshall for? just as a decoy??? to run. AGAIN and i have said this several hundred times FIRE DAN HENNING ASAP!!!! play calling sucks!! FIRE DAN HENNING. PLEASE PUT IT ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE HERALD!

Asked about red zone performance (or lack thereof)Sparano said he spent extra time on refining red zone problems coming off the bye week.

"We have to find out where the plays are breaking down because the design of the plays are good".

Translation: We're going to keep trying to force a square peg in a round hole.

I agree that the offense hasn't been as sharp at times (mainly the red zone) as I would like, but we can't discount the teams on the other side of the field either... we have played 5 good defenses in Minnesota, NYJ, New England, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh. Part of the reason we have not been able to run is the loss of John Jerry. The first two weeks of the season (the only two he played) we had 60 carries for 253 yards or 4.2 yards per carry. I would say that is pretty solid rushing.

How about josh mcdaniels to replace henning next year? he was pretty good OC in NE.

kindry @ 11:00...exactlly. But wasn't it Parcells that said: 3 things can happen when you throw the ball and 2 of them are bad? I can't remember if it was him or not but that seems to be the philosophy he set forth here.

The current Oline is better at pass blocking than run. A reasonably smart coach would recognize this and make the appropriate changes.

his QB rating in the 4th quarter is 56 or something like that. I saw that on Omar's blog.

How is anyone going to be able to really evaluate this team? When you got that loser calling completely useless plays in games and practice. That effects the whole team. How is that helping the defense get better? He is the parasite. And its not to late. FIRE HENNING so that the team can be truly evaluated. And possibly turn things around.

Mike Francesa(WFAN) who is close to Parcells mentioned on his show yesterday thats there is rumbling of dissappointment in the orginazation that Henne is missing on plays that there are plays he just is not pulling the trigger on them. and that its not on OC Henning and his play calling.

take it for what its worth...

Boulder, Josh just took a job as coach of Denver. WHY would he leave that to come to Miami when he's already a head coach? If you're from Colorado, you should already know that. Let's talk about plausible solutions (not just pull them from our arse).

Good article, very revealing but not something we didn't know already. How many times have teams thrown it up on us and either completed the pass or we got a defensive penalty to help them. You can't win games 14 to 13 every week, you have to scare the other team once in a while and we don't scare anyone. Henning needs to go but we all know he is a Parcells guy and his ego will not allow Miami to send this guy his walking papers!

am i first?

Josh.M STOCK ALREADY falling .his players hates him .he's about .500 so far.

henne misfired all over the place during ota's and tc's. nothing new for some. but good report thanx.

? do you think that henning has been around the nfl on all 600 teams and has *not* stuck.?.. because he sux.lol


do you know how to cook scrambled eggs ?

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