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Some numbers about the Dolphins offense

If you know me, you know I'm not a numbers guy. If you read this blog, you know I run away from statistics and paint the picture with words. If you listen to my radio show, Armando and the Amigo every morning on 640-Sports in South Florida, you are aware I hate math.

But sometimes the numbers tell the tale.

So let me share some numbers with you about Miami's increasingly underwhelming offense:

How about the number 0? Zero is the number of times the Dolphins have succeeded on fourth-down attempts this year. They are 0-for-4. Zero.

How about the number 1? That's the number of rushing touchdowns the Dolphins have through six games. One. The Dolphins have Ronnie Brown in the backfield. They have Ricky Williams in the backfield. Both are in contract years so they're trying to impress. They have one rushing touchdown between them and that is that as far as the rest of the team is concerned.


How about the number 2? That's how many TDs former Dolphins OLB David Bowens scored against the defending Super Bowl champion Saints on Sunday. He picked two passes out of the air and ran for two scores. You know how many TD passes Brandon Marshall has picked out of the air this year?

One. Marshall has one TD grab this year. Cleveland OLB David Bowens has two. Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall last week scored more touchdowns in one game than Marshall has in six games for the Dolphins.

That isn't necessarily an indictment of Marshall, although he bares some responsibility. But it does raise eyebrows of why the struggling Miami offense hasn't targetted him more in the red zone. It also raises questions why Chad Henne hasn't gotten the ball to Marshall more in the end zone.

Speaking of Henne ...

How about the number 8? Eight is the number of passes over 21 yards he has attempted this year. That is slightly more than one per game (1.3) and less than half of what he attempted last year (2.8). That is also the lowest in the league of any QB who has started every game.

Reader Chad Hagans sent along this list of QBs and the number of their attempts of 21-yards or more this season:

Matt Ryan: 12

Joe Flacco: 28

Carson Palmer: 13

Tony Romo: 21

Kyle Orton: 27

Aaron Rodgers: 26

Matt Schaub: 14

Peyton Manning: 30

Matt Cassel: 9

Brett Favre: 22

Tom Brady: 14

Drew Brees: 21

Eli Manning: 25

Mark Sanchez: 21

Philip Rivers: 28

Alex Smith: 18

Matt Hasselbeck: 13

Sam Bradford: 11

Josh Freeman: 24

Vince Young: 19

Donovan McNabb: 31.

Henne, with eight attempts, is either not going downfield enough or is being prevented from going downfield enough by the play-calling. Either way ... Not enough.

Either way ... not good enough.

If you have any other relevant numbers about the Miami offense you dig up, please share them with me and your fellow bloggers. List them in the comments section. I'm interested to see what you can come up with because, while numbers are not my forte, their meaning is sometimes interesting.


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yes. you r 1st for the 102 post..lol

Fodder for the "Fire Dan Henning Movement":

The Dolphins per NFL.com:

28th in scoring in all the NFL.
16th in scoring in the AFC.

aloco. how 'bout the 300 million dollar men only getting 9 points in the 1st q last nite.. wow did they start out suky.lol

yes aloco. i like to add a little milk in with the eggs and you need your pan to be h.o.t so they come out fluffy..lol

Josh McD. just had a player blow his brains out. What do you think he'll do to the phins?
Mariucci is a much better coach.

why don't we just play the rest of the year on the road ?

Just like parcells to blame it all on the qb. Fine rushing attack you've built in your 3 years here in Miami, Mr. Parcells. Looks like the rushing attack we had with Cam Cameron.

If this report is indeed true, he should look in the mirror. he's more to blame than anyone.

Here's a statistic:
1 (one): Number of cornerbacks named Pac Man Jones out for Sunday’s game.
Would love to see CH7 throw for 300 yards and the win.

mark in toronto, my point on getting the ball to marshall is all about chemistry and timing with henne. i got to watch 3 weeks of practice in davie this summer,watched all preseason and reg season games. henne's body language in total isnt confident. with a nod he and marshall should be on the same page. marshall needs more than a 4 yd checkdown. henne has to put the ball where marshall can pressure a defense without stopping or slowing down. henne missed him badly on the back shouler throw against pitt for a TD. there is no chemistry between the two. henne has to look the D off before he comes back to him on any pass.

