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Some numbers about the Dolphins offense

If you know me, you know I'm not a numbers guy. If you read this blog, you know I run away from statistics and paint the picture with words. If you listen to my radio show, Armando and the Amigo every morning on 640-Sports in South Florida, you are aware I hate math.

But sometimes the numbers tell the tale.

So let me share some numbers with you about Miami's increasingly underwhelming offense:

How about the number 0? Zero is the number of times the Dolphins have succeeded on fourth-down attempts this year. They are 0-for-4. Zero.

How about the number 1? That's the number of rushing touchdowns the Dolphins have through six games. One. The Dolphins have Ronnie Brown in the backfield. They have Ricky Williams in the backfield. Both are in contract years so they're trying to impress. They have one rushing touchdown between them and that is that as far as the rest of the team is concerned.


How about the number 2? That's how many TDs former Dolphins OLB David Bowens scored against the defending Super Bowl champion Saints on Sunday. He picked two passes out of the air and ran for two scores. You know how many TD passes Brandon Marshall has picked out of the air this year?

One. Marshall has one TD grab this year. Cleveland OLB David Bowens has two. Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall last week scored more touchdowns in one game than Marshall has in six games for the Dolphins.

That isn't necessarily an indictment of Marshall, although he bares some responsibility. But it does raise eyebrows of why the struggling Miami offense hasn't targetted him more in the red zone. It also raises questions why Chad Henne hasn't gotten the ball to Marshall more in the end zone.

Speaking of Henne ...

How about the number 8? Eight is the number of passes over 21 yards he has attempted this year. That is slightly more than one per game (1.3) and less than half of what he attempted last year (2.8). That is also the lowest in the league of any QB who has started every game.

Reader Chad Hagans sent along this list of QBs and the number of their attempts of 21-yards or more this season:

Matt Ryan: 12

Joe Flacco: 28

Carson Palmer: 13

Tony Romo: 21

Kyle Orton: 27

Aaron Rodgers: 26

Matt Schaub: 14

Peyton Manning: 30

Matt Cassel: 9

Brett Favre: 22

Tom Brady: 14

Drew Brees: 21

Eli Manning: 25

Mark Sanchez: 21

Philip Rivers: 28

Alex Smith: 18

Matt Hasselbeck: 13

Sam Bradford: 11

Josh Freeman: 24

Vince Young: 19

Donovan McNabb: 31.

Henne, with eight attempts, is either not going downfield enough or is being prevented from going downfield enough by the play-calling. Either way ... Not enough.

Either way ... not good enough.

If you have any other relevant numbers about the Miami offense you dig up, please share them with me and your fellow bloggers. List them in the comments section. I'm interested to see what you can come up with because, while numbers are not my forte, their meaning is sometimes interesting.


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we can still go to the playoffs as bobbyd12 said .
we must believe
we must live the dream
we must forget the the pain
we must endure

Lmao at cuban, Homestodomus and henning might be one and the same or maybe they share the same room ---ALAS---thats how home is always having visions of whats to come*lol**choking**

Guys, yesterday I posted that we have 10 touchdowns in 6 games. think about that. Thats pro rAted out is 27 for the year. Simply incredible. Sparano cant see this? I mean, 189 points via TD in a season is a stat for a 2-14 team. Its putrid. how this team is 3-3 is beyond me. Smoke and mirrors my friends. The insulting part of the whole thing is how patronizing Sparano is by stating that Henning is doing a good job. We are just the dopey subjects that dont know any better. Its kind of like going to a doctor for a head ache but he's telling you that hes the expert and your foot hurts, not your heas... and dont question him!!! It is really frustrating to love a team this much and watch the season disintergrate before your eyes because of stupidity. Henning sucks, PERIOD!!

Super, Hmmmmm, Interesting Hypothesis, This could be another conspiracy, I'll contact Oliver Stone ASAP, I hear he's looking for a new Conspiracy film to shoot....

D77, the scary part is that they could conceivably go 9-7 or even 10-6 with this second half schedule. that would validate Sparano and Henning and keep them here longer. Mediocrity is here to stay if that happens.

Mark in Toronto,

Second half does indeed look to be the easier part of our schedule.

The problem is, with our coaching philosophy, most games will probably be so close in the 4th just one slip-up by offense or defense will cost us the game.

Orange juice in a Hail Mary?

Rookies don't know nothing. I take mine with PRUNE juice.

Now run along sonny boy, I'm trying to outsmart myself!

I'd Figure that Dan Henning took is Bloody Mary's with Formaldehyde....