Am I the only one that see's that Henning has lost alot of games because he just gives up in the last few minutes? HENNING MUST GO !!!!

Nice to see u made a blog of my info #s from yesterday

Thought 6 points rushing in 24 quarters might open
the sheeples eyes

Esp Mark in Canada who thinks we r a run 1st team LMAO!
might as well dispute that with Mary from Quebec,eh?

Ok Sheeple here his your next food for thought

Miami Dolphins r a Pass 1st team

U Get That, Huh?

How many of those pass attempts were complete?

How many were picked, if any?

That may be more telling.

See Henne is a senile old idiot that thinks we should run on EVERY down

How did the running work out against Pitt?

Ronnie Brown averaged 55 inches per carry LMAO!

0 Rushing TDs AGAIN & another loss!

We don't need no stinkin' stats. The only numbers that matter are W & L and scoreboard.

Besides everybody knows 89.375 % of statistics are made up on the spot.

aloco,the saints did it after katrina, then the nfl soon after gave them the sb trophy.lol

greg z
Henne also said he is not willing to work late, to get these plays down pat.

We need a dynamic type runner. We have two terry kirby types who frankly can't do the job.

Do the Dolphins have one of the best Pro Bowl HOF WRs in NFL?


Do they now quite possibly have Simply The Bess slot receiver in the NFL?


Can the Dolphins Pass Block?


Henne was getting 5 to 6 seconds against the Steelers

greg, sorry, i don't buy it. The Marshall and Henne is doing ok, not great, but ok. 112 rec, 1400 yd pace doesn't scream no chemistry to me.

Now, they could be doing more in the red zone but this is so far from their biggest problem.

their problem is that their identity is supposed to similar to the jets on offense. Balance, not a pass first team like some idiot on here claims. And the rush defense isn't up to task. now the Dolphins may have to resort to being a pass heavy team because their interior line sucks the big salcische and their running back just isn't interested - but it wasn't supposed to be this way.

**typo** Henning is a senile old idiot

lol not Henne

to many Henns on this teams offense

Check out Henne's comparison numbers. Go to espn or nfl, chick on the complete list for QB"s. Anyone besides 2watt will see he is far from the problem as a 1st yr. starter!

Vernon Carey Shiet his pants b4 the game

So please excuse Carey he was running around with a load of shiet in his pants, all game

Dolphin r PASS 1ST TEAM


Great numbers. I knew my eyeballs weren't lying and that we were not stretching the field. My opinion is it's not play calling. Henne is very effective when he goes to his first read. If his first read isn't open the fiasco starts. That's what made Marino so great. I think Henne gives up on his reads too quickly and that may be him or it may be the way he's been coached. Henning has to go but Henne's decision making isn't always sound in crisis. And playing QB in the NFL is one giant crisis.

It seems like we have a strong armed pocket passer with no mobility and west coast receivers. This offense just doesn't look right to me. It has no identity. The easiest changes would be to kick Henning to the curb, bring in an offensive minded OC (you'd think that's a given right?), and pick up either a WR or TE who can stretch the field (probably in the draft or FA). I know that doesn't help right now but it's all I got. The other option is to go another direction at QB which I don't see happening and probably shouldn't.

Can anyone actually look me in the face and say that New England has more offensive talent across the board? The only superior positions for NE are QB and maybe TE and that's it. Oh, and OC.

I seem to remember a few weeks ago that sporano/henning said that they have down field pass plays in each game, but when they were called the receivers were not open or were double teamed etc.

Most times the offense has to take what the defence gives them.

thats what happens when henne is not ready to be a starting quarterback in the nfl. pennington should have been the #1 quarterback and henne should have had another year to develop. but stubbornness and the attitude of were gonna win or lose on an unproven, rumblin-bumblin-stumblin quarterback that CANT MAKE the PLAYS gets you losses and adversity. BLAME HENNE! this dolphins team plays to conservatively and is like when wannstedt was coach. how can you be down by 2 after scoring a touchdown and then go for the extra point? you need 2 to tie so you go for 1? worried the other team will come back and score a touchdown and you will be down by 9? thats what you call playing to lose. also when your inside the 5 yard line sometimes its better to go for it on 4th down instead of taking the 3 points because it forces the other team to play conservatively and you have an advantage in field position!



PASS 1ST TEAM = Dolphins

Ronnie Brown and the O-line Suck on Rushing Plays

and his 52 4th q rating there so cal. that sux in crunch time as he already proved in 2 losses against the jets and steelers.

A lot of the QB's you mentioned throw a ton of picks. Romo throws it up for grabs-- Brees is coming off a 3 interception game with two pick 6's -- Rogers throws a ton of picks, etc, etc. I think numbers are misleading. We are just "off" with some of our red zone plays. We move the ball great and just sputter with both execution and play calling. But you also have to be aware of the way we move the ball. Against Pittsburg we moved the ball fairly easily and they are the best D in the league. They need a bad call to win the game. The bottom line is that our special teams unit has lost 2 games for sure-- the Jets and the Pats. The Steelers game ALSO could be lumped into that because of their kick off returns. With AVERAGE special teams performances, we win at least one of those games if not 2 or all 3. Watching the Giants turn the ball over 5 times makes you take notice that Chad Henne isn't the problem.


You are right - you do suck at math!!! You are mixing apples and oranges. You should point the finger at the play calling - it is too damn conservative. Old Man Henning needs to get more creative. Too many check downs to D.Bess, Fasano, the fullback. On our last and most important not even one attempt to "the Beast". Why sign him and pay him all of that money if you are not going to use him. In conclusion, I find your analysis extremely weak!!! Come on - you are better than that - I think.

greg z. marshall can catch anything from any qb,he has already proved that with cutler and orton and when the block head henne finally locates him after 15 bad plays.

Sheeple from Canada do not know NFL football

Dolphins r PASS 1st TEAM

Brandon Marshall
Simply the Bess
and Brian Hartline has already got better numbers than ted ginns entire body of work as a WR last year
with 10 games to go

Why is there no 2 min offense at the end of the games? If the passing game is working? I'm having a hard time understanding this.

According to nfl.com, Henne's got 13 completions of 20+ yds. and 2 of 40+ yds.

Don't know how many of those 20+ actually went that far in the air.

One thing seems obvious...most qb's with more long completions actually have a lot more attempts downfield.

We all watch the games. We all see Peyton, Eli, Brady, Ben, Rivers, etc. miss on their share of deep passes. Difference is, they keep at it. Hell, even Fitzpatrick. Miss some, no big deal. Hit one, difference maker.

first of all my idea of josh mcdaniels was suppose to be joke.
But The feeling here in colorado is that mcdueche will be fired at the end of year.

I was so happy Heat played last night so I could see a WIN!!

Oh wait.....

Feed Me Man Meat

How about the number of times Dan Henning has been fired from a job! Has he ever not been fired?

ut, 1/2 of those were from yac.

We are a PASS FIRST TEAM and should be...our RB's are not getting the job done...what the hell is up with Ronnie dancing behind the line?
Hit the F'in hole like a freight train, that's what we pay you to do.
Second, "Check-Down Chad" has no "vision" he locks on his #1 and if he's covered he panics and tosses a check-down pass that everyone in the stadium can predict is coming...including the other team.
If we are going to run a "Check-Down" offense, replace Henne with Pennington as he executes it at a much higher level.

Henning believes it all worked out in 2008, so it should work now. It's all about the execution.

Ok, if you insist Dan.

Ready, Aim.......

78, when henne is in there there is no 2 min. o. it is called the 48 second o because it is always 123 punt.int.or fumble.lol

Oh ya... my numbers per "Mandos" request:

1 - The number of fingers Henning has up his ass on game day

50 - The number of Check-Down passes that Henne has thrown for 0 yards.