No, he takes them with PRUNE juice, he puts the formaldehyde in his corn cobb pipe.


they are who we thought they are. and we let em off the hook!

we need a young mind at off. cord

super and cuban...wont happen with henning...he doesnt know how to use a computer, not even a commador vic 20

Super/Cuban/COW...........PLEASE improve ypur jokes.they are lame .

to be or not to be

we should not have dealt ginn. you cant coach speed and even though he was not great, teams had to respect the 9 route and he was better at kick returning than anyone we've got or tried since. i really think marshall would have taken the heat off of him and his would have done better.

We'll score 3 field goals and one TD totalling 16 points, provided we can pulloff the extra point.

I have never EVER picked against the Phins, so just let me ask: Will 16 points be enough to beat Cinci?

THANK YOU SWEDISH-PHISH;;;;;;;;;;;ted gin is the biggest mistake /the guy was electric .

Swede, If I had to go through another season of Falling down,Droping passes, And running out of bounds by Ted(My left foot)Ginn I would have went beserk and shot someone.....

the cinc coach in his last season as a coach ,he doesn't care any more.we should win odin /

Odin, No.....

dont shoot anybody. the reason people got so worked over ginn is he was supposed to be the #1 receiver we drafted him to be. he wasnt. but i can guarantee he would have helped the team a lot more than the crappy draft pick we got for him. dont even throw him the ball, just go deep every play so they cant roll the safety to 19 all game. i promise you that the other AFC east teams were glad he was dealt. he and his family did love the sideline though...

now pat white.......i am SO happy to have him gone. i thought he was going to get killed one of these days.


Unless we are all over Palmer, I am worried about what might happen with ocho-five and TO.

Dear Mr. Henning,

If my God mercifully answers my prayers and you get fired tonight, could you please take Vernon Carey with you?

He sucks almost as much as you do Mr. Henning and we don't need either of you.

Oh yeah, that reminds me God, could you please heal John Jerry. I know it's going to take a miracle, that's why I'm asking you.

PS: God, just curious, do you think McQuistan is better suited to play right tackle.

The most shocking number is "1" rushing TD. Crazy.

Dear mr Qdinseye, do you think you know more than me or let me put it this way ,when your first time you watched football ?


Me Too.

I don't think the Bengals are Superbowl bound or anything.

However, I think they will give us some major match up problems on both sides of the ball.

Falcons beat Cincy because they threw deep all game long.
We must use Marshall the way they used White.

Swede, Yeah, I feel Nostalgic tonite, I miss Ted(Daddy)Ginn Sr. standing on the sidelines holding that clip-board, running outta the way when Teddy would be heading straight for the sidelines, I also miss Rufus(The Tackling dummy)Ginn doing his gig, I also miss(And so do the fins plyers) Tedisha(All the way) Ginn doing ... Well we know what she doe's for the team, If you have Any questions on what Tednisha did for the team just ask Jeff(Is yo Ma A Ho) Ireland....

and yes, Carey looked fat and pathetic vs PIT

Fins need to copycat the most effective offensive plays used by the Pats,Colts and other top teams (assuming they have the personnel to carry them out). They should also have more than one person in the booth with Henning (if they do, find someone else).

The Jets have copied the Wildcat and are doing a better job with it.

The Fins need to use the Wildcat on those 4 and 2 or 4 and 1 situations. Also to punch in for a TD when 4 yards or less.

What's going to happen if Henne is 3-6? Will he be allowed to play out the season?

Dear Mr. Henning,

The first time I watched football I saw Johnny Unitas pefecting this new fangled thang called the FORWARD PASS.

To bad you missed it DUDE, it was AWESOME!!!!

Dear Mr Odinseye , you better stick with shewing gum .

You guy's see that Jon Stewart has Barack Obama on his show tonight????


I don't know about all that wildcat stuff, but we do indeed need two people in the booth with Henning.

One to get his coffee and the other to keep waking him up.

Not really Henning in the booth; it's a mummy. Plays are on audio loop from 1953-57 era.

Dear Mr Odinseye , you better stick with shewing gum .

Posted by: Mr.Henning | October 27, 2010 at 07:20 PM

WHAT? Shewing Gum? That's all you got?

I'm ramming touchdowns down your throat and you're coming back with field goals.

Why am I not surprised?

Odin, They need 4 people, the 1st two for what you said and 2 more, 1 to change his Colostomy bag, and the other to give him intravenous shots of Formaldehyde.....

Hey, Mr. Sparano, how about trying something else other than then unsmart plays of the undead coaches league--like a reverse to Roberto Wallace? You realize he can run faster than the Cobbs guy u tried on the last reverse?

"the" not "then"

Rumor has it that Sparano and Henning are taking a boys' road trip together in February, after picking up Sparano's other "doing great" coaches: Pasqualunchi and BonameNeedtogo.


Formaldehyde keeps the corpse from stinkin, you think it'll do the same for his playcalling?

Dear Losers, do you guys have jobs ?