1,000- The number of fans that are walking away on a weekly basis

Time for a new offensive coordinator...either that or give Henning notice......produce in the red zone or pack your things....ya got 3 games to produce....as they say in Tin Cup, let the BIG DOG EAT! let Henne use that arm and our WR's muscle that catch in! no more runs up the middle three times in a row.....

some 1 from the ss board said that she met henne and shook his hand and said he has hands like a girl scout. like that buffoon culpepper and we all know how that worked out for the phins..lol

Screw the bad call and excuses. Bottom line is if you can't lead your team to a winning field goal at home, from your 28 yard line, with over 2 minutes on the clock, in a critical game, you don't deserve to win. Marino, Elway, Manning and countless others relished that situation and got it done by sheer confidence. Everyone, including the defense, knew they couldn't be stopped. Henne better find some of that moxie fast or this season is going to slip away.

2 watt,

Still would be nice to know how many of his pass attempts over 21 through the air were completed.

If the completion % on them is respectable, it tells us something about the coaching.

We will lose to any team that has a quarterback that can really throw the ball. Miami has become so predictable in offense that I feel every other team knows what they are going to do as well. Special teams still lack so much and defense is just so - so. Safetys are out of position constantly. Offensive play calling has become offensive!!!!

Chris 623....well said.

Man up and get er' done...I just don't think we have any 2 minute drills in our playbook.

phin fan78,

I'm not saying the pass game is elite. however, it is ranked 13th in pass yards per game. a big improvement over last year. better receivers, henne is progressing, good protection, etc.

the point was that the rush game has obviously regressed badly. last year, this was an elite rush team (4th in the nfl in rush yards per game), not they are like what, 17th in that category, give or take a couple of spots.

the play calling resemebles that of a team with an elite rush game - which we don't have.

so shame on the personnel decision making for letting it deteriorate like that overnight and shame on the OC for not compensating for that fact.

i think dc said it best that if the rush game isn't working, you should be using the short passing game as a subssitute.


I think you are right on point.

Our coaching staff is trying to fit last years round peg into this years square hole.

How about 10-6...

It's early!

Have faith!

It's an exciting time to be a fan!!

Here is a number for you guys 172...thats how old henning is.
And here is another number for you -69, that's henning's IQ...

Mark in Toronto, i really cant understand the running game or lack of. Ronnir is definitly running tenative, Never breaks tackles. Ofcourse when ypu dont throw downfield the opposing defenses can play tighter. It could also be with all the screwing around with the O-Line in the off season realy messed up the chemistry. We had a solid blocking line last year, why did the coaches have to mess up a good thing?

ofcousre senior 2 watt is not 1 for excuses.but.... rb was tackled by the last guy in the stacked box 2x's in different games so far this season,what he did in year 2 was bowl over that dman and score or get a large chunk of yards. those 2 runs would have ^'d the o rushing #'s buy a bunch. but rb is not bowling over anybody so far this season..hmmm?

bobby, i ask myself the same questions all the time.

why discard jake grove when he was kicking caboose all year long in the run game.

why discard justin smiley and donald thomas - even as a part time players for richie incognito and john jerry, only to bench jerry for a journeymen blocker in mcquistan?

so bewildering.

Hey Rob, we havent become perdictable on offence...we have been predictable for the last 10 something years...minus the first year that we broke out the wildpussycat...and thats about it....
Hey Armando...can you ask one of the big questions to anyone in the miami org when you get a chance and then let us know what they said? Ask them...Are they pleased with hennings playcalling? Also throw in there that henning is the only OC in the league that sends his plays down to the field chissled into a stone block..whats up with that dinosaur?

hey i love my phins i have cryed win we have lost i love my team, but because of the play calling it wont suprise me if we loose the next couple games, if the phins sunday doesnt play with ergentence on sunday we will get blown away mark my WORD!!!!

mark. mcq is a better paxx blocker,maybe they are going to make a change in the o so to paxx 1st. right home.?..lol. no, maybe it's time that they do this.watch.

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