I got nothing

Nothing to see here major earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, largest and most powerful storm in the history of the USA all in the same day

and soon 11 13

Dolphins end the season 7-9 maybe 6-10

I've seen Vernon Carey single handedly end at least three drives this season.

There is no doubt about the three and they were all the same. 3rd and long, he stood straight up and let a guy come right past him on the left and had to NOBODY ELSE to even pretend he was blocking. NOBODY!

I could see if he was outmatched or over-powered, but to just stand there and watch your QB get smashed while not even pretending to block anybodt?

Good call there Tony, you offensive line genius you.

PLEASE get this overstuffed, overpaid, dumba s s piece of shyt off MY TEAM NOW!!!!

If John Jerry gets healthy quick, we can slide McQuistan out to his natural position at right tackle. He can't be any worse than Carey!!!!

@Mr. Henning. Yes, my jobs are Sparano's English teacher and Ted Ginn, Jr.'s SoFla sideline agent.


The NWO has been deleting your posts again. Don't provoke them, they may decide to silence you permanently!

Don't waste your time trying to make the blind see.

Just take solace in the fact that you'll actually be here to witness the RETURN.

Can you think of ANYTHING more magnificent?

ValHalla I Am Coming!!!!

3rd and 18 fullback up the middle.

2nd/3rd and goal from the 1, pass pass.

Two minute drill, lets put the fullback in to run some pass routes, yehaw!

4th and 1 with the game on the line. Lets call a slow developing, tackle pulling, off tackle to a halfback that's been averaging less than two yards a carry, yippee!

Football can be so much fun!

What's up fellas? Miami's numbers are what they are. They aren't particularly strong in any area on offense. WR is probably their best group but the guy throwing them the ball is not decisive or good enough at this point. The RB position is the biggest disappointment of the entire team IMO.

Ronnie is a 230 lb softy. He runs with 0 (there's a number for you) authority. He gets a gaping hole vs Minnesota and he breaks a nice run but as soon as contact is coming he angles himself out of bounds instead of running until he is tripped up. He has proven to be a brittle player and in a contract year he is playing not to get hurt. He is only himself because his production is pathetic. His running with authority is even more pathetic.

Ricky runs hard and should be getting the majority of the carries. He should get 20 plus. He is older and not as near as fast as he once was but is still a better runner then Ronnie.

Ronnie should and HOPEFULLY will be done in Miami after this year. He hasn't panned out as expected. He was a # 2 overall pick and has peaked and with his injury history and pushing 30 is more close to the end then having a breakout season.

Dear Mr. Henning,
At least we arent robbing our bosses every pay period!!

Dan Henning needs to get the hell out of dodge! We need a more creative play caller. Parcells left, He should have taken Dan Henning with him.


Yeah the play calling is a joke too. It is a large part for the offensive woes. The coaching staff (Sparano)juggled an offensive line all preseason and they aren't the same run blocking team they were a year ago. I noted my opinion a few minutes ago about Ronnie and his soft/tip toeing running style and Chad Henne is well, Chad Henne.

I can call plays better than Henning. And I have nothing but 20 years of experience playing Madden.

Yeah Henning is Parcell's guy. I am not sure where their history originates but there was a thing on HBO's Real Sports about a year or two ago about Parcells and his close relationship with Henning was mentioned.

I hope Ireland/Sparano wise up and do the right thing for this team and give him walking papers and promote David Lee. I know David Lee can't be promoted just because the innovation of the Wild Cat but he was a great play caller at Arkansas. My father is born and raised in Little Rock and I watched Lee call plays for about 2 years and he is impressive and calls the right plays at the right time IMO.

Really its simple....the play calling is average but not the main issue....

The main problem is that the RUNNING game has broken down badly this season...Its no longer a weapon and is mediocre....thats not the TRIFECTAS fault because we all thought that our backs would be ELITE again this year...Well ist NOT ELITE....and our playcalling is assuming that it is.

Now, seeing as Sparano , Henning et al now must see this, they must adjust.

Reasons why its not ELITE could be a number of things.Age, injury, the line chopping and changing, inexperience and projected upgrades taking time....but at present we have no PUNCH in the running game at all....so when we are 4th and short we would normally make it...we havnt....is it the playcalling or the execution ?...Its that the RUNNING GAME has collapsed this year thats all....otherwise we would be 5-1....easy.

So really where can we blame the coaching?...in not identifying this and adjusting to it...maybe they cant anyway because Hennes not ready to FLY yet....Thats the problem thats going on at the minute guys....

Listen, TS is allright. Ok, the man is no Keats but if you read him he makes an awful lot of football sense.

Odin, the men in the white coats are returning. They have something called Valium that they will inject into me.

They say it's normal weather patterns but I know better

I'm going off the deep end Odin


It's not Valium, Home, it's Haldol.

I really am losing my mind over this weather thingy,

I need psychotherapy very badly

The end of my sanity has almost arrived


